Kayla, Part 1

(by Drencrome, 10 July 2000)

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   I can still remember ever little intricate detail of the night, it's
as though it happened only yesterday. However, it wasn't yesterday. It was
nearly three years ago, in a time filled with hope and the innocence of
youth. A time when I was still a kid, and still had that sense of wonder
concerning the world that only someone untouched by the cruelties of the
world can experience.
   It was the summer, well almost the summer. Regular classes were out from
school, and we were all in the midst of exams. We had just completed our
second year of high school, and were reveling in the relief of the school
year's closure. Ever year at that time, the carnival comes to town. Saying
that it sweeps through town is actually more accurate. It's only there for
about four nights, which was fine in middle school because the school year
was already over. In high school though, the carnival always takes place
right in the middle of exams.
   The night was very humid, as I recall. It was still 70 degrees as it was
growing dark, and the lack of wind made the heat even more unbearable. I was
at a friend's house with a bunch of other people, and we were all getting
increasingly drunk. Most of them were pounding beer out of the new bong that
I'd bought that day. I, however, wasn't in the mood for beer. I wanted
something that would get me drunk fast because I was ready to party. I
elected for Silent Sam's vodka, which was a favourite of mine at the time.
I'd already taken about four shots, and I was feeling pretty good. I glanced
around at everyone using my bong and decided to try something new. I loaded
the bong up with a mixture- a quarter vodka, half orange juice, and a quarter
beer. After doing two of those immediately after each other, I was wasted. It
felt great though. I was ready for the carnival.
   We were catching a ride to the carnival with a female friend of ours'
sister. She was a year older than us, and she was by all means beautiful.
Shoulder length straight blond hair that accentuated her face nicely, a
short, small figure with breasts that were the perfect size, and amazing red
lips that were always covered in lipstick. We were in a van, so there were
plenty of seats. I took the middle seat that was right behind the driver. I
discovered that I had a perfect view of her pretty face from the side view
mirror. Before we even left the driveway, she was pulling out her pack of
cigarettes. She smoked Du Maurier regular king size cigarettes, which are
somewhat long, with a brown filter. As she lit it, I couldn't help but watch
her in the mirror. She placed a cigarette between her lips, and as she put
her lighter's flame to it, her cheeks hollowed and she took a long, deep
   "I haven't had a smoke in hours" she said, while exhaling a thick stream
of smoke into the air of the van.
   I was staring at the rearview mirror now, watching her every movement. She
was smoking pretty fast, taking long drag after long drag. I could feel a
bulge starting in my shorts. My friends caught me sitting there staring, but
luckily they thought that I was just really drunk. She was a really great
smoker. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She was obviously an advocate of
volume. Every time she took a drag, she would as hard as she could, for as
long as she could. Then she would inhale without losing any of the smoke,
pause for a few seconds, then exhale a thin stream of smoke for several
seconds. It was a true pleasure to watch, but she smoked the cigarette so
fast. I felt almost sad when she took a last drag, and flicked it out the
window. That was quickly changed, though, when she exhaled the last drag from
her nostrils. It was one of the best nose exhales that I had witnessed up to
that point. Still mesmerized by the smoking display, I didn't even notice
that we were at the carnival. We exited the van, and I thanked the girl for
the ride, but in actuality, I was thanking her for the show she had put on
for me. Walking into the carnival, I wished that I could have watched her
smoke one more cigarette. If only I had known at that moment, what I was
about to see.
   We made our way to the back of the carnival grounds, where everyone hung
out. When we got there, we saw a few people we knew so we started talking to
them. I was having a hard time holding a conversation because I was so drunk,
but then again, everyone else was too. One of my friends mentioned that he
was supposed to meet an old friend of his there.
   "Guys, I'm supposed to meet Kayla here. Anyone wanna come with me?" he
asked us.
   Kayla went to our school, and I had seen her around the halls before. I
had never actually had a conversation with her, and had the wrong impression
about her personality. Since I was drunk now, I decided that it would be a
good time to see if I had been wrong in my assumptions. I told him that I
would go with him to meet her.
   We walked to the other side of the carnival, and sure enough she was
standing there, looking at her watch. We walked up to her, and she gave my
friend a hug. He introduced me to her, and I shook her hand. In the light of
school's hallways, I hadn't noticed how pretty she was.
