Julie's Coming Out, Part 1

(by anonymous, 13 December 2004)

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Julie's Coming Out
(Part 1)

Posted by Newsmoker, January 11, 2005

Julie Ann Clark was fidgeting nervously as the jetliner made its final
approach into Dallas on this dark, November night. It had been a turbulent
flight from Chicago, and Julie had more on her mind than just the
Thanksgiving holiday with her family. 

It had been more than three hours since her last cigarette, outside the
terminal at O'Hare International Airport. As security had tightened
considerably, smokers were relegated to getting in their last drags in before
even entering the terminal and clearing checkpoints. Her body was screaming
for some cigarette smoke, and the magic the nicotine would yield to her. 

She began to mentally reflect on her personal smoking genesis of the past 7
months.  Although Julie had only tried her first few tentative puffs in mid
April, she found it more than simply a passing experiment. While it was tough
at first, she taught herself how to inhale without coughing. In fact, she
found it delightfully satisfying. As the roots of her new cravings began, she
admitted to herself that she was going to be a confirmed and regular
cigarette smoker. The next chapter was yet to come, however. Julie's Mom and
younger sister Peggy had no idea that she was a smoker now, and this was part
of the unfolding drama of this holiday--..she had made her decision, and now
felt compelled to come out and smoke her first cigarette in front of them!

Julie was an attractive brunette, and dressed accordingly to her professional
stature as a junior staff attorney at a major Chicago law firm. Having
graduated cum laude with her undergraduate degree 4 years ago, she was
accepted into law school. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class
last December. Recruited by her law firm in Chicago, she immediately went to
work, arriving after the holidays in the January snow. This was the first
time she had been more than one hundred miles away from home, as the
university and law school were less than an hour from her area.

The new freedom away from family for the first time led to her becoming aware
of the new independence. She was now an adult, educated, on her own, a
professional, and embarking upon her new career. Julie soon discovered that
her apartment was her own home, and she had to answer to no one. While a
virgin, she began to explore the internet and local pubs for companionship.
Chicago being what it is, there is abundant opportunity for diversity. 

Julie had secretly always been fascinated by cigarette smoking, even though
she was always considered an academic type, a wholesome girl, and had never
tried it. She viewed it as a secret, sinful vice; reserved for those adults
who had taken the steps to pleasure and independence separate and apart from
their careers and families. A personal, private choice was available for
those who chose to smoke. Julie observed her colleagues and others who
smoked, and was curious about why they looked so satisfied upon taking their
drags and exhaling the smoke.

Long displaced, hidden, and sub-conscious temptations began to disturb her
upon seeing these individuals light up and smoke their cigarettes. She began
to observe them intently, and was more entranced by their pleasure. Julie
began to wake in the middle of the night thinking about smoking, something
she had never done before.  She began thinking about trying it, at least as
an experimental diversion. 

She had fought these thoughts for perhaps three months. In mid-April, she
decided to take a step to satisfy her curiosity. One Friday after leaving the
office, she stopped by a convenience store on the way back to her apartment.
She had been thinking about this with increased desire all week. Her brand to
try was already decided; it would be Virginia Slims Menthol 120's. Julie's
Aunt Vanessa had smoked them ever since she remembered her revealing herself
as a cigarette smoker to the family at the age of 23. She thought back in
time; that was Thanksgiving, 1985, and Julie was only 6. But it made a huge
mental impression upon her, how Aunt Vanessa pulled out her pack and lighter
following the holiday meal, sheepishly announcing to the entire family that
"she had started smoking recently", and lit up.

Julie thought "I'm an attorney, and yet here I am so nervous, about to ask a
clerk for my first pack of cigarettes". She then rationalized that "I am an
adult now, hardly no one in this city knows me, and I am going to try, and
actually smoke, a cigarette in the privacy of my own home"! She walked up to
the counter, and ordered up--."A Pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120's and a
Green Bic Lighter, please". She paid for the merchandise and quickly walked
out, excited in anticipation of the next few hours. 

Julie walked into her apartment with an unusual spring in her step, aware
that she was about to embark upon an illicit and secret experience. She had a
plastic ashtray in the kitchen she had reserved for guests. Pulling this out
of the bottom cabinet, she instinctively headed for the bathroom and its big
mirror----she had already determined that this was the best location for
trying a cigarette for the first time, so she could observe and critique
herself on her initial awkwardness.

