Kim and Mark (sequel)

(by, 06 June 1997)

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Perhaps you didnt receive this before....A continuation to "Kim & Mark".

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Kim, upset about Mark not coming home for another month, didn't sleep
well. He had left a message on the answering machine, saying he was
being held over. But the good news was that he wouldn't have any
overseas assignments for a while. 

She was restless. At 2:00 am, she was wide a wake again. This time she
reached over without thinking much about it and pulled out a VS 120. She
flicked her lighter and sucked hard on her cigarette. She inhaled deeply
and took another drag. She realized that it felt really good. She
watched as her exhale played in front of the window lit by the street
light. She finished her exhale and noticed the smoke still pouring out
of her nostrils. God, I have gotten into this. There is no way that I
will ever be able to quit. Mark better like it. And I seem to be
steadily smoking more....

She stretched and took another drag. She performed a French inhale.
Because she liked the taste of a French inhale she decided, and did
another one. She giggled to herself as she thought about yesterday.
First, there was lunch. She did some errands, after lighting up as soon
as she got outside and did two double pumps. God, she thought, I walk
down the street now and I almost always have a cig lit. But hey, I
really need it now. 

She stopped to eat at a small cafe and asked for the smoking section.
She ordered a black coffee and ordered a clam roll. She felt like
seafood. She opened her purse and extracted a VS 120 but couldn't find
her lighter. What did I do with it? She rummaged through her purse some
more. To her right, at the next table, she noticed a very attractive
woman watching her. She smiled and said, "Here use mine," and handed her
a silver lighter. 

"Oh, god, thanks, I really need this cig. I have had only three in the
last three hours and that is not enough anymore." Kim said as she almost
grabbed the lighter and hurriedly lit up, sucking her smoke deep down
into her lungs before she audibly exhaled.  

"Poor you, I am Sara by the way." She took a deep drag off her own
cigarette. Kim noticed the pack of Newports 100 on the table and thought
I have never tried one of those before. "You must work at one of those
horrible places where you can't smoke." Sara stubbed out her cigarette
and immediately lit another one. 

"I do, but it wasn't a problem when I first started because I didn't
smoke. I am Kim.  I only started recently and have really gotten into
and now it's a problem." Kim took another drag and exhaled most of it
through her nose, another technique that she really enjoyed. 

"What made you start? You certainly are not a teenager and that's when
most start. I started before I was 13 but didn't come out of the closet
until I was 16. My mom asked me one day when I was about 12 if I thought
I would smoke. I hadn't thought much about it, but told her I probably
would. She made me promise not to start until I was 16. That only made
very curious. Mom was already a heavy smoker herself then and was always
leaving her Marlboros around. So only a few days later, alone and bored
at home, I couldn't resist the temptation of her open pack on the
kitchen counter. I taught my self to inhale by watching mom."

"Wow", Kim said. "I didn't start until a few months ago and only because
I found out that my husband gets turned on by women who smoke. We were
at a party and he couldn't keep his eyes off of Patti who is a pretty
heavy smoker. I was really jealous and confronted him when we got home.
Then he told me about his attraction."
"Ah, one of those men with the fetish," added Sara. "He must be really
pleased that you have started to smoke then."

"He doesn't know yet. He is in the Army and overseas, but should be back
next week. God, I hope he hasn't changed his mind because I really like
it now and have gotten quite addicted." Kim said. 

"What do you do for work?"

"I am a secretary, receptionist, gofer, and sometimes research
assistant. " Kim said as she dragged on her cigarette. 

"And you can't smoke at work....too bad. You know I am looking for a
secretary, but she had to be top notch and smoke otherwise she will not
fit into our office. You have got one of those bases covered." Sara

"Hey, I am good. Are you offering me a job?"

"Yup and I will pay you well if you are any good." Sara said as she
light another Newport. 

"Can I try one of those?" Kim was curious. 

Sara laughed and extended her pack. Kim crushed out cigarette and
accepted a Newport and lit it immediately. She was impressed with the
richness of the menthol. Ohhh, I could get into these. Easily she
thought. "What kind of business do you have?" she asked. 