   She had brown layered hair that went only to about her chin. It was a nice
hairstyle for her because it really brought out her piercing brown eyes. She
was fairly short, and had a medium size body. She was fat, or even chubby,
she just wasn't skinny. I really liked her body though. She had the cutest
cheeks, and a little nose that was sprinkled with a handful of freckles. Her
pouty lips were her best trait. They were very full, and she didn't have
lipstick on, so they looked very natural. Her skin was nicely tanned, and
looked as soft as a baby's.
   Her and my friend were discussing some memories from the middle school
that they both attended. While he was caught in a fit of laughter over a
humourous story she just told, she seized the opportunity to rummage through
her purse. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Like my
friend's sister, she also smoked Du Maurier regular, only hers weren't king
size. They were regular size. She put one between her pouting lips and
carried on the conversation with it there for a few minutes. I watched her as
the unlit cigarette moved around between her lips. It looked so sexy, and I
was turned on even though she hadn't actually smoked yet. It was almost as
though she was teasing me, with that lighter in her hand. She would get ready
to light the cigarette, then stop and continue talking. I thought that I was
going to go crazy.
   Finally, she brought her lighter up and lit the cigarette which had been
pursed in her mouth for nearly ten minutes. She sucked on it, and took a
casual first drag without inhaling the smoke. She just let it drift out of
her mouth as she talked.
   "That's a terrible habit Kayla, I thought you would have quit by now " my
friend said to her in borderline disgust.
   "I know. I just like it too much, I guess. I love everything about
smoking" she said. She put the cigarette up to her lips and took a over
accentuated drag. She took the cigarette out, she held her lips closed and
puckered, for about five seconds before doing a quick snap inhale. I just sat
there staring as a little ball of smoke was released from her mouth
momentarily, before she sucked it back in and it disappeared into her lungs
with the rest of it. My eyes were fixated on her lips, waiting to see her
exhale. She sat there for a moment, with the smoke in her lungs, and smiled.
I could have sworn that she was doing it merely to turn me on. Then she blew
a thick stream of smoke upwards.
   Her lips looked so sexy as they directed the smoke up. She didn't tilt her
head at all, her lips did all the work. I could hardly believe that I was
watching a girl smoke this sexy, let alone one my own age. My dick was
granite like in it's hardness after only one drag by Kayla. At that moment,
feelings shot through my body that I had never experienced before. There was
utter contentment, mixed with that "butterflies in the stomach" emotion, and
even a bit of anticipation to watch her repeat that again.
   She smoked about half of the cigarette this way, all while talking to my
friend and never glancing at me. I knew that I was staring, but I couldn't
help it and she knew I was drunk anyway. She didn't really seem to mind.
   "Watch this " she said to my friend before putting the brown filter of
her cigarette up to her lips. She took a long, intense drag which furrowed
her brow. It looked so cute when she concentrated on smoking. Instead of
inhaling it, she kept it in her mouth for a few seconds. She then opened her
mouth wide and let the smoke flow up and out of her mouth, and into her nose.
It lasted for about twenty seconds. I was in heaven. With the last of the
smoke, she blew three perfect rings into the air.
   "That was great " I blurted out, not even knowing what I was doing. She
turned to me and smiled. I could feel my cheeks turning red, but I think she
sensed my embarrassment.
   "Thank you. I've been working on that trick for awhile. It's called a
french inhale" she replied to me. 
   I could smell the smoke on her breath as she said it. I almost came right
there. She was so beautiful, I could hardly handle myself. I looked at the
cigarette in her hand. There was only one drag left on it. She noticed me
looking at her hand, so she put it up to her lips, which formed into a smile.
She took a drag, and inhaled it quickly before flicking the cigarette a good
ten feet. She started talking to my friend, and exhaled the smoke right in my
face from the corner of her lips. 
   To say I was astonished would be an under statement. The way that the
smoke looked coming towards me, out of Kayla's full, pouty lips was enough to
make my member explode. I just stood there, staring at her with a glazed over
look reminiscent of post-acid nightmare Syd Barrett. She turned her head
towards me and, upon her noticing my blatant gawking, I turned away,
   "Just great" my friend shouted suddenly, "I left my damn money at home.
Now I'm going to have to walk all the way back home and get it." He turned to
me. "I have a favour to ask you. Could you keep Kayla company while I'm
gone? I shouldn't be long, only about a half an hour or so."
   "Yeah, no problem. If Kayla doesn't mind, that is." I said to him.
   "I don't mind. We can go to this spot I know. This carnival is kind of
hurtin' anyway" she replied.
   "Great. I'll be back soon guys. Sorry about this." my friend shouted,
already making his way off the carnival grounds.
