Kelli Ann Takes A Plunge

(by Major Turnon, 07 December 2007)

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Kelli Ann Takes a Plunge 

   This is the story about how my wife Kelli Ann started smoking. Many 
years later it is hard to remember all the details, however, so I have 
taken the liberty to reconstruct them from memory, while embroidering the 
narrative and dialogue whenever it felt necessary for entertainment 
purposes. Otherwise the events are described as accurately as possible. 

   The first time I saw the woman who now is my wife was in the supermarket 
(where she still works) when I ran an errand to that part of the city, but 
I didn't go back there again for a long time, since I found it too 
embarrassing to visit the neighborhood only to have a second look at a 

   Therefore, I tried to squeeze every thought about her out of my mind and 
I had nearly succeeded when I stopped off at my favorite hangout on a 
Friday night. I was chatting with two of my buddies when it so happened 
that a beautiful girl entered the room. Most of the conversation suddenly 
died for a moment, because she immediately caught the eyes of all the guys. 
I blinked several times and tried to refocus on the girl. It couldn't be 
true, but it was. The girl before me was none other than the chick from the 
supermarket. She was now standing on the edge of the dance floor, surveying 
the room while her hips were undulating sexily in sync with the beat of the 

   I had to check twice. Was this really the same woman who had starred in 
my erotic dreams for so long? Her blonde hair, which had been in a long 
pony tail the first time that I saw her, was now flowing freely all the way 
down to the small of her back, but her deeply tanned skin was just like I 
remembered it and the bulging breasts above a narrow waist was still the 
kind that any woman would kill for. I noticed that her hair had cute bangs 
in front and that she was wearing a very short, shiny black leather dress 
and a silver buckled belt, black stockings with seams, and long high heeled 
black leather boots with chains attached to them. 

   But the biker chick appearance couldn't conceal the fact that under the 
seemingly tough exterior she looked a bit lost and innocent. I remember 
thinking that this gorgeous broad would look absolutely fantastic with a 
lit cigarette between her fingers. 

   As I kept watching her I realized for the first time that a woman can 
actually go out in public and look beautiful, even stunning, with no makeup 
and without any jewelry. In fact her 'naked' look made her so attractive 
that I felt my heart being drawn to her immediately. 

   Before I really knew what had happened, I had gone up to her and asked 
her if she wanted something to drink. Much to my surprise she accepted the 
offer and asked for a Tom Collins. 

   We grabbed our beverages, sat down at a table and introduced ourselves. 
It turned out that we liked many of the same things. Just like me she loved 
music. She told me that she mastered the violin, piano and guitar, and that 
she sang, too. She also worked out a lot to keep herself in shape, mostly 
running, swimming and cycling. 

   I watched her soft lips envelope the straw and I couldn't help imagining 
them clasping a cigarette filter instead. But of course I dared not suggest 
it, because to my utter disappointment she was obviously bothered by the 
smoke from a nearby table. I found it really hard to believe that such a 
looker could be a non-smoker. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it even 
turned out that she was very disgusted by smoke and smokers! 

   As we switched to beers and continued talking, she smiled teasingly, 
showing off her perfect teeth and her beautiful face. Her athletic body and 
large tits should be more than enough to give a man a raging boner. 
Intrigued by the image of her smoking, it was no wonder that I became 
aroused when I once more started to picture her with a cigarette. In my 
fantasy she would drive me wild as she inhaled the smoke deeply into her 
young lungs. 

   My day dream about night things came to an end when it was time to leave 
and we exchanged cell phone numbers. I thanked her for the company. "I hope 
to see you soon", she said with an enigmatic smile and I was only too happy 
to agree. When she squeezed my hand, it gave me a tingle which I had never 
felt before. 

   I called her the next morning and we made plans for that night. I picked 
her up outside the house where she still lived with her parents. At the 
restaurant Kelli Ann had more than her share of red wine, so when the 
wonderful meal came to an end, she was naturally starting to feel the 

   I escorted her to the parking lot. "That was lovely. Thank you so much," 
she purred with a tipsy smile that made me melt as she pressed me against 
the side of the car and gave me a long, deep kiss. The sensations were 
almost overwhelming. When her lips and tongue pressed into mine, I still 
found it hard to believe that this was really happening. Something had to 
go wrong, I thought, as I started to drive towards Kelli Ann's 
neighborhood. We agreed to meet again before we kissed goodnight. 

   Following another great dinner, we felt that it was time to move the 
show to my place, where we enjoyed a drink and more stimulating 
conversation. Then things just seemed to take their own course, because 
soon we were exploring each other's naked bodies and kissing wildly. Again 
I began to fantasize and the image of her with a freshly lit cigarette in 
that beautiful mouth was enough to get me very excited. 

