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(by, 28 August 1997)

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    Kimmy's Story

    "Suzy, are you sure you have the phone numbers for all or our hotel's, Dr.
Jones, fire department and the Police?" Mrs. Edwards asked. "Yes, Mom, I have
them all for the tenth time, you and dad need to leave if you are going to
make the flight to Paris, this year," Suzy replied. "Don't forget Kimmy,
Suzy's in charge while we are gone. Grandma will stop every couple of days but
you mind Suzy," Mrs. Edwards said. "Yes, Mom, I will," Kimmy replied. Suzy and
Kimmy helped grab the bags and carry them out to the car. "Goodbye Dad,
goodbye Mom," the two girls called as the car pulled out of the driveway.
    Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were departing on a 6 week European vacation. They
felt it was the last trip they would be able to take for a while. Suzy had
just graduated from high school and would be leaving in two months for Cal
Berkeley. Kimmy had just finished her freshman year at Stanford High School.
The girls headed back inside. Once entering the kitchen, Suzy stopped at the
kitchen table, grabbed her pack of Marlboro 100's and lit up. Suzy had started
smoking when she was 16 and was up to a pack and half a day. "Well, Kimmy, its
just you and I for the next six weeks. I hope we have some time to spend
together with me leaving for college in a couple of months," Suzy replied. "I
know it will be tough with my job at Safeway, your job at the mall and well
you know Tom and I are pretty close," Suzy said and then took another drag on
her Marlboro. "That's OK, with my job at the mall, I won't have much time
either," Kimmy replied.