She looked at the clock; it was 6:30 P.M. Turning on the radio to her
favorite soft, Classic Rock station, she walked into the bathroom with her
ashtray, first pack and lighter. She looked at herself in the big mirror, and
silently asked herself "Julie, are you sure you're ready for this
experience?---..are you certain you want to taste a cigarette"? Knowing this
might be the point of no return, she opened the pack, peeled away the foil
wrapper, extracted her first cigarette, and looked in the mirror again.
Observing herself with a long cigarette in her hand was almost overwhelming.
Even animating the act of smoking with an unlit cigarette was erotic beyond
belief. She waltzed around the bathroom and looked at herself at different
angles in the mirrors. When she could stand it no more, she put the unlit
Virginia Slim Menthol 120 in her lips, and felt a warm wetness she had not
felt in quite some time. She paraded herself in front of the mirrors for more
angle views with the cigarette in her mouth. 

After searching her conscience for about another ten minutes or so, thinking
about what she contemplated doing, looking back on what brought her to this
defining point, and weighing in her mind what the consequences might be, she
reaffirmed the decision to go ahead. Julie rationalized that drugs and
alcohol were certainly worse, and that all adults were entitled to at least
one vice. Besides, she anticipated her  adult experience pleasure would
outweigh the downside.

She looked at the perfect, long,Virginia Slim Menthol 120 in the center of
her mouth, the lipstick on her lips and now on the filtertip, and flicked the
lighter. Bringing the flame to the tip, she knew she had to suck on it like a
straw to get it lit.  Almost instinctively, she took her very first draw on
her very first cigarette, and tipped it up to a 30 degree angle. She watched
the end of the cigarette glow bright orange, as she began her very first
drag. The appearance in the mirror and feeling was astounding, but the taste
was both cool and hot at the same time, even somewhat bitter. Following an
almost 3 second puff, she was aware she now had to blow it back out.
Clumsily, she blew out the uninhaled smoke in a cloud. Not too bad, she
thought, but not the professional looking, sophisticated "cone" exhale she
had observed smokers do so expertly.

She resolved to try her first inhale, even while admiring her appearance with
the lit cigarette in the mirror. Her heart was pounding in excitement as she
watched herself bring the long cigarette to her lips again. She was going to
actually inhale and taste her first smoke this time. Sealing the filter, she
began a deliberate puff as she observed the tip glow bright orange in the
mirror. She successfully tipped the cigarette upwards, once again at a 30
degree angle. After what seemed like a 3 second drag, she pulled the Virginia
Slim from her mouth, and quickly inhaled the rich, menthol smoke into her
chest. On the way down her throat, she felt the gag reflex as the smoke made
its way down her windpipe, and into her virgin lungs. It hit her hard, as she
didn't know what to expect or how to react, except to blow it back out. The
exhale caused her to cough, but the smoke was diluted into a stream at the
end. Julie valiantly held onto the cabinet, and her lit cigarette, as she
blew the remnants of her first actual puff back out her lips. Her head was
spinning, and she felt slightly sick at her stomach, not to mention the urge
of diarrhea. But there was also a tingling buzz that went all the way through
her body, and made her legs weak. She blurted out loud to herself "WOW--Oh,
shit--I don't know if I can handle this". After about a minute, she got her
courage up again, and decided to try another puff and inhale. She thought to
herself "I am resolved to give this a decent try--..if smoking is not for me,
I'll never smoke again as long as I live". Even then, based upon her previous
first inhale, she was having her doubts. With that, she watched herself in
the mirror again as she took her second real puff of her life. This time, she
only took what seemed about a 2 second drag, and with less vigor than the
first. Once again, her mouth tipped the Virginia Slim up at angle, as she had
seen regular smokers do. She removed it, held the smoke in her mouth for a
second as she posed in the mirror, holding her lit cigarette in her left hand
at an upward angle with her elbow bent. Julie opened her mouth and inhaled
more slowly and deliberately this time, as she watched the smoke disappear
into her throat. The gag reflex was still there, though not as intense as
before. She began to feel the warm tingle again, but the smoke was still
foreign to her lungs. Exhaling more slowly and consciously, she still coughed
slightly, but it seemed a thicker volume of smoke began to blow out of her
mouth. It was still somewhat bitter tasting, but a cool, menthol taste. She
watched the last of the soft stream exit her mouth, and felt a sort of thrill
as she directed it slightly downward at the end, a thrill that simultaneously
gave in to the dizzy feeling she felt. Aware that there was no way she could
finish the long cigarette, she pitched it in the commode and flushed it down.
Julie was feeling queasy, and immediately went to the bedroom and dropped on
her bed. The tobacco taste was still in her mouth, and she had her doubts
about smoking again.

