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(by, 17 September 1995)

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From: (Anonymous)
Subject: Repost - Kelly's story (young girl smoker)
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 15:20:42
Organization: Megaweb
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I wrote this little story after seeing a young mother and her daughter
smoking in a shopping mall one time. The incident occurred many years ago,
but I have often thought about it! I also have enjoyed the stories here,
and feel it's time to give something back. So I decided to write this from
the little girl's point of view. This is somewhat speculation on my part,
but I know for a fact that at least some of it is true, because I saw it.

Kelly's Story:

	My name is Kelly, and I'm twelve years old. As you may have noticed, I
smoke, and I love it. I'vebeen smoking for quite a while...ever since that
day five years ago in the Mall. This is the most special day I can remember,
because on that day, my Mommy let me smoke a whole cigarette for the first time.
	My Mommy always smoked. I can remember watching her when I was
very little...I can't even remember how old I was, but I remember that Mommy
always looked like she enjoyed smoking so much...and I wanted to do it too.
One day, she was in the kitchen cooking something, and the clothes dryer made
that beeping noise that meant it was done. She had just lit a cigarette, and
she left it in the ashtray while she went down in the cellar to get the
clothes. Well, I saw my chance, and crept over to the ashtray. I knew enough to 
know that the cigarette could be hot and burn you if you touched it the wrong
way, so I didn't even pick it up. I just put my lips on the filter end while it 
sat in the ashtray, and sucked on it. I remeber that the smoke tasted really
bitter, but it felt real warm going into my mouth, and that part was really
nice, so I sucked harder, and the cigarette made that sizzling sound that it
makes when you suck on it really hard. I had watched Mommy enough to know what
to do next. After I sucked on it for a few seconds, I opened my mouth wide and
took a deep breath...and felt all the smoke that was in my mouth go into my
chest. It was a really strange feeling, all tingly inside, and I got very
excited, because I was really smoking for the first time!  Just then, I heard
Mommy coming back up the stairs, so I ran into the living room, and blew the
smoke out. I had wanted to see what it looked like, but there was no mirror
around...I could clearly see the smoke coming out of my mouth as I blew it out. 
I got really excited then, because I knew that I'd be able to smoke too, just
like Mommy. I went back into the kitchen, just in time to see Mommy pick the
cigarette up and take a drag from it. I watched her with new eyes...because
now I knew what it was like to smoke, too! She smiled when she saw me, and
asked me what I'd been doing. I really wanted to tell her that I'd been smoking,
because I wanted to smoke some more, but I was afraid she'd be mad. But ever
since that day, I wanted so much to ask her if I could smoke too.

	I kept looking for a chance to smoke again, but it never came...and one 
day, while we were in the Mall, I couldn't wait any more and decided to ask her 
if I could smoke. We were walking around the Mall, and then she turned to me
and said, "Let's sit down so I can have a cigarette." I said okay, and we sat
at the nearest bench. As usual, she lit her cigarette and looked like she was
really enjoying it....and I decided to take my chance and ask her. I said,
"Mommy...can I have a drag on your cigarette? Just one? Please?"

	Mommy's eyebrows went up...then she laughed and shook her head, and took
another long drag on her cigarette. She really looked like she was enjoying
it... This was mean! I knew what I was missing...and I wanted to smoke too! So
I asked her again..."Please....pretty please?....just one little one?" She 
looked at me and laughed. She wasn't mad! She said, " want to try 
smoking, huh? Are you sure you want to try it? It might not be what you 
expect." Little did she know....I knew what to expect! Then she took another
long drag, and I watched, remembering how nice it had been when I'd done it,
and in my mind it was like I was smoking again. I decided to show her I meant
business...when she blew the smoke out, I leaned forward and took a deep
breath, trying to breathe as much of the smoke in as I could. Then I looked at
her, and blew it out. To my delight, I saw that I was actually breathing out
some smoke. Mommy got a real surprised look on her face, and I thought to
myself, Gee, she isn't even mad...maybe she really is going to let me smoke?
So I asked her some more...and she finally said, "Oh, alright,
here...but just one little drag. Do you really know how to smoke?" and held the
cigarette out to me. I still was a little afraid of it, though, and I said,
"I think I do, Mommy, but you hold it for me, okay?"

