Kim & Mark Sequel

(by anonymous, 29 December 1996)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Kim's mind seemed to go on overload: Mark will be home in two weeks, get the
house aired out so her smoking will be a total surprise, try and forget about
the advances of Dr. Ron Chambers from last night kept coming back to haunt

She must be losing it. Kim lit a fresh cigarette only to realize one half
smoked was still burning in the ash tray. Without losing any time she took
several really deep inhales on one followed quickly by the other. Rather than
exhale, she took shallow breaths to keep this quad hit of smoke deep in her
lungs. Holding her breath with smoke filled lungs filled was something new.
However, it did the trick as she experienced slight head rush and a euphoric
light tranquility overtook her mind and body. Smoking two at a time. That
must have done it. It was also a nice rythmn - first a drag from the right
hand then the left then the right ... wow!

Totally liberated mentally because of the powerful nicotine dose, she quickly
dressed, this time keeping a cigarette lit the whole time. Light one
cigarette seemed to put her in a good space.

The phone rang and it was Rita. "Kim, my mother just had a stroke and I've
got to fly back to be there immediately. I need you to take care of Mandy.
Many has a slumber party tonight that I can get her to cancel. Can she stay
with you?"

"Of Course, Rita," replied Kim, "and don't make Mandy cancel her slumber
party. I can stay at your house tonight and then Mandy can come home with me

"Thanks Kim. You're a god sent. I'll call & keep you posted. I have no idea
how long this might take."

Kim took a breather before finishing her makeup. Although she'd applied fresh
lipstick just thirty minutes ago, It was gone. There in the ashtray were five
freshly smoked lipstick stained cigarettes that she'd just consumed. Never
had she experienced such tranquility -- owing it all to the chain smoking.
Finally in her life, she could maintain her composure just by smoking!

All the way to work, Kim chained smoked with deep inhales and very slow
exhales to discover how much more benefit smoking was for her. As she walked
in, she was fully energized and not only finished her daily tasks but caught
up on a month's worth of work that had been put off.  She did require a
cigarette break every 30 minutes and super-inhaled 2 VS at the same time.

During lunch, she barely ate. Her mind was spinning about Mandy's slumber
party and how to make it memorable. Her relationship with Mandy had always
been great and lately she got the feeling Mandy idolized her. With her salad
only half gone and her ashtray brimming after the second emptying by the
busboy, she got up to leave noticing that she'd gone through a pack just
since leaving home. She thought, "small price to pay for such a great high
and being so productive." She stopped at the store and bought four cartons
instead of two. Now, she'd leave a whole carton at work and one in the car.
No chance of being caught out EVER!

The afternoon routine was broken by a call from Mandy verifying that her
slumber party was still a go.

"Of course," said Kim, "make this party your very best. Just pretend that I'm
your older sister and almost anything goes."

"I remember very clearly what it was like," Kim continued, "when I was your
age and I had it much too strict and couldn't even have a slumber party."
Yes, Kim did have it strict. Too strict. Getting past all the hang ups and
head trips. Take smoking. Perhaps in a more liberal home, she would have
discovered this great past time much younger! Then Mark would never have had
to gaze at other female smokers.

Kim had never smoked as much as she had already today and noticed a dried
throat feeling as she pulled in to Rita's Driveway.  Mandy met Kim at the
door with a large glass of wine, a practice that she learned from her mom

Sitting at the kitchen table, Kim found herself opening her third pack at
5:15 in the afternoon. Mandy, quickly supplying Kim with a huge ashtray,
smilingly said, "this should last you a couple of hours."

"I really enjoy smoking, but that's a big ashtray for me to fill."

"You know," Mandy quickly responded, "I can tell you enjoy smoking by just
watching you. I have always admired you and hope to grow up and be as
attractive as you. Since you started smoking, I notice an even more beautiful

"Why thank you, Mandy, for such a nice compliment. I really do enjoy smoking
and only regret not starting years earlier."