"I have a small legal firm. Do lots of real estate transactions. We also
handle collections for a few companies. That is actually more fun than
you might think," Sara said. Sara reached into her purse and handed Kim
a business card. "It is a small office, just seven of us, five
attorneys, a paralegal, and a secretary. We really need to boost our
support staff by a couple. It is too expensive to spare a lawyer to go
over to the registry of deeds. Even though we are highly computerized,
there just aren't enough hands." Sara reached for another cigarette and
lit up, inhaling a second drag on top of the first one before removing
her Newport from her mouth.  "And we all smoke lots. That wasn't
deliberate, but it has sure worked out well for all of us. All of us are
heavy smokers now."

"You know, I just might think about that if you are serious." Kim
responded as she took a huge drag herself and looked at Sara's business
card. "Dr. Robbins has been acting really strange lately. He makes me
uncomfortable and I would like more hours," Kim said before bothering to
exhale. "And I must admit, being able to smoke at work would be a real
bennie. Can't believe I am saying this. I sure wouldn't a few months

"Well please do think about it, but don't wait too long because I really
have to do something soon. And here. Take this half used bic lighter."
Sara said as she stood to leave. 

Kim thanked her and also left to return to the office. As she turned the
corner, she noticed two police cruisers in front of her three-story
office building. More than a dozen onlookers had collected on the
sidewalk. She spotted Rita to the left, obviously upset. It seemed that
a plainclothes detective was interviewing Rita. People, obviously
police, were going up and down the short flight of steps. Her first
thought was that Dr. Robbins had been in a car accident. But that did
make sense with all the activity. 

She approached cautiously, resisting the urge to hurry. Rita noticed her
approach, but the expression on her face didn't change into her usual
broad smile. The man in the rumbled suit taking to her turned around as
he caught Rite glancing over his shoulder. "Who is this he demanded."

"She works with me. She is Dr. Robbin's research assistant." Kim could
see Rita fumbling in her purse and guessed she was searching for one of
her VS 100s. The detective was now facing her with his pen and notebook
out. Rita hurriedly lit a cigarette and took two double pumps in a row,
obviously craving some nicotine to calm her shaking body. 

"I need to talk to you miss. I would like you both to come down to the

"What is going on? Kim demanded. 

"Dr. Robbins has been arrested for child molesting!" Rita exclaimed,
smoke pouring out. 

Kim was stunned. It wasn't something that she ever would have expected.
She quickly learned that Dr. Robbins was arrested at home early in the
morning. The police arrived with a search warrant and were now going
through the office. The detective asked is they had any personal
belongings in the office since it was about to be secured. They were
escorted to their desks and under the stare of the detective, they were
allowed to retrieve personal effects. It was a slow process since the
detective had to check every item before he allowed them to place in a

The detective insisted that they both join him at the police station
immediately. Rita was allowed to call a neighbor in case she didn't get
home before her daughter Mandy. He wanted them there within a half and
hour to answer questions. This gave Kim and Rita a chance to confer in
the parking lot beside their cars before they made the trip down to the
station. Rita had never seen Kim chain smoke before, but she immediately
lit another VS 120 from the butt of the one she lit as she walked out of
the office building.  Rita immediately followed her example. 

As they both smoked desperately, Rita explained that she had just gotten
back from lunch when in walked two detectives. They slapped a search
warrant on her desk. She didn't know what to do as the offices were
immediately filled with police officers who immediately begun to search.
As first no one would tell her why they were there.  Although they both
admitted that they sometimes felt that Dr. Robbins was a little strange,
they agreed they would never expected him of child molestation!
Evidentially, Rita who had overheard some of the officers talking about
it, they found several videotapes at his home of children engaged in sex

Both women climbed into their cars and headed for the down town police
station. Kim immediately shoved in her car lighter as she turned the
ignition key. She noticed that she was shaking as she placed her VS 120
to her lips. She quickly lit her cigarette but let it dangle as she
backed out and maneuvered through the parking lot. She managed several
drags and inhales before she removed her cigarette from her lips.
Traffic was heavy and she immediately lit a second cigarette as soon as
she finished her first. 