   A few nights later I showed Kelli Ann into my apartment again and I 
fixed each of us a drink before our togetherness started to become even 
more intimate than the first time. When I led her to the bedroom, we wasted 
no time undressing each other... 

   We continued dating and I had to admit that I had fallen head over heels 
in love with Kelli Ann. I was often staring at her, wishing desperately 
that she would smoke. The situation was driving me crazy, because sometimes 
she pursed her lips and exhaled as if she were really smoking! Every time 
she did this I imagined how sexy she would look taking a deep puff from a 
cigarette, opening her sweet lips, drawing a ball of smoke into her lungs 
and then exhaling a thick stream of smoke in my direction! 

   But apart from my fantasies of her smoking she was everything that I had 
always wanted and even though my fetish was unsatisfied, our sex life was 

   After nearly a year, we went on a vacation to a tropical resort where we 
could enjoy the shade of a palm tree during the day and feel a gentle 
breeze blow over our almost totally naked bodies in the middle of the 
night. Both of us were now absolutely sure that we were completely right 
for each other and I felt it safe to 'pop the question'. But all the time 
while we were dating, I continued to wish that she would smoke and fulfill 
my secret inner desire, too... 

   We eventually married, found a place big enough for all our things and 
moved in together. One night in bed more than a year later I asked my wife 
if she had a fantasy that she would like to act out to spice up our 
relationship. We had never done anything like that, but the idea had 
somehow appeared in my mind. She said no at first, but then she giggled and 
admitted that she really did have one, but that she didn't dare tell me 
about it for fear that I would think that she was perverse. A few minutes 
of persuasion followed, after which she finally explained that she had 
always fantasized about making love while being handcuffed! 

   After spending a few days searching, I was able to purchase four pairs 
of handcuffs and I surprised her with them one Friday night. She was 
immediately over the top. We began to kiss while I carefully cuffed her 
hands and feet to the bed posts with the help of a few lengths of rope. 

   Kelli Ann claimed that she had never experienced such extreme 
love-making and as many orgasms as on that night, and on the way back to 
bed from a quick shower she thanked me for fulfilling her long time 
fantasy. She promised me that she would do anything, absolutely anything, 
for me in return. 
"If I could do one little thing to make it 'better than 
nice' for you, Vince," Kelli Ann started, "what would it be?" I met her 
stare. Her beautiful blue eyes bore into mine and I could tell that she was 
being dead serious. "Be honest with me now and tell me what I could do 
different," she added. I took a deep breath."I don't know. I'm very happy 
with our sex life," I lied. 

   "No, I'm sure that there has to be something. Just let me know. This is 
your opportunity..." she insisted. 

   "I don't want to say something that will offend you," I said. 
   "I won't be, I promise," she replied and sent me a loving glance. 
   The door was wide open and I knew that I probably never would have a 
better opportunity to walk through it. This was the right moment to tell 
her about my dark secret, so I let her know that my ultimate sex fantasy 
would be to watch her smoke. 

   To my utter despair she reacted in a way which I never could have 
imagined possible. She shook her head violently in disbelief and shouted: 
"Are you insane? No fucking way!" 

   But she had given me her word and now I insisted that she should stand 
by it. She fumed. Her face turned red and she claimed that I was trying to 
take advantage of her. I just shrugged my shoulders and turned away. 

   "I wish I hadn't told you, then," I muttered quietly. She looked at me,
surprised. I continued to back up, but she kept walking towards me. She
didn't say anything for a long time, but eventually it seemed as if most of
her resentment had disappeared. The initial shock must really have faded,
because she had managed to calm down when she asked me: "Are you serious,
Vince? Do you really want me to smoke?" 

   "Well, this is the only thing that you don't know about me, but I've 
always loved to see beautiful women enjoy a cigarette. I think it makes 
them even sexier and at the same time it makes me horny," I said 
seductively while practically panting. 

   Kelli Ann looked strangely at me. "Do you really feel like that?" I 
nodded and said that I had what is known as 'a smoking fetish'. 

   When my last words had sunk in, her expression changed from 'shocked' to 
'skeptical'. She gulped twice before she finally replied: "OK, I guess it 
wouldn't hurt much to try it just once." 

   I couldn't believe my ears as I took her in my arms and held her against 
me happily. The very last thing I had expected from Kelli Ann was that she 
would actually agree to smoke. I stroked her hair and let her know how much 
I loved her, how precious she was to me and how lucky I was to be her 
husband, lover and best friend. Finally I whispered that she didn't have to 
do this. 

   "But I want to," she insisted. "Since it's something that I have 
promised to do, I have to keep my word!" My beautiful wife smiled. She put 
two fingers together, held them to her mouth and puffed on an imaginary 
cigarette. Then the tip of her tongue flicked out and ran over her soft 
lips. She looked as if she wanted to eat me alive. There and then I knew 
that she really would smoke and against my better judgment I did nothing to 
try to stop her. 

