Kelly Smokes Again

(by anonymous, 16 June 2001)

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Kelly Smokes Again

My wife used to smoke. Before I was dating her, she was in with the `wild' 
crowd. She drank a lot, she smoked when she drank- she just hung out a lot. 
It was the classic good girl in the daytime (she is a nurse), and bad girl 
at night-

We married and she came clean. She pretty much stopped smoking (except when 
she was stressed, and then only when I wasn't around) and maybe when we 
traveled to her home state and was around her old friends- but she never did 
it did it when I was around her.

When she was still smoking occasionally, I asked her if she would `smoke for 
me' sometime because it was a turn on. As we lay in bed one day- I asked her 
this again- and instead of letting her put it off to `sometime' she relented 
to do it right then. Naked, she walked to the living room where she kept her 
cigarettes on the mantle of the fireplace. In one graceful move she lifted 
the cigarette to her lips and lit it with a slight inhale - and silky exhale 
toward the floor. Aha! She exhaled down when she smoked- I savored the sight 
for about a second. I walked as casually as I could toward her and 
approached her from behind, placing my hands on her hips. She continued 
smoking as I got as close as I could, my lips next to her right ear. As she 
inhaled I could hear the air enter and then escape her chest, a cool white 
stream of smoke flowing out of her pursed lips. My cock had never been 
harder. We had tried before, without much success, to fuck while standing-. 
Today I slipped into her quickly without any effort- I think that she was 
wet and excited (although not as excited as I) and it worked out perfectly. 
As I pressed into her from behind, I could see her so closely as she 
continued to inhale and exhale, saying nothing to me, just letting me watch. 
I was not, as I had feared, turned off being this close to a `smoker', I was 
totally overcome with excitement that this was happening, my nose must have 
switched off. Before she would follow my instruction to lay back on the 
sofa, she walked over to the sink and snuffed out the cigarette- but only 
after she took one last drag with her back to me then exhaled, as if it were 
one just for her-. We proceeded to fuck crazily for a long time. The thought 
of that day has remained vividly with me for 7 years.

Since that experience, smoking has been out of the question. She knows what 
I think about it- that I remain turned on by the sight and even thought, but 
she refuses to indulge me. Other sexual ideas have come and gone, most 
recently the idea of shaving privates- I shaved myself with awesome results- 
try it if you haven't- it feels good- I was able to entice her to try it 
once- afterwards she thought it was too weird. Since then, she has shaved 
once herself, and allowed me to do it to her (while sitting below her in the 

You won't believe this.

We went out for a romantic weekend that I had resolved to myself would be 
just for her. Backrubs- as many as she wanted, fulfilling her little 
requests- without complaint, and compliments all the way through. Not a bad 
concept- but something that I don't do enough of for her. It was a surprise 
to her- I made arrangements for the kids and early on a Friday I arrived 
home with the news - we left quickly. I had already made reservations at the 
hotel- a nice room with big tub and view. We were checking in at the front 
desk and I had given the clerk all of our information, I just had to get my 
wallet out of my bag, and I turned to do so. I am pretty good at `not 
hearing' things that I don't want to do or get involved in or - in this case 
- admit to hearing. I pretended not to have heard my wife ask to change the 
room to a smoking room. My cock almost broke my zipper- rather- it started 
to slip down into my pants. With a smile I traded the clerk a credit card 
for our key. With her directions, we started off down the hall.

Kelly was noticeably giddier after checking in, but I said nothing about it 
and continued the conversation we had been involved in before arriving. On 
the second floor room doors, there was a small decal by the card swipe that 
indicated smoking was allowed in the room. Anticipating this on our room I 
handed the key to Kelly and pretended to look for something in my bag as we 
walked- letting her open the door. I don't know if she fell for my two most 
recent performances, but I appreciated that she didn't say anything. Perhaps 
she did believe I wasn't on to her- as we entered the room and I looked 
around the bathroom I noticed her in the mirror as she slipped the ashtray 
on the table out of sight. She was keeping this a surprise. I told myself 
not to say anything out of the ordinary unless she did, hoping for the best, 
that she might go though with her impromptu plan.

I plopped down on the bed- hoping to fool around just a little bit now that 
we were alone and had a soft flat spot. She insisted that she needed to get 
something to drink and proceeded out the door toward the lobby. She didn't 
take a key, so I confidently rummaged though our bags searching for hidden 
cigarettes in hope of a `wild' night and found nothing. About 15 minutes 
later she returned and I was in the same spot, watching a different show. 
She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, leaving no room to hide anything, and 
carried only a can of Pepsi. I was disappointed, but had hope that after we 
returned that evening she might still get `wild'.

