Kristy's Transformation, Part 1

(by, 12 December 2004)

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Kristy's Transformation 

A Sexy Smoking Story by T.J. Hall 

Part 1 

My name is Tom. I'm 20 and I live in Tampa. Over the past 10 months or so, 
my life has improved dramatically. And, I owe it all to smoking. The 
interesting thing is, based on my driving record, I can pinpoint the exact 
date and time that it all began. 

Thursday, March 16th 

It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and it had turned into one of those 
really hot and humid days. It was the kind you get in Florida following an 
afternoon thunderstorm. I had just left my work-study job on a county road 
construction team. Normally, I would have worked until 7:00, but the 
thunderstorm was just hard enough and just long enough to convince our boss 
to send us home for the day. The job site was about 30 miles from my house 
and by the time I had driven 20 miles the sun had come out and quickly 
dried up the rain. I was heading north and about 3 miles from my home the 
traffic came to an abrupt standstill. I sat in the traffic for maybe five 
minutes until I had inched up far enough to turn off the main road and into 
an adjoining subdivision. My game plan was to wind my way through the sub 
and hit an east/west busy street, thus avoiding the traffic. I had never 
driven through this particular sub before and I noticed that the homes were 
mostly new and huge. I'm guessing that they each cost over $750,000. 

I slowed down to look at the houses and shook a cigarette out of the pack 
of Newports that rested on the bench seat of my Dodge Dakota pick-up. I 
pushed in the dashboard lighter and then I spotted her. She was pushing a 
baby carriage maybe 10 houses up. Her bright blonde hair caught my 
attention and I slowed a little more. My lighter popped and I pulled it 
out, but I never got a chance to actually light my cigarette. I passed a 
couple more houses and her body suddenly became silhouetted by the sun, 
which was now shining fairly low in the late winter sky. She wore what 
looked like an over-sized men's dress shirt and the piercing rays of the 
sun seemed to make the shirt almost transparent. I could make out distinct 
details of her figure and her figure was magnificent. A little closer and I 
could see that her breasts were large, very large in fact, almost out of 
proportion to the rest of her very trim 5'6" frame. She walked briskly 
towards me and her boobs were shaking beneath the shirt like they had a 
mind of their own. Then she abruptly stopped and fired up a lighter, 
bringing it up to the cigarette that I had only just noticed dangling from 
her lips. In the span of maybe 10 seconds I had become hopelessly horny. I 
couldn't take my eyes off of this Goddess. My eyes were laser focused and I 
stared at her blatantly. It was almost as if I was in some lust induced 
trance as I crept past her. 

The next thing that I remember is my pickup jerking wildly, followed by the 
airbag blowing in my face. I sat in the truck dazed for maybe 3 minutes 
because the next thing I remember after that was somebody tapping me on my 
right shoulder. "Hey, Hey, Are you all right?" a pleasant female voice that 
had an ever so slight, but incredibly sexy raspy quality to it, asked me. 

I shook my head a little and coughed up the airbag dust that was irritating 
my lungs. "Are you all right?" The sexy female voice asked again, this time 
with a little more urgency to the request. 

I finally glanced to my right and there she was. The goddess was actually 
leaning through my passenger side window. My eyes quickly focused on her 2 
enormous tits as they dangled no more than 2 feet from my face. This must 
surely be a dream or maybe I was in a coma. I know, I had died and gone to 
heaven. I blinked a couple times and impossibly fabulous tits were still 
there. This was certainly a dream, but it was real. I looked some more. I 
couldn't see any nipple, but enough of her ample flesh was showing so that 
I knew that she wasn't wearing a bra. Then our eyes met and her face was 
every bit as gorgeous as her body. It didn't look like she was wearing any 
makeup, but then again, she really didn't need to. I couldn't think of 
anything to say, so I just gazed into those beautiful eyes. "Would you 
please say something so that I know that you're ok?" she begged as she 
poked at my arm. 

"Yea, I'm ok." I replied feebly. 

"Good. Can you get out of the truck?" she questioned. 

I coughed again and said, "I think so. Sure." 

I kind of tumbled out of my Dodge pickup and leaned against its side. "Wow, 
are you sure you're ok? You look kind of woozy." The gorgeous blond said as 
she stood next to me. 

