The Story of Jill

(by, 08 August 1995)

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From!agate!!!!! Wed Aug  9 11:41:16 EDT 1995!
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Date: Tue,  8 Aug 1995 22:30:43 UTC
Subject: The story of Jill (long)

	I hope you all enjoy this story.  It has been inspired by
my long (lurking) readership of this newsgroup, since it was first 
added to Usenet some months ago.

	At any rate, the inspiration for this comes from thinking
about all of the actresses we think about and how it was that they
started smoking.


	Her first big break, that was all she wanted, her first break 
and it was finally going to happen!  Jill was a stage actress, the only 
REAL kind of acting.  All she had been able to land up until now had 
been parts in the chorus or parts with no lines at all.  But this was it, a 
real acting part.
	In high school she had been one of the too-good-for-her-
own-good types.  She was involved with the band, did OK at her 
school work, but her real passion had been the theater. She had 
even been cast in leading roles her last two years.  It seemed all 
sooooo easy then.
	"Why not give it a try for real?", She thought back then,  "It 
couldn't be that hard."
	The problem was she had been a big fish in a small pond, it 
just seemed that all of the fish were bigger out here in the real water. 
It wasn't looks, she was in fact quite attractive.  Her petite frame 
actually was an asset.  And she wasn't toooo chesty.  Her shoulder 
length blond hair could even keep some style to it.  Someone had 
actually mentioned that she had that sort of small town America look 
about her.
	She was only three years out of high school, her 21st 
birthday occurring just a month earlier.
	Well, now she was working in a copy shop, running sheets of 
white, cream and every imaginable fluorescent color through copying 
machines.  It paid pennies, but at least it paid, but now, she had her 
	It was a new musical about the women back home during 
World War II.  There was (of course) a male lead, Craig, who was the 
heroic soldier who had been injured in battle, seriously enough so 
that he couldn't go back to the war and little enough so that he could 
have some dance scenes.  Terribly convenient!  Craig played his part 
quite well.
	The female lead was the very feminine but tough Julia who 
went to work on the assembly lines to help out with the war effort.  
Carol played that role.  OK enough, but Jill thought she could do it 
	Jill got the part of one of Julia's friends.  She also got the role 
of understudy for the part of Julia.  While she would have loved the 
part of Julia, however, it did have one drawback, the character 
smoked throughout the musical.  She had noticed that most of the 
other actors and actresses smoked, but she didn't.  She had always 
thought it was the wrong thing to do, you know with all of the surgeon 
general's warnings and billboards and what-not.  The one problem 
was that without smoking, certain roles were out of reach.
	All of these thoughts raced through her mind as she walked 
toward the rented space that the musical company had for practice.  
Tonight would be the first night of eight weeks of 3 hour a day 
	Ahhhh, there it was....  223 Marsh St.  She was right on time, 
this would be fun...

	It was now one week before opening night and things had 
been going OK.  She was getting the lines down and even getting into 
her part.  The only problem was, she didn't feel as if she was 
connecting with any of the other actors.  "I get along fine with them, 
they are pleasant to me and I'm pleasant back.  I just don't seem to fit 
in." She thought.  "Why don't they invite me along with them when 
they go out?"
	She arrived at the practice space a little early, as usual, and 
found the director waiting specifically for her.  "This seems unusual," 
she mused.
	"Jill, we've got to talk," he said, Jill's heart jumping into her 
	"What's up," she replied in a tentative sort of way.  She was 
afraid that he was going to tell her that things just weren't working out 
and that she would be replaced.  Instead, what next came out was a 
real stunner.  "It seems that Carol got into a car accident on the way 
home last night and broke her leg.   We're going to need you to step 
up into your role as understudy and play the part of Julia.  Do you 
think you can do it?"
	Her mind started whirling at this point, "Do I know the lines?  
Of course I know the lines, I've heard them every evening for the last 
seven weeks.  Can I make the kissing scenes with Craig look real.  
No problem, I think he's really cute anyway."  The only thing that 
bothered her was having to chain smoke throughout the play. "Well, 
maybe I can fake it and no one will know," she thought.
	The other actors and actresses were arriving now, and 
everyone was talking about nothing but Carol's car accident and how 
there was no way Jill, the understudy, could pick up the part so 
	In truth, hearing this conversation didn't do much for Jill's 
confidence either, and she was beginning to doubt whether she could 
pull it off after all.  At least Craig said some kind words to her...but 
could she do it?