She awoke about 20 minutes later, feeling much better. After preparing her
evening meal, she sat down at the dining room table and flipped on the
television. Following a movie, she turned in for the night around 11 PM.
Brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she gazed at the pack of Virginia Slims
Menthol 120's, the lighter, and ashtray. "Mmmm", she thought. "Aunt Vanessa
always has her cigarettes on the nightstand". Giggling, Julie picked them up
and took them with her to the bedroom. Placing them on the nightstand, she
looked at them with even more intensity, if not curiosity. She pulled one out
and examined it, and marveled how long, slender, and feminine they were. She
smelled of the tobacco in the white cylinder, and read the words "Virginia
Slims" on it. Placing it in her lips, she was tempted to smoke the second
cigarette of her life. Erring on the side of caution, she was reluctant to
smoke in bed for fear of setting the bed on fire with a stray ash. (After
all, she reasoned, I am only a novice at this experiment; I am not a smoker.)
Placing the cigarette in back in the pack, she closed the top of the box, and
turned out the lamp. She lay in the darkness, thinking about the evening, and
her first smoking experience. Julie felt a warm wetness between her legs that
she knew could not be ignored. Reaching for the drawer of the nightstand, she
groped and found the vibrator she had bought herself for Christmas, a toy she
had come to be attached to. Turning the end knob, she felt it come to life at
low speed as she slowly and sensually inserted the surrogate cock deeply into
her waiting pussy. Increasing the speed, she began to thrust the vibrator in
and out of her cunt. She thought again of her first cigarette earlier in the
evening. As her mind free associated, she hit what seemed to be the most
mind-blowing climax ever, as wave after wave of intense orgasm flowed through
her entire body. A most restful, deep sleep ensued for the remainder of the

The cabin announcement jolted her back to reality and the present. "Ladies
and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking--.please fasten your seatbelts,
we will be landing in Dallas-Ft.Worth in 10 minutes; flight attendants,
please prepare the cabin for early arrival". Early arrival?!! Julie thought,
"Yesssss!-Time for a couple of cigarettes outside the terminal before Mom and
Peggy arrive to pick me up"! 

She glanced inside her purse, and was reassured to see her pack and lighter
awaiting her. Her mouth watered, and the urge was unbearable. Julie was
having a powerful nicotine fit. She had to have a cigarette, she wanted a
cigarette, she needed a cigarette, and she could not wait much longer for a

Upon arrival at the gate, Julie literally bolted into the aisle, eager to get
outside to the curb. She looked at her watch, the flight was 40 minutes ahead
of her schedule. She had her purse; the baggage could wait. She was almost
jogging through the terminal, and luckily the curb was nearby. As she was
going out the door, she was pulling a cigarette and her lighter out. As she
felt the cool night air, Julie placed the Virginia Slim Menthol 120 into her
lips, ignited the lighter, and with a cheek-hollowing drag, desperately
puffed and pulled for the delicious taste she had come to love and crave
almost constantly. Almost closing her eyes with satisfaction, she inhaled as
deeply as ever before, savoring the cool, rich menthol cigarette smoke.
Without removing the now lit cigarette from her lips, she went directly into
a greedy double-pump, as the smoke from her lightup flowed out her nostrils.
She thought "Damn, this tastes soooooo good"! In what seemed like less than 3
minutes, due to the voluminous puffs, she had consumed her entire cigarette.
Immediately, she lit up another one. She thought, "Mom and Peggy will soon
learn that I'm a Smoker now", although the exact time and circumstances of
revealing her new vice and pleasure openly were still pending. 

She reflected how it had gotten to this point. She continued to experiment
with that first pack of cigarettes over a 2 week period in late April, and to
her thrill was soon inhaling and exhaling without coughing. All the while in
the privacy of her apartment, she practiced and perfected her various smoking
styles in front of the bathroom and living room mirrors. She developed a
taste and pleasurable appreciation for the long Virginia Slims 120's, was
buying only a pack at a time, and by the 3rd Saturday in May, realized her
intake had increased to an entire pack over a weekend. Her body felt
differently than ever before, as when she smoked, she felt remarkably calm,
satisfied, and sophisticated. She admitted to herself that she was feeling
addicted, and felt further compelled to resign to the fact that she was
indeed a regular smoker now. She bought her first carton, and replaced her
Bic lighter with a more permanent, expensive gold plated one that exuded
class. She recalled the initial, shocked response by colleagues at the law
firm when she began carrying cigarettes and lighter in her purse in June, and
taking smoke breaks in the coffee lounge. This was her first experience of
smoking in public, and she was secretly aroused by it. It felt good and bad
at the same time, yet she quite liked it.

