Kathy's Story

(by anonymous1, 23 October 1995)

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Subject: Kathy's Story
Date: 23 Oct 95 16:55:42 EDT

Kathy's Story

For those of you who have not read Eileen's Story, stop here, go back, and read
it before you read about Kathy.  For those of you who read Eileen's story, here
is the story about her younger sister Kathy.

You will recall that it was on a Thanksgiving Day about 12 years ago that I
accompanied my girlfriend Eileen and her family to spend the holiday with her
older sister Terry and brother-in-law Randy.  It was here that Eileen, a
relatively new smoker whom I had coaxed along first smoked a cigarette in front
of her family.  Afterward, her 14-year-old sister Kathy questioned me curiously
if I was responsible for encouraging Eileen to start smoking.  I had told Kathy
that Eileen became interested in smoking on her own, and that when she decided
to try it, I helped her.  Kathy, a tall, pretty, mature teenager confided in me
that she was very interested in trying smoking, and was very proud that Eileen
had "stood up" to her parents by telling them that she was now a smoker.  I
promised Kathy that I would keep her secret, and that if I had a chance, I would
"let her try smoking."

After we had all returned from our Thanksgiving outing at sister Terry's, I was
still pretty worked up and impressed with how Eileen had laid down the law with
her parents about her smoking.  Returning to her parent's house after a two-hour
drive,  Eileen and I stepped outside for a cigarette.  Being that it was a bit
cold and windy that evening, Eileen opened the garage door so that we could
stand inside while we smoked.  As we lit up, I asked Eileen how she felt about
her new-found "independence."  She answered that she felt great, that for the
first time in her life she had stood up to her overbearing mother and that her
folks were just going to have to get used to the fact that she was now a
cigarette smoker.  She said, however, that she felt a little concerned about
what her sister Kathy thought about her smoking.

"Did you notice how Kathy reacted," she asked.
"Yes," I answered, adding "what do you make of it?" Eileen said that she thought
that Kathy probably felt uncomfortable by the way her parents had argued with
and then simply ignored her because of her smoking.
"The drive home probably didn't help either," I said, noting that I couldn't
believe the silent treatment Eileen had received and was still getting from her
folks.  Then, as she took a puff on her cigarette and exhaled, Eileen said,
"yeah, but did you notice how Kathy just clung to me for the rest of the night?
I mean, it was like the minute she saw me light up that first cigarette today,
she treated me completely differently than she ever has.  It was like all of a
sudden, I'm a new Eileen, and every time I lit a cigarette, she would pull up
right next to me and start talking to me about all kinds of things."
"Did she talk to you about your smoking?", I asked.
"No, she didn't, other than saying that unlike mom and dad that she wouldn't
hold it against me."

I had the answer that Eileen was looking for, but aware of the agreement that I
had made that afternoon with Kathy,  I danced around the issue.  I told Eileen
that Kathy's "clinging" around her was probably just a result of curiosity, that
she had known Eileen all her life to be a non-smoker and then all of a sudden,
she is smoking.  Eileen agreed with me, but added that there was "too much
interest" on Kathy's part and that she was beginning to worry what kind of
influence her now-public smoking habit would have on her "impressionable"
younger sister.  A moment later, Kathy entered the garage.

"What are you guys doing,?" she asked.
"Just having a cigarette," Eileen answered.
"Do you mind if I hang out with you guys,?" Kathy shyly asked.  Right then I
thought that this bold 15 year old was going to work up the courage to ask us to
give her a puff!!
"Yes you may, but we are finished," Eileen said, thus relieving my thought.