    The following week went well for Kimmy and Suzy. When Kimmy got home from
work on Thursday, she found Suzy in the kitchen talking on the phone. "Yeah,
Debbie, that would be great, see you girls about 7:30 on Friday," Suzy said.
"What's up Suzy?" Kimmy asked. "You are going to half to find dinner for
yourself tomorrow, I going over to Debbie's with some of my friends." Suzy
replied lighting up her Marlboro 100. "I haven't got anything to do tomorrow
night, can I go with you?" Kimmy asked. "I don't know Kimmy, you know that all
my girlfriends smoke and you don't. It gets pretty thick over at Deb's. I
wouldn't want you to choke or anything," Suzy laughed. Kimmy had been giving a
lot of thought to smoking lately. Two of the older girls that worked with
Kimmy at the mall both smoked. They hung out together during breaks and
smoking seemed to be part of their fun. Since both of Kimmy's parents smoked
as well as her sister, smoking wasn't much of a controversy as Kimmy grew up.
In the back of mind, Kimmy had rejected most of the anti-smoking rhetoric that
school had put out. She knew that her parents and sister weren't bad people
because they smoked. Kimmy knew that at some point, she too would probably
become a smoker. "Well Suzy, I could always start smoking too," Kimmy softly
said. Suzy took a puff of her cigarette and thought for a moment. Suzy had not
really started smoking until she was 16. Kimmy was only 14 but kids were
starting to smoke younger every day. Suzy thought that it might be cool to
teach her sister to smoke. "Are you sure you really want to smoke. It is
really easy to start but really hard to stop," Suzy replied. "Well, you smoke,
Mom and Dad smoke. Most of your friends smoke and lot of girls my age smoke.
So why not me, too," Kimmy replied. "Yeah, why not," Suzy thought to herself.
Suzy reached over and grabbed her pack of Marlboro 100's. She took one out and
lit it off the butt of her nearly finished cigarette. Suzy took a deep drag
and handed the cigarette to Kimmy. Kimmy took the cigarette and awkwardly held
it in her hand. "Suck on it like a straw until you feel the smoke in your
mouth," Suzy instructed her younger sister. Kimmy took the cigarette and held
it to her lips. She sucked on it gently. She noticed the end begin to glow
more brightly and felt the rich bitter taste from the Marlboro in her mouth.
She quickly took the cigarette away from her mouth and blew a small cloud of
smoke from her mouth. "That wasn't so bad," Kimmy said. "OK sis, try again,
only this time suck a little harder to get more smoke in your mouth," Suzy
told her. Kimmy again held the
    cigarette to her lips and sucked a little harder. This time as she opened
her mouth to exhale the smoke, she inhaled slightly. Kimmy immediately started
coughing as the smoke entered her throat and lungs. "Her, Kim, take a sip of
water," Suzy said as she handed the glass of water to her sister. "What did I
do wrong, Suzy, you and mom don't cough like that when you smoke?" Kimmy
asked. "Well you inhaled some smoke and you weren't ready for it. You can quit
now if you want." Suzy said somewhat hoping that this would be enough for her
sister. "No, I think I'm ready to try again," Kimmy replied. "Ok, you asked
for it. Watch how I do this, I want you to try it just like me," Suzy said.
Suzy took a small puff from her cigarette. She opened her mouth and sucked the
white ball of smoke down her throat and into her lungs. She held it for about
3 seconds and then exhaled. Kimmy nervously took her cigarette from the
ashtray. She took a small puff and just as her sister had shown her, sucked
the puff into her young lungs. Kimmy fought off the urge to cough and exhaled
slowly. A thin stream of smoke came from her mouth. At the same time, she felt
the first jolt from the nicotine pulsing through her body. "That was much
better, Kimmy. How do you feel?" Suzy asked. "I feel a little funny, you know,
kind of tingly and a little dizzy," Kimmy replied. "That's the nicotine from
the smoke. You have to get used to the smoke in your lungs and your body has
to adjust to the nicotine. You can stop now if you want," Suzy said. "No, I
think I will try a couple of more puffs." Kimmy replied. Kimmy tried a couple
of more puffs just inhaling a little bit of smoke with each puff. The effect
of the nicotine grew stronger with each puff until Kimmy was quite dizzy and
finally put the cigarette out in the ashtray. In spite of her dizziness, Kimmy
knew this was something she could grow to like. There was something that was
exciting about the mechanics of smoking. Maybe it was the glow of the tip of
her cigarette as she drew the smoke into her mouth, or the taste of the smoke
in her mouth, or the feeling of the smoke in her lungs. Kimmy wasn't quite
sure what it was. "That wasn't so bad," she said. "Well, I think that it is
enough for now. These Marlboro 100's are pretty strong for a beginner, you may
want to try something lighter until you are more used to smoking," Suzy said.
Kimmy didn't feel like trying another cigarette just then. She hadn't given up
on smoking yet, but she had had enough for the first time.
    Kimmy's next opportunity to smoke came the next day at work. Kimmy saw
Janet and Cindy getting ready to go on their break. Kimmy asked them if she
could join them and they agreed. Once outside the mall, Janet lit up a Newport
100 and Cindy a Marlboro Light 100. "Cindy, could I bum a cigarette from you?"
Kimmy asked Cindy. "I didn't know you smoked Kimmy. When did you start?" Cindy
asked. "Well, I've been smoking for a while now," Kimmy replied thinking that
it was a little bit of an exaggeration. "Sure, no problem," Cindy replied and
handed Kimmy a cigarette and her lighter. Kimmy put the Marlboro Light in her
mouth and lit the lighter. Remembering her experience from last night, she
gently sucked on the cigarette until she had it lit. She didn't try to inhale
and blew the smoke from her mouth. The taste was not nearly as strong as her
sister's Marlboro 100, in fact, she liked it. Steeling herself, Kimmy took a
bigger puff, held the smoke in her mouth momentarily, and then inhaled. She
only felt a slight urge to cough, much less than last night. She slowly
exhaled and was again thrilled at the sight of the smoke streaming from her
mouth. She also began to feel the tingle of the nicotine in her body. She took
another puff and again inhaled. This time she did not feel an urge to cough at
all. "Hey, this is not so bad at all," she thought to herself. Kimmy finished
the cigarette with no difficulty, in fact, she began to enjoy the buzz that
the nicotine level in the Marlboro Light 100 gave her. "I could definitely get
used to this," she thought to herself. Kimmy did not have a chance to smoke
again while at work that day.
    When Kimmy got home from work that day, she remembered that she was going
to go with her sister to Deb's house that evening. She also remembered her
sisters comments about everyone at Deb's smoking. She would smoke too, after
all she thought to herself, "I am a smoker now too." Kimmy picked up the phone
and called her sister at work. "Hi sis, could you do me a favor before you
come home tonight?" "Sure, Kimmy, what's up?" her sister replied. "Well, uh,
could you pick me up a couple of packs of Marlboro Light 100's, please?" Kimmy
softly asked. Suzy thought for a moment, then she remembered Kimmy smoking
with her last night. "Kimmy, you're not old enough to smoke, after all, you
are only 14," Suzy chuckled. Suzy then heard Kimmy take a breath like she was
going to go into a long speech or something. "It's OK Kimmy, I was just
kidding you. After all, I did give you your first cigarette didn't I. I'll
pick them up for you. You will have to pay me for them though," Suzy
laughingly replied. "Gee, thanks Suzy, I was wondering what was going on with
you. I'll see you in a half an hour," Kimmy replied.
    Kimmy could hardly wait for her sister to get home. She wanted to show
Suzy that she could now smoke with ease. When Suzy walked in the door, she
found Kimmy sitting at the kitchen table with a clean ashtray sitting in front
of her. "Here you go sis, I guess I am now guilty of contributing to your
habit," Suzy said as she handed over the two packs of Marlboro Light 100's.
She also handed her a Bic lighter that she had picked up for her. "That will
be $4.75," she said. "Thanks a lot Suzy. I really appreciate it," Kimmy
replied as she picked up her first pack of cigarettes. She studied the pack
momentarily. Kimmy knew that it would be the first of many in the years to
come. She quickly removed the cellophane wrapper and foil. Kimmy drew out one
of the long white cigarettes and put it up to her lips. Reaching out for the
lighter, she confidently lit it and held it up to the end of the cigarette.
Drawing in gently, she soon felt the smoke in her mouth. Opening her mouth
slightly, she dragged the smoke into her lungs, welcoming the smoke into her
body. It was the same feeling that she remembered from mall earlier that day.
Kimmy sighed as she exhaled, the pleasure of the first puff washing over her.
She quickly took a second puff, pulling as much smoke as she could into her
mouth before she inhaled deeply. Kimmy was thrilled with the experience of
smoking. She liked to see the glow on the tip of the cigarette as she pulled
the smoke into her mouth. Then there was the exhilaration of inhaling the
smoke into her lungs. She just loved the feeling as she exhaled a cloud of
smoke into the air. "Well, you certainly are enjoying that cigarette Kimmy.
Last night I wasn't sure if you would enjoy smoking. You seem to like those
Marlboro Light 100's," Suzy said. "Yes, I tried one of these at work today,
Cindy smokes these. I think your Marlboro 100's were just a little too strong
for me to start with. Do you always feel this good when you smoke Suzy?" Kimmy
asked. Suzy laughed and replied, "Well sis, when you first start, the jolt
from the nicotine hits you pretty hard with each cigarette. Over time, as your
body gets used to it, the buzz will fade a little. After a while, once you get
addicted to the nicotine, the way you feel will change but I know I really
enjoy smoking. It relaxes you and helps me handle the stress. I've been
smoking for two years now and I don't regret my decision to smoke." Suzy
replied. "How will I know when I'm hooked on smoking?" Kimmy asked as she took
another puff. "Oh, you'll know and that's for sure," Suzy laughingly replied.
"You will know when the first the you want in the morning and the last thing
you want at night is a cigarette," Suzy said. Suzy lit up her own Marlboro 100
and remembered how anxious she had been about her parents finding out about
her smoking. "You know Kimmy, if you are going to keep smoking, you are going
to have to tell mom and dad when they get back from vacation. You can hide
smoking for a while but eventually, they will either find out or you will have
to tell them," Suzy said. "How did you tell them about your smoking, Suzy?"
Kimmy asked. "Mom, caught me smoking after work one day when she came to pick
me up. She was kind of mad at me, but after awhile, she accepted the fact that
I smoked. I was 16 then. I don't know how she and dad will feel about you,
after all you are only 14," Suzy replied. Kimmy thought about that for a few
seconds and then said, "Well, if I'm still smoking when they get back, I'll
figure something out," Kimmy replied and then took a last drag of her
cigarette. "Kimmy, lets get changed and head over to Deb's house."

