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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 02:00:40 UTC
From: an5977@anon.penet.fi (The Flying Pen)
Subject: STORY: Julie

Hi! This is the first of several fetish stories that I'm going to be working
on soon. Hope you enjoy it!

This story Copyright (C), 1995 by the Flying Pen.  Redistribution via
electronic means as well as a single hard copy is permitted, as long as
1) this message is included; 2) the text is not altered in any way, and 3) no
   financial gain is incurred from its redistribution.


   The first time I ever saw Julie was one day while going outside for
my smoke break.  She was short, cute, even through her glasses, and
had shoulder-length black hair.  She was also taking a very hurried
drag on a cigarette.  Before I could strike up conversation, she
tossed it into the ashtray and ran back inside.  I hadn't ever seen
her before, but she was obviously one of the new graduate students.
Their class breaks were short, so I figured she had to get back to
class.  I saw her again the following week.  This time, I was already
taking my break when she came outside.  She quickly pulled out a pack
of Benson and Hedges Ultra Lights from her sweater, lit one, and took
a couple of mighty pulls, exhaling huge streams of smoke quickly,
before tossing the barely started cigarette away.  "Severe nic fit, I
guess," I said to myself.  This became a regular event; I would see
her almost every other day.  Sometimes I'd be out there first,
sometimes she would be.  We never spoke though.  I was worried about
the staff/student gap, and hesitant to risk my job with an "unwanted
advance," since she had shown no interest in speaking to me.

   Julie changed all that one day.  "Hi," she smiled.  "I always see
you out here, but I guess I'm always in a big rush and thinking about
class, so I never said anything."

   I smiled back.  "So you're one of the few, the proud, the exiled,
too," I joked, watching her take another drag from a Marlboro Light.

   "I only smoke when I'm stressed," she quickly replied, almost
apologetically.  "Gotta go--class is re-starting.  I'll probably see
you again out here, because I'm really stressed these days."  With
that, the young woman vanished back into the building.  Although I
continued to take smoke breaks at the approximate time her class let
out for break, I stopped seeing her.  I guessed that she had passed
her crisis point.

   One Saturday night, about a month later, I was hanging out with
some friends, shooting the shit, having some beers, and throwing darts
like shit.  I had completely forgotten about my smoke break partner,
when I heard someone call, "Hey!  How are ya?"  I saw the grad student
waving at me, and heading in my direction.  "Hi there!  Are you
feeling a little less stressed out?"

   "Not really, but I needed the night out.  Do you have a light?" she
asked.  "I smoke when I go out to bars.  It just seems like the thing
to do in a bar.  She pulled out a Capri.  "Everybody always gives me
shit about 'my skinny cigarettes.'  I like the way they feel between
my fingers, okay?" she said in mock defense when I raised my eyebrows.
"Anyway, I don't think we've ever been properly introduced.  I'm
Julie," she said, then took a quick drag that ended up in a short
french inhale and diffuse discharge of smoke from her lips on the
exhale.  It was very cute.

   "My name is Michael.  I work in one of the other departments in
your building."

   We shook hands, and Julie took another small, hurried drag.  "I
know you probably think I'm always in a hurry.  My classmates are in
another room here, the non-smoking one.  I decided to grab a quick
smoke, but I must have dropped my matches somewhere.  I'm glad you
were here, though.  Some guys get the wrong idea when you ask 'em for
a light."  She took a slower, steadier and deeper drag, exhaling a
thin long stream with her head turned to the ceiling.  "Well, Mike, I
guess I'll be seeing you around more, with finals and term papers
coming up soon.  Thanks for the light, but I guess I'd better get back
to my friends."  We said goodbye; Julie took a final drag on her smoke
before putting it out in a nearby ashtray, and scurried off to rejoin
her classmates.  That was the first full cigarette I'd ever seen her
have.  Always in a hurry, I chuckled to myself.

   Julie and I continued to see each other off-and-on during smoke
breaks.  She never finished a whole cigarette during our breaks.  Of
course, she never had more than a few minutes.  We'd chat in short
burst between her puffs.  One time, her professor had to run an errand
and gave the class an early exit.  Julie dropped by my office and
asked if I'd like to take a break with her before she left.  She
pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims Ultra Lights.  "What happened to
the Capris?" I kidded her.

