(by anonymous12, 26 March 2002)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Karen had been a friend for a long time, she was a wonderfully beautiful 
girl, 18 years old and a figure to die for. She had slightly wavy long 
brown hair that reached just past her shoulders, and what's more she was a 
smoker, man could this girl smoke. I had spoken to her about her habit 
before and she confessed to starting at the age of 14. It was a Sunday 
afternoon and I had called on her as a group of us had decided to take a 
trip to the movies. I arrived slightly early. Her parents were out and she 
answered the door in a short skirt and a towel held over her top half. 

"Oh its you Stu!" She said cheerfully "You're a little early" 

"Yea sorry" I replied "Felt like a bit of a drive, misjudged the time." 

"No problems." She exclaimed "You'll have to wait in my room until I'm 

She moved aside and let me in. The moment I looked at her I felt my heart 
pang with a longing that I had known for many months. She was one of the 
most beautiful girls that I had ever known. Men often fell at there feet 
for her when we were all out clubbing. I had seen many make fools out of 
them selves trying to impress her. 

As I passed her in the door she took the pink towel away, She had on a 
black lace bra that cupped her ample breasts pushing them together. I tried 
to avert my eyes but I couldn't help it. 

"Wont be needing this will I?" she mused, "It was just a precaution, didn't 
want a complete stranger seeing my particulars." She smiled at me and I 
followed her upstairs. 

I went and sat on her bed. My eyes automatically glanced at the bedside 
table, which had her ashtray on. Her parents although non-smokers had 
accepted their daughter's habit and let her smoke in her room. Next to the 
half full ashtray was a pack of B&H 100's. She went to the pack. My heart 
leapt with joy, boy I was glad I was early. I Was going to get to see this 
gorgeous young woman smoke in only her bra and skirt. I felt my pulse 
quicken as she slid out the long cigarette and place it her sexy mouth. I 
had often wanted to tell her my feelings but never had the courage. She 
expertly flicked her pink lighter into action and I watched her checks 
hollowed out as she drew in the much needed smoke. She tilted her head 
slightly and exhaled a generous amount of some into the air refreshing the 
slight Smokey smell that her room held. 

"What do you think I should wear?" She asked pondering at a couple of tops 
that were laid on her desk chair. She had a fantastic pair of tits and most 
of her clothes complimented her luscious body. She stood for a few moments 
looking at them. Whilst doing this I watched her take a couple of nice 
drags on her ciggy taking the smoke deep into her lungs where it would do 
her the most good. She smoked on average about a pack and a half a day I 
guessed. I had often tried to work it out when we were out in our group of 
fiends. She came over to the bedside table and flicked some ash into the 
glass ashtray. Lucky for me I had jeans on because I had started to get a 
little exited. 

"I'm sure you will look great in anything," I said to her 

She turned round blushing slightly "Why thank you, but I'm sure you'd 
rather I stay as I am." She coaxed turning to face me and taking a deep 
drag on her half smoked ciggy. I watched her ample chest rise as she took 
the thick smoke into her young fit body. She was two years my junior but 
had been smoking for four years now. I wondered how much the smoke had 
taken effect on her beautiful lungs. All I knew was that her body was all 
the better for it. Her exhale partly drifted into my face and I breathed in 
as much as I could discreetly. Although I was a non-smoker I felt it 
electrify my lungs and they craved more. 

"Well," I began "If you insist." 

She smiled at me and took another drag this one the longest yet. The ciggy 
was now finished and she bent over while exhaling and put it out in the 
ever-filling ashtray. 

"I should empty that but I love the smell." She said picking her pack of 
Bensons up and removing another. I said nothing I just smiled. Did she know 
how this was affecting me? I gazed as she chained a second. On her second 
drag she held the smoke in. "Come here a moment." She said in a tight voice 
trying to hold the delicious cigarette smoke in . A few wisps escaped her 
needful chest. I did as she asked and the bulge in the front of my pants 
became more prominent. She glanced down at it and exhaled. I felt myself 
blush. I looked up and caught her naughty smile. I felt my heart twang 
again. She was so beautiful I thought to my self. 5'6" with a large bust 
and wonderfully flat stomach. It was the end of the summer and her tanned 
legs looked superb. It was the 100mm Ciggy held between her elegant fingers 
that made her twice as attractive to me. 

"Come closer." She said softly "Put your hands round my waist." I was 
shaking inside but I did as she asked. Her skin was so soft. I felt my cock 
get rock had on touching her. The smell of smoke that hung in the air was 
more prominent around her. I looked up at her face. "I know how much I'm 
turning you on Stu" She said, tuning her head to one side and taking a 
check hollowing drag. I ran my hands up her body to the side of her chest 
and felt her lungs expand and contract and she inhaled and exhaled. 

"I've seen you watching me smoke before but I needed to be sure before I 
done anything about it." 

"Your amazing,"I stammered "I fancy you like mad Karen and watching you 
smoke drives me out of my mind." 