	"All right act 1 scene 1" yelled the director trying to be heard 
over all of the gossiping voices.  "Let's just try it from the top and we'll 
see how much work we have ahead of us."  Julie knew full well that 
the work ahead of US meant the work ahead for HER.  She 
swallowed hard and took her place.
	It started with her character entering from stage right, a lit 
cigarette in hand doing a solo punctuated at odd intervals by deep 
draws from the cigarette and blowing smoke while singing.
	Here it is she thought, looking at the cigarette.  It had a long, 
white, unappealing look about it.  At least she would be able to use a 
filter, since no one in the audience would be able to tell if it had one 
or not.  The other thing was that it needed to be long enough to last 
till the end of the song, so Benson and Hedges 100s it was.
	All of a sudden she realized she didn't have a lighter.  Kim, 
who played the secondary female lead, reached into her purse for a 
lighter.  After coming forward and flicking the little pink lighter to life, 
she held it forward for Jill to light up.  Jill moved the end of the long 
white cigarette into the flame and took her first mouthful of smoke.
	"Yuck!" She thought.  "There is no way I can do this."  
Unfortunately the accompanist took the sight of smoke as her sign to 
start the opening bars of the song.  Jill took a deep breath and 
pushed forward.
	She strolled out from stage right took a small puff into her 
mouth, blowing it out right away and went right into the song.
	The director looked annoyed at this lapse but decided that he 
would just let things progress and see where things got.
	He soon forgot all about the smoking problem, because she 
was really belting out the opening number like the part was written for 
her.  Her intonation and enunciation were perfect.  She even moved 
about the stage well, and as the other actors worked their way on 
stage for their entrances, all seemed to be perfect.
	The last bar needed to be sung with smoke coming out of 
her lungs and not her mouth, so this time she put the cigarette 
directly to her mouth inhaled and instead of the final few bars of an 
amusing song, all she got was a coughing spasm that just wouldn't 
	"Oh my god!" She thought. "Now I've done it!  I'm going to be 
canned from the part, all because I can't smoke.  The amused look 
on the director's face told a different story though.
	"Stop Stop Stop!" He said fighting his own laughter down.  
"That was terrific, in fact I think that we can do this.  All we need to do 
is teach you how not to choke on your cigarettes.  Let's take five 
minutes, and I want Jill and Kim to come over here."
	The two moved over to the director not sure what was about 
to happen.  "Kim, take Jill out side and show her how to smoke. I 
don't expect you to get it right, tonight but by tomorrow I want you to 
have me believing that you are the chain-smoker that your character 
is supposed to be.  And Kim, make sure she picks up some 
cigarettes to take home and practice with."
	Kim looked at Jill, and motioned with her head to step 
outside where there would be a touch more privacy.  They headed 
down the stairs, Jill kind of stunned, Kim quite amused.
	When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Kim turned around 
and asked "I can't believe you've never smoked before.  Here, take 
one, I'll show you what you need to know."  She extended her pack of 
Virginia Slims 120s to Jill who tentatively took one, Kim shaking one 
free for herself and quickly lighting it.  She extended the lighter to Jill 
who managed to get hers lit without too much trouble this time.
	"OK, the first thing you need to understand, is that you don't 
inhale the smoke directly from the cigarette.  What you do is take a 
mouthful of smoke like this." She said as she put the long white tube 
to her lips, drew in her cheeks and opened her mouth to show Jill that 
she hadn't inhaled any.  After quickly blowing the smoke out, she 
encouraged Jill to do the same.
	Jill put the smoldering cigarette to her lips, sucked on it 
lightly, getting that same bitter taste in her mouth that she had 
experienced earlier and blew the smoke out.  Hmmmm, that wasn't 
too hard she thought.  "OK what do I do next?"
	"Well this time after you take in a mouthful of smoke, and 
have removed the cigarette, inhale through your mouth as if there is 
no smoke in it.  Then blow it out..."
	"Isn't there a way I can cheat, and just make it look like I'm 
smoking without really smoking?" Jill queried.