    The two girls quickly showered and changed into clean clothes. As they
came downstairs to head out the door, Suzy said, "Don't forget your cigarettes
Kimmy, I don't want you to be bumming smokes from me all night." "Oh you can
bet I won't, after all, I'm a smoker now," Kimmy chuckled. Once they were in
the car, Suzy said, "Reach in my purse and light me a cigarette Kimmy." "Sure
sis, no problem," Kimmy replied. She reached into Suzy's purse and pulled out
a Marlboro 100. She reached over and pushed in the lighter. In a moment, it
popped out. Kimmy took the lighter and quickly lit the Marlboro 100. Although
she didn't cough this time, she still thought that it was way too strong for
her. "Why did you choose to smoke these Marlboro 100's?" Kimmy asked as she
handed the lit cigarette to Suzy. "I don't know, when I started, I smoked
Benson & Hedges Menthol Lights like Mom. After a while, I wanted to try some
other brands. I tried several different brands, Salem 100's, Camel Filters,
Saratoga 120's and I even tried Pall Malls but I guess I came to like these
the best," Suzy replied and then took a deep drag, as she exhaled she
continued, "you will probably do the same once you are more used to smoking.
Every new smoker I know goes through that. It's just a matter of individual
taste. You should smoke whatever brand you are comfortable with." Kimmy
thought for a moment and then said, "I guess that makes sense." Kimmy was even
a little bit excited at the thought of trying different brands. After all,
there were so many that she could try. "You know Kimmy, you can smoke in my
car if you want," Suzy said exhaling another puff on her Marlboro 100. "I
don't know. I guess I'm still a little nervous about being seen smoking,"
Kimmy replied quietly. "Well, I know Mom and Dad won't see you. But maybe some
cute guys might. You know, there are some guys who really get turned on by
girls smoking," Suzy replied. "Well, I'm all in favor of cute guys," Kimmy
said. She reached into her purse, pulled out her pack and lit up.
    The girls soon arrived and there were already several other car's parked
in the driveway. Kimmy quickly put her cigarette out in the cars ashtray.
Walking into the house, they were greeted by Deb's Mother, Alicia. "Hello Suzy
its good to see you again, and you must be Kimmy," Alicia said. "Hi, Mrs.
Ames, where's Debbie?" Suzy replied. "Go on out back, all the girls are out on
the patio," Mrs. Ames said pointing out the back door. Walking outside, Suzy
and Kimmy found a group of 5 girls laughing and drinking soda sitting around
the patio table. Besides Debbie, there was Debbie's 13 year old sister Shauna,
Stephanie, Maria and Becky. Kimmy noticed several ashtrays on the table that
were already being filled with butts. In front of each girl was a pack of
cigarettes and a lighter. Kimmy was especially surprised to see a pack of
Newport 100's in front of Shauna, after all Shauna was only going to be a
freshman in high school this year. Kimmy was even more surprised when Shauna
reached out and lit up one of the Newport 100's. Shauna inhaled deeply and
exhaled a thick gray cloud of smoke, obviously not a novices' puff. Suzy sat
next to Stephanie while Kimmy took the seat next to Shauna. Pulling out her
Marlboro Light 100's Kimmy lit up. "Kimmy, so you're smoking now huh?" Shauna
asked in a husky voice and then held the Newport to her lips and dragged for
what seemed like forever to Kimmy. "Yeah, I just started. My sister taught me.
I didn't know you smoked Shauna, how long have you been smoking?" Kimmy asked.
"It seems like forever. I stole a cigarette from Mom when I was 9 and I guess
I started to smoke regularly when I was 11," Shauna replied. "What do your
parent's think?" Kimmy asked somewhat startled at this revelation. "Well, Mom
couldn't believe it at first. She made me smoke a whole cigarette in front of
her, I guess she thought I would get sick. Not a chance. I was smoking a half
a pack a day by then. After that it was no big deal. She smokes two packs a
day, my dad at least a pack and Debbie had smoked since she was 14 so I guess
they figured that it was inevitable. After all, if you believe the statistics,
3000 kids start smoking each day, and it was my day. I'm up to almost two
packs a day now on weekends but it was tough during the school year at junior
high. I'm sure it will be easier this year now that I'm in high school,"
Shauna replied. "Wow, that is so cool. Your Mom lets you smoke at home. I hope
my Mom and Dad are that nice about my smoking," Kimmy said. Thinking to
herself, maybe telling Mom won't be so bad.