I was just at the beginning phase of being able to think and talk at the 
same time. "I guess, I guess I'm just shook up from the airbags going off. 
God I've never experienced anything like that before. Those things really 
pop you!" 

"Thank God. I'm so glad you're all right. You really hit that telephone 
pole pretty hard. And, I've already called 911 from my cell phone. The 
dispatcher said there is a car in the neighborhood that can be here in a 
minute or 2." 

I thanked her, but I was actually bummed because she had just snuffed out 
her cigarette and I probably wouldn't get a chance to see her smoke another 
one. I assumed that once the cop showed up, the goddess would probably head 
off with her baby. I was now thinking clearly enough to realize that I only 
had a short window of opportunity to look her over, up close. God damn, she 
was just perfect. I imagined that the baby couldn't possibly be hers. Her 
figure was just too perfect. In fact, it was better than perfect and the 
best thing was, she was a smoker. Glancing all the way to her feet, I 
figured out why her boobs bounced so nicely as she walked. She was wearing 
little strapless sandals with 4 inch heals. My girlfriend has an identical 
pair and she always said it was impossible to take long strides in such 
precarious little shoes. So, the little baby steps that the goddess took 
made her boobs jiggle, not bounce really, just jiggle. 

My subtle inspection ended when the squad car pulled up about 10 seconds 
later. A lone female officer got out and walked toward us. The officer 
looked to be maybe 35, about 5'9" and not very pretty. Out of the corner of 
my eye I noticed the blond buttoning 2 more buttons on her blouse. I 
guessed that since it was a women cop that had shown up, the cleavage show 
was over. "Well what happened here?" The cop asked. 

I told her that I had dropped my lighter while trying to light my cigarette 
and lost control of my truck long enough to plow into the telephone pole. 
The cop actually pointed out all the tobacco that covered my shirt and 
face. Then, she asked me if I had been drinking. 

I quickly replied "No" and she believed me. Then she asked the blond 
goddess if she had witnessed the accident. 

The goddess replied, "Actually, no. I was walking my daughter and I vaguely 
remember the truck passing me. Then, the next thing I heard was the crash. 
So, I came over to see if he was ok and I called you." "Well we appreciate 
your help ma'am." The cop replied. 

"Could both of you wait here a minute or two and son, I will need your 
license and registration." 

It took me a few seconds to find both documents in my wallet. Then I handed 
them to the cop and she turned and headed back to her squad car. Instead of 
obsessing about the accident, the only thought that popped into my mind was 
that I found it hard to believe that the little baby in the stroller 
actually belonged to the blond goddess. 

"I guess we haven't been introduced, my name is Tawny." The goddess said. 

"Oh hi, I guess I've been rude. My name is Tom and I thank you for helping 
me out here. This is the first accident I've ever been in and I appreciate 
your calling the police and all." I was trying to talk to her face and not 
stare at her amazing breasts. But, I'm pretty sure I was failing miserably. 

"You're welcome Tom. Little Amanda and I were just taking a walk so it's 
really not a problem." 

While all this had transpired, Tawny had pretty much ignored her baby who 
was perfectly content in her carriage. I'll guess Amanda was 6 months old, 
but I'm not a very good judge of infant's ages. Just then the baby started 
to fuss and Tawny bent over to pick her up. There, suddenly flashed before 
my eyes was an ass that was so perfect, I, once again, began to seriously 
doubt that Amanda was her's. Maybe Amanda was adopted. I mean, real women 
just don't recover from birth that fast. Then again, Tawny was not like any 
other women I'd ever met. "God damn, she's wearing a thong! This whole 
scene is just too unbelievable." I thought 

Tawny held her baby upright against her soft, pillow like breasts and 
rocked back and forth. This had an instant soothing effect on the baby and 
she stopped crying almost at once. 

A few minutes later the cop left her car and returned to us. She handed me 
back my documents and then she said, "From the looks of the way your bumper 
is pushed up against your tire, you can't drive the vehicle so I've called 
you a tow truck. The dispatcher says it will be at least an hour and a 
half, maybe two before the truck will get here. I've also issued you a 
citation for careless driving. I know it's not illegal to smoke while you 
drive, but if you're going to do it, you'll have to be more careful." I 
thanked her halfheartedly and she drove off. 