	"No, not and be able to exhale while singing.  You also have 
some scenes later in the musical where you inhale and then talk, 
	"Yah, I remember" conceded Jill.  "So where were we?  oh 
yah, I was just learning how to inhale."
	"Put the cigarette to your mouth like this..." Kim said while 
putting the cigarette to her lips again.  She took a large draw on the 
cigarette and with a quick inhale, pulled the rich smoke into her 
lungs.  She held for a solid 4 count and exhaled upward, careful not 
to blow it at Jill.
	Jill now moved the cigarette to her lips, took a long draw on 
the cigarette, forgetting she should probably take it slowly at first, and 
this time parted her lips slightly and inhaled.  She felt a slight tingling 
in her chest and held it for a short time.  "Oops, I better exhale," she 
thought as a sudden light headed feeling hit her.  The taste was still 
bitter, but that didn't seem too bad she thought.
	Kim quickly congratulated her and stayed with her to keep 
her company while finishing her own cigarette.  The two of them 
talked and exchanged basic pleasantries while finishing their 
cigarettes.  Another six inhales and Jill was starting to feel almost 
drunk.  She decided that it was time to finish this cigarette and taking 
one last pull on the Virginia Slim crushed it out in the ash tray beside 
the door.
	"Whew! that wasn't so bad," she confessed to Kim while 
blowing the last smoke high into the air.
	Kim looked back at her and said "After rehearsal we'll stop 
off at a convenience store and pick up a pack for you to practice with.  
You'll need your own lighter to, and probably an ash tray for home, 
unless you have one already."
	"Thanks for the help," said Jill, quite confident that there 
wasn't any aspect of this part that she couldn't master.  The smoking 
was actually quite pleasant and took an edge off of her nervousness 
about her new increased responsibility.  All she had to do was get 
good enough to get through the last week of rehearsal and the two 
week run of the musical, then she would have some real acting 
credits, and could get a good non-smoking part.
	After the "Smoking" break, the director had them continue 
the musical from where they had left off, with no "real" smoking just 
yet.  Jill did hold a lit cigarette at the appropriate times during the 
remainder of the production, but she wasn't quite ready to smoke for 
real.  She did inhale once again toward the end just to satisfy her 
curiosity about the feeling.  The slight light headedness reappeared 
very lightly which pleased her and she put out the B&H.
	Kim approached her after the rehearsal asking, "Hey Jill, do 
you need a ride, a couple of us are going to stop off for some drinks.  
Besides, you need to pick up some smokes so you can practice."
	Jill quickly accepted, and on the way picked up some B&H 
Light 100s, a suggestion Kim had for "training cigarettes," a lighter 
and a cheap ash tray for her apartment.
	Inside the bar, it became apparent that one could easily 
smoke without ever placing a cigarette to one's mouth.  Jill 
instinctively thought about going elsewhere, and with a double take 
realized that she was here to learn to smoke!
	She and Kim found three other cast members including 
Craig, the leading man, all nursing drinks and smoking.  Kim lost no 
time and quickly lit up a VS120, the slim cigarette smoldering in her 
hand as she leisurely consumed the smoke.
	Jill pulled out her fresh pack of B&Hs, examining the 
package, pulling off the cellophane and flipped open the box.  After 
parting the foil and withdrawing the first of her very own cigarettes 
she looked up to notice Craig quickly reaching for a lighter which he 
held for her while she touched the tip to the flame and took a 
tentative first puff on this cigarette.
	It wasn't quite so bitter as the first time, and since this was a 
lighter cigarette she was able smoke a couple without getting really 
	As the evening progressed, the four regulars got to know Jill 
much better.  They repeatedly ordered the cheap draft beer the bar 
served and kept smoking.  Loosing all track of time, the bartender 
shouted out last call, and the five decided to split up and head for 
their respective homes, armed with much speculation about politics, 
critique of actors and directors and regret about the broken bones of 
leading ladies.
	With the remembrance of Carol's accident the previous 
evening, Craig and Jill decided to split a taxi since they lived so close 
together.  The whole way home, Jill's head was spinning in a sea of 
alcohol, nicotine and lust for this leading man.  How they managed to 
end up in their own separate apartments is still a mystery to both of 
	The next morning rolled around with Jill feeling as if a thick 
layer of fur was growing on her teeth and her head in a slowly closing 
C-clamp.  "Actually, it's closing pretty quickly now," She thought.  She 
wandered into the bathroom, vaguely remembering that a lot of 
having a hangover is dehydration, she downed a couple glasses of 
water, brushed her teethe, cleaned herself and felt as if she was 
clean and hung-over.