    Throughout the rest of the evening, Kimmy had a chance to watch the other
girls smoking. Kimmy couldn't keep up with their smoking pace, after all, they
were all veterans. Each girl had her own smoking style and brand. Shauna's
sister Debbie smoked Winston 100's. Debbie liked to let her cigarette dangle
from her lips. Stephanie smoked Pall Mall's. Stephanie liked to French inhale
and the thick rich smoke from the unfiltered Pall Mall's clearly showed as she
did each inhale. Maria smoked Virginia Slim 120's and was very elegant in her
smoking. Each of her inhales was petite. Becky smoked Salem 100's and was
chaining from one to another constantly. Smoke always seemed to be streaming
from her mouth as she talked. Kimmy did manage to smoke 5 cigarettes over the
course of the evening. She even tried one of Shauna's Newport 100's. Although
she enjoyed the menthol taste of the Newport, she found they were still a
little too strong for her. Kimmy was still a little nervous about being seen
smoking by adults. At one point during the evening, Mrs. Ames came out and
joined the girls. Kimmy quickly hid her cigarette under the table so Mrs. Ames
wouldn't see her. "Shauna, could I borrow a pack of cigarettes from you until
I can get to the store tomorrow?" Mrs. Ames asked Shauna as she took one of
her Newport 100's and lit up. "Sure Mom, the carton is in my top dresser
drawer," Shauna replied as she exhaled another puff of her own Newport.
    Over the next several weeks, Kimmy smoking habit really began to take off.
Kimmy was soon smoking a half to three quarters of a pack a day. She asked
Suzy to buy her a pack every other day to keep up with her need. Kimmy's
inhales were becoming deeper and longer as evidenced by the darker filters of
her cigarettes when she finished them. She also began at last to develop the
addiction to nicotine that was inevitable for smokers. She no longer was able
to smoke just when she wanted to but she began to feel the cravings for a
cigarette. Not that Kimmy minded because she was enjoying the pleasures of
smoking and was no longer nervous about people seeing her smoke. In fact,
during her work breaks, she had noticed a few cute guys staring at her as she
smoked. Finally, her parents vacation was coming to an end. They were due back
on Friday evening and Kimmy would start back to school on the following
Monday. That morning as Kimmy was enjoying a cigarette with her morning
coffee, Suzy said to her, "Well Kimmy, Mom and Dad will be back tonight. Are
you going to tell them that you are a smoker now?" Kimmy took another puff on
her cigarette and said as she exhaled a thick cloud of smoke, "Smoking...I
don't know what you are talking about." She laughed and then took another
drag. "I don't think I'm ready to tell then yet. I'm still a little nervous
about that," Kimmy said. "Well, I won't tell them but I'm warning you, at the
rate you are smoking now, you won't be able to hide it long," Suzy said.

