Katie's Obsession

(by anonymous11, 27 December 1999)

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Katie's Obsession

Little Katie just couldn't keep things out of her mouth. Ever since she was 
a baby. When Katie was a baby she had a pacifier, she would suck and suck 
on that thing every second of every day for years. When she was 4 Mama 
finally took the thing away but Katie switched to sucking her thumb. She 
would have that thumb in her moutch all the time, it got so bad that Mama 
started to make Katie soak her thumb in vinegar, but that didn't stop her. 
Katie sucked her thumb obsessively until she was 6. The only reason she 
stopped was that her Mama offered to buy her a Barbie dream house if she 
did. Katie found something new though, her blankie. 

Katie would stick the same part of the blanket in her mouth all the time. 
Day after day and month after month for nearly 2 years. Mama was at first 
reluctant to take it away and later I learned why. Katie would scream and 
scream for hours and would eventually go back to sucking her thumb. Finally 
Mama got Katie to stop, I have no idea how. Problem was Katie found 
something new to suck on, her hair. 

Seemed from ages 8 to 11 she always had her hair in her mouth. This was the 
worst fixation. I coudn't stand it, neither could Mama but we didn't know 
how to break her of it. I had an idea, introduce Katie to smoking and she 
won't suck on her hair anymore, she'll suck on a cigarette. Mama didn't 
like that idea and pretty much ruled it out. That is until Katie was 
rolling around in a dirty pack of snow one day and then started sucking on 
her hair right afterwards. The sight of Katie sucking on that filthy soaked 
hair convinced Mama to give my smoking idea a try. I had always been 
allowed to smoke in the house and Mama smoked so it really wasn't that big 
of a deal. I kinda looked forward to sharing smokes with my little sis. 

So one fateful day (we should have known better) me and mama called Katie 
in to the kitchen to chat. Mama had some crazy scheme (mama always had 
crazy schemes but that's another story) to get Katie to smoke. It was all 
made up but I thought it would work. 

"Katie" Mama said, "I found these in your bedroom. " Mama held up a pack of 
Marlboro Lights 100's. "Now I want you to explain yourself". 

"Those aren't mine Mama, maybe they're Josie's" 

"They ain't mine" I said, shaking my head. 

"But Mama those really aren't mine" Katie pleaded. 

"Now Katie, your just making me mad here by lying", Mama said. 


"No buts Katie. If you want to smoke fine, me and Josie are gonna sit here 
and watch while you smoke this whole pack. I don't care that goes and takes 
all night". Mama slid the pack over to Katie. 

Katie looked confused but not frightened or upset "But Mama I-" 

"No buts Katie" Mama gesture for Katie to proceed, "go on" 

Katie opened the pack and pulled one out. She look at the long cigarette 
for momment. Then at the full pack, then up at Mama and myself. She stuck 
the cigarette in her mouth. Just then Mama slid a lighter over to her. 

"Go on, light it" 

Katie flicked the lighter a few times until she got a flame then slowly 
moved it towards the cigarette. For a second she hesitated then she went 
straight for it. The tip of the cigarette started to burn as Katie drew on 
it. She put the lighter down and pulled the cigarette out of her mouth, 
uninhaled smoke shooting out in a stream. 

"Oh, no" Mama said "You are going to really smoke that thing and that means 
inhaling the smoke" 

Katie understood. She brought the cigarette up to her lips and began to 
draw on it and draw on it, not even I took drags like that. She pulled the 
cigarette away, inhaled and started coughing. 

"See now why I'm making you do this" Mama asked, "Not very pleasant is it?" 

Katie didn't answer. She didn't look very disgusted by it. 

"Keep going" Mama said 

Katie brought the cigarette to her lips again and drew on it. Her cheeks 
hollowed and she started to drag on it like it were a pacifier. Quickly 
dragging then pausing then dragging then pausing then dragging. Like three 
times. She pulled the cigarette away from her lips and inhaled then started 
coughing again. I could see lots of smoke pouring out of her nose even 
after she finished coughing. She brought the cigarette up to her lips again 
and took another drag. Smoke was still coming out of her nose. 

She did the same thing again, quickly dragging and pausing and dragging and 
pausing. She pulled he cigarette away and inhaled. This time she didn't 
cough but she did flinch, like she was about to but stopped herself. She 
held the cigarette up close to her lips as she exhaled, like she wanted to 
keep it close. She exhaled a thick, heavy cloud out her mouth and nose. 
With thick smoke still pouring out she quickly brought the cigarette back 
to her lips, dragging and pausing and dragging and pausing and dragging. 
She exhaled out her nose keeping the cigarette very close to her lips. She 
didn't finish exhaling again before starting, dragging and pausing and 
dragging and pausing and dragging, thick smoke gushing out her nose as she 
did. She pulled it away but kept it close again. 