Kelly came over and laid next to me, offering her beautiful face and soft 
lips to mine, which turned, as it usually did, into a wet drawn out kiss- my 
favorite kind. I could easily detect the taste of the Pepsi on her tongue, 
cold and sweet- but I also tasted a hint of beer- probably my imagination 
still running with the wild fantasy. After 10 minutes or so I asked her to 
lay on her stomach so that I might start the first backrub of the night- she 
is a backrub fanatic. I started at her neck and slowly worked my way to her 
feet over the next 30 minutes- using many squirts of the lotion we'd packed 
for this reason- She seemed quite pleased, and asked if I was ready to go 
out for something to eat. I think that despite my resistance to backrubs, I 
enjoy giving them to her- they are relaxing for everyone. I agreed that we 
should get ready and she said that she would be taking a shower to freshen 
up before going- if I wanted to join her. The room was warm- I thought I 
would lay there for just one extra minute, then go in.

When I opened my eyes, 12 minutes had passed, a true power nap. The TV was 
on some music station and without moving my head I could see her feet- and 
that she had decided to take a bath instead, thanks to the mirror behind the 
sink and the other mirror in the dressing area. She was a great wife, I knew 
that I was lucky, and that this would really be a great weekend together - 
and we'd probably even have mad passionate sex at some point, depending on 
how well the backrubs went- I think my eyes closed again. When I looked back 
at Kelly I could see that her legs were perched on the ends of the tub 
corners and her thighs were clearly out of the water. By very slightly 
moving my head I brought her lower body into view as far as her chest and 
could see that she was just shaving.

Just shaving? Shaving her pussy I should mention. My mind started racing a 
million miles per hour and it came back to me that we were in a smoking 
room. Now I was struggling to stay where I was, despite her invitation to 
join her  I thought I'd try and stay put to see what was up. Among other 
things, I enjoyed watching her do things, no matter what. I knew that when 
she was alone, she did things the way she wanted and they way it made her 
happy. The thought of her being pleased was satisfying to me- even if it 
wasn't sexual, because she was content-. But now, this appeared to be 
sexual! With another small handful of my shaving gel she lathered the 
outside of her lips and did the final shave- leaving a small patch above her 
pussy `in case she was in an accident', so the nurses and doctors wouldn't 
talk about her being bald- I stifled my chuckle about her using that 

Kelly finished up shaving and to my delight, gently ground against her right 
index finger as she was rinsing off her privates. She only slipped her 
finger inside a little way- and just 2 or 3 times, but she did! I loved to 
watch her touch herself- And to see her do it without me asking? Perfect.

She got up to dry off and I closed my eyes in fear of being caught- laying 
flat on my belly: to hide- #1, and conceal my hard-on- #2. I could hear her 
run the faucet - knowing the sink faced the other direction, I cautiously 
opened my eyes- she was beautiful! Standing in front of the sink I got the 
back view that I loved, naked, soft and clean! My mind was still racing but 
away from the `wild' track and onto thoughts of sexual pleasures that would 
be so much fun. I could see between her legs when she moved and could tell 
that it was soft and smooth. I loved to eat her at every opportunity (which 
she let me do frequently) and could imagine the feel of her smooth lips 
against my mouth-. She turned to put on her panties and I noticed that I 
hadn't seen these before. They were lacy, not quite a thong, but close, and 
they had stocking clips- they weren't a panty at all. She sat down to pull 
up stockings- also lacy and also something that I had never seen her wear. I 
couldn't believe what I was seeing! Almost one of those times that you 
wonder if it's really happening, and it was. After fastening the second 
stocking she stood up- again I slammed my eyes closed- she must have heard 
them shut- she walked out into the room and stood next to me- I figured she 
was going to catch me playing possum, but stroked the back of my head very 
lightly and bent over to her bag, then switched the TV off and returned to 
the dressing room.

