Kelsey's story

(by anonymous, 20 July 2004)

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Kelsey's story

    This is the true story of how my now ex-girlfriend became a cigar smoker.
Kelsey is about 5 foot 8 inches tall 105 pounds.  She has blue eyes and blond
hair that drops down past her shoulders.  We had been dating for over 2 years
when I first hinted that I was aroused by girls who smoked cigars.  We were
both at college so she promised she would smoke one for me the next time we
were both home.  In the meantime I told her she should practice so that she
was used to the taste and sensation when she did it for me.  At first she was
reluctant but she finally gave in.  She went to a nearby park after buying a
five pack of chocolate flavored cigars.  She found a secluded spot and took
out the pack of cigars and the lighter she brought.  She put the cigar in her
mouth and flicked the lighter to life.  She gently applied the flame to the
end of the cigar while slowly sucking in on the cigar at the same time.
After gently puffing for a little bit the cigar was fully lit and Kelsey
brought her hand up to the side of her face to remove the cigar from her
mouth.  She exhaled the remaining smoke in her mouth as she lowered the
cigar.  For the next 5 minutes, Kelsey practiced various techniques of
smoking.  Sometimes she would French inhale the smoke in her mouth, other
times she would take a cheek hollowing puff and let the endless cloud of
smoke drift out of her mouth.  

    The weekend came that we would both be together at home.  After
seeing a movie on Friday night we walked back to my car in the parking lot.
After finding a secluded place Kelsey removed a cigar from her purse.  I
handed her the lighter I brought and waited.  She took her long blond hair
and using a rubberband put it in a pony tail behind her head.  She then
unwrapped the cigar and placed it in her mouth.  "Can you give me a light?"
, she asked me.

"Sure." I said.  My dick was already getting hard.  I flicked the lighter
to life.  As the flame sprang up Kelsey leaned over with the cigar in her
mouth, supported by her right middle and index finger, and accepted a light
from me.  Her cheeks curved in as she puffed to get the cigar lit.  After
several puffs, she took a cheek hollowing drag as the end of the cigar glowed
red.  Removing the cigar from her mouth, she let her mouth pout open as a
gigantic cloud of white smoke enveloped her face.  After letting the smoke
drift out for at least 5 seconds she pursed her lips and forcefully expelled
the rest of the smoke from her body.

"How was that?" she asked sweetly.

"That was amazing."  I said almost speechless.  

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." She said.  Kelsey raised the cigar to her mouth
for another drag.  Again her cheeks curved in as she drew the creamy
chocolate flavored smoke into her mouth.  Seconds came and went as she
continued to draw.  Finally, she removed the cigar and opened her mouth
slightly.  The smoke, thick and creamy, left her mouth and traveled directly
up into her nose as she began to French inhale.  The smoke continued to waft
out of her mouth and up her nose as her chest expanded and she inhaled the
cigar smoke into her lungs.  Finally the last wisps of smoke trickled out of
her mouth and up into her cute little nose.  She pursed her lips and slowly,
in profile, exhaled a long cone of smoke, grinning slyly as she did so.
After finishing her exhale her left hand found its way down my pants.  

"How are you doing down here?" She asked while holding my now erect dick.
I could smell her smoky breath as she said it.  

"Would you like me to give you a hand job while I smoke?" 

"Yes, please." I answered.  She started to slowly rub my dick as she
brought the cigar to her mouth.  She took a deep drag on it as she continued
to rub my dick.  After removing the cigar from her mouth she seemed to almost
swallow the smoke.  She closed her mouth and began to exhale through her
nostrils only.  The smoke, in twin streams, flowed out of her nostrils
endlessly.  She continued to slowly exhale though her nose until the last
wisps of smoke flowed from her nose.  She continued to stroke my dick which
was close to cumming now.  

"Would you like to kiss a cigar smoker while she is smoking?"  she asked
coyly.  I shook my head enthusiastically.  She leaned over to me and we
embraced.  Her mouth tasted warm and smoky with a hint of chocolate.  It was
a wonderful taste.  We French kissed for a long time as she continued to give
me a hand job.  She broke away to take a draw on the cigar and then while her
mouth was still full of smoke she plunged her tongue into my mouth.  I could
taste the strong smoke in her mouth as she exhaled the smoke between us.  I
was lightheaded after we broke out smoky embrace and on the verge of cumming.
I eventually did cum as I watched in profile my sweet, innocent Kelsey french
inhale another drag on her cigar.  It was certainly a night to remember.