 We all went back in the house, and I prepared to go home.  Eileen and I had
planned to spend the weekend at our favorite hotel, and I was greatly looking
forward to this.  I realized, however, that my curiosity about Kathy's desire to
try a cigarette required a discreet approach.  Eileen went downstairs for a few
minutes, leaving Kathy and I alone in the TV room.  Kathy sat down next to me
and said, "I have more to tell you about what we talked about at my sister's
house today."
"You mean about how you're curious about smoking,?" I replied.
"Yes," Kathy answered.  "I really want to try it, should I ask Eileen?"
"No," I answered, explaining in the minute or two that I had before Eileen
returned that it would not be a good idea at that time.  I told Kathy that
Eileen had, at 20 years of age, made an adult decision about smoking after many
months of consideration, and that it was going to be very difficult for her to
adjust to the anger her parents had towards her about this decision.  Kathy
quickly agreed with me, but asked if I would still have a chance to let her try
smoking before I had to go back to school in the next three days.

"Kathy, I know I told you I would, and that I would keep this our secret, but
now I'm not sure," I said.
"Why not," Kathy answered.
"I don't know," I replied, "I know that your curiosity is going to lead you to
try it anyway, so it's not that.  I just  don't think I'll have the time this
weekend, and even if I did, where could we go alone so that I could show you."
"Don't worry about that," she said.  "Will you be back here before the end of
the weekend,?" she asked.
"Yes, on Sunday," I answered.
"OK, we will see about Sunday," she said with a smile.  Just then, Eileen
returned, so we all said goodnight and I drove home.

Eileen and I spent the next two days and nights at our cozy little hotel
hideaway.  Although I was preoccupied with our time together, I kept focusing
from time to time on Kathy.  I questioned myself over and over.  Should I tell
Eileen?  Should I teach a 15 year old girl how to smoke?  What if the parents
find out?  Back and forth I went with this, over and over.  I figured that,
first of all, Kathy and I had always had a good relationship.  Since I had first
met Eileen, Kathy treated me like the big brother she never had. She was a good,
responsible, mature 15 year old who did well in school and knew the difference
between right and wrong.  Kathy was going to try smoking one way or the other.
Secondly, her age was really not an issue; she was no younger than I was when I
started smoking, and the thought of how great it was to smoke as a teenager
convinced me that I should be the one to help her experiment with her curiosity.
But I felt uncomfortable about doing this without Eileen's knowledge.

Saturday night found Eileen and I spending our last evening at the hotel.  It
was late, and I was sitting on the couch.  The lights were off, but the TV was
on, illuminating the darkened room.  Eileen mounted me as I sat, and  facing
each other, we made love.  This was our new game at the time, her kneeling over
me as I sat, with the background light perfectly set, gently, slowly, riding up
and down my stiffness.  After a minute or two, we would each light up a
cigarette, enjoying the sight of each other's long puffs, deep inhales, and
long, slow thick exhales until we reached a joint climax.  Following this
session, we sat back and lit up again.  I figured now would be a good time to
break the news about the truth behind Kathy's curiosity.

I explained to Eileen exactly what Kathy had told me on Thanksgiving Day.  Did I
encourage Eileen to start smoking, that she was very proud that Eileen had
"stood up" to her parents by smoking, and confiding in me that she (Kathy) was
very interested in trying smoking herself.  Eileen just said, "I knew it."
"You knew what,?" I asked.
"I knew she was interested in trying a cigarette.  All that day she clung to me,
remember?  Now I understand it.  Kathy's ready to try smoking and just so
conveniently, to her surprise, along I come and start smoking.  Now I'm the new
Eileen.....I smoke!!  Kathy has it easy!!"

This all made sense to me as well.  Christmas had indeed come early for Kathy
that year.  I could read Kathy's mind........ "Eileen smokes.....Soon Eileen
will smoke more.....Then Eileen will smoke all the time......She'll smoke in the
house.....when I'm alone with her.....when she picks me up from school."  Yup,
Kathy was happy all right, and this explained her new closeness to Eileen.
"So, what should we do,?" I asked.
"I don't know, what do you think,?" Eileen answered.
I explained to Eileen that this was natural, and it would be better if one of us
let her try it.  Eileen was concerned about Kathy's age at first, but she
quickly realized that at 15 (16 in another 3 months),  Kathy's curiosity about
smoking was only natural.  "I guess I was the late bloomer," Eileen said with a
smile.  We agreed that since Kathy had confided in me, I should be the one to
provide her with the opportunity to live out her curiosity.  If it appeared that
Kathy's curiosity was going to continue past one cigarette, I would push her
towards being honest with Eileen about it, especially since I was going back to
school at the end of the weekend.