   When I woke up on Saturday morning, I noticed that the weather was 
excellent for an expedition out to sea. I rose early and took a quick 
shower before I went to the kitchen to prepare some food for us. I love to 
serve my wife breakfast in bed on Saturdays and I usually write a few sweet 
words on a note and put it on the tray. I also like to draw red hearts on 
her makeup mirror with her lipstick and show other small signs of my 
affection for her. I took the tray to our bedroom, but the bed was empty! I 
looked for Kelli Ann all over the house, but I couldn't find her anywhere, 
so I guessed that she must have slipped out unnoticed while I showered. Her 
cell phone was missing too so I was about to call her when she walked in 
and flopped down onto a couch. 

   "I can't believe that I did it! I really did it! I went to buy 
cigarettes at the gas station and the guy behind the counter took me for a 
teenager. He actually carded me!" 

   I sat down on the couch beside her and placed the breakfast tray in 
front of her. She looked at me and smiled, grabbed a bite and with her 
mouth full of food she said, "Ah, this is really good!" 

   An hour later she joined me in the kitchen for a quick coffee, dressed 
to kill in a white silk blouse with a western design, a faded denim skirt 
and high heeled brown leather boots. Normally she doesn't use any makeup or 
jewelry (she looks fabulous even without any accessories), but that day she 
had chosen to wear the complete ensemble: luscious lipstick, rosy matte 
blush, jet black mascara, an eye shadow so blue that it almost looked 
purple and she had even glued on long, red, false finger nails. A huge 
silver hoop hung heavily through each of her earlobes. 

   We grabbed a few bags and drove to our boat, which is docked in the 
Canal Marina near the old Grand Hotel. It is a very well maintained and 
well equipped 40 foot Dixie Scout powered by twin Crusader engines. The 
vessel has room for 12 . It's air conditioned with two sleeping cabins, two 
comfortable bathrooms, a galley with refrigerator, freezer and a stove, a 
stateroom, two steering stations (an ordinary enclosed bridge and an open 
air 'fly bridge' located on top of the superstructure), a CB radio, two TVs 
and an FM stereo/tape/CD deck. 

   When we bought the boat, she was named Red Sky. I planned to rename her 
Kelli Ann, but when I had painted the first letters K-E-L on her I stopped 
and added L-A-D-Y in front of them instead, so now she bears the proud name 
Lady Kel, my nick-name for my beautiful wife. 

   We both like the sea very much, still or stormy, but especially when the 
wind plays with our hair (mine is now almost half as long as Kelli Ann's, 
but a darker shade of blonde and much thinner). I practically grew up on a 
boat, because my dad took me fishing all the time. Before I joined the 
army, I made a living in the merchant navy for a while and I actually 
started the long and arduous training to become a captain, until I dropped 
out of the course and signed up as a soldier instead. But those six months 
were enough for me to obtain a good knowledge of maritime conditions. After 
we bought the boat, Kelli Ann became eager to learn everything about 
navigating, too, and now she is just as skilled as me. She takes every 
opportunity to be at the helm and I am proud to let her pilot the boat 
whenever she wants. 

   We have spent many nights on the boat, up and down the coast. That 
particular day we decided to drop anchor in one of our favorite coves where 
you can see the easily see the bottom through the clear water. The light 
seems to tap dance on the small rolling waves, while reflecting a variety 
of bright colors in the water. 

   We sat down and while enjoying a relaxing drink Kelli Ann suddenly said: 
"I think that I'm ready to try a cigarette now." 

   "Are you really sure about this?" I quickly responded. 
   "Yes, Vince. I've made up my mind and there is nothing that you or 
anybody else can do to change it!" 

   Even before she had finished uttering those bold words, Kelli Ann opened 
her purse to extract a lighter and a white pack of cigarettes with a bluish 
green stripe. Virginia Slims Menthol 120s were the rage among teenage girls 
in those days, which was why the gas station clerk had recommended them to 

   Since I wasn't used to seeing her like that, she looked especially hot 
with her perfect makeup and large earrings when she turned to me and 
smoothed the short skirt over her hips while showing off her red nails. Her 
long legs were spread and her deeply tanned skin, which almost matched the 
color of her cowgirl boots, made a lovely contrast to the white seat. 

   She opened the pack and chose a cigarette. was Although it wasn't even 
lit yet, she seemed to like the way it looked in her hand; her smile showed 

   "How's this?" she asked with the cigarette between her fingers. 
   "Very good!" 
   Although I had fantasized about it so many times, in real life I could 
not actually imagine my sweet Kelli Ann smoking and for a long time I was 
sure that it would never happen. Therefore, my heart was pumping hard as 
she put a cigarette between her beautiful lips for the first time. I had 
tried to prepare myself for this moment, but nevertheless I almost fell off 
my seat as soon as Kelli Ann released her fingers and let the long, white 
VSM 120 dangle. This incredible sight tore up the pretty innocent princess 
image which I had associated with my gorgeous wife. 