    Kelsey continued to smoke a cigar for me about once a month.
After about 3 months she decided she wanted to try wood tipped cigars.
Personally, I found them even sexier than regular cigars.  She bought a box
of wood tipped cigars and we went to a spot so she could smoke one.  She
unwrapped the pack and removed one of them, clenching the wood filter in her
mouth.  She removed the lighter from her purse and flicked it.  When the
flame shot up she moved it to the cigar while drawing on the filter at the
same time.  Once it was lit she drew deeply and removed the cigar from her
mouth.  The smoke she drew from this cigar was the thickest I have ever seen.
As she opened her mouth to French inhale, the smoke shot out of her mouth and
up into her nose.  She continued to French inhale for almost 5 seconds.  As
the smoke traveled into her nose some of it drifted up her fore head and
around her eyes and the rest of her face.  Her entire head was surrounded by
smoke as she inhaled a thick creamy ball from her mouth through her nose.
When she finished French inhaling she pursed her lips and began to exhale.
Smoke from her nose joined the smoke she exhaled from her mouth.  After
Kelsey's first drag the car was completely filled with smoke.  She just held
the cigar in her hand for a minute before taking another long drag.  This
time she didn't inhale the smoke.  She made a circle with her mouth and
began to blow perfectly formed smoke rings.  I could not believe it.  After
blowing 7 or 8 rings, she exhaled a thin cone of smoke.  She put the cigar
back in her mouth and took a long draw on it, after a few seconds she removed
the cigar from her mouth and said, while exhaling, "Want me to suck you
off?"  Before she could hear my answer, which was obviously yes, she
unzipped my pants and took my dick in her mouth, slowly bobbing up and down
as she sucked.  From time to time she would pause to take a drag on the cigar
and blow it out on my dick before resuming.  One time she took a deep drag,
put my dick in her mouth, and exhaled a stream of smoke out of her nose while
she was sucking.  It was another amazing night.  

    About a month later we went out bowling for the evening.  I had
just gotten my ball from the rack and was putting my shoes on when Kelsey sat
down next to me.  I looked up at her and she said, "Do you mind if I
smoke?"  She had a cute smile on her face as I replied, "Of course not."
"Good, cause I really want to smoke a cigar."  She took her pack of tipped
cigars out along with her lighter, which was colored red to match her nails.
Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail and she had on tight jeans and tank top
from Abercrombie.  I could not believe my girlfriend, who I considered to be
somewhat shy was about to smoke a cigar in public.  Boy did she put on a
show.  It was cosmic bowling at the bowling alley so the lights were off and
only black lights were on.  She put the wood filter in her mouth and flicked
the lighter to life.  The light of the flame illuminated her face as she
brought it close to the tip of the cigar.  I could see a look of
concentration on her face as she drew smoke into her mouth from the cigar.
As her cheeks hollowed she set her lighter back on the table and brought her
right hand up to her face to pluck the cigar from her mouth.  She opened her
mouth and performed a gigantic French inhale, the smoke hung outside her
mouth before curling over her lip and up into her nose.  Smoke continued to
flow from the two tipped wood filter as Kelsey sucked a ball of smoke into
her lungs.  She held the smoke in her lungs for a couple of seconds and then
pursed her lips and gently blew a plume of smoke out of her mouth.  Some
excess smoke trickled out of her nose as she smiled at me, holding the cigar
in her right hand with her wrist slightly cocked and next to her face.  It
was very hard to concentrate on bowling with such a beautiful girl smoking a
cigar right next to me.  When it was her turn, she took a cheek hollowing
drag, French inhaled the smoke and exhaled twin plumes through her nose as
she threw her ball.  I could see my girlfriend becoming addicted.  On more
than one occasion I noticed her take a double drag, smoke pouring from he
nostrils as she double pumped on the filter.  I noticed people staring when
Kelsey began to blow smoke rings.  They probably weren't used to a cute
looking blonde teenager smoking a tipped cigar.  Neither was I.  It didn't
seem to bother Kelsey though.  She enjoyed her cigar thoroughly, performing
all types of inhales and exhales.  Finally, when the cigar was close to the
filter she took a final deep drag, French inhaled a ball of smoke, and
crushed out the cigar in the ashtray before exhaling a long plume from her

    On the drive home from bowling, Kelsey lit up another cigar.  "I
didn't think you would mind."  Although I could not look at her the entire
time, I saw plenty of sexy smoking.  The car filled up with smoke very
quickly.  On one occasion, I glanced over to watch her take a drag.  After
drawing the smoke from the cigar, her chest rose as she inhaled the cigar
smoke.  She held it the smoke in her lungs for a good 5 seconds as a look of
bliss came over her face.  She pursed her lips and slowly exhaled through her
mouth.  A long plume of smoke reached the front window of the car.  Halfway
through her tremendous exhale she stopped exhaling and did a recycled French
inhale before exhaling through her nostrils.  I was speechless.  I have never
seen such sexy smoking in my entire life.  As I was driving, Kelsey leaned
over and kissed me on the lips.  I could smell the strong aroma of tobacco on
her breath, but it smelled wonderful.  She leaned over to me again and said,
"I'd like to go down on you."  After I pulled the car over she gave me the
best blow job I have ever had.  After I came in her mouth, she lit up yet
another cigar (her third of the night!).  She performed all the sexy smoking
techniques that drove me wild: French inhales, nostril inhales, and long
mouth exhales.  However, I had a feeling this cigar Kelsey smoked for her,
not me.  She had actually come to like smoking.  Her inhales proved it.
"Smoking makes me feel sexy, and I like the affect it has on you.  It's
weird, whenever I inhale the smoke, I feel full.  Whenever I want to feel
sexy all I have to do is light a cigar and French inhale."  

    This is where the story ends.  Kelsey continued to smoke for many
more months.  Since then we have broken up and I no longer talk to her.
Although, I am sure she stills enjoy a good cigar.

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