Tawny then said, "Tom, it's hotter than hell out here. I only live a couple 
doors down. Why don't you wait for the tow truck at my house? We can have a 
cold drink and besides, now that I'm a stay at home mom, I'd really 
appreciate the company." 

I couldn't believe my good fortune and I didn't want to blow my 
opportunity. But, how would the tow truck driver know where I was? I 
thought. I thanked her and said she was being too nice. 

Tawny must have read my mind because she reached into her purse and pulled 
out a note pad. "I'll write my number on this sheet of paper to let the 
driver know where you are." She said as she wrote the note. 

She placed the note on the driver's seat and we began to walk towards her 
house. As we walked, I wished I had eyes on the sides of my head, because I 
wanted to see those luscious boobs wiggling freely again, but it would have 
been way too obvious if I had stared at them. I did turn back twice to look 
at my pickup truck jammed up against the pole and I was becoming more 
pissed by the minute. 

Tawny asked me a couple friendly little questions and I don't even remember 
what they were. I must have answered her curtly. 

It only took us a couple minutes to get to her front door and her house was 
magnificent. She lived in a sprawling, 4 bedroom ranch which was 
beautifully landscaped. Before we entered, she asked me to take off my 
boots, which were covered with mud. While I did that, she suggested that I 
also remove my airbag dust saturated t-shirt. I pulled the shirt over my 
head and then shook it out pretty well before laying it on the porch next 
to my shoes. 

"You're a pretty buff guy." She complimented me. 

I said, "Thanks. I guess I've gotten into pretty good shape working on my 
construction job." 

"I'll say. Let's get out of this hot sun. I'm really thirsty." She replied. 

I followed Tawny and the baby into the kitchen, which was quite large. 
There were lots of cupboards and an island in the middle. Off to the right 
was a very modern and expensive looking glass-topped table surrounded by 4 
steel and leather chairs. I sat in the far back chair on purpose. My mind 
had cleared enough for me to realize that if I sat in that chair, I'd be 
able to easily stare at Tawny when she was in the kitchen. She plopped baby 
Amanda into a little bouncy baby seat that was stuck in the middle of the 
table. Then she pulled a new pack of Virginia Slims out of her purse and 
quickly lit one up. She did a perfectly deep double pump, holding the 
second inhale for at least 4 seconds, then she turned to me, doing a 
talking exhale, and said "Here, would you like one of my cigarettes?" She 
pushed the pack over towards me and then asked me what I wanted something 
to drink. 

I didn't answer her right away. I was more interested in admiring her 
smoking style. None of the teenage girls that I hung out with had ever done 
what she just did. In fact, she never actually exhaled after the awesome 
double pump that she had just pulled into her lungs. Instead, Tawny just 
took a bunch of short little breaths that almost looked like panting. 
Serious volumes of smoke flowed out of her nose and mouth for what must 
have been 6 of those short breaths. Finally I replied to her question, "I 
don't care, Coke I guess, whatever." 

She just said "OK.", and walked into the kitchen. She stuck the cigarette 
between her lips, right in the middle of her mouth. Then, she just let it 
dangle there while she filled 2 glasses with ice and then pulled a large 
bottle of Coke out of the fridge. By the time she returned to the table 
with our drinks she had taken 4 deep drags on the cigarette and had never 
removed it from her mouth. She handed me my drink and I just stared in awe 
at the smoke that streamed non-stop from her beautiful mouth. By the time 
Tawny finally pulled the cigarette out of her mouth, it was almost half 
smoked. She deftly flicked the long ash into the ashtray on the table. 
After that, she rested her cigarette on the ashtray. I pulled one of her VS 
100's out of the pack, thanked her for the drink and asked if I could 
borrow her lighter. She kind of chuckled and said as she retrieved it from 
her purse, "Guess you can't smoke it if you can't light it." 

Tawny sat in the chair to my left and pulled her baby's bouncy seat around 
so that the baby faced her. Then she took another deep drag on her 
cigarette but turned her head away to avoid exhaling on little Amanda. 
Through the glass topped table I noticed that she sat with her legs spread 
comfortably far apart in what my mother would have called "A most 
unladylike position". It bummed me though because the long shirt that she 
wore made it impossible for me to see the front of her thong panty. 