Now I don't know if I should get up and take advantage of this entire 
situation or wait it out. I thought for sure if I laid still with my 
throbbing cock for one more minute it would burst. It didn't, as I laid 
there for another few minutes, listening. Hearing the roll of a lighter 
wheel I peeked out to see a white cigarette in my pure wife's lips as she 
drew on the end. Like an experimenting teenager, she coughed a little bit on 
the smoke, ungraciously expelling the smoke from her mouth, I closed my eyes 
again. I heard her move as if she was looking around the corner to see if I 
had awakened- then moved back. My ears must have grown because I could hear 
everything she did- even her inhaling, and the gentle exhale that I madly 
wanted to see. What if she didn't like it and didn't let me see? What if she 
freaked out and dropped her whole plan? I had to peek out. In that minute 
her smoking ability had apparently returned. She was close to the mirror, 
taking deep drags on the cigarette and exhaling- down out of the corner of 
her mouth- with great precision she directed the smoke away from her- I 
couldn't stand it.

I rolled over, sighing in the process and acting weary. Audibly I sniffed 
through my nose so that she might hear me become aware of the odor, and I 
said: "Babe?" as if to ask the question of- what DO I smell?!

I waited and said nothing.

Ten seconds passed, and Kelly appeared from the dressing area. She was as 
beautiful as I was used to, but tonight had embellished everything that I 
had fantasized about.

When I am overcome during the day with sexual tension and have trouble 
concentrating on my work, I need only lie back and think of a past or 
imagined situation with Kelly to propel my semen and tensions out of my 
hardened cock. Proudly I finish these self counseling sessions up with the 
contentment of having only had my wife- even in fantasy, proud to be 
faithful to her even in my mind. She does so many things for me there, 
though! Tonight, she seemed to have read my mind about what I had visualized 
and what I wanted to try with her; the way she appeared before me now made 
me tremble with excitement and perhaps fear- would it go the way I had 
imagined it for so many years?
Kelly walked over to me, clad only in stockings and a garter, delicately 
supporting a slender white cigarette between the ends of her right index and 
middle fingers, smoke faintly curling up from the end- Her hair was 
perfectly in place, her face as soft and warm as I ever had seen, her 
breasts the perfect color and shape, a small patch of hair over her privates 
and her hand---. She was smoking.

She stood at the edge of the bed where I was now laying on my stomach for 
about 10 seconds, my face about 16" from her body- at waist level. I looked 
up at her, locked my eyes with her and she smiled, lifting the cigarette to 
her mouth. Her lips parted slightly and just the very tip of the cigarette 
touched them as they seemed to melt together. Her cheeks hollowed a little 
as she drew in, her eyes squinting ever so slightly and her breasts expanded 
with the inhale. Then, she parted her lips and I saw the tip of her tongue 
withdraw into her mouth as she chased the smoke with a taste of air and held 
it- still locked onto my eyes- She held it forever, then gently let the 
smoke slip over her tightly pursed lips and into the room air. I didn't say 
a word. The details are as clear as If they were happening right now. 
Without speaking she reached out with her left hand and touched the side of 
my face, as if to lift me to stand, which I did fluidly. As I stood to my 
feet she turned to face away from me brushing against my engorged cock. I 
placed my hands astride her hips as I had 8 years before and stood behind 
her, my cock resting between the cheeks of her ass.

Kelly turned her head 45 degrees to the right, leaning it back toward me and 
raised the cigarette to her mouth again, she knew I loved anything to do 
with her mouth and it was now only 2 inches from my face. Drawing in on the 
cigarette, I almost felt as though we were one person, I could feel her 
chest expand against me, I could hear the air move- I kissed her right cheek 
near her ear, and moved my tongue across to the corner of her mouth, 
actually tasting a little wetness from her mouth as she smoked, with my 
tongue practically inside her mouth. It was dirty and wild and erotic at 
once. The sight of her exhaling away as I felt her press the air away-

She moved to a chair and sat with her legs apart. She continued to smoke, 
intently watching me all the time, allowing me to watch her without feeling 
awkward, it felt as though she enjoyed seeing me watch as she sensually 
sucked and blew alternately. I moved toward her and her legs parted slightly 
at my approach indicating what she wanted. It couldn't be much better! I 
leaned forward and started to kiss at her knee- traveling quickly inside her 
thigh and up toward the sweet spot I wanted so much. Kelly took a drag each 
time I looked up at her, allowing me to catch the entire series- inhale  
hold  exhale- With her left hand she touched the side of my head and 
confirmed that I was doing the right thing. When my tongue reached the 
bottom of her pussy where it was sooo smooth, she slipped her finger inside 
so that I could see her touching up close, just the way I liked. Pulling it 
out and letting me taste her from the tip of her finger was icing on the 
cake. Her stockings framed her smooth pussy perfectly, astride my head with 
their `wild' mood, and the cigarette, now short and near its end in her 
fingers, intermittently at her lips was now done. She crushed it out in the 
ashtray and asked if I would do her a favor.  `OK' I replied, and went to 
the door of the room to retrieve the rest of the 6 pack of Corona she had 
started an hour ago. She took one, drinking it in only a few seconds, giving 
me the opportunity to taste her cool, wild tongue- Our kiss lasted several 
minutes. It gave me the opportunity to taste a smokers kiss, it let her get 
a grip on my cock and balls, which I was ok with, and it escalated the 
sexual tone of the situation.