Eileen figured that after we left the hotel Sunday morning, she would go home
and make some kind of arrangement to take both her mom and dad shopping for a
few hours, telling them that I would come over in the late afternoon to take her
out for dinner before I would drive back up to school.  When I got home, I
called Kathy and told her that I knew that Eileen was taking her parents out to
shop for a few hours, and that if she still wanted, I come over while they were
gone to live up to my promise.  Kathy answered, "Oh yes, please, I love you so
much!!!"  I never had a sister, but now I understood what having one would be

When I got to the house, Kathy was ready to go.  She asked where we would go,
and I said nowhere.  "Everyone else is going to be gone a good couple of hours,"
I said, "so let's go down to the basement."  Kathy agreed, realizing that her
parents hardly ever went down there and that we could open one of the small
windows at the top of the wall.  She quickly stepped into the kitchen and
grabbed a small glass bowl to use as an ashtray.  "Good thinking," I said.  I
opened a basement window and we both sat down on some old chairs down there
facing each other. 
"Before we do this Kathy, I have to ask you a couple of questions," I said.
"OK," she replied.
"First, have you every tried smoking before?"
"No," she answered.
"Second, do you understand that smoking cigarettes is bad for you, and that if
you start smoking, you very likely will become addicted to the nicotine in the
cigarette smoke, and that your body will physically demand more nicotine."
"Yes, I understand," she said, adding that she new about the health risks and
difficulties related to trying to quit.
"So why do you want to try it,?" I asked.
"Probably for the same reasons you did when you were my age," she replied.
 I told her that I understood, but that she was going to have to take
responsibility for her decision.  She agreed.

I removed my pack of Benson & Hedges Menthol Lights and lighter from my jacket
pocket.  Placing the ashtray on a chair between us, I told Kathy that I was
going to light a cigarette for myself and demonstrate for her how to smoke.  She
eagerly replied that she had been watching people smoke for a while, and that
she was pretty sure she knew how to do it.  I said that's fine, but watch and
listen anyway.  I lit the cigarette and took a small puff but did not inhale.
Explaining as I proceeded, I took a puff, held the smoke in my mouth, and blew
it out.  Repeating this again, I then explained how next I would take a puff,
and while holding the smoke in my mouth, I would exhale the air in my lungs out
of my nose, then open my lips a bit and breath in through my mouth.  I did so,
and then exhaled through my mouth in a thick cloud.  As I continued for another
few puffs, I could see that Kathy was ready to try.   Remembering how I had
first shown Eileen to inhale, I thought how this scenario differed.  I told
Kathy to move her chair closer to me, and that as I exhaled the smoke into the
air, she was to breath it in.  I told her that the smoke would not have much
taste this way, and that she might feel "warm air" in her mouth. She followed my
directions perfectly, and very enthusiastically, exhaled from her mouth a little
smoke.  We repeated this a few more times.  Then I told her that I would take a
puff and inhale, thereby mixing the smoke with the air in my lungs and blow the
smoke directly into her mouth from just a few inches away.  She moved her chair
closer to me, and we performed the exercise.  Kathy inhaled well, and blew the
smoke out of her mouth.  We repeated this until my cigarette was finished.
Kathy said that she could feel and taste the smoke, and was excited about seeing
it come out of her mouth as she exhaled.  She was ready.