    It was a difficult weekend for Kimmy. She had become used to smoking at
home. Watching Suzy and her mom smoke around the house with abandon made Kimmy
uncomfortable. She was able to sneak a cigarette here and there without being
caught. Or so she thought anyway. Kimmy was able to slip over to visit Shauna
on Sunday. While there, Kimmy chain smoked four cigarettes. Fortunately,
school started on Monday.

    Kimmy got up early Monday morning. She quickly dressed and hurried out the
door. As soon as she was out of sight of the house, she quickly dug into her
purse and got out her pack of Marlboro Light 100's. She eagerly lit up and
took the biggest puff she could and dragged it deeply into her lungs. She held
that puff as long as she could, trying to absorb as much nicotine as possible
into her body. Only then did she slowly exhale. "God, I never thought anything
could feel so good," she thought to herself. She immediately took another puff
again holding the smoke in. Finally, the nicotine was beginning to work its
magic. Kimmy managed to squeeze 3 cigarettes in during her walk to school. As
soon as she entered the door, Mrs. Bachus, the guidance counselor grabbed her.
"Kimmy, I need you to sponsor a new student today," Mrs. Bachus said. "Sure,
no problem," Kimmy said with some relief. She thought Mrs. Bachus might have
seen her smoking on the way to school. "Kimmy, I would like you to meet
Elizabeth Johnson, she's going to be in some of your classes and I just know
you two will be good friends," Mrs. Bachus said. Kimmy saw a girl with dressed
in blue jeans, plaid blouse and long brown hair in a pony tail. "Hi, I'm
Kimmy, and I guess I'm going to be your partner for orientation." "Please call
me Liz, I hope we can be good friends," Liz replied. Kimmy thought to herself,
"Oh great, I hope she's a smoker and we will just get along fine." The two
girls talked for a few minutes about school. Kimmy arranged to meet Liz for
lunch in the cafeteria.

    Kimmy was able to make it through the morning but by lunchtime, she was
slipping into the craving that smokers no so well. Fortunately, she was able
to slip across the street to the park and have a cigarette before she met Liz
for lunch. Kimmy and Liz chatted over lunch. The two girls agreed to meet
after school and walk home together.