   "Wow!" she said. "It feels so much neater than I could ever imagine, 
having a cigarette in my mouth." Her voice was muffled since she talked 
through the cigarette, but I found that it completed her new look in a way 
which I never had thought was possible. Even though the cigarette was still 
unlit, to my surprise it made her so much sexier that it was hard to 
believe that she was really the same woman. 

   She hesitated for a few seconds and then, with a deep breath, clicked 
the light and lifted it to the end of the cigarette. Kelli Ann leaned her 
head a little forward and moved the tip to the flame. As she put down the 
lighter, I knew that for the first time in her young life smoke had entered 
her mouth. 

   Suddenly she blew out a long stream, much longer than I had expected. 
She didn't seem to dislike the smoke in any way, though. 

   I had dreamed of her smoking since I met her, but now I just sat there 
in shock. She laughed at my dumbstruck expression and couldn't resist 
taking another quick drag just to tease me. 

   As her lips formed an 'O', she raised her head and blew a jet of smoke 
towards the sky. She held the cigarette in the air and when she looked into 
my eyes again, she had a coy smile on her lips. She caught my expression 
and to my great and pleasant surprise I could see that my wife actually 
seemed to like smoking! 

   She crossed her legs and glanced back at me while she lifted the 
cigarette to her mouth and allowed it to raise untouched between her lips, 
as if she'd been doing it all her life; here was a chick who wasn't afraid 
of leaving a burning cigarette in her mouth at all. It sizzled and her 
cheeks concaved as she puffed on it. "Mmmmm," she said as she blew out 
another cloud of uninhaled smoke. 

   "I don't suppose that it tastes very good, does it?" I asked. Kelli Ann 
held the cigarette up to her eyes and regarded it critically. She didn't 
seem too put off by it, though. 

   "Well, let's just say that it's not quite what I expected. It doesn't 
taste like it smells, but it's not at all bad," she replied after exhaling 
another drag, "and actually I feel kinda grown-up and hot when I smoke!" 

   She sent a long column of uninhaled smoke in my direction before smiling 

   "How do I look, Vince?" 
   "Like one very sexy girl," I answered. 
   She caught a loose strand of hair on her cheek and moved it behind her 
ear. I was spellbound by the way she held the long, white cigarette with 
her other hand as she let the smoke billow from her nose. Seeing Kelli Ann 
smoke so seductively was quite weird, but it was also so sexy (even without 
her inhaling) that I remember thinking that this was really my greatest 
fantasy come true! 

   She took another drag before blowing out a thick column of smoke and I 
could clearly see that she felt very proud of the achievement. She then 
took her longest puff yet, the cigarette tilting provocatively upward from 
her lips as she sucked on it. 

   I smiled and said, "You're doing great, but you can't say that you 
really smoke until you inhale." 

   "I know," she sighed as she extinguished her first cigarette ever in the 
ash tray. 

   Half an hour later she just sat there quietly and I began to wonder if I 
had just dreamed it all. She was so pretty, young, and pure looking. She 
definitely didn't look like a smoker at all. But I knew that I hadn't 
imagined it, so I nervously turned to her and asked: "Kel, do you really 
like to smoke?" 

   "Yeah, I'm afraid that I do," she replied with a new sigh, pulled out a 
Virginia Slims Menthol, lit up, and took a couple of uninhaled drags. 

   "Here we go," she mumbled, before she prepared herself for her first 
inhale. But she drew too hard on the cigarette and accidentally did a 
perfect snap inhale. The white ball suddenly disappeared down her throat 
and some seconds later I could enjoy the beautiful sight of fully inhaled 
smoke being exhaled from her lungs for the first time. It looked so natural 
that I felt a knot in my stomach. 

   Even though the smoke must have tickled her throat more than a little, 
she strangely enough didn't cough. I handed the drink to her anyway and she 
eagerly gulped down some of the strong cocktail. 

   "Hey, I really did it!" Kelli Ann shouted. "I just inhaled! I felt a 
tingle as the smoke entered my windpipe, but I was surprised that I 
actually enjoyed the tingling feeling..." 

   She interrupted herself as her cheeks hollowed when she drew in more 
smoke and exhaled a delicate stream that seemed to last forever. It was the 
sexiest thing I had ever seen. Kelli Ann looked so alluring with the 
cigarette and I told her how proud of her I was. 

   "Kel, I think that you were borne to smoke!" 
   She put the cigarette back between her lips and she didn't cough from 
her next inhale either. 