Kelly said that she was starting feel a little wild- would I mind if she 
smoked? I said that I thought it would be ok, handing her the cigarettes. I 
was now kneeling between her legs, she was comfortably in the chair. She 
flicked the lighter and inhaled, lighting up in only a second- exhaling the 
stream of smoke just to my left. As she blew that stream I leaned over to 
her left ear and whispered that she was turning me on, and stayed there for 
another second- waiting for a reply.  I heard her take another drag in my 
left ear, then exhale it against my ear- blowing gently on my skin while 
smoking, my cock was bulging between us- she took it into her free hand, and 
inhaled again as I pulled my face back about 12" watching her beautiful 
mouth doing this dirty thing- Just after she popped a little breath of air 
into her lungs inhaling, she moved forward to my mouth, my cock still in her 
hand, and pressed her now open mouth against mine, sending her tongue deeply 
into my throat. Her mouth now tasted dirty, but my mind powerfully overrode 
any negative sensation as she pressed her mouth into me- I was absolutely 
lost in her. I felt it coming as she exhaled, a superhot rush of air between 
us that I thought would choke me, but didn't. I remained locked onto her 
passionately probing with my tongue, tasting and feeling every move.

She had been encouraging me to enter her, which I now did- I tried to hold 
off, knowing that once I showered her with cum my tune would change back to 
straight and narrow- I was able to hold off, but rock back and forth into 
her just the way she liked it- a little finger stimulation on her clit, she 
looked like she was enjoying it- I leaned back, watching intently as she 
continued to smoke for me- As if we both had the same thought simultaneously 
she opened her eyes and inhaled again, exhaling this time up, and over my 
head, her perfect soft lips pursed so sexually- She continued to smoke a 
couple of times, then asked what I wanted to do. I was content just being in 
her smooth pussy, watching her smoke only a few inches from my face, 
unaffected by the smoke in the room, but she was looking for anything else 
that might be in the back of my mind- I was honestly satisfied- without any 
other hidden agenda on my mind- that I had been carrying for years- She 
appeared pleased, but asked if she could suck on my cock for just a few 
minutes before she `let' me cum. Without another word I stood to her side, 
next to the chair. She moved in close, as if smelling the sex along my 

She tasted just the tip in her mouth, which still was slippery and wet from 
her own pussy, then swallowed my whole cock, cleaning it of any evidence of 
her girliness. I got harder, she knew I liked to kiss her after eating her, 
that she might taste herself on my lips- now I knew she had gotten a good 
taste, and it unbelievably increased the level even more. She took my cock 
from her mouth and inhaled long and deep on the cigarette, only to slip it 
back in her mouth. Eventually smoke rolled out from the area, having escaped 
through her nose. I really wanted to cum, a lot. I leaned in to kiss her 
mouth, wet and dirty and soooo sexually pleasing.

Kissing passionately, I lifted her onto her back on the bed and laid over 
her, allowing her enough room to smoke as I guided my cock into her for the 
last time, I lifted myself above her, my arms locked, and in full view of 
her face, she gracefully continued to draw, and exhale just to my side.

Her finger darted in between us across her clit- signaling that she wanted 
to cum and she did, as I did, and then laid next to her, still engaged.

She took another long draw on her cigarette; almost matter of factly, 
exhaling to the side as she stared into my eyes.

She said that she was glad we had done that, she felt good. But she said 
that she didn't want to take smoking up again because it was smelly. Post 
cum- I agreed. She said I wouldn't have to worry about her smoking again 
unless I was careless and happened to get her drunk- which I'm sure wouldn't 
happen again for another month at least.

We moved to another room in the middle of the night and wrapped up our 
weekend with a series of backrubs that had been a long time coming. My mind 
was completely there, without anymore need to wander into the wild fantasy, 
and able to focus where I should- on my beautiful Kelly.

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