    Kimmy met Liz at the entrance to school right after the last class.
Walking out the door, they immediately crossed over to the park. Once out of
sight of the school, Kimmy reached into her purse and pulled out her pack of
Marlboro Light 100's. Kimmy immediately lit up and dragged a big puff into her
lungs. As she exhaled, she said, "Oh, I'm sorry Liz, would you like one?" Liz
looked at Kimmy and replied, "I've never tried a cigarette before." "You're
fifteen and you've never tried a cigarette, here, take a puff," Kimmy said and
handed Liz her cigarette. Liz took a small puff and quickly handed the
cigarette back. "Well that wasn't so bad was it. You didn't inhale, that's the
hard part. Do you want another puff?" Kimmy said taking the cigarette back and
dragging another puff. "No it wasn't bad but I don't think I should be
smoking," Liz replied. "At least I got her to take a puff. At least she's not
one of those hard case anti-smokers," Kimmy thought to herself. The girls
continued to chat on the way home. Kimmy had time to smoke another cigarette
before the girls parted at Liz's house.

    The rest of the week passed quickly for Kimmy. She was able to keep her
cravings in check by smoking on the way to and from school and sneaking of few
while her parents were out. Finally, the weekend rolled around. Suzy was
leaving for Cal Berkeley on Sunday. On Saturday night, Suzy came into Kimmy's
room. Holding a paper bag behind her, Suzy said, "Well sis, I got you a going
away present." Suzy handed the bag over and Kimmy found a carton of Marlboro
Light 100's inside. "This ought to hold you for a little while. You know, you
really should tell Mom and Dad. You can't sneak around forever," Suzy
instructed her. "I know Suzy, but I'm afraid they won't let me smoke," Kimmy
replied. "Oh, I think Mom and Dad might surprise you," Suzy replied.
    Kimmy had a rough time on Sunday. With all the excitement of Suzy's
departure, she was unable to get away to have a cigarette. She did have time
to give Liz a call. Liz said she had some exciting news that she would tell
Kimmy about tomorrow. While they were chatting on the phone, Kimmy thought she
heard the click of a lighter and a deep inhale but dismissed the thought. Liz
didn't smoke so that couldn't be what she heard. Finally, Suzy departed around
4:00 PM. Kimmy was said that her sister was leaving. Soon after she left,
Kimmy grabbed her purse and called to her mom, "I'm going over to the mall for
a few minutes, Mom." " That's fine dear, be back by six for dinner," her
mother replied.

    Upon arriving at the mall, Kimmy was able to take a break with Janet and
smoke a couple of cigarettes. At least that took care of her cravings for a
little while. Upon returning home, Kimmy found her mom sitting at the kitchen
table waiting for her. "You know its going to be different without your sister
around here." "Yeah, Mom, I'm going to miss her too," Kimmy replied. Kimmy's
Mom reached out for her pack of Marlboro 100's but the pack was empty. "Kimmy,
can I bum a cigarette from you?" her Mom asked. Without thinking, Kimmy opened
her purse and took out her pack of Marlboro Light 100's and held them toward
her Mom. Kimmy then realized what she was doing and said, "Oops, how did you
know I smoked Mom?" Taking a cigarette from the pack, her Mom laughingly said,
"I've known since the day after you started smoking. Suzy felt a little guilty
about letting you smoke so she called me and told me about it. I wasn't real
thrilled to hear it but your father and I talked it over. If you choose to
smoke, there is not a whole lot we can do about it. We could forbid you to
smoke at home but I don't think that would stop you now would it?" " No mom, I
would continue to smoke but I would feel dishonest about it. Does that mean I
can smoke at home now?" Kimmy asked. "Yes dear, you can smoke at home if you
want. You are not old enough to buy cigarettes yet so I will buy them for you,
but you have a job and you are going to pay for them yourself. That's part of
being responsible. If you have the smoking habit, you pay for yourself. Does
that sound fair to you?" Kimmy's Mom asked. "Ok, that's fine with me," Kimmy
replied. "Here, let's have a cigarette," Kimmy's Mom said handing the pack
back to Kimmy. Kimmy took out one of her Marlboro Light 100's and accepted a
light from her Mom. They both took a drag and the clouds of exhaled smoke
mingled as they floated toward the ceiling. "After all, I wouldn't want to be
the only smoking woman in the house," her mom laughed and took another puff.

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