   "That was great!" she exclaimed and giggled a little. 
   "What's so funny, darling?" Kelli Ann blew a plume of smoke towards the 
sky before replying. 

   "I don't know. It's just that I feel like I'm being so bad. I can't 
believe that I'm actually inhaling smoke from a cigarette." 

   She looked at me and enjoyed a generous sip of her drink. She dragged 
again, inhaled, tipped her head and released a jet of smoke before another 
wry smile crept over her face. 

   "I never thought that I would ever say this, but yes, I actually like 
smoking. I know that it's insane, but I do!" she moaned blissfully, sucked 
hard on her cigarette again and pulled more smoke deep into her lungs. 

   "You're getting the hang of it now," I said in awe as I watched my 
beautiful wife exhale a thick stream of inhaled smoke. I had never heard of 
anyone taking to smoking so easily, but for me it was really a wish come 

   She continued to inhale the smoke as far down as she could take it 
without triggering her cough reflex. She held it in for many seconds, 
almost defiantly, before opening her lips to release it. 

   "Oh, my God!" she cried. "Imagine when Sara and Toni see me do this! 
They will be so jealous!" 

   The next inhale was even deeper and more complete, and I could see a 
naughty smile on her face every time she took a puff and inhaled. She 
looked so hot taking deep drags before releasing the thick smoke. This went 
on until Kelli Ann finally plucked the stub from her mouth and threw it 
overboard with a shameless grin. 

   "You don't mind that I smoke, do you?" she teased. 
   "Do I mind?" I breathlessly asked. "I absolutely fucking love it! You're 
so damn sexy with a cigarette that I'd kill to see you smoke again." 
Ann reached for her pack and shook out another cigarette. 
   "That's just great," she smiled wickedly while putting it in her mouth 
and lighting it, "because I will give you more smoky sights than you ever 
dreamed of and the best part of it all is that you don't have to kill 

   I delightedly watched the deeply inhaled smoke continuing to pour out of 
her pretty little mouth. 

   "Kel, in my opinion you have never looked sexier than you do right now." 
   "I've never felt so sexy before, either," she replied before taking 
another deep pull and filling her lungs with nicotine. "The smoke still 
tickles my throat and I'm starting to get a little dizzy, but it feels so 
darned good that I'm sure that you'll get many more opportunities to see me 

   I cherished the way her words and the smoke were tumbling out at the 
same time. I've always loved to watch girls talk through their smoke. 
Almost as if she were reading my mind, Kelli Ann shouted to me. 

   "Hey, Vince, did you notice that I can talk for a long time before I 
have to exhale the smoke!" Her breasts rose as she again filled her lungs 
with a mixture of smoke and air. As she exhaled, I couldn't believe that I 
was fortunate enough to be married to such a gorgeous, smoking girl. I 
could barely contain my urge to make love to her right there and then. 

   She must have felt more than just a little confused about my reaction, 
but I probably seemed so invigorated by the sight of her smoking that it 
prompted her to inhale even deeper. 

   Kelli Ann continued to smoke the rest of her cigarette in silence and I 
did nothing to interrupt her. Finally, she took one last inhale and 
extinguished the cigarette. She blew smoke through her mouth and nose. 

   "Wow... That was fantastic! After this eye opening experience I no 
longer have problems understanding why so many people smoke and I will 
never again badmouth anyone for doing it, either!" 

   "So I guess that means that you actually like it?" I asked. 
   "I'd never thought that I would ever say this, but yes!" 
   She picked up the pack of cigarettes and looked longingly at it. 
   "Do you mind much if I have another?" I was surprised, but happily. 
   "You want another cigarette already?" Kelli Ann smiled at me and nodded. 
   "Yes, I'm actually dying for one more!" 
   She extracted one, stuck it between her lips, clicked the lighter and 
moved it towards the cigarette. The flame touched the tobacco, ignited it 
and made it glow. 

   After having put the lighter down, she let the cigarette rise up more 
than ever, breathed in deeper than she had done before, and gave a small 
moan as she felt the smoke shoot forcefully into her eagerly waiting lungs. 
When she couldn't hold the smoke any more, she parted her lips and blew out 
an impossibly long, white cone. 

