Kelly, Obsessed, Part 3

(by anonymous, 17 October 2011)

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Kelly, Obsessed

Part 3 

Kelly's first two years of high school had been wonderful. She was 
incredibly popular and considered the most beautiful girl in the school as 
a freshman, and had only gotten more gorgeous since; having grown from a 
petite, curvy, cute fourteen year old to a sixteen year old blond 
bombshell. She drew everyone's stares at 5'7'', with long shapely legs, an 
incredibly firm set of seemingly gravity defying double D tits, and 
beautifully curves hips and ass. Julie had graduated last year and passed 
the title of head cheerleader on to Kelly. Kelly had formed a wonderful 
friendship with her during her freshman and sophomore years that catapulted 
her to the top of the tight knit circle of the most beautiful and popular 
girls and fellow cheerleaders. All of them were smokers, and most even 
smoked quite heavily to emulate Kelly, or just because they enjoyed it, but 
nobody came even close to smoking like her or to her love for Newport 
100's. Her dad would drop her off at school every morning, smoke billowing 
out of the freshly hot-boxed car as she stepped out, just minutes before 
the first bell so she could suck down cigarettes up until the last possible 
second before classes began. The extra strength nicotine patch on each arm 
and the multiple pieces of Nicorette gum she chewed and blew bubbles with 
helped her sit through each 50 minute class without too much discomfort 
until she could power smoke three in a row on each 10 minute passing period 
between classes. 

Stale, recycled smoke trickled out of her mouth and nostrils for the first 
few minutes of every class, but she was so used to it she never noticed and 
figured nobody else did either. She also convinced a doctor to give a note 
to her teachers that said she had a small bladder and needed to go to the 
bathroom frequently, so this gave her an excuse to make a quick bathroom 
stop and smoke a cigarette or two in the middle of each class since making 
it 50 whole minutes without the burning sensation of thick, harsh Newport 
smoke being pumped into her lungs was far too long for her to tolerate. The 
teachers, who by her good luck were mostly male, knew exactly what she was 
doing but could never bring themselves to say anything to her because of 
her intimidating beauty, and could never bring themselves to give her a 
grade of less than B in anything, despite her sub-par academic performance. 
Kelly was convinced she had them fooled and they were none the wiser about 
her smoking, and also was convinced that she was a pretty smart girl due to 
her answers rarely being marked wrong. She was every bit the bubbly, ditzy 
cheerleader she acted, and although a lot of people might find it annoying, 
in Kelly's case she was so cute and stunningly beautiful that it was just 
plain adorable and everyone put up with her bubble-headed attitude, as well 
as her incredibly extreme smoking. 

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