I took a fresh cigarette from the pack for myself, and handed Kathy the pack.
"Go ahead and take one for yourself," I said, then instructing her how to place
it between her fingers.  I asked her to smell the cigarette, which she did,
saying "wow" as she smelled the fresh tobacco.  I next had her place the
cigarette in between her lips, draw on it, remove it, and so on.  Lighting my
own, I looked at her and asked, "ready?"
"Yes," she answered.
"OK, take the lighter and spark it up, moving the flame to the end of the
cigarette, and when it touches, draw in easily until you feel the smoke in your
mouth and see that the cigarette is lit."  This she did in a very relaxed
manner.  Before I could say another word, Kathy completed her first puff, pulled
the cigarette from her lips, looked at me confidently, opened her mouth and
breathed in.  I waited a few seconds, expecting a cough or gag, but there was
"OK, Kathy, now blow out the smoke," I said.
And she did.

"That is great!!,"  Kathy exclaimed.  She took her second puff, inhaled, and
again exhaled through her mouth.
"OK, now let me show you a couple of other things," I said, proceeding to
instruct Kathy how to take slightly longer puffs, deeper inhales and how to
exhale through her nostrils.  I also instructed her on how to handle the
cigarette, how to tend to and flick the ash into the ashtray and so on.   She
handled that first cigarette perfectly.  I asked her if she wanted another, and
she immediately said yes.  As she smoked, I again reminded her of our earlier
conversation, adding now that it appeared that she was thoroughly enjoying
herself.  She thanked me, saying that her curiosity was satisfied, but that she
knew that this would not be the last time that she would smoke.  As we finished
up in the basement and made our way back upstairs, I offered Kathy some advice.
I told her that she should be careful not to get caught smoking by her parents,
but that after a few days, she should talk to Eileen about her curiosity.

"What do you think she will say,?" Kathy asked.
"I think she will understand," I answered, adding that Eileen would also "teach"
her how to smoke and would probably let her smoke when they were alone together.
"Eileen really loves smoking Kathy," I said.  "She is not going to try to
convince you not to do it.  As a matter of fact, your desire to smoke will
probably bring the two of you much closer together.  But Eileen will have to be
careful about your parents.  They are not happy as it is with her smoking, and
she is 20 years old.  They would get very angry with her, and me, if they ever
knew that we let you do it."
"So what should I do,?" Kathy asked.
"Just let that figure itself out," I answered.  "You will probably have to hide
it until you are 16 or 17, and even then your folks are going to go crazy.  Do
any of your girlfriends smoke or have an interest in trying it?," I asked.
"Not really," Kathy said, "except for my friend Carol.  She told me a few weeks
ago that she really wanted to try it, and that she was going to sneak a few
cigarettes from her mother's pack, and asked me if I wanted to try it with her.
I told her, in secret, that I probably would, but that I wasn't sure."
"Well then," I said, you can now not only try it with Carol, you can teach her
just like I showed you today.  Then you can tell Eileen that you tried it with
Carol, so that will cover us."  Kathy though that was a great idea.

That night I went back to school.  Over the next couple of weeks, before I
returned for the Christmas break, Eileen kept me up to date about Kathy's asking
her about smoking.  A few days after I had left, Kathy went to Eileen one
afternoon while Eileen was on the back porch having a cigarette and admitted
that she had tried smoking with her friend Carol.  Eileen explained to me that,
as Carol had planned, she lifted a couple of her mom's cigarettes...Parliament
100s....and smoked with Kathy one day after school.  Later that day, Eileen took
Kathy for a drive, for the purpose of letting Kathy smoke.  They stopped off at
a 7-Eleven and Eileen bought Kathy a pack of Parliament 100s, which Kathy said
she like better then the B&H Menthol Lights, and a lighter.  Eileen described
Kathy's smoking as what one would expect for a starter; she only smoked when she
had the chance and was in no danger of getting caught, and her style was good
yet simple.  Light puffs, normal inhales, normal exhales.  A week later, Eileen
told me that Kathy was now spending most of her time with Carol.  It seems that
Carol's mom  had found out about  her missing cigarettes, confronted her
daughter, and with Carol's admission, granted her permission to smoke in the
house.  This offer was also extended to Kathy.