I hadn't said much while all this was going on. I was content to just watch 
Tawny smoke. God she looked so sexy. Then, she turned to me and said, "Tom, 
you seem real uptight, almost angry. I know you were just in an accident, 
but are you sure that you are ok?" 

I thought for a second, while I exhaled my drag. (The Virginia Slims 
weren't bad. They seemed a little lighter than my Newports and I missed the 
menthol, but these would do for now.) "I guess, I don't know, I guess I'm 
just kind of pissed. I mean the truck is 2 years old, but I just bought it 
6 weeks ago, so it's brand new to me. And, this ticket is going to cost me 
$75. Then, my insurance will go up. I'll bet my truck will probably be in 
the shop for weeks and my parents will be like furious. I just know they 
won't believe my story of how it happened." 

"Why don't you just tell them the truth? When I was your age, the truth 
occasionally worked." She said in a reassuring voice. 

"Jesus Christ, I just can't tell them the truth!" I exclaimed. 

Tawny had a puzzled look on her face. "Why? Didn't you just tell the truth 
to the cop? Even though she wrote you a ticket, I think the cop believed 
you." Tawny said this and then paused to take a last drag off her 
cigarette. Her cheeks caved in big time as she sucked hard for what seemed 
like 5 or 6 seconds. Then, she snapped open her mouth and noisily inhaled 
the entire dense ball of smoke into her lungs. While she held her inhale 
she gave me a questioning look. Then, she asked me through a talking 
exhale, "So what is the truth?" 

I took a long drag on my cigarette and inhaled very deeply. I was trying to 
figure out how to respond to her question. I really couldn't think of any 
correct way to tell her the truth, but, the longer I paused, the more 
awkward the moment was becoming. Besides, I was distracted by the tiny jets 
of smoke that seemed to continuously seep out of her nose and mouth. So 
finally, I just began talking. "Tawny, I didn't drop my lighter. Lord knows 
I've been smoking in cars for over 2 years now. I've never dropped a 
lighter and lost control of my car." 

"So what exactly did happen?" she asked, now more curious than ever. 

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I was looking at you. I 
mean, for some reason I just couldn't take my eyes off of you. And when you 
lit that cigarette, I just lost it." 

"You mean it was my fault you hit that pole?" Tawny asked in shocked 

"No, no, It was my fault. I mean I was driving. I just thought you looked 
so beautiful walking like that. I mean, you looked so sexy. I was so 
distracted." I knew that I was babbling again and Tawny actually rescued me 
by interrupting. 

"Looking sexy? This old shirt is not sexy." She responded quickly as she 
glanced down at what she was wearing as if to verify her claim. 

"Oh, it is when the sun shines through it. I could see every inch of your 
figure. Please don't be mad at me. Its just that I couldn't help looking. I 
just don't understand why you would go out in public looking like that? 
Don't you feel uncomfortable?" I questioned back. 

She paused to light another cigarette and after sucking down a deep double 
pump to get it started, her tone changed. "Listen Tom, I guess I'm 
flattered in a way. And, I'm sorry if I caused your accident. But, I'll be 
honest with you. I do feel uncomfortable going out dressed like this." 

"Then why do you? I mean, you could certainly dress more conservative." I 
asked back. 

"Oh no dear boy." she chuckled. "You don't understand. My husband and I are 
practicing Naturists." 

"Practicing what?" I interrupted. 

She chuckled again as she exhaled the smoke from her most recent long drag. 
"We like to call ourselves "Naturists" but you probably know us by our more 
common name as "Nudists". You see Tom, I always feel more comfortable when 
I'm not wearing any cloths at all." 

Tawny's revelation took me completely by surprise and I stuttered back, "So 
you, you, I mean, you, you like being naked in public?" 

She replied, "No, not in public, at least not in your definition of 
"Public". What I really mean is, I just like being naked all the time, 
regardless of where I am. Anyway, my husband and I belong to a couple 
different resorts where we usually spend most of our weekends with our 

With the help of my own double pump on my cigarette, I was rapidly 
recovering from my initial shock. "So does this mean that you feel 
uncomfortable right now?" 