The same detective who she had spoken to at the office escorted her into
an interview room as soon as she got to the station. The room was small
and dusty. She sat a wooden table on a folding metal chair. She
immediately noticed the "No Smoking" sign. That didn't please her at
all, since she already wanted a cigarette. Her desire only got worse as
she continued to wait. Finally, the detective entered accompanied by a
woman officer. 

They immediately began with a whole series of questions starting with
how long has she worked for Dr. Robbins. They asked her to describe what
she did. They wanted to know the details of her daily schedule. Then
they started all over again with some of the same questions. They wanted
to know if she knew the doctor personally at all. And where was her
husband? Kim was starting to get annoyed at this routine, but they kept
at her for more than two hours. But the time they had finished with her,
all she could think about was how badly she needed to smoke.  The
detectives said they might have to interview again. They told her that
her friend had already left. 

She had her cigarettes in hand as she walked out of the station. She
stopped on the sidewalk, lit up, and executed a double pump, feeling
that wonderful smoke in her lungs. Kim realized that she had less than a
½ pack left and realized that she better stop for another carton. As she
pulled in front of the store, she remembered that she had bought her
last carton last Saturday. Since it was just Wednesday, she realized
that she must have been going through about 2 packs a day now. She also
admitted to herself that with the stress of these events that there was
no way she would be smoking any less either. She decided to buy two
cartons of regular VS menthol 100s. She remembered to pick up two bic
lighters as well.

As she continued home, she realized that she didn't have a job! Nor did
Rita. She knew she could survive on Mark's salary, but Rita would have a
hard time on unemployment and the occasional child support check. She
remembered Sara's offer and had her card in her purse. 

The phone was ringing as she entered her home. She knew that it had to
be Rita and it was. Rita was very upset and she could hear Rita lighting
one cigarette after another. Kim did too. Kim told Rita about Sara's
offer and found her card in her black leather purse. Kim offered to call
her right way since it was still before 5:00 PM. 

Bev, who Kim was to learn, was Sara's secretary, answered the phone. Bev
immediately put her through to Sara. Sara seemed pleased to hear from
her and was astonished to hear her story of Dr. Robbins. Kim explained
that both Rita and her were out of work. She added that Rita is a heavy
smoker too. Sara suggested that they both start tomorrow. Might as well
get right into it and we will see how it goes. "We are a pretty informal
office. Just bring lots of cigarettes." Sara said with a chuckle as she
was hanging up.

Kim immediately called Rita back. Rita couldn't believe the good
fortune. "And we can smoke at our desks? Alright……Cool. And I was
thinking of trying to cut back. Guess that isn't going to happen."

The next day both Kim and Rita showed up a little before 8:00 AM to
start their day. Kim and Rita both noticed that it was true. Everyone
smoked. There were ashtrays everywhere. They were introduced to the
other attorneys and staff members. All were women except for the
paralegal! Kim and Rita were each assigned to a desk in the same office
that they were to share. Rita was immediately assigned to work the phone
system and handle correspondence. Kim was told that she would be
assisting with collections. 

It was pretty clear that they were expected to smoke. Kim discovered a
large porcelain ashtray on her desk. Rita had a cut glass, blue ashtray
on hers. Kim and Rita both immediately opened their purses to find their
cigarettes and lighters. Rita remarked that Kim seemed to be smoking
more these days. Kim confessed that she was, probably two packs a day
now, but loving it. Rita conceded she was too, but wasn't going to worry
about. She did say that Mandy seemed a little too curious about smoking
these days. 

The day went quickly. Kim was glad she had taken two packs of her VS,
because she finished her first pack by 3:00 PM. She finished her second
pack just as she sat down to watch some TV after dinner. Without much
thought, she quickly retrieved her third pack of the day from the
kitchen cabinet. By the time she went to bed, she noticed that she was
more than half way through her third pack. 