Knowing that crossing the threshold meant eventually confessing to Mom,
Peggy, and the rest of her family, she began to practice smoking her first
cigarette in front of them. Continuing to utilize the mirror in her apartment
for this important milestone, she mimicked them being there, and smoked
confidently, and began to have the appearance of experience. She would talk
and smoke, using her legal and analytical reasoning skills, anticipating any
possible questions or comments from them or any other family members. 

"United Flight 693 baggage now ready at Baggage Terminal 8" she heard over
the loudspeaker. Crushing out her cigarette, she was much calmer, and made
her way back into the terminal to the baggage area. Glancing at her watch,
she knew that Mom and Peggy should be there by now to pick her up. Upon
arriving at Terminal 8, she immediately spotted her luggage. As soon as she
backed away from the turnstile, she heard "Julie"!--.they were there, and
right on time.

Following hugs and kisses missing since last year, all 3 made their way to
the parking lot. Lots of talk about how the career was going, any new
boyfriends, and Peggy's upcoming prep school graduation. On the way to the
family home, the holiday traffic was incredible, slowing the trip to a crawl
on the freeway. It had been nearly an hour and a half now since Julie's last
cigarette, and she was feeling the urges.

Upon arrival at the residence, all luggage was unloaded. Julie's Mom said
"Honey, why don't you go upstairs to the bedroom and unpack while Peggy and I
fix dinner"? --.Julie replied "Think I will, Mom-.thanks".

In her room, Julie nervously pulled out the plastic, traveling ashtray out of
her luggage, and her pack and lighter out of her purse. She went to the
bathroom, turning on the overhead vent, and hungrily lit up her first
cigarette in almost 2 hours. She savored her smoke, watched herself exhale a
mighty plume upwards toward the ceiling, and smiled with satisfaction.
Applying some fresh makeup, she did some last minute soul searching. This was
going to be it, she was about to come out of the closet as a new smoker, once
and for all, get it over with, and stop sneaking around like a teenager. She
was going to just pull out her pack and lighter following the evening meal,
make her polite yet firmly resolute announcement that she had started, and
age 25, actually smoke her very first cigarette in front of her Mother and
Sister. She felt excitement, yet apprehension, in the anticipation. 

Finishing up dinner, Mom excused herself to the kitchen to retrieve the wine
for a toast to the holidays and Julie's homecoming. Peggy looked forward to
this, for at 17, she was not yet allowed to consume a glass in any public
restaurants. Julie, bolstered by the first couple of sips, cleared her throat
meekly. "Mom and Peggy, you know I have always been a very forthright and
honest individual" she began somewhat awkwardly. "But, I, uh,--have something
to tell you both" she continued. She took another sip of wine. "I have a
confession to make, and I might as well get this out in the open once and for
all, to both of you, and everyone else in the family". Mom and Peggy looked
at her, silently puzzled. Quickly, Julie picked up her purse, and revealed
her long kept secret. She extracted her pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120's,
her gold lighter, and extracted a cigarette, stylishily holding it and the
lighter in her fingers as she spoke. She placed the pack on the white
tablecloth, secretly feeling an odd twinge of wetness between her legs, as
her heart raced. Mom and Peggy were utterly speechless, their mouths slightly
open in shock, and their eyes fixated on Julie as she was assertive in an
innocent, yet mature sort of way. "Mom and Peggy, I've started smoking
recently, in fact this past spring, and I'm hooked. That means addicted,
confirmed, extremely satisfied, and I'm a regular smoker now.  I really enjoy
my cigarettes".  Boldly, and without further hesitation, she then placed the
long Virginia Slim in the center of her lips, flicked the lighter, brought
the flame to the tip, and while looking directly and intently at Mom and
Peggy, began a cheek-hollowing deep drag, once again tipping the cigarette up
at her now trademark angle. She watched her Mother and Sister stare in
non-believing awe as she completed what seemed to be at least a 5 second long
puff, followed with what was perhaps her deepest, most satisfying inhale ever
of the cool, rich, and strong menthol cigarette smoke, concluding in a
massive jet plume cone exhale toward the ceiling.

Julie only smiled, and Mom and Peggy knew from her new, mature, sophisticated
appearance that she really enjoyed smoking. Mom finally gasped "Julie,
you--..look so----fulfilled, honey---.but, have you considered quitting"? To
which Julie replied "Not now nor any time in the near future, Mom--.I simply
enjoy it too much; in fact, I enjoy it more each week that I smoke". She then
took another deep drag. Peggy said nothing, as she was still in disbelief and
mesmerized by her only sister sitting there, actually smoking in front of the
family. She had never told anyone that she had been thinking recently of
trying her very first cigarette soon.


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