Kelly, Obsessed, Part 2

(by anonymous, 17 October 2011)

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Kelly, Obsessed

Part 2 - High school haze 

Kelly woke up thirty minutes before the alarm clock went off and started 
her morning routine. She cleared her throat a few times and coughed a few 
cute little wet coughs as she grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand from 
the pile she dumped there every night before bed. Having a pile of them on 
the nightstand was easier than fumbling with the pack in the dark trying to 
pull out a cigarette to calm her cravings. She never slept for more than a 
few hours without waking up for a cigarette or three. After power smoking 
three in a row, directly inhaling every drag, her smoking slowed to her 
normal, but still furious, pace. After her intense morning cravings were 
satisfied, the direct inhaling changed back to her normal six second, cheek 
collapsing drags, followed with a wide open mouth gasp of an inhale, 
stretching out her rib cage and pushing her young, firm cleavage up as she 
sucked the smoke down to the bottom of her blackening lungs. She purred 
with her toes curling with pleasure as smoke trickled slowly out of her 
mouth and nose. She decided she deserved to laze around in bed and smoke 
for a while before getting ready for her big day. 

"What an amazing cigarette, I love the first few in the morning." She 
giggled out a thick cloud of smoke when she thought of how ridiculous that 
statement was. She loved EVERY cigarette. She took a massive drag that 
burned the last half inch off her current cigarette and a little ways into 
the filter and sucked the smoke in with a hissing gasp. Kelly crushed out 
the spent butt and lit her next cigarette as she got out of bed. She made 
her way to the kitchen, a wake of smoke trailing behind her. 

"Good morning birthday girl!" she was greeted by her dad, who was sitting 
at the kitchen table. "How does it feel to be 14?" 

She took an extra big drag and gave her dad a hug, smoke dumping out of her 
mouth as she spoke. "It feels great, thanks for remembering, Daddy. I've 
got a big day planned today. Cheerleading tryouts are starting at noon, and 
after that I was going to go shopping at the mall for some cute clothes for 
school. I'm so excited for high school, only two more weeks. I'm going to 
go get ready for tryouts." Kelly's dad stopped her as she headed toward the 

"I've got a surprise for you birthday girl," her dad said, "close your eyes 
and wait right here." Kelly giggled with excitement. 

"Ok, hold on one second Dad," she said, stubbing out her cigarette and 
lighting another. She closed her eyes and she heard her dad walk into the 
room and place something on the table. 

"Ok, open up Kelly. Happy birthday!" she heard him say and she opened her 
eyes to look at the present. 14 cartons of Newport 100s sat there on the 
table staring back her, wrapped together with decorative pink string and 
complete with a pink bow on top. Kelly squealed with delight, jumping up 
and down with joy. 

"Thanks SO much, Daddy, you know how much I love ciggies!" Although she 
already bought her cigarettes with his money, she loved the gesture and 
gave him a big hug. He continued, basking in the overpowering smell of 
smoke she had which reminded him of his wife. 

"I also got you this debit card and put some money in a bank account for 
you. You can use it to go shopping and to buy your cigarettes and you won't 
have to ask me for cash anymore." 

"Oh my god, dad, you are like the best!" She gave him a quick peck on the 
cheek, smoke pumping out of her nose and took the envelope containing the 
debit card from her dad. "I've gotta go get ready for cheerleading tryouts, 
they start in a few hours and I've gotta look my best so I make the team." 
She pranced off to her room, hugging her 14 fresh cartons of Newports to 
her chest, smoldering butt hanging from her lips. She put on some little 
pink shorts that said "CHEER!" across the butt and a tight fitting white 
top that showed off her round, perky boobs. She chain smoked as she did her 
hair and makeup, cigarette constantly dangling from her lips. For the final 
touch she put a pink ribbon in her hair, threw one of her fresh new cartons 
in her gym bag, stuck the mostly finished pack she had started after 
getting out of bed in the waistband of her shorts, and asked daddy for a 
ride to the high school. Lately because of her limitless access to 
cigarettes she began taking a carton with her everywhere she went in her 
gym bag in case she got stuck anywhere where she couldn't buy cigarettes 
she would have enough. She never had any idea what that situation could be, 
but Kelly was prepared for it. Plus she just loved the feeling of always 
having lots of cigarettes around. 

On the way to the school, she had her dad stop at the store to buy her 
nicotine patches and gum so she could make it through the cheerleading 
tryout with only a few breaks to run to the bathroom and sneak some 
cigarettes. She immediately slapped one on each bare upper arm and put a 
few pieces of gum in her mouth. Now that she was in high school she didn't 
really care who knew that she smoked, so she was fine with everyone seeing 
the patches on her sexy, well tanned arms. They rolled up at the school. 
Kelly gave her dad a hug and he wished her good luck. Smoke poured out of 
the car as she exited, and she walked toward the gym door taking a huge 
final drag from her cigarette and sucking it deep into her lungs. She 
crushed the cigarette butt out under her pink and white tennis shoes and 
walked into the gym with thick, hot smoke jetting from her nostrils as she 
breathed, letting the smoke out slowly and re-inhaling every breath to get 
the most nicotine and tar out of her last drag for a while. 