   Kayla looked at me and smiled. "Follow me. I'm going to take you
somewhere. We can just hang out and smoke a joint or something. Do you smoke
   "Yeah I do." was my response as I followed Kayla on her heels.
   She lead me off the carnival grounds and onto the main road. She was
walking pretty fast down the street, so I just followed and we didn't really
talk during the walk. About half way up the street, she turned into a bunch
of bushes.
   "In here" she said.
   We walked in the bushes about twenty feet, and came to a cement block in a
clearing. It looked fairly deserted and desolate, so we sat down.
   "That sure was a long walk. I need a cigarette." she said as she opened
her pack of Du Maurier regulars and pulled one out. She put it between her
   "Do you find girls that smoke sexy?" she asked me.
   I was rather shocked by this. "Ummm. Why do you ask?"
   "Well I don't know. I heard that some guys get turned on when they see
girls smoking. I can't really understand why though. I always thought that I
looked pretty disgusting when I smoke." she responded.
   "You look great when you..." I started, but caught myself and stopped. I
couldn't believe what I almost said.
   "When I what? Smoke? You think I look great when I smoke? Is that what
you're saying?" she asked jokingly. The biggest smile spread across her face.
   "Yeah you do." was all that I could say.
   At this point, she lit her cigarette and sucked on it for a rather long
time. I just sat there staring at the glowing end of it. And her lips. 
   She inhaled the first drag, then exhaled a huge amount of smoke straight
into my face. It smelled great. So good in fact, my dick suddenly became a
granite hard rock. I tried to cover it, but I was wearing basketball shorts.
It was no use, she had already seen my embarrassing predicament.
   "Wow, I guess you do like watching me smoke. Don't cover it up. Do you
mind if I see it?" she asked me.
   I thought I was going to go into shock. I could hardly even believe that I
was watching a girl in real life who could smoke this good, let alone one
that wanted to see my dick. I didn't know what to do. 
   "I guess so" I said as I pulled back the leg of my shorts to reveal my
throbbing cock which was already wet with pre-cum. My dick was average
length- about six and a half inches, but it was thicker than most other 16
year olds. I'm also uncircumcised, which makes my dick a lot more sensitive
when it rubs against my boxers.
   "Oh my God." she cried as she looked down at my full penis. "It's so big
and fat. The skin over your cock head, I've never seen one like that. It
looks so nice."
   She took an intense drag on her cigarette, then held it in her mouth for
an exaggerated amount of time. Then she sucked it all in and blew it up
straight into the air without removing her eyes from my dick. My cock
throbbed as she did this. She could tell that I was dying to come.
   "You can jerk off while I smoke" she said in a sexy voice, smoke shooting
out of her mouth and nose as she said it.
   I almost blew my load right there. Instead, I just moved my hand onto my
cock and began stroking it gently. Kayla took another drag and exhaled it
through her nostrils while smiling. Almost immediately after that she took
another large drag and opened her mouth wide, still staring me straight in
the eyes. The smoke just lingered on her lips before disappearing into her
nose. When she was done her trademark french inhale, she blew the smoke right
into my face. I stroked my manhood harder and harder.
   She began rapid pumping on her cigarette. I could hardly handle it, I knew
that I was going to go off at any moment. 
   "You're going to make me come" I told her.
   "Good " she said happily.
   She dragged on her cigarette and inhaled deeply. I just kept masturbating.
It felt so good to beat off while I watched a true pro smoke. She got onto
her knees and put her head about a foot from my dick, with the smoke still in
her lungs. She then blew a thin, seemingly never ending stream of smoke at my
rod. When smoke finally stopped coming out, she put her lips up to my cock
and kissed it with her wet, smokey lips. It felt so good. She then took my
foreskin between her lips and started licking the very tip of it vigorously.
I couldn't take it any longer.
   My dick felt like it was erupting. I watched her face as shot after shot
of hot, sticky jizz spurted out of my pulsating cock and onto her face. It
felt like a slice of heaven, a taste of what pleasure really is.
   When I was finished, she took a final drag off of her cigarette and
exhaled it up into the air. It graced my softening penis.
   "We should go back to the carnival" she said, as she got a cloth out of
her purse and wiped off her face. She turned to me and began kissing me
passionately. All I could smell and taste was the smoke on her breath. It
tasted so good, and if she would have kept going my dick would have gotten
hard again. But she stopped.
   She began walking out of the bushes en route to the carnival. I followed
along behind her. I couldn't stop thinking about the amazing thing that just
occurred. If I knew what was to happen when we returned to the carnival, I
would have been more at ease about leaving the bushes with Kayla.

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