Tawny's cheeks caved in from the strong suction that she applied to the 
filter of her Virginia Slim. I heard a faint hissing sound as she sucked 
all the smoke into the deep recesses of her lungs. Tawny held the smoke in 
her lungs for about 5 seconds before responding, "No. I'm not exactly 
uncomfortable right now, but the fact of the matter is, if you weren't here 
right now, I would be nude. See it's like if I wear cloths for too long or 
especially really tight cloths, I actually become almost claustrophobic. 
And, even though I'm OK right now, I would feel a whole lot more 
comfortable if I were naked. Have you ever spent a lot of time in the nude, 
like with other people?" 

I was kind of surprised by her question, but I answered her honestly. "No. 
I've never been to, you know, like a nude beach or anything." Then I 
quickly added, "But I'm not against it. You know, I think it might be, I 
don't know, fun. And Tawny listen, this is your house and if you don't want 
to wear any cloths, go right ahead. I mean, I'm like the guest and you 
really should be comfortable in your own home." 

She smiled at me as she took a last hit off her VS 100 and after holding 
the inhale for at least 6 seconds, she said with a perfect talking exhale, 
"You're not kidding are you?" 

"No, no, not at all. I'm serious. It will not bother me a bit." I replied, 
trying to make my answer sound as sincere as possible. 

"Well OK." She said with a faint smile on her face. 

Tawny stood on her little high heeled sandals and slipped her hand up under 
the hem of her blouse. She quickly tugged her thong panties down to her 
knees and then she looked in my eyes as she wriggled them the rest of the 
way down her legs. Once her panties had hit the floor, she easily stepped 
out of them as if she had done it a million times before. Then, she reached 
down and lit another cigarette, took a rather large drag and then left the 
cigarette to dangle from her lips as she began to unbutton the shirt from 
the neck down. My heart was just about bursting from my chest in 
anticipation. In just a matter of moments, I was finally going to see 
Tawny's magnificent body in all its naked glory. Once the last button was 
undone, she didn't hesitate a bit before shrugging the shirt off her 
shoulders and down her arms. It was very obvious that being naked was 
indeed Tawny's natural state. She hit her cigarette one more time before 
bending over and placing it in the ashtray. I watched in amazement as her 
heavy boobs dangled freely from her chest. Those tits had to be at least 9 
inches long. Then, as Tawny reclined comfortably back into her chair, she 
exhaled a huge plume of smoke toward the ceiling. 

I couldn't believe what was happening. This was some surreal dream. Here I 
was sitting with an unbelievably gorgeous women and her baby and she just 
strips right in front of me like it's the most natural thing to do on 
earth. Once seated, Tawny resumed her previous position. Her legs couldn't 
have been spread apart any wider and through the glass top I couldn't help 
but notice that she was a natural blond. Her little hair patch was trimmed 
into a perfect strippers landing strip. And yet, her posture seemed so 
natural, so normal. God her body was even more spectacular than I had 
imagined. Her legs were firm. Her hips were perfectly proportioned to her 
height. Her waist was tight and flat and her tits were way too big for the 
rest of her 5'6" body. Her football shaped boobs drooped so nicely. Now, as 
she hunched over with her elbows on the table, her boobs hung down heavily, 
almost to her navel. Her nipples were large and dark and stuck out about  
an inch. And, now I was the one who was uncomfortable. My cock was aching 
as it strained to be free from the briefs that caged it in. 

"You know Tom, this does feel a whole lot better. Thank you for not being 
all hung up about nudity like most people I run into." When she said that, 
it interrupted my fantasy. She took a nice long drag on her cigarette and 
looked at me while doing a breathing exhale, as if it was now my turn to 
say something. 

Just then, Amanda made a couple little fussy noises and Tawny's attention 
returned to her daughter. She bounced the little baby seat and cooed, "Now 
Amanda darling, it's not quite time for your late afternoon snack. Oh, but 
you see my tits don't you? Well baby girl it's just not time to eat yet. Be 
patient. Yes my sweet, the girls in our family like being naked don't we? 
But you're just going to have to wait awhile before you can suck on my 
boobies." God the way that Tawny baby talked to her daughter got me even 
hornier, but at least I had finally thought of something to say. 