By Christmas break, Eileen (as I told in her story) had gotten tired of having
to step outside in the colder air for a cigarette while at home and had
"negotiated" with her folks so that she could smoke in her bedroom.  When I
visited the house during the break, it was clear that Kathy was taking full
advantage of this.  Eileen's room was on the first floor of the house, which was
a split level.  All of the other bedrooms and living rooms were upstairs, so
Kathy could easily join Eileen for a smoke.  As I had predicted, the two sisters
were also spending much more time together due to this.

One afternoon during the Christmas break, I picked Eileen and Kathy up and we
went to the mall for some lunch and shopping.  This was my first chance to see
Kathy smoke since her first cigarettes a month or so back in the basement.
Sitting down at the restaurant,  Kathy pulled out a long leather case from her
coat containing a flip-top box of Saratoga 120s.
"Oh Kathy, how elegant," I said in an approving yet somewhat playful way.
"Thanks," Kathy replied, as she proceeded to light up.  Of course by now, Kathy
was smoking fairly regularly, and her style, enhanced by the slender long 120s,
had developed quickly.  Huge lung capacity obviously ran in the family, as Kathy
was now taking long deep puffs and inhales.  Her exhales, though not as
prolonged and endless as Eileen's, were excellent in their own right.  After
inhaling, Kathy would hold the smoke in for a couple of seconds, and give a
short, thin exhale through her mouth, which was generally open.  The rest of the
puff would be slowly and sexily exhaled through her nostrils over a series of
breaths, much like her sister.  I felt like a criminal sitting at that table.
It wasn't enough that Eileen had become a smoker capable of giving me instant
erections, but now her 15 year old sister was getting me excited!!  I must
admit, though I never would have done so, the thought of Kathy riding me as her
sister did had crossed my mind on a couple of occasions.  But how could you
blame me!!

Unfortunately, most of the remainder of Kathy's development as a smoker was
learned long distance for me, as I relied on Eileen to keep me filled in as the
details progressed.  Basically, Kathy continued to smoke for the next year as
she had, keeping it hidden from her parents and relying on Eileen to provide her
with the opportunities.  A few months after her 17th birthday, Eileen had
decided to move out of her parent's house. Kathy was able to drive by then, so
she was able to spend time away from the house and smoke as she pleased.  She
decided, however, that with Eileen gone, she didn't want to be inconvenienced by
not being allowed to smoke at home.  By this time, her parents had grown
somewhat suspicious of her, having realized that Kathy was "following" Eileen
around to closely and having smelled smoke on her and her clothes.  Kathy
decided it was time to let her parents know the truth, so the day before Eileen
moved out, Kathy sat the family down and let the cat out of the bag.  Needless
to say, her folks were not at all pleased, but they didn't fight it.  They told
Kathy that she could feel free to smoke as she pleased!!

As I had mentioned in telling Eileen's story, Eileen unexpectedly called me
recently as she was in town for  Kathy's college graduation.  Eileen and I got
together for dinner one evening, and spent a lot of time talking about the past
and shared cigarettes and old smoking stories.  After dinner, we met up with
Kathy and her boyfriend from college at a local nightspot.  Soon after arriving,
as Eileen and I reached for our respective packs of cigarettes, Kathy followed
suit, producing that same leather case, which now contained a pack of Virginia
Slims 120s.  Though her boyfriend didn't smoke, Kathy certainly did; she
probably smoked 5 or 6 cigarettes in the hour and a half we were together.
Towards the end of the evening, I noticed how her boyfriend paid special
attention to her when she was smoking, particularly when she was "performing"
one of her prolonged nasal exhales.  "You know, you really smoke too much,
Kathy," he said, "why did you ever start?"  Eileen and I looked at each other,
smiled, and looked at Kathy.  Taking a long, leisurely puff and inhaling, Kathy
looked us both back, and exhaling as she spoke, said "It's a long story.  Why
don't you ask them!"


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