Kim and Rita loved their new jobs and quickly fit in. Immediately, they
both started smoking more. Buy the end of the workday, it was usual for
Kim to have smoked two packs. Another in the evening was common. She
needed two cartons a week now, and admitted that she was hopelessly and
completely addicted now. Rita confessed she was smoking almost that
much. She added that she thought Mandy was smoking behind her back and
didn't know what to do about it. 

She has been working at the new job for about a month when Mark called.
She realized when she picked up the phone, she had just lit a fresh VS.
She concentrated on just nose exhaling, figuring that wasn't so audible
on the phone. Mark sounded very tired, but said he would be home in two

Kim was very excited! So much to do. She immediately light another
cigarette automatically and started planning. Her plan once had been not
to smoke in the house for a week before Mark came home. She knew she
couldn't do that anymore. She decided that she would try to smoke on the
deck as much as possible. And she would be able to smoke as much as she
wanted at work. 

Although the house was very clean, she started vacuuming immediately.
She washed the drapes in the living room, figuring that would get rid of
some of the smell from her cigarettes. 

What she didn't know was that Mark was planning on surprising her. He
was going to be home tomorrow. 

After work, Kim rushed home to do more housework. She made grocery store
stop and bought some food that she knew Mark loved and two more cartons
of VS for herself. She finished putting the groceries away and decided
she really needed a cigarette. She went out on the deck with her cigs
and ashtray. It was a beautiful evening. She lit her VS and did a full
double pump, something she did frequently now. 

She didn't hear the car pull up. She wasn't supposed to. Mark quietly
put down his bags and walked around to the side of the house just in
time to see his beautiful wife take a huge drag on her cigarette and
then execute a classic nose and mouth exhale into the still evening air.
He watched as more smoke followed from her nose as she breathed in and
out. His mouth dropped open as he watched her take another satisfying
drag and then smoothly exhale. He could feel himself getting very stiff
and hard. Kim turned and caught Mark staring. Mark quickly move onto the
deck and took Kim in his arms……

They both tried to talk at once. He wanted to know about her smoking.
This was supposed to be a surprise. He insisted that he was and very
pleased. She was relieved. Was she smoking regularly now and did she
like it? She confessed she was, but didn't let on that she was now a
heavy-duty smoker. And she loved it. She figured that Mark would find
out soon enough. 

They quickly ended up in bed and spent two hours making love. Kim had to
stop twice because she needed to smoke. Mark loved lighting her for the
first time. Mark slept soundly that night. 

When Mark woke the next morning, it thought was a dream until he spotted
the ashtry on the nightstand on Kim's side of the bed. He noticed a pack
of cigarettes on the dresser. He smelled smoke and went to the kitchen
where he spotted Kim in her blue bathrobe, cigarette in hand. He smiled
as he watched his lovely wife expertly take a drag, open her mouth to
reveal her smoke, and inhale deeply. He watched her intently as she
exhaled thick stream out of her mouth and nostrils into the bright light
of the kitchen window. He was fascinated to watch her begin to speak as
more smoke continued out. She completed her exhale deliberately as she
finished speaking and took another deep drag.

He walked over and kissed her deeply, sticking his tongue into her smoky
mouth, feeling himself get erect. Kim pushed him down in his chair,
laughing, and poured him some coffee. She crushed out her VS and
immediately lit another. Kim had been up an hour already, chain smoking
to make up from the lack of cigarettes the night before. But she need
them badly now and could no longer help herself. She worried that Mark
would be upset when he finally realized that she was a real heavy smoker
now and had no intention of quitting. 

Mark was shocked when he did realize that his wife was a very heavy
smoker. But he didn't mind a bit. In fact, he loved encouraging her and
learned to adore her smoky kisses. He always made sure Kim had plenty of
cigarettes in the house and would even go to the store for her when she
told she was getting low. 

At year later and Kim and Rita still work at the same place and both
have firm 3 pack a day habits. And yes, Rita was right. She finally
confronted Mandy who confessed she was smoking too and wasn't going to
stop. We her mother's permission to smoke, Mandy was quickly smoking
more than one pack a day during the school week and two on weekends.

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