   Then my little princess leaned back against the cushion, perfectly 
relaxed, and just smoked like she had done nothing else her whole life. I 
blinked my eyes in utter disbelief and I couldn't for my life fathom that 
what I saw was really true, because she handled the cigarette as 
confidently as if she had been smoking since she was born. She took another 
long puff and made the cigarette tilt up sexily again before she curled her 
tongue and let the smoke roll out over it in a stream which seemed to last 

   She continued to suck the smoke as far down as she dared 
   "Oh, my God!" she exclaimed, and then opened her mouth and exhaled smoke 
in a wild tangle, as if her ecstasy had consumed her so completely that she 
had no energy left to control the flow. She took a last, very experienced 
looking drag on her cigarette and put it out. "Oh, Vince!" she laughed with 

   When she decided to smoke again, she withdrew one of the all white 
menthols from the pack and parked it in her mouth. She took a long initial 
puff and inhaled deeply in a slow, luxurious style. I could see a ball of 
smoke form in her mouth before she made it disappear as she drew it down 
into her lungs. After a long exhale her lips immediately pressed down on 
the cigarette again. She really seemed to enjoy this one even more than the 
last one. 

   I was about to drift completely off into my fantasy, but I woke up 
abruptly some minutes later when I noticed that Kelli Ann let the now more 
than half smoked cigarette dangle from her lips while moving her long, 
gorgeous, silky blonde hair back behind her shoulders with both hands. She 
then took an elastic ruffle from her wrist and gathered her hair into a 
sexy pony tail. 

   While doing this, she took a long, no hands drag and exhaled through her 
nose. I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen, so I slid 
closer to her and she gently stroked my thigh with her left hand as she 
tilted her head back and blew smoke into the air before she stubbed out the 
cigarette with the other. 

   Around 4:00 Kelli Ann reached for her cigarettes without hesitation. She 
took the pack and pulled out one. She knew that I was super turned on by 
seeing her smoke, so she grinned as she put the cigarette between her lips. 
This time I remembered to be a gentleman, so I quickly grabbed the lighter 
and lit her up. I watched as she leaned forward and let the tip of the 
cigarette touch the flame. For some reason one of her earrings fell off as 
soon as she took the first puff. I picked it up while she inhaled and sent 
the smoke out through her nostrils. 

   Kelli Ann practiced more nostril exhales while we remained like that for 
the next few minutes as I watched her eagerly smoke her way through the 
cigarette while struggling desperately to thread the gigantic hoop back 
into the rarely used hole in her ear without breaking her long, false 

   Again I started fantasizing about how much greater my already wonderful 
life would be if my gorgeous wife would become a regular, or even just a 
social, smoker. 

   As soon as she had secured the earring, she took a roll of breath mints 
out of her purse and popped one into her mouth. I soon learned that she 
would suck on a mint or chew gum every time she smoked to try to disguise 
the smell on her breath. 

   As she drew in more smoke, I followed her look up into the sky, where we 
could see some gulls hover in the air above the water. She then closed her 
eyes, folded her hands behind her neck and enjoyed the feeling of the sun's 
warmth on her face, obviously forgetting that she had left the cigarette in 
her mouth! My lovely blonde wife didn't even realize that she performed a 
perfect dangling double pump! She continued to drag unconsciously on the 
cigarette until she was thrust out of her day dreams when the filter 
started to burn her lips. This time Kelli Ann threw the butt overboard. 

   A little while later she picked up her pack and lighter and quickly 
placed another cigarette in her mouth, where it drooped down and hung at an 
angle. She lit it and managed to suck in most of the smoke, but this time 
she couldn't prevent some of it escaping uninhaled from one side of her 

   She let me watch the gentle swing of her long, blonde hair and the 
bounce of her breasts as she moved her upper body closer to me. One breast 
pressed softly into my chest, and I could feel an earring gently rub 
against my cheek and the sensation of her warm and minty smoker's breath. 

   She finished her drink, brought the cigarette back to her mouth and left 
it there, then took a long, cheek hollowing pull with the glowing tip only 
inches from my face, but she was extremely careful not to let it singe my 
hair. At the same time she grabbed her cigarette pack and lighter with one 
hand, rose from the seat and softly pushed me towards the ladder with the 
other hand. 

   I climbed down first and looked at her when she followed me below deck. 
Kelli Ann took another long, deep, dangling puff while holding on to the 
rails with her free hand as she descended. 

   "You're so fucking beautiful," I whispered as she jumped into my arms. 
"You look sexy as hell. No, I eat my words. You look a lot hotter than 

   While I carried her into the cabin and lay her gently down on the bed, I 
noticed that her lipstick had reddened the filter and I couldn't avoid 
hearing the paper sizzle as she sucked the smoke deep into her young, 
healthy lungs and exhaled a long stream of smoke. 

   She grabbed my attention by inhaling a deep drag and exhaling the smoke. 
I bit her neck gently before kissing her passionately on the mouth. 
Predictably her breath smelled mostly of mint and alcohol, but even that 
couldn't quite disguise the unfamiliar taste of tobacco. It didn't bother 
me, though, so I continued to kiss her. 

   "I know that I must stink of smoke!" she said before bringing the 
cigarette back to her lips for another puff, but I didn't care, because I 
was completely lost in the fulfillment of my fantasy. 