"So how did you become a Naturist?" I asked rather lamely. 

"Well it's kind of a long story." She said as she lit another cigarette by 
using the smoldering stub of the one that she had just finished. "I was 
actually quite the prude when I was a teenager. Oh my boobs were already 
big by the time I was 14, but I was probably 40 pounds heavier than I am 
today, so boys didn't pay much attention to me. And, I was actually quite 
happy with that. Anyway, my high school years were no great shakes, but 
when I went to community college, I decided I wanted a social life. So, I 
started smoking at 18 as a way to control my appetite and it worked pretty 

Tawny paused to do a double pump and I lit up again as well. "During those 
2 years I dated a few guys and was pretty satisfied with my social life, 
but I was unattached when I graduated and got my first job as a legal 
assistant. That's where I met Rob, my husband. It was pretty much love at 
first sight. He's 4 years older than me and I think he's really good 
looking. Anyway, that summer he had just finished up his undergrad program 
and was interning with my firm. Less than a week after I met him, he asked 
me out on our first date and by the end of that date, I knew I wanted to 
marry him. Right away however, I found out he had a strong smoking fetish. 
He just absolutely loves watching pretty girls smoke cigarettes. And, I had 
no problem with granting him his wish. But, in order to really turn him on, 
I needed to perfect my smoking style. I had to learn all the techniques of 
sexy smoking." 

At that point I chimed in, "Tawny, I think you're a very sexy smoker. I 
love watching you smoke and I wished my girlfriend smoked." 

She replied. "Gee, I wonder if you have the same smoking fetish that my 
husband has? It's too bad your girlfriend doesn't smoke. She's missing out 
on two of the most pleasureful things in life." 

I thought for a second. It was pretty obvious that one of those things was 
smoking. But, I had no idea what the other thing could be. 

Tawny continued. "Anyway, after a couple dates, when I was already madly in 
love with him, I found out that he had a second fetish. He also hated 
underwear. Now my Momma always told me that you can't change a man, you 
have to love him just the way he is. So, this was initially a struggle for 
me. I desperately wanted to please him, but I really had a problem with 
going braless in public. I mean, I could only do it when I was wearing 
really baggy cloths and I had to be in the perfect mood." 

I was getting into her story and the pain in my crotch had temporarily 
subsided. "How did you get past that stage?" I asked with genuine 

"Well he more or less tricked me. You know what though? Come to think of 
it, I was a perfectly willing victim. I think it was a Saturday afternoon. 
He picked me up and we went back to his place because his apartment had a 
pool and mine didn't. We sunned and swam and drank beer until early in the 
evening. Then, we went back to his apartment to change for dinner and drink 
a couple more beers. That's when he gives me a box and in it was a short 
skirt, a halter top and sandals like these, with 4" heels. I complained 
that I couldn't wear the outfit in public. But, I probably complain too 
much because I was already a little drunk. So he said, "Just try it on and 
model it for me." So I did and the skirt fit fine. But, the halter top was 
at least a size too small and it didn't really do a very good job of 
covering my tits. When I showed him, I thanked him for the outfit and then 
I started whining again about how I could never go out in public dressed 
like this. I told him that I would have to put my other cloths back on. He 
said, "Well Tawny darling, there's only one problem, While you were 
changing, I burned your other cloths in the building incinerator." "You did 
what?" I started to protest, but he just grabbed my arm and hauled me out 
the door saying, "You can yell at me all you want on the way to dinner." 
Anyway, that night ended up being great. A little more booze and a lot more 
cigarettes and I felt very comfortable. A couple weeks later he repeated 
the game and I was an even more agreeable victim. At that point I started 
to only wear bras to work and if I happened to wear a bra when I was with 
Rob, I made sure it was an old one that I wouldn't mind loosing. It just 
seemed like any bra that I wore permanently disappeared whenever Rob got it 
off me." 

Tawny paused to take another double pump on her cigarette and continued. 
"Within a month we were seeing each other almost every night. So, I think 
it was on a Wednesday, we went shopping right after work and he took me 
into this shop that had all kinds of lingerie and other adult sex toys. Rob 
talked me into buying a see-through blouse and a garter belt and stocking 
set. He actually snuck into the changing room with me while I tried the 
cloths on. His hands were all over my body and he was getting me so hot. 
After considerable prodding and fondling he convinced me to wear the outfit 
out of the store. When we were leaving the store, I couldn't have felt more 
slutty. But, it was such a new experience for me, and, I'll be honest with 
you, I loved it." 