She noticed some other girls in line at the other end of the gym signing up 
for the tryouts and walked over. The smoke from her last drag trickled out 
of her nose and mouth the entire time she walked over. She bent over to 
sign her name and blasted the girl behind table with a wave of stale smoke 
as she finally emptied the contents of her lungs. 

"Oops, I'm sorry!" Kelly giggled, "I've gotta watch where I'm exhaling!" 

"Oh it's ok! I'm dying for a cigarette right now, actually. I've needed one 
for hours but I'm too busy with these tryouts to sneak off for a few. My 
name's Julie by the way, I'm the head cheerleader and I'll be judging the 
tryouts." Kelly was relieved that the head cheerleader smoked and was also 
impressed with how hot she was. She was tall and had beautiful thick 
brunette hair, big tits nicely filling out the tight uniform top, a perfect 
flat stomach shown off by the uniform's bare midriff, and hot, ultra smooth 
looking long legs. 

"Ok great! Nice to meet you Julie! I really like the uniform!" Kelly 
bubbled with excitement. She walked over to where the other girls were 
standing and started making small talk about how their summers had been and 
the upcoming school year. Kelly scoped out the competition as she talked to 
them and decided her chances were pretty good. Her perfect ten body looked 
like one of the best out of the freshman girls and her cute, bubbly 
attitude was perfect for cheerleading. Luckily cheerleading doesn't require 
too much stamina, since prolonged physical activity leaves her completely 
winded. The short routines, dancing, yelling, waving and bouncing left her 
frequently sucking for air, but it was manageable, plus she loved when she 
got a little winded in her cheerleading outfit since her gasping breathing 
showed off her big, perky boobs as her heaving chest expanded and 
contracted in her tight, sexy, cleavage-showing uniform top. 

Tryouts went great for Kelly, she felt like she did really well and Julie 
seemed to like her. Luckily they only took two hours and she had one break 
with a little downtime where she made it to the bathroom and sucked down 
three cigarettes. The patches and gum only worked against the nicotine 
withdrawal symptoms, but Kelly's need for smoking is more than just a 
nicotine addiction, she completely loves everything about smoking and gets 
genuinely terrified of being in a situation where she can't smoke. As soon 
as tryouts finished, she hurried for the door, placing a cigarette between 
her lips and shakily flicked her lighter in anticipation. She lit the 
cigarette before even exiting and sucked down a monster triple pump as she 
sat down on the curb. She pulled her cell phone out and was about to call 
her dad for a ride home when Julie sat down next to her. 

"Hey Kelly! Great job in there! You're definitely on the team! 
Congratulations!" Julie said as she hurriedly extracted a Marlboro Red 100, 
put it between her lips, flicked her lighter, and took a decadently long 
cheek hollowing drag and sucked in the smoke. 

Kelly screamed in excitement, gushing smoke from her power smoking session 
that Julie had interrupted. "Yeah, I think you'll be a great fit! Holy crap 
I really needed that cigarette, I usually never go a whole two hours 
without one!" Julie sighed out a thick stream of smoke in relief. 

"Oh my god! You didn't smoke that whole time!? I smoked three during the 10 
minute break you gave us in the middle, plus I was wearing patches and 
chewing nicotine gum! How did you do it!? I start freaking out after 10 
minutes if I don't have gum and patches!" Kelly was horrified at the 
prospect of having to go that long without sucking smoke into her lungs. 

Julie laughed. "Wow, you must be quite the smoker, Kelly. I only go through 
a pack a day or so. Sometimes two if I go out at night, so making it a 
couple hours if I have to isn't that hard." 

"Really? I love smoking way too much to only smoke two packs a day. 
Sometimes if I'm having a lazy day I'll smoke two packs before lunch! 
Actually, I do that every day haha." Kelly smiled and took a final giant 
drag from her cigarette and pulled out another to chain into. "Mmmm, I 
always drag the hardest when it's about to hit the filter, the smoke feels 
so hot and it really gives my lungs a kick." Kelly continued, smoke 
spilling out of her mouth, "I've got to call my dad for a ride home, it was 
great meeting you and I'm proud to be on the team!" 

"Why don't I just give you a ride home?" Julie asked. 

"Sounds great! Thanks Julie!" Kelly responded. 

Kelly knew that high school was going to be great and she was already 
making beautiful, popular friends. She couldn't wait for school to start. 

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