   She rolled her eyes at me, then stuck out her tongue.  "See, I
always think I'm not going to smoke until I get here and things start
going on, so I wind up running down to the little store a couple of
blocks away, or getting them from the machine at Murphy's," Julie
explained.  "You wouldn't believe how many half-finished packs I wind
up having at home."  She took a deep drag, and the chill augmented the
smoke effect.  "What about you?  You smoke those... Mores.  Yuck."

   Now it was my turn to give her the raspberry.  "Well, they're long,
so I can take a little longer pause during the day.  See, I take a
break to calm my nerves, or reset between job tasks.  It works for me.
I smoke fewer per day.  Besides, I also have the added benefit of not
many people bumming them from me," I smiled.

   "You got that right!" she grinned.  "I could never smoke a brown
cigarette.  Too... masculine."  Of course, I was thinking the exact
opposite thing; it might be... interesting to see her smoking a More.
Julie dragged again, exhaling quickly.  "Anyway, when do I have time
to spend smoking something that long?  I almost never finish a
cigarette as it is.  When I'm working, they just burn down."  She
shrugged.  "Oh well, time to go to the library and dig out a couple of
books for this paper that's due.  Thanks for giving me a good reason
to stall, Mike.  I appreciate it," Julie chirped and smiled.  She
waved as she headed to the parking lot.

   Right before Thanksgiving, I was working late, and ran into Julie,
who was sitting outside having a Salem Slim Light.  "I needed to use
one of the class computers for an assignment," she sniffled.  "I have
a cold.  I smoke menthols when I have a cold, since you're probably
going to ask.  You're here late," she observed.  I told her a little
bit about my specific work crunch while she smoked.  "It's going to
get really insane here next week."  Julie sounded very unhappy.  "This
Master's program is a lot tougher than it looked after the first
couple weeks," she confided.  "So I'll probably be smoking up a storm
until the semester's over."

   I gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder.  "Give me a yell if you
want some company down here.  I can take breaks pretty much at any
time.  You'll be fine, Julie.  Really.  Good luck with your
assignment."  I saw a lot of Julie over the next two weeks; she was
grabbing a cigarette every chance she got, even if she only got two or
three puffs in.

   One day, she came up to my office.  "Want to take a break?  I'm
going out with my classmates to celebrate the end of finals."  We went
to our designated smoking area, and she pulled out a Carlton 100,
which she had been smoking for the last week or so.  "I'm not going to
feel so pressured next semester, now that I know what to expect.  I'm
gonna quit after tonight.  Julie looked in her pack.  "I have five
left, which should be good for tonight."  She looked at me.

   "So you did okay in finals?"

   Julie nodded.  "All that stress actually made me work my ass off.
I think I did pretty well," she grinned.

   "I'm going to miss your company out here, but good luck with
quitting," I said.  "The few, the proud, the exiled," I returned.

   "Mike, thanks for keeping me company and listening to me bitch all
semester," Julie said.  "I'm gonna miss hanging out here with you and

   "I would have offered, but you never bummed one from me," I
grinned.  "You always had a brand of the day.  I never knew what you
were smoking."  We stuck our tongues out at each other and laughed.

   "You're so funny.  Anyway, I'd better go, everybody is meeting at
O'Reilly's in another 15 minutes.  I'll see you around in the halls
and I'll drop by once in a while to say hi.  See ya 'round."  Julie
smiled, waved, and headed to her car in the parking lot.

   I didn't see her for a long time after that.  She must have quit, I
reasoned.  Maybe Julie had even left school, because I never saw her
in the halls.  Oh well, graduate students come and go.  It was mid-
March before I ran into her again, at the same bar where we had
officially introduced ourselves.  "Julie?" I hesitantly questioned the
vivacious, black-haired women sitting at a table with a group.