	Mommy held the cigarette in front of my face. I was so excited...she
was really going to let me smoke! I leaned forward, and sucked on it a little,
and even though it was still a little bitter, it just felt so nice and warm
that I sucked a little harder. Mommy pulled the cigarette away just then, and
I leaned forward a little more, trying to keep it between my lips, but she
pulled it away too fast. Then I opened my mouth and breathed in, just like the
first time....and I got that tingly feeling inside again. I looked at her
and blew the smoke out, and laughed. I wanted to do that again, right away,
and I asked her if I could. She reminded me that I said just one drag, and I
said I knew that, but I really liked it and couldn't I please do it again? She
smiled and said okay....but I had to hold the cigarette this time. This made 
me a little nervous, but I wanted so much to smoke again that I didn't care.
She gave the cigarette to me, and I held it the way I'd seen her do it, and 
realized that it wouldn't burn me if I held it like that. But now.....I
was holding the cigarette, and I could take as big a drag as I I
decided to see what a really big drag would be like. I put the cigarette in
my mouth and sucked on it as hard and as long as I could. The smoke felt so nice
and warm! Then, I opened my mouth wide and breathed in again, and that felt so 
good, that I took another smaller drag right away and breathed that one in 
too, before I'd even blown the first one out. Then I looked at Mommy, and blew 
the smoke out.  It came out in a long thick cloud....and then I handed the
cigarette back to her. She was smiling! She liked seeing me smoke!

	Mommy laughed a little as she took the cigarette back. She took a long
drag herself, and then she said, "You little inhaled and everything.
You really like it, huh?" But she wasn't mad! I told her that I really liked
it, especially when I inhaled, and was it my turn yet? Could I have another
drag? She smiled at me and gave the cigarette back to me. I took two more
very long drags and gave it back to her. Then she smoked it too, and put it
out. And then.....she told me that the next time we sat down, she'd let me
smoke my own cigarette. This made me feel really excited, and I couldn't
wait, even though I was really dizzy by this time. We got up then and 
walked around some more, and I started to feel better.  After a while, we were
walking by another bench, and Mommy said to me, "Do you want to sit down and
have a cigarette?"  I got really excited, because she was asking me if I wanted 
to smoke! I told her, "Yes, please!", and she sat down and took out her
cigarettes, and lit one. I sat next to her, and she handed it to me, and said,
"Here you go, sweetheart." I said "Thanks!" and took a big drag right away.
This was all I'd been thinking about since we had sat down the last time, and
it was just so good. Mommy lit another cigarette for herself, and we sat and
smoked and talked. I asked her to watch me while I smoked, to make sure I was
doing it right, and she said I was. She even showed me how to flick the ashes
off of it the right way. I found out that when the cigarette is almost done,
you have to be careful how hard you suck on it, or it gets too hot, and the
smoke is really strong. Well, I finished that one, and I wasn't real dizzy
like after the other time. And it didn't taste anywhere near as bad as before,
so I asked her if I could have another. She said we could share one more...and
then she let me light the next one. It wasn't as hard as I thought, and it
made me think that if I had my own cigarettes, then I could smoke any time I
wanted to. I guess Mommy had the same thought, because after we finished that
one, she told me that we could go and buy a pack of cigarettes for me.

	Well, that's how it started, five years ago, and I've been smoking ever
since. Of course, Daddy doesn't know I smoke, and this makes it hard
sometimes....but Mommy always makes sure that I have enough cigarettes, and
always lets me have a few drags of hers if there isn't time for me to smoke a
whole cigarette. She always brings me one at bed time, and I take two or
three very big drags before I go to sleep...and she always lets me have a
couple of long drags before I get on the school bus. The first time I did
that, I didn't blow the smoke out until I was sitting in the bus, and my
friends were all freaked out that I was smoking. Some of them even asked me
to teach them how to smoke, and now there's a bunch of us that smoke all the
time. They come over my house after school, and Mommy always lets them smoke
in our house as long as they don't make a mess. Some of them smoke those
low-tar cigarettes, and one of my girlfriends doesn't even inhale, but not
me. I really like to inhale high- tar cigarettes....that's why I always smoke
Newport 100's, and I always take big deep drags. The way I look at it, if you
don't inhale, you're missing the best part.  One time I got caught smoking in
the girl's room at school, and the teacher called Mommy in to tell her what
I'd done. Mommy walked into the principal's office, and sat down and lit a
cigarette, and asked the principal what was going on. The principal made a big
fuss. Smoking wasn't allowed anywhere in the school! My Mom just looked at her
and took a long drag from her cigarette, and asked why she'd been called in.
The principal told her that I'd been caught smoking in the girl's room. Mommy
looked at me and gave me her cigarette. I took a big, big drag, the biggest I've
ever taken, and handed it back to her. Then she looked at the principal and
said, "So?" When we got home, we laughed about it so much.

Well, that's it.....I also have the "mall" account written down from my point
of view (when I actually observed it).....if anyone's interested, I'll post

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