	"Oh, well," she sighed.  "I guess, I can call in sick to work 
today.  Her mind suddenly realizing she had managed to back into 
the lead role the previous evening.   Much of the rest of the evening 
was just a blur.  She vaguely remembered going with Kim to the bar 
after rehearsal, smoking a couple of cigarettes and...what else???
	After calling in sick, she sat down with a cup of coffee and 
decided to take a look at the cigarettes she had bought the previous 
evening.  Pulling out of her purse the small ashtray, she placed it on 
the table, withdrew the pack of cigarettes and the small lighter.  She 
glanced in the box and was surprised to see seven cigarettes gone.  
"I must have shared a bunch," she thought not realizing that she had 
thoroughly enjoyed each one her self.
	"Might as well try another one," she thought.  She withdrew 
one of the cigarettes, smelling the earthy smell of the tobacco she put 
it in her mouth and lit it.  This one wasn't nearly as bitter as she had 
thought the previous evening, and without even thinking she inhaled 
the intoxicating smoke, and mused about how this was actually quite 
relaxing.  Her parents hadn't smoked nor had any of her friends 
although plenty of other people in school had taken up the happen 
quite quickly and happily.
	She sat back and took another draw, this time holding it in to 
see what it felt like.  "Hmmmmmm that was quite nice." She thought.  
She was pleasantly relaxed, even though her head still pounded.
	After a small cold breakfast and lot of Orange Juice the 
phone rang.  "Hello" she answered into the receiver.
	Kim replied back, "I just wanted to make sure you were all 
right, what after last night and all."
	"What do you mean?"
	"The way you smoked and drank, you seemed like a 
seasoned pro," said Kim.
	"Really?!"  Jill's mind straining to remember more details 
from the evening, at least it explained the missing cigarettes.
	They agreed to get together for dinner before rehearsal that 
evening where Kim would check up on Jill's smoking skills.
	That evening's dinner and rehearsal went just fine.  At least 
the director was satisfied that Jill could smoke for stage purposes.  
He still wanted her to work on the opening song some since she still 
coughed lightly toward the end, but otherwise he felt she could 
handle the smoking requirement of the job.
	The next week went by quickly, with Jill still rehearsing her 
smoking skills.  She refused to acknowledge that it was becoming 
more than act, until the morning of the day of opening night.  She 
awoke, feeling butterflies in her stomach realizing that she was 
getting really nervous.  She remembered that feeling in high school, 
but not like this, where an audience was going to pay real money, 
and real critics who already doubted that an understudy could stand 
up and excel at the part.
	Sitting at the kitchen table in her small apartment, she put 
some coffee on, and reached for her cigarettes, quickly lighting one 
and feeling the stress recede slightly.  "Thank god for that feeling" 
she thought and then with a start realized that she actually liked the 
sensation.  She took another deep drag on the cigarette and held it.  
Finishing her first cigarette of the day and deciding right away to have 
another, she realized that stopping this was going to be harder than 
she at first thought.
	Her performance that evening was her best yet, and good 
enough to have the critics scratching their heads trying to figure out 
where she had come from, and the audience pleased with 
themselves for having the good fortune of having bought a ticket.
	Backstage, everyone was congratulating Craig for his 
wonderful job and Jill for her astounding climb from understudy to 
full-fledged star.  OK, so it wasn't Broadway, but on that evening one 
couldn't have convinced the cast of that.
	Following the show Craig, Kim, Jill and some other cast 
members went out for celebratory drinks, this time leaving the cars at 
home and deciding on utilizing a limo, an expense Craig announced 
he would pay.
	Jill looked into her purse and realized that she only had one 
cigarette left.  A quick panic attack hit her until, Craig instructed the 
driver to go to the nearby convenience store where just seven days 
earlier, Jill had purchased her first pack of cigarettes.  She got two 
packs this time, just in case, and climbing back into the limo, lit a 
	Four bars, 12 drinks and a whole pack of cigarettes later, Jill 
found herself making the rounds of everyones places dropping each 
one off in order, until Jill found herself alone in the back of the limo 
with Craig, whom she had been lusting after since coming to that first 
rehearsal eight weeks earlier.
