Kelly, Obsessed, Part 4

(by anonymous, 17 October 2011)

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Kelly, Obsessed

Part 4 - Kelly's Super Sweet/Smoky Sixteen 

Summertime morning light was coming through the window and dappling across 
the silky skin of Kelly's long, smooth legs and perfect ass. She groggily 
stretched as she came out of her peaceful rest, moaning and coughing a few 
weak, wet coughs that sounded like her lungs were drowning in something 
thick and sticky. She loved the delicious taste of tar her morning coughs 
left in the back of her mouth. She savored the taste as she reached for her 
pile of loose cigarettes laying on the nightstand next to her bed and lit 
one, taking a desperate, enormous ten second direct inhale. The cigarette 
crackled loudly and rapidly burned down as she sucked it straight to the 
filter in five massive drags without a breath between, loving the intense 
heat from the power-smoked cigarette and the burning sensation she felt in 
her chest. She grabbed another cigarette off the pile and stuck it between 
her full, pouty lips, mashing the inch and a half long cherry of the 
previous cigarette into it and collapsing her cheeks to ignite it. Kelly 
then flopped onto her back and rested her head against the pillows, 
slightly propped up. Her quickly shrinking second cigarette dangled from 
her lips as she reached down and wiggled out of her tiny pink silk thong 
and tossed it on the floor next to her bed, taking a deep, slow drag with 
every breath. She grabbed a handful of cigarettes from the nightstand and 
placed them on her perfectly flat stomach, crushing out her second 
cigarette and lighting a third and her other hand played between her firm, 
shapely thighs. 

"I must have been having a good dream before I woke up!" Kelly thought to 
herself as she playfully giggled out a huge cloud of thick smoke and rubbed 
her smooth shaven pussy lightly, feeling that it was quite wet already. She 
slowly got more into it, rubbing more intensely and slipping her fingers in 
and out as she dangled cigarette after cigarette, smoking more powerfully 
as each drag brought her closer to coming. She had long since fell into a 
masturbation and cigarette smoke induced trance and was collecting a large 
pile of ashes falling from her dangling cigarette butts onto her cleavage, 
her big firm tits barely contained by her little lacy pink push-up bra as 
her chest heaved more intensely with every desperate gasping inhale. She 
gushed smoke from between her lips, parted just enough to keep the 
cigarette in place as she had an earth-shattering orgasm, waves of pleasure 
overcame her and she writhed in bliss on the ash covered pink silk sheets. 
Kelly lay there basking in the afterglow. Her rapid, shallow breathing was 
interrupted frequently by long, deep, calming drags from her beloved 
Newport 100's. She took a massive drag to finish the last inch of her 
current cigarette, gasped the cloud of burning hot smoke to the very bottom 
of her filthy lungs, held it until she could no longer feel the scorching 
sensation in her chest, and blasted a massive exhale of post orgasm relief 
in two powerful jets of thick smog though her nostrils, surging over her 
perfect chest and blowing the accumulated pile of ash on her cleavage all 
over the sheets. Kelly's beautiful blue eyes fluttered open when she 
realized she had just made a big mess. 

"Wow, thank god we have a cleaning lady, I tore up the sheets this 
morning!" Kelly spoke to herself, the remainder of her last drag peppering 
her words as she stuck another cigarette between her lips and chained into 
it. She rolled out of bed, picked her panties up off the floor, slipped 
back into them and headed for the kitchen. She could hear her dad cooking 
something on the stove. She had no idea what it was as she hadn't been able 
to smell anything but smoke for years, but she didn't care because that was 
her favorite smell anyways. 

She was greeted by her dad, cheerily setting down some French toast on the 
table. "Good morning birthday girl! Happy sweet 16, Kelly!" 

Kelly looked in the table and saw 16 cartons of Newport 100's with a pink 
bow on top, a tradition for every birthday since her 14th. Although it was 
exactly what she expected, she giggled with delight and gave her dad a hug. 
They ate breakfast and talked together, Kelly puffing away during the whole 
meal. As she finished her French toast and stubbed out her sixth 
during-breakfast cigarette, her dad told her to close her eyes. 