   "You can undress me now, Vince," she whispered as she parted her lips 
slightly and blew smoke out through them. I took off her boots, blouse, 
skirt and socks in record time. I couldn't help admiring her lovely breasts 
as soon as they fell free from the bra. When I slipped off her panties, she 
asked me: "You want me to smoke while we make love, don't you?" I answered 
her question by kissing her on the mouth again. 

   She gently moved my head aside to suck in more smoke and then opened her 
lips to inhale. She closed them again and let the smoke curl upwards from 
her cute little nostrils. That was the first time I had seen her do that 
and I watched with rapt attention. 

   Kelli Ann touched my shaft with her free hand. I started to suck one of 
her nipples and then she guided my throbbing member into her wet treasure 
cave while her hips moved up and down. With every stroke a short groan 
escaped from her mouth along with a small puff of smoke and I squeezed her 
breast carefully with each pull on the nipple. "Oh my God!" she screamed as 
I filled her with my hot load, because at that very moment she orgasmed 

   By the time we had finished, I lay next to her and enjoyed the smoke 
filled afterglow, too spent to even move. We were both completely 
exhausted. She had more than fulfilled my wildest dreams and expectations. 
I smiled at the beautiful woman in my arms and she understood the look. 
"Well, what do you think of me smoking during sex?" she finally asked. I 
took a deep, cleansing breath and sighed. "It was the best. I can't even 
describe how good it felt." 

   "I realize now what a turn on my smoking must be to you, so I have 
decided that since I like smoking so much, I will start doing it on a 
regular basis!" 

   I was so stunned that I could hardly believe her words. Was I mistaken, 
or had my wife just confessed that she had started smoking for real? I had 
no way of knowing whether she was kidding or not, but something about how 
she said it told me that she was being absolutely serious. 

   "Remember that you're a good person," Kelli Ann said before she kissed 
me. "Please, try not to feel guilty because you suggested that I should 
smoke. I did it on my own and because I really wanted to. And I certainly 
don't regret it!" She gave me a huge grin, kissed me goodnight and curled 
up with her arms wrapped around me. Before I drifted off to sleep, I 
wondered how I had ended up being so incredibly lucky. 

   When I woke up on Sunday morning, my subconscious was trying to tell me 
that something important had happened the day before, but I couldn't 
remember what it was until I noticed Kelli Ann lighting a cigarette. She 
smiled at me, gave me a good morning kiss, and took a few puffs on her way 
over to the chest of drawers. With the cigarette between her lips she 
pulled the top drawer open and took out a bikini. She walked back to the 
bed, sat down, slipped on the two piece garment before picking up her 
Virginia Slims and lighter, grabbing my hand and lead me up the stairs. Out 
on the deck she removed the almost spent cigarette and crushed it in the 
ash tray before she placed the pack and lighter beside it. She smiled when 
the soft breeze blew her hair away from her face and I noticed that she had 
replaced the heavy earrings from last night with two tiny studs. 

   Then she coiled her muscles and took a few quick steps before performing 
a textbook head first dive over the railing and into the sea. At that very 
moment I thought to myself that this was not the only plunge Kelli Ann had 
taken during our stay on the boat. 

   I watched her swim around a bit. She then climbed up the ladder and I 
handed her a towel. After drying herself she opened a foldable chair and 
placed it next to the table. 

   Kelli Ann covered herself completely with sun tanning oil, reclined the 
back of the chair, put on a pair of sun glasses, and began to tan 
herself. I looked at her just in time to see her glance back at me over her 
Ray Bans. I settled down into a chair opposite her, so much looking forward 
to watching Kelli Ann smoke that I didn't care about anything else. 

   I must have dozed off a little, however, because as if by magic a 
cigarette had suddenly appeared between her right index and middle fingers, 
and she slowly moved it towards her mouth before her lips closed tightly 
around the white filter. Her left hand produced a lighter and with a quick 
flick of her thumb, she lit the cigarette. 

   Kelli Ann smiled as she took off her dripping, wet bikini. Apart from 
the dangling cigarette, her earrings, and the wedding band she was now 
totally naked from head to toe. 

   I looked up and down the coast. I knew that there were some cabins in 
the area, but the nearest was almost out of sight so there was little 
likelihood that anybody would notice her smoking strip show. 

   The tip of the cigarette glowed before she finally took it away from her 
lips. She sucked smoke deep into her lungs and held it within her for a 
surprisingly long while, then sent a banner of vapor towards the sky. Her 
eyes focused upon me and her lovely features cracked into a wide smile. 