	To occupy the driver, Craig told the driver to head for the 
innerbelt freeway and start driving.  He then activated the brown 
glass divider window and all of a sudden, the two were in their own 
	Jill felt the wetness in her crotch start to grow, as Craig put 
his arm around her while talking about the preceding evening.  Jill 
had decided earlier in the day that if Craig should want to sleep with 
her that evening she would do nothing to stop it, now it looked as if 
that might just happen.
	Jill reached for her box of B&H 100s and Craig immediately 
lit her cigarette, attentive to her every need.  She pulled hard, the 
tobacco taste now firmly implanted on her tastebuds.
	Craig started nibbling at her ear, his right hand slowly 
working its way under her blouse from her navel to the bottom of her 
bra.  Taking another big draw on the cigarette, she handed it to Craig 
and removed her blouse, button by button, followed with her bra.
	Craig now took a pull on her cigarette like an eternity, and 
without handing the cigarette back, moved his lips toward hers.  Her 
lips parted under his urgency and a slight moan escaped her and 
then just when she had finished her moan and was ready to inhale, 
he started to transfer the smoke from his body to hers.
	This was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, 
and made her head spin with ecstasy.  The wetness in her crotch 
becoming slick with expectation, and she returned the smoke back to 
Craig who finally exhaled the smoke into the air of the roomy 
	Craig's clothing was quickly removed while Jill sat back and 
finished her cigarette, the whole time thinking of nothing except how 
to scratch the itch within her inviting pussy.  Craig figured out right 
away how to do this, by running his tongue from her mouth, to the 
nipple of one of her breasts, to her navel, finishing at her clitoris.
	By now, Craig was oblivious to everything except the taste of 
Jill and the rocking of her hips as he gently, then roughly, then gently 
once again explored every fold of her pussy.  He was drinking every 
ounce of her and she was loving it!
	Jill's mind was exploding as she felt a warmth start growing 
in her crotch and started to radiate outward in rippling waves of 
	When she thought she could take it no more, he went 
further, until in an explosion of pleasure and sound signaled that she 
had an orgasm that made the limo start to rock.
	Craig, now quite pleased with himself, started moving his 
way up Jill's body until he was slowly nibbling at her breasts, the 
whole time making sure that a hand remained in her pussy to keep 
her going.
	Jill now seized the initiative and took Craig's swollen member 
in her hands and started massaging it.  Craig taking the cue, sat back 
into the seat and let Jill straddle him, parting the lips of pussy over his 
expectant cock, and slowly sliding down, down, down...plunging him 
deeper and deeper into her self.
	Thinking of the previous experience, Jill reached for her 
cigarettes, lighting one with a deft flick of her lighter and inhaling fully, 
imagining that the smoke would somehow go deep enough into her 
that it would meet the end of Craig's cock.  She held the smoke just a 
moment longer, and let it slowly poor over Craig's head and upper 
body in a controlled exhale.
	Craig, spurred on by this display responded by rocking his 
body in perfect synchronization to Jill's own natural rhythm.  She took 
another deep, deep drag on the cigarette and slowly exhaled the 
plume.  Meanwhile the whole time Craig is pumping.... pumping.... 
and as she feels this uncontrollable urge to let loose with another 
orgasm, this time triggering Craig's own orgasm.  His hot semen 
filling her up inside, and the throbbing restoring the strength of her 
own orgasm.
	Jill dropping beside him, takes a final pull on her cigarette.  
After crushing it out in the ashtray on her side of the limo, she looked 
coyly at Craig and said, "I could really get into this smoking thing."  
Fully aware finally that she found a habit that she would enjoy for a 
long time.
	The two finally got dressed, redirected the driver to take them 
to their own places, and both went to sleep.
	The rest of the musical went without a hitch, in fact Craig and 
Jill ended up moving in with each other months later.  One doesn't 
want to take these things to fast, since Jill still considers herself to be 
an all American small town girl.  She also now enjoys her smoking to 
the fullest, eventually moving over to Virginia Slims 120s just like her 
good friend Kim.  They seemed to add an air of elegance which was 
exactly what she was looking for as an up and coming actress of the 
	And not surprising, they still get limousines occasionally for 
the evening....
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