   "Hi!!!!  Michael!!!!  I'm happy to see you again!  How have you
been?"  Julie's eyes sparkled, and she certainly looked as if she were
happy to see me.  She got up from the table and gave me a hug.  "My
class schedule this semester is kinda weird.  I only have class in
your building at night this semester," Julie apologized.  "I was gonna
leave you a note, but your section of the building is locked up by the
time I get there.  Let's go somewhere so we can catch up," she
suggested.  We chatted amiably about the previous three months for a
few minutes; she was having a much easier time with her classes and
hadn't been stressed all semester.  Julie excused herself for a
second, went back over to her table and grabbed her purse.  She pulled
out a lighter and a Capri.

   I commented, "Still smoking when you drink, I see."

   Julie blushed a little.  "No... actually, I guess I'm just a smoker
now.  I never did quit like I said I was going to."  She indicated her
classmates.  "It's kinda nice not having to pretend any more."  We
smoked and talked; she bought two beers and we talked some more.  I
would watch her lean casually against the bar, Capri in hand, and tilt
her chin slightly before each exhale.  She was definitely more
relaxed, and not in as big a hurry.  One of Julie's classmates came
over and told her that the group was leaving for another club.  Julie
waved her on.  "You guys go ahead.  I haven't seen Mike all year."  As
her classmates headed out, she gave several hugs and wished all a good
spring break.  After they were gone, Julie reached into her purse for
another cigarette, but her pack was empty.  "Dammit.  Now I gotta go
get change for the machine.  I know they won't have these in it."  She
looked at me and continued, "I hope they have more than Camel Lights.
Bleccch."  She wrinkled her nose in distaste, then grinned.

   "Julie," I said as she began to pull out her wallet, "there's a
book store less than a block away that sells cigarettes.  I think I've
seen your brand there."

   "Really?"  Her face brightened, then she cocked her head.  "You'll
be here when I get back?"  I nodded.  There was no way I was going to
miss the remainder of this evening.  Julie came back in about ten
minutes with a pair of fresh beers.  "I decided to stop on the way,"
she grinned.  "Figured we could use some more beer, and the crowd at
the bar is getting bigger."

   Her smile and dancing eyes made her look _very_ attractive, and
distracted me.  Somehow, I managed to remember that she had also
bought the last round.  "Julie, you bought the last round.  At least
let me contribute," I said, feeling very odd.

   "You can give me a light," she coyly replied.  "You look like the
gentlemanly type."  Julie pulled out a fresh pack of Capri 120's.
"Before you say anything, these were on sale, 3 packs for 2.  Since
you smoke really long cigarettes, I thought I'd give it a try in my
brand."  She opened the pack, pulled one out, and studied the long,
very slim white cylinder between her fingers.  "Wow, these are long,"
she giggled.  "Sir?  If you please?"  I lit it, and watched her take a
drag.  She turned her head aside to exhale.  "Hmmm... Not bad.  But I
can see that I'd have to take my time with these."  Julie took a long,
deep drag, and closed her eyes.  She let the smoke flow from her
nostrils for a few seconds, then exhaled the rest through her lips.
Her eyelids fluttered a little as she opened them.  "You're right.
This _is_ relaxing," she smiled.

   "Now that you're not stressed anymore..." I began, but my thought
died when Julie took another long pull and some of the smoke spilled
out from her lips, only to be drawn into her nostrils.  She leisurely
exhaled a long trail of smoke.

   "You're right.  I'm not stressed anymore; I can _enjoy_ a
cigarette."  Julie paused to look at her watch.  "If you really feel
guilty about the beer, there is a way you can make it up to me.  Take
me to a movie sometime."

   "Ummm...."  Julie chose that moment to french-inhale again, hold
the smoke, and exhale leisurely with her chin slightly inclined.  It
took me a few seconds to process what she had said.  "Sure.  When?"

   "I was thinking... the midnight show down the street.  That is..."
Julie took another slow deep drag, drawing escaping smoke back into
her mouth as she pulled the cigarette away from her lips.  "If you
don't mind waiting for me to finish my very relaxing, long cigarette,"
she teased.  I shook my head and grinned stupidly.  As we walked out
of the bar five minutes later, Julie turned to me and asked, "By the
way, Mike... how old are you?"

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