"I've got another surprise for you this year Kelly, since this is a really 
special birthday," he said, getting up from the table. 

"Just a minute dad," Kelly said as she lit another cigarette, then covered 
her eyes and let the fresh Newport dangle. "Ok, I'm ready now!" 

He placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her out the front door. 
"Ok, open up!" He said excitedly. 

Kelly opened her eyes and was speechless for a second, taking a huge drag 
to calm herself down. Then she started jumping for joy, smoke pouring from 
her mouth and nose, giggling with excitement and clapping her hands 
together as her big perky boobs and firm ass bounced in her revealing 
underwear. A brand new, bubblegum pink Mini Cooper S sat in the driveway in 
front of her. 

"Oh my god! Daddy you're the best! It's SO cute! This is, like, the best 
birthday present EVER!" Kelly hugged her dad again, overwhelming him with 
the powerful smell of stale smoke emanating from her. 

"I'm glad you like it. I know how much you love pink so the paint and the 
interior leather are custom, plus a few other things. Here's the keys, get 
in and take a look," he said and tossed her the keys. 

Kelly ran up to it and jumped in the driver's seat, smoldering cigarette 
hanging from her lips. She absolutely loved it. The interior was all custom 
candy pink and white leather. The thing that caught her attention and 
caused her to squeal out a smoke-choked giggle of delight was the lack of a 
center console between the two front seats. Instead, there was a large, 
deep, ashtray the size of a small trashcan between the seats that extended 
all the way down to the floor of the car, wrapped in matching leather. It 
looked like it could fit at least a carton worth of ash and butts. 

"This ashtray is incredible, great job Dad! I'd fill up this puny little 
stock one in the dashboard on the way to school!" Kelly exuberantly said 
through a lungful of smoke. She popped open the glove box to take a look 
and was overwhelmed with delight again. Ten packs of Newport 100's were 
stacked on one side, separated from a nearly overflowing pile of pink Bic 
lighters on the other side of the box. 

"I thought you would like that," her dad replied. "I'm glad you love it so 
much. The ashtray pops out easily so you can just dump it out when you fill 
it up. Why don't we take it for a spin down to the DMV and take the test 
for your license?" Kelly had had her drivers permit since she turned 15 and 
had gotten plenty of practice, plus had taken the required drivers-ed 

"Yes! I can't wait! We've gotta go right now, I'm head cheerleader now and 
I've got to judge the tryouts later today. Let me get some shorts and a top 
on. Wait right here!" Kelly ran into the house giggling with excitement, a 
trail of smoke hanging behind her in the still summer morning air. She 
popped out the front door moments later, lighting a fresh cigarette, in a 
tiny pair of low cut jean shorts barely concealing her perfect ass and a 
tight white tummy-baring tank top that showed off the ample amounts of 
cleavage produced by her pink push-up bra and displaying its cute lacy 
edges and straps. Kelly had tied her gorgeous flowing blond hair into a 
pony tail with a pink ribbon to match the car. She hopped in the car, 
exhaling a thick plume of smoke into the cabin, put the keys in the 
ignition, and headed off to the DMV with her dad to get her driver's 
license. She got it right away after a quick test despite being a horrible 
parallel parker. The test administrator was much too focused on her 
incredible body and the insane amount she smoked to notice much of the 

Kelly came home and did her hair and makeup to get ready for the tryouts 
while remembering her first day as a freshman, nervous about making the 
team. She vowed to make the tryouts as stress free for the girls as 
possible and be nice to them like Julie was to her, and also to look hot in 
her uniform and impress the girls as Julie had also done. She wondered 
about the incoming freshman girls and what kind of talent and 
attractiveness she would find, and most importantly which of them were 
smokers. Kelly chained into another cigarette, opening her third pack of 
the day, and headed out to the high school in her new car, smoking 
intensely with the windows rolled up so she could bathe in her own second 
hand smoke. The tiny cute little pink car quickly filled with the exhaust 
from her lungs and she was on cloud nine, daydreaming about how much fun 
she was going to have being head cheerleader and going back for her junior 

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