   "Oh, isn't this a heavenly morning?" Kelli Ann moaned lightly, basking 
in the sun as she let the final wisps from her exhale slip through her 

   "It's the perfect sequel to a heavenly day and night," I agreed. 
   As she continued to smoke in a sexy style that took my breath away, I 
thought that Kelli Ann looked even more glamorous than ever before, despite 
her lack of makeup. I was totally transfixed by her. Then slowly she 
stubbed out her cigarette before exhaling a final stream of smoke. 

   A little while later Kelli Ann felt that it was time to light another 
cigarette. She looked absolutely gorgeous that day. Her long, tanned legs 
ended in perfectly formed feet with red painted toe nails. She was so 
beautiful with the small jewels in her ears that flashed whenever they 
reflected the bright sun light as she just lay there gazing pensively 
towards the horizon while blowing smoke out of her mouth. 

   I looked at her, seeing smoke escape from her full lips as she 
concentrated upon the obvious pleasure which the cigarette was giving her. 
After a minute she dragged with relish again and not long after she had 
finished it and tossed the butt into the sea, I saw Kelli Ann's hand reach 
forward and pick up the cigarette pack from the table. She retrieved one 
and touched my arm. "Can I get a light?" she whispered sexily. I lifted the 
lighter to her cigarette. Soon it burned red when she sucked a drag and 
puffed out the smoke. 

   I caught myself staring at her again. She had such a perfect body, 
golden brown, accented by her long, blonde hair and the slightly paler 
bikini lines. 

   Around 5:30 Kelli Ann and I returned from the water after a short dip. 
As soon as we were done toweling off, we spread a blanket on the deck, lay 
down and my smoking wonder woman lit up a cigarette. 

   The day seemed to last forever. Kelli Ann and I talked, laughed and 
joked. While she smoked, I watched her attentively. 

   But, alas, all good things must come to an end. When I could see fog 
banks starting to gather over the sea, I instantly knew that our weekend on 
the boat was definitely over and that it was time to go home. While I began 
to tidy and clean the deck, galley and cabin, Kelli Ann put on her bikini 
and climbed up to the fly bridge to turn the key. With a sudden, loud noise 
the engines started and before long she had the anchor winched up. When I 
had finished my chores and joined her, the fog had become so thick that we 
had to rely on the GPS. She asked me to take over while she went down to 
get dressed. 

   Five minutes later she reappeared in a pink summer dress with a frontage 
so low cut that her breasts were threatening to spill over the edge and so 
high on the thigh that it left little to the imagination. With an unlit 
cigarette in her mouth she tottered up the ladder on five-inch high heels. 
Sitting perfectly on top of her head was her slightly worn, navy blue 
captain's cap, complete with gold trim and a large gold rudder affixed to 
the center. The outfit was way over the top, but she didn't seem to mind at 
all and neither did I. Instead I found her truly beautiful! 

   The fog was thicker then ever; so thick, indeed, that we could hardly 
see from one end of the boat to the other. "The fog's getting worse. I'm 
going forward. Take the helm, Kel, can you?" I asked her while she fumbled 
to flick the lighter. She judiciously turned the wheel. A dancing flame 
appeared, but the strong breeze extinguished it. She cupped her left hand 
around the cigarette and she tried over and over again without luck. 

   She decided to leave the fly bridge and she was finally able to light 
the cigarette on the enclosed bridge just before we rounded the coast's 
westernmost point. Watching the spark brighten her face through the window 
of the wheel house as she dragged made me very aroused. 

   She piloted the boat the rest of the way. It was my privilege to gaze at 
her as she navigated the Lady Kel through increasingly turbulent and rough 
waters in the dark. And she did it while smoking a cigarette! Pretty cool 
stuff, or what? 

   We headed past the harbor lighthouse, past the other boats in the marina 
and when we entered our own private space, she safely docked the boat and 
moored it securely while I gathered our belongings. Then we got into the 
car and drove home. 

   As usual I lay in bed waiting for Kelli Ann to finish in the bathroom. 
But that night she took so long that I started to get worried. Just when I 
had decided to go and check she entered the room and took my breath away 
with her beauty. For the first time, she had made up her face and styled 
her hair before going to bed. All I could do was breathe heavily. Before I 
had the time to say anything she had handed me the cigarettes and told me 
to select one, place it between her lips, and light it for her while she 
chained herself to the bed-posts. 

   I knew that from then on we would be able to fulfill each others' 
fetishes frequently and simultaneously. When I looked at my dazzling and 
breathtakingly naked wife lying on her back with her limbs spread out 
towards the four corners of the bed and a smoldering cigarette firmly held 
in place between her red lips, I couldn't help but think that there was 
definitely something incredibly sexy about the way she took a deep drag, 
inhaled, let the smoke out through her nostrils and smiled before 
whispering seductively around the filter: "I really hope that you don't 
mind the cigarette, Vince. I'm afraid that you will have to get used to it, 
because I will be smoking a helluva lot from now on!" 

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