"I can tell," She said "I've never been with a man who loves my smoking 

"Its good that you love it because I love it as well and I never want to 
quit. Every one makes me feel horney, It's like being able to have sex all 
day, taking smoke into you lungs, the taste the feeling inside my body." 
With that she took a big drag, getting the most thick creamy smoke into her 
curvy body yet. "Umm," she moaned as she exhaled. On seeing the last of 
what seemed like a never ending exhale leave her perfect lips she turned to 
face me. I kissed her. The bitter creamy taste of a Smokey kiss flooded my 
mouth. I ran my eager hands up her silky smooth back and up through her 
soft hair. She pulled me closer probing my mouth as deep as she could with 
her smokey tongue. I felt her breasts push against my chest. I had kissed 
smokers before but she was by far the best. I timed her exhales with my 
inhales. The smell of her smoky breath along with the kiss made the 
experience even more enjoyable. I massaged her delicious tong with mine 
getting as much of her smoky tasting saliva as possable. After a while we 
separated slightly. Our heads together I looked closely into her eyes. 

"Wow," she sighed lushly I smiled back at her the smoke from her cigarette 
drifted up between us. She moved her head back and placed the now half 
smoked ciggy between her lips. She was still very close to me and I could 
smell the unfiltered smoke. It drifted up my nose. I was hungry for it. She 
took the cigarette away and exhaled into my face. I breathed deeply and 
through the Smokey haze I saw her smile. She took another big drag and 
filled her chest with the thick cloud. As she inhaled she pulled me close 
again. I knew what was to follow. Without exhaling she kissed me again. Her 
mouth tasted of fresh smoke, it was wonderful. We kissed deeply for a few 
seconds, the smoke still held deep in her chest. Then she moved back 
slightly and exhaled the smoke into my mouth. I inhaled as she did. The 
smoke filtered by her tar stained lungs was fantastic. I took all of the 
massive exhale and blew it out to the side of her face. 

"Not bad for a non-smoker." She said "But that is something which I'm sure 
we will rectify." 

The though of Karen getting me started on the road to addiction was 
exiting. I had never planned to start but having this goddess of an 
18-year-old girl who was so addicted teaching me was too good to turn down. 

"I need to get you naked." I said to her, drunk with smokey lust. I ran my 
hands down through her hair and then to her bra strap. I unclipped it. She 
stood back, dangled her cigarette between her lips and removed it. The 
smoke drifted up and mixed in with her wavy hair. Her tits were fantastic, 
perfect. Still dangling she unclipped my trousers and slid them down. My 
cock sprang out and she took my boxers off letting it get some air. She 
wrapped her slender fingers round my shaft and started wanking me as she 
dangled, pumped and then nose exhaled. The cherry of her cigarette was 
glowing hot from the continuous drags that she was taking. I ran my right 
hand up her shirt and pushed her skimpy thong to one side. Her pussy was 
wet any eager. She groaned slightly and probed two fingers deep inside her. 

She removed the now smoked cigarette from her lips. Smoke drifted from her 
mouth and nose for the next two breaths. 

"Oh that makes my lungs feel sooo goood" she moaned smoke still coming from 
her lips. She let go of my cock and reached over to the bedside table and 
put the ciggy out. I sat on the bed and took my top off. She stood in front 
of me and took her skirt off, a new ciggy removed from the golden box and 
hanging unlit from her mouth. Her lighter was clutched in her hand. She 
slid off her thong. I gazed at her perfect body, she was cover girl 

"My body needs more nicotine." She said the long cigarette bobbing in her 
mouth. She stood naked in front of me and lit it. Yet another long luscious 
drag followed. The volume of smoke that her lungs could hold was fantastic. 

"Ummm," She moaned, "I love chain smoking, it makes my body feel 

"Come here." I said She straddled over me her naked skin felt warm and 
silky smooth against mine. I kissed her neck, her skin smelt of a smoke and 
perfume. It made my mind spin. I felt the tip of my shaft against her wet 
pussy. I put my hands round her slim waist and pulled her down on to me. As 
I entered her she leaned back and took a deep drag exhaled through her nose 
as she pumped on the ciggy a second time. She then took it from her lips 
and exhaled as she came down and kissed me hard. As we parted she said "Oh 
I love smoking and fucking," 

"I love fucking you while you smoke." I replied moving down to her 
fantastic tits. She groaned as I sucked and teased her nipple. While I done 
this she returned to filling her fit young body with as much smoke as 
possible. She got up off my cock and took the ashtray form her bedside 
table. Putting it up near her pillow she bent over. 

"Fuck me from behind" She moaned lighting a new cigarette. 

I fucked her doggy style until we both came 

"That was amazing," She said as we both lay back in her bed. Her ashtray 
was back on her bedside table and she lay with her head on my chest, 
smoking another cigarette. 

"So how much do you smoke a day Karen?" I asked as she lay there 

"About 25 to 30, on average I plan to make it two packs a day, that's my 
ideal amount. My body is needing more smoke all the time. I was totally 
hooked within a week of starting I love the feeling that I get in my lungs 
when I inhale and the creamy taste of the smoke as it leaves my lips. I 
love it all." 

"You sure know how to push the right buttons with me." I said. She looked 
up and smiled slipping her hand back down and round my now hardening cock 

"I give you two weeks of being with me before you become a smoker." She 
said massaging my cock. 

"As long as that." I replied as she moved back on top of me. I pulled her 
smokers mouth back down to mine and kissed her ashtray tasting mouth. I was 
the happiest man alive. Need less to say we did'nt make the movies that 

As for us we have been a couple now for two years, she made it to a two 
pack a day habbit. A level that I myself am nearly at. 

There's plenty more smoky experiences that I can share with you that Karen 
has subject me to but that's for another day. 

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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