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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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by dougysauron12@yahoo.com

She was home earlier than she said she would be and the sound of the front
door opening caught me by surprise. I was glad she was home, though, because
I was getting bored. I had put June to bed almost two hours ago and then I
had cleaned up the house as much as possible.  That wasn't part of the deal
but I was eager to do a really good job, not for any extra money but because
I wanted Cheryl to like me, that and somehow I got it in my head that if I
did some favors for her she might feel more inclined to reciprocate.

I turned off the TV and went to the entrance to meet her. She was bent over
and taking off her stylish winter boots. She looked gorgeous even doing the
most menial of tasks.

"Hello Dan, how was June tonight?"

"She was no trouble at all." She looked absolutely fabulous in her fur coat
and evening dress. 

"How was the show?" I was stretching to make some conversation because I
didn't want to leave, maybe I could trap her into giving me a detailed run

"Oh, it was fine, Dan" she said.  There was one failed attempt. She walked
right past me and into the kitchen as she took out her earrings.  I followed
in chase. She didn't even notice how clean the kitchen was compared to when
she left, she just went straight to the wine fridge and pulled out a bottle.
I was starting to get a little worried that she wouldn't notice anything at
all that I had done.  My mind was racing.  Was she going to shoo me out so she
could be alone?  What could I do to make her want me there? Then she put my
mind at ease.

"Dan, could you do me a favor, dear, and go grab my purse from the entrance?"

"Yeah, of course."  I doubt she noticed how quickly I sprung to the
opportunity, then I started to worry that she only wanted her purse so she
could pay me and send me on my way. The purse was on the stairs going down to
the door, half obstructed by her fur coat that she had simply thrown over the
rail post. I reached down to grab it but I was suddenly overcome by an
intense heat that washed all over me.

The big leather purse was unzipped, revealing the contents to my captivated
eyes. There they where, Cheryl's cigarettes. Just the sight of the box filled
me with excitement and at the same time intense longing. I had to break out
of this or she would wonder what was keeping me so long. I snatched the purse
and brought it over to the kitchen table where she had sat herself down with
her bottle of wine. I put the purse on the table and quickly sat down.

"Oh, thank you, Dan."  I had apparently startled her. She wasted no time and
pulled out her cigarettes and lighter and then put her purse on the floor
next to her, after all, purses don't belong on the table. I felt kind of bad
for forgetting how proper Cheryl was. It was one of the things that turned me
on about her.

She hurriedly opened the pack and pulled one of the long white cigarettes
out, the box hit the table with a distinct thump, a sound that I could
recognize anywhere. Before I could even take in what just happened she had
brought the lighter to the end and the air around the table was instantly
filled with smoke. She took a deep inhale and then closed her eyes as she
exhaled. She looked like she was suffering from a headache or really tired
because she brought her hand to the side of her head and there it was the
object of my obsession only inches away from my face.

It was all so much - the box of cigarettes lying open on table, the long pure
white cigarettes inside, the smell of the smoke in the air, and the burning
cigarette with its column of smoke rising like a twisting river into the air.
She took another puff, her eyes still closed and then returned her hand back
to the side of her head. This time she kept it in longer and then slowly and
without much force let the smoke exit her mouth.

I was in heaven and in hell.  I wanted to do so many things, I wanted to grab
it, I wanted to grab the pack, and I wanted her to feed me her cigarette. All
I could do was watch.  After a few seconds had passed she opened her eyes and
turned to me, then she looked around to confirm what she had suspected.

"Dan did you clean the house?"

"Yeah...  I was bored and I know you're really busy and stuff." It almost
sounded like an apology.

"Oh, you're such a darling," she said and a smile came over her face.  She
took another inhale this time as she looked at me as if she knew how much
this meant to me and she was rewarding me for my efforts.  It was like she
had sprung back to life and suddenly she wasn't tired or had a headache
anymore. "Dan, I really appreciate you looking after June and cleaning up and
everything, I know boys don't normally baby-sit and you really are such a
darling, your mother and I both think you're such a good boy."

As she said all this I couldn't help but stare at her cigarette.  Her silence
alerted me that something was wrong and in horror I realized that she had
caught me. She looked more surprised than anything but the semi-shocked look
on her face returned to a smile. Perhaps she had remembered what it was like
to be my age and interested in smoking. I hope that is all she thought, she
couldn't possibly know what I was really thinking. She took another drag and
blew the smoke out as she stood up.

"Dan, I have to go to the bathroom, you're not in a hurry are you?"

"No, not at all," I responded.

"Are you sure?  Because this might take a few minutes."

"Oh no, go ahead I will be fine". She walked out of the room and as my eyes
followed her I knew something weird happened but I was not sure what it was,
and then I looked down to discover her cigarette was in the ashtray,
smoldering away.

Was this deliberate, did she do this on purpose?  My heart was beating too
fast and I felt more excited than I ever had before.  The last time I had
smoked was at home a few days ago after my parents had fallen asleep and I
thought that my mother's pack was just chaotic enough that she would not
notice a couple of missing cigarettes.  I don't know if it was out of an
actual need for nicotine or to quell my desire, but I decided to indulge

I picked it up and brought it to my mouth, this was so much better than any
cigarette I had had before, it was Cheryl's and she had given it to me. My
whole body reacted to the smoke as it settled inside me. I had never felt so
good in my entire life. I had to have another, and another - no, wait, maybe she
would notice?  It was too late, she would notice no matter what, and besides
she let me have this cigarette. I couldn't hold myself back, I needed more.
Ok, just one more then I will put it back in case she didn't want me to have
it, but it was too late, she was standing at the entrance to the kitchen
watching me as I finished what was going to be my last drag.

Our eyes connected and I was completely paralyzed with the cigarette only
inches from my mouth. The only movement I made was to exhale and there was no
point trying to hide it so I let it all go. It was a huge exhale, at least it
seemed that way because the space between us was filled with the smoke that
had just come out of me from Cheryl's cigarette.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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