"At what age is it OK to start smoking," questioned Mandy.

"Depends upon the person. Actually when they have reached an intelligent
decision to do so. "Mandy, have you thought about smoking?"

"Oh yes, for a couple of years but I wanted to do it right before I told
mom." She started when she was 13 and I'll be 13 in 11 months."

An uneasy silence fell upon the two. Kim began thinking how neat it would be
for her to teach Mandy just as Rita had taught her. 

"Tell ya what," Kim mentioned casually, "I teach you to smoke after your
slumber party is over if you want."

"What I'd really like is to learn before so I can show off at the slumber
party. 'Also think I wear makeup? 'Mom has her Mary Kay Cosmetic Training kit
in the closet that we could use."

"OK, lets get everything organized and then if there's time we'll explore the
smoking, Mandy. Besides you might change your mind."

"No way," retorted Mandy, I know I'll like smoking after I see how much you
like it! I also clip magazine ads of pretty women who smoke. I want to be
like them"

Yes, thought Kim, she really had to admit the smoking pleasures were
surprisingly great and in about a month, smoking had put such a positive
outlook on things. Mark's time away from home was being handled quite well
considering. No depressing moments. Best adjustment was getting off sexually.
For some very strange reason smoking added to the erotic getting off. So much
so that two self orgasmic sessions convenienced her that she hadn't forgotten
how to put the finger on and in things just the right way.

Slumber party plans began flying as the two excitedly began making this party
the MOTHER of all slumber parties. Fueled by more wine and endless lighting
of fresh cigarettes, Kim was enjoying the liberated "anything goes" attitude!
Mandy knew when she had a good thing going and made sure Kim's glass was
never more than half empty of wine.

Suddenly, Kim remembered her college drama class makeup kit. Perfect for the
girls. Loads of makeup, jewelry and accessories. Mandy loved the idea. 

A quick dash around the block to Kim's and while in the car, Mandy asked if
they could stop at the 7-11 store and get a pack of Eve 120 for her first
smoking experience. It seems that Mandy had been reading cigarette ads for
quite some time and had fallen in love with Eve.

Both walked in to the store as Kim asked for a pack of Eve 120 Menthol. Mandy
asked, "think one pack is enough?"

Kim, in rare liberated form immediately change it to a carton instead! Once
again Kim became excited about sharing with Mandy just as Rita had shared
with her.

Opening the front door, the phone rang as Kim was getting all the makeup
stuff together. It was Mark. Once again Mark was putting a delay on his
return home. What troubled Kim the most was music and loud partying she could
hear in the background of Mark's conversation. Once again Kim and Mark
reiterated  their love and longing for each other. However background music
with Mark's call  went in to Kim's memory and there it would stay to haunt

Back at Mandy's, Kim went through all the basics about smoking. Mandy paid
little attention. All Mandy could think about was lighting up.

Just then the phone rang and Mandy answered. It was her mom, Rita. It seems
that she would be away at least a week and Mandy asked to stay at home alone.

"No way, Mandy Rae Stevens," exclaimed Rita. It was obvious that when Rita
used Mandy's full name this meant business.

Even Kim got an earful from Rita about Mandy Rae. All was settled that Kim
would take care of Mandy. Any special requests. Rita said treat her as if she
was your own daughter. Fine no problem was Kim's assurance. 

Kim was raised in a strict household and had always felt she would not be the
same when she and Mark had children of their own.

"OK Mandy Rae," it light up time. 

Holding the long slender Eve with her left hand, she brought it up to her
virgin lips as she flicked the lighter with her right hand. Slowly she
brought the flame to the cigarette. Mandy was trembling inside with
excitement. Her first puff was a shallow puff. A smile appeared on Mandy's
face as she did a second and third puff. Mandy looked so natural taking the
shallow puffs. Kim was quick to show her refinement in holding and praising
Mandy on how grown-up she looked. Kim repositioned Mandy so she could see
herself in a mirror.

