Jilda For Dessert

(by anonymous19, 18 February 2006)

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Jilda For Dessert
by Anonymous

Jilda is reclining upon my sleigh bed, looking absolutely gorgeous. Her
bronze skin tone is accentuated by the luminous eye make-up that she has
chosen for our session. Long, toned legs that end with perfectly formed feet
and red, jewel-like painted toe nails are drawn up and spread wide apart. Her
dark eyes are half-closed in relaxation, red, glossy lips slightly parted as
she clicks the quartz lighter to the tip of the long, all-white Capri 120
menthol cigarette. She comes from nothing; when I met her last year, she
spoke only Portuguese, having just arrived from a favella outside of Rio De
Janeiro only a year ago. I hired her as a maid, and then it became so much

She moans, bluish-grey smoke escaping from her pretty pouting mouth, as the
shaving brush lathers her mons veneris with the peppermint soap. My finger
cannot resist touching her large clitoris that protrudes well past its hood.

"You goin' to suck me good, yes?", she asks, more a demand than a question. I
deliberately caress her clit now, just as she is inhaling her cigarette; it
is a sharp intake of breath.

"What do you think, my sweet one? Don't I always give you pleasure?", I ask,
putting the final touches upon the lather in her pubic area. She smiles
sweetly at me, touching my hand.

"I want be beautiful for you, baby...you make me sooo  hot!", Jilda answers. 

I tell her to spread her legs even further. She obliges, continuing to smoke
her cigarette in the manner I have shown her. The white filter bears the
crimson stain of her Rimmel lipstick. I look at Jilda, all open and expectant
before me...she is so beautiful, with thick gold earrings and toe rings that
flash in the bright light of the torchiere lamp. I take up the straight razor
in one hand, the leather strop with my other, and lightly touch up the edge.
She knows that its time to light another cigarette and place the leather
blindfold over her pretty eyes. 

"Are you comfortable, my sweet one?", I ask. She murmurs her assent, taking a
long drag from her cigarette. 

Deftly, I shave her pubic mound, wiping the blade on the white terry towel.
She makes a contented, almost purring sound, as the razor glides over her
skin. The air is filled with sweet scents of peppermint, tobacco and Ciara
perfume. She dangles the cigarette between her lips, leaving her hands free
to caress her nipples to pointy hardness. I shave her outer and inner labia.
She trusts me implicitly, as I have never nicked her, never drawn blood. 

"Almost finished, darling...spread your ass cheeks for me, please", I tell
her. What a sight! This beautiful Brazilian goddess, blindfolded, dangling a
cigarette, spreading herself wide open for me.  I apply the warm, wet face
cloth to her as I wipe away the lather. Jilda sighs with a cloud of smoke as
the slightly rough textured cloth makes her glisten. Next, I apply the baby
oil, taking care to rub it in well. 

"Do me in my boom", she demands. I dip my middle finger in the baby oil and
gently insert it up to my second joint in her brown puckered hole. She moves
her hips to take the rest of my finger inside her. Her fingernails pinch her
thick brown nipples, as she holds the half-smoked Capri. After a minute of
getting her relaxed, I select a six inch slimline vibrator ans switch it on,
rubbing her nether opening with its tip. It goes in, swallowed up by this
wanton woman's ass. When it is in about four inches, her sphincter closes
upon it, clutching it greedily. I increase the speed of the vibrations, just
as she starts to coo. She drags upon her cigarette with relish. I fuck her
with the vibrator, but leave her cunt alone. She does not touch herself,
either...her climax will be an anal one. I move up to suckle her nipples as
my hand makes the vibrator move quickly. She is moaning now, in Portuguese. I
kiss her mouth deeply, receiving her smoke, muffling her cries as she cums
hard. After a minute of soul-kissing, I remove the vibrator and she gets on
all fours.

My cock goes into her ass hard, all six inches, to the hilt. Her greedy
asshole spasms on it, clenching and unclenching her muscles upon my shaft. I
fuck her fast, feeling my balls tighten. I grab her by her jet black, curly
hair and ride her for several minutes, until my orgasm overtakes me. She
feels my cock-head growing inside her.

"Yesss! Ohhhh...cum in me now!", she urges, and I oblige, exploding hot sperm
deep into her molten bowels, spasm after spasm shaking me to my core.
Collapsing, I lay upon my back as she feels for me with her hands. Her hot
mouth engulfs my cock as she sucks me dry, cleaning it thoroughly. Then she
rises, taking off her blindfold. Pressing a hot cloth against her anus, she
lets my seed ooze out of her.

"You suck me now?", she asks. I nod, unable to speak. She lies down, settling
in, replacing her blindfold. I reapply her lipstick, then light a Capri and
place it in her mouth. 

"Obligado", Jilda murmurs softly, smoking as I get between her legs. My
little finger again goes into her asshole, my tongue touches her erect
clitoris. She jerks, as this is the first touch upon it, other than my balls
as I anally fucked her. She exhales her sweet smoke down at my upturned face
as I begin to have dessert. Her juices are strong and sweet, with the odor of
sex and peppermint combining. I use the middle finger of the same hand to
penetrate her lovely, meaty vagina as I swirl my tongue in circles around her
engorged clit. It is fully an inch long, as we cup it frequently, using a
snake-bite kit. Her fingers caress the back of my head as I suck her. I look
up at her, seeing her full lips shaped in a perfect `O', smoke escaping from
them as she concentrates upon the pleasure I am giving her. Her hips thrust
up to meet my mouth, her vagina and asshole are beginning to spasm. She is
moaning again, only louder this time. Her hand upon my head now pulls me
against her, as she grinds her cunt on my face. Her ass cheeks are lifting up
off of the bed with the force of her thrusts, and my fingers are buried all
the way in her lovely fuck holes...

"Ayyyy...I cumming...I gon' cum...ayyyyAAAHHH", Jilda screams, grabbing my
head in a scissor lock. It hurts, but she is in control. I cannot breathe,
and the muscles of her thighs crush my ears. Finally it is over, her
blindfold is off, and I am kissing her eyes, ears, mouth, neck as her hands
move gently to make me hard again. She gives me a deep, smokey kiss and then
takes my cock into her hot mouth for round two...Jilda for dessert!

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