"I feel dizzy Mama" she said with a huge cloud of smoke coming out with her 

"That's cause you ain't doin' it right" Mama said. "You should just take 
small puffs and then wait until the next one". 

While Mama was talking Katie was dragging and pausing and dragging and 
pausing and dragging. 

"but I like it my way Mama" she said smoke pouring out. 

Katie brought the cigarette back to her lips, smoke still pouring out of 
her mouth and nose, she put it between her lips and started again dragging 
and pausing and dragging and pausing and dragging. She exhaled a huge 
stream out of her nose then quickly brought it back to her lips and with 
smoke still pouring from her nose she started dragging and pausing and 
dragging and pausing and dragging. 

This went on unti she was almost through with the cigarette. 

"I feel kinda sick Mama" she said 

"Well Katie I don't have any sympathy for you. You wanted to smoke now you 
are going to. So have another". 

"But Mama-" Katie protested 

"What did I say about buts"? Mama said 

Katie pulled another cigarette out and lit it. She started again with the 
same quick drag and pause routine. 

"Katie" I said "if it makes you sick don't smoke like that. Take smaller 
puffs like this" I demonstrated by taking a quick puff of my cigarette. 

"But I can't help it, I don't know why but I can't" Katie said then she 
pulled hard on the cigarette, a rapid succession of hard drags and quick 
pauses. She was keeping the cigarette right next to lips as she exhaled, 
then quickly brouth back almost as soon as the exhale started. 

"Katie" Mama said "listen to your sister, she's been smoking a long time 
now and she knows. 

"I can finish faster this way Mama" Katie repied 

At this point Mama should have stopped it but she didn't, Mama was stubborn 
that way, always has been. When Katie was nearly finished with the second 
cigarette she threw up but Mama still didn't stop it. Katie kept on smoking 
the same way, quickly dragging and pausing and dragging. It took her only a 
little over an hour to finish the pack. She threw up a few other times. I 
was mad at Mama for letting it go on but I knew better than to speak up. 
When Katie finished her last cigarette she looked almost disappointed. 

"There" Mama said "Now you'll think twice about smoking. ere is a pack" 
Mama slid a pack to Katie "if you wanna keep on smoking you go right 
ahead". This was the momment of truth. I found myself kinda wishing Katie 
would just leave. 

Katie didn't even hesitate "ok" she grabbed the pack, opened it, pulled one 
out and lit it. Smoking and smoking. 

"Go on and watch tv or something" Mama said 

Me and Katie left, Katie with the pack of cigarettes in hand. We went to 
the living room and sat down. 

"Aren't you still sick"? I asked. 

"Not anymore" Katie said. "I like it, a lot. I really like it", smoke was 
pouring out as she spoke. 

"Ok" I said. 

Katie kept on smoking and smoking non stop all night and all the next day 
too. Mama was mad when Katie came to the dinner table smoking but didn't 
stop her. I thought it was wierd. Katie was exhaling smoke out her nose 
while she took bites of dinner then she did that quick drag and pause and 
drag and pause between bites. It was wierd, I never heard of anyone smoking 
so much. I know people get nicotine poisoning, but after that first night 
Katie never got it. I'm not sure why. Katie kept on smoking all the time. 
Every second of the day, she even went to the bathroom with a cigarette. 
Got so bad it became hard to take her to the movies. One time she started 
smoking in the theater but most times she would go outside every 5 minutes. 
Eventually she stopped going to theater altogether cause she couldn't 
smoke. As a matter of fact a lot of her life started to change because of 
her smoking. When school started she fought long and hard to get private 
instruction at home from Mama. I don't know how she talked Mama into it. 
She was smoking like 6 packs a day, I couldn't believe Mama was paying for 
it. Must of been a small fortune. 

One day after Katie had her High School diploma I asked her why she smokes 
so much. "I love it" Katie said. "I utterly and completely love it and I 
ain't ever gonna stop. If I could I would smoke 2 at once, one in each hand 
and alternate so that every second of the day I'm exhaling. Some day I'm 
evn gonna find a man who loves watching me smoke and will let me have sex 
while smoking and not quit when I have babies". I laughed, that was the 
stupidest thing I ever heard. I was convinced she would never find a man 
like that. 

That is until I went on the internet and found a thing called a smoking 

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