"Cool," responded Mandy. "I really like what I see and the cigarette taste
isn't at all bad like they told us in school. Now I see why people enjoy
smoking cigarettes.  Do I look as good smoking as I think."

"You certainly do," Kim replied. "Now let do some makeup magic because your
two girlfriends will be here in less than an hour.

"Just call me Rae a sexy smoker and I'm ready for cool transformation."

For the next 45 minutes, Kim worked over "Rae" with expertise. Rae continued
puffing and really got even more excited as Rae had her first nasal exhale.
Arching her eyebrows, false eyelashes. Even false fingernails. Rae was loving
every bit of it and not getting smoked out at all. She was apparently well
seasoned with second hand smoke from Rita.

By the end of the 45 minutes, Rae was transformed into the appearance of
someone older and incredibly sexy to say the least. Her long hair had been
pulled to one side, a la Rita Hayworth, heavy eye makeup focused on her now
sensuous bedroom eyes and bright lipstick had been applied almost matching
her red nails.

" I am finally a smoker," Rae professed with pride. "Ever since the third
grade, Monica, Susan and I have played grownup and played like we were

"Tonight I'm going to help these girls growup for real," boasted Rae, who'd
obviously got her first nic contact high. 

Kim stood back to admire her transformation of Mandy into Rae. Nonstop
smoking and the wine were giving her a glow.  Every time she's think of
Mark's call and the background party, she slip further into avoidance with a
bigger gulp of wine and a triple pump on her cigarette.

The doorbell rang and Rae quickly went to the door with a freshly lit Eve
dangling from her bright lipsticked lips.

"WOW." COOL." was the exclamations of Susan. Mandy quickly lead her into the
den where awaiting cigarettes were on the coffee table.

"This is going to be the mother of all slumber parties, Mandy," said Susan.

"Call me Rae, girl friend," said Rae. Only smokers can be adult and Kim will
help with your makeup.  It's grownup time and smoking is the first step. It
taste much better than they told us in school. And I've got this great

Rae quickly showed Susan how to light up. Rae followed her through the steps
as expertly as Kim had done with her a little over an hour ago. Susan had a
little cough, but that didn't stop her at all. Susan took to smoking actually
faster than Rae did.

"So where's Monica," Rae expressed with a double pumped inhale.

"She'll be a little late," responded Susan as she experienced her first real
inhale. "Ohhhhh coooool. Yes. Yes."

"Well, she'd better hurry up." Kim is going to help you with make up while we
saturate ourselves with Eves. Tonight is "smoking young women" night in.
Maybe we can even find some hunky stud to give our virgin cherries to.  The
two girls giggled and laughed as they took hits at the same time and wouldn't
exhale until the other did. It finally broke with a cough.

Kim couldn't help but get wrapped up in the girls excitement. Kim was also
noticed a throbbing need between her legs. She was becoming incredibly horny,
but no way for relief - not right not. Her desire continued to intensify as
deeper hits of smoking seemed to be just fueling her more.

Once again the doorbell rang and Rae quickly lit a fresh Eve before going to
the door where she knew Monica was waiting.

As she opened the door,  Rae went in to shock. Stone cold silence.

Sensing something wrong, Kim quickly followed behind her and also went into a
shaky reaction.

"I came by to keep Rita company," expressed Ron (Dr. Ron Collins). There Ron
stood a bag of booze in one hand and a fresh carton of Marlboro Reds in the
other. Ron was decked out in running shorts, tight tank top that barely hid
his bush of chest hair and a Marlboro red dangling out of the left side of
his mouth as he smoked & smoked with the expertise of a well seasoned heavy

The room began to spin as Kim searched for what to say, what to do. Invite
him in? Why? Send him away? Why? Are the girls going to get out of hand?

Decisions were needed and Kim was at her crossroads ...

(to be continued...) 

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