I was hanging on her every word and she knew it because she was getting 
into telling me the story. She chuckled and said, "Now remember Tom, not 
only was I braless, but I didn't have any panties on either. So, we get in 
the car and Rob takes me to this dimly lit, little Italian joint. We sat 
next to each other at a small table along the wall and consumed at least 2 
bottles of wine. Throughout the whole meal he kept his hand high up on my 
thigh and every time I went to cross me legs, his firm grip sent a message 
for me not to. From where we were sitting, I really don't think that anyone 
in the place could look up my skirt. But, the mere thought that I could be 
flashing someone without knowing it drove me crazy. And, I was very aware 
of all the guys trying to get a glimpse at my barely covered tits. But, 
when I tried to cross my arms to cover my boobs, Rob didn't let me do that 
either. We probably left the restaurant around 10:00pm and we drove maybe 
10 minutes down Dale Mabry Lane. By then, I was so fucking horny I couldn't 
keep my hands off Rob's cock. Suddenly, he wheeled the car into the parking 
lot of one of the strip clubs by the stadium. The sign out front said it 
was "Amateur Night". I shrieked and pleaded with him not to take me in. We 
just sat there in the parking lot. I nervously smoked a couple cigarettes 
and Rob played with my tits just the way that I liked. After 10 minutes of 
Rob getting me all sexed up, I could no longer deny him. He promised that 
we would just go in and look around." 

Tawny paused to hit her cigarette again and then continued with fairly 
thick bursts of smoke escaping from her lips with every word that she 
spoke. "When we entered the club, the guy collecting the cover charge asked 
me to sign the guest log. I thought that was weird, but I had never been in 
a club like this before and didn't know if they had any rituals or rules, 
so I just signed my first name. What I didn't realize in my horny and not 
so sober state, was that I had just signed up for the amateur contest. 
Anyway, we walked in and there must have been 50 girls prancing around. 
Some were nude, and some were fully clothed. Everybody looked like they 
were having a great time and we found a table off to the side of the main 
stage. The music was blaring real loud and I immediately started to get 
into the whole scene. Rob pointed out little moves that the best dancers 
did and then the contest began." 

At that moment the baby started fussing again. Tawny patted out her 
cigarette, then picked the baby up out of the bouncy seat and nestled her 
between her naked tits. The baby quieted down and Tawny continued, "To make 
a long story short, I ended up winning the dance contest. First prize was 
$300 and a weekend for 2 to a nudist resort. In addition to the prize 
money, I picked up around $200 in tips from dancing for strangers and the 
manager offered me a job on the spot." 

The baby started crying again, only this time it was really loud. Tawny 
stood up and began to bounce gently up and down to try and calm her 
daughter. Then, she quickly finished her story. "Rob and I went to the 
resort about a month later and we loved it. I also kept my day job and 
began dancing on most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This was cool 
with Rob since he had to study most of the time. I moved in with Rob a few 
weeks later and we got married the next summer. The money from dancing was 
great. In fact, it not only paid for his law school, but I actually made 
the down payment on this house. I quit dancing when I got pregnant and now 
Rob's practice is doing very well. So, we really don't need the money from 
dancing anymore. But, you know what? I really loved dancing. I loved the 
attention and the excitement from dancing. Being able to turn on complete 
strangers with no emotional strings attached, well let me tell you it's a 
rush that most girls never get to experience. At first, I just sort of 
became careless with what I wore at the club. Sometimes I'd stay topless 
all night and I almost always went bottomless. Within 6 months of dancing 
and hanging out at the nudist resorts, I just no longer liked to wear 
cloths. Rob too. So, we became devoted nudists. Well Tom, now you know the 
whole story. I'm going to change little Amanda and I'll be right back." 

With that she left and walked through the living room in the direction of 
the bedrooms. I couldn't help staring at Tawny's perfect ass as she walked 
away from me. She took short little steps, trying to hold Amanda and 
balance herself on her 4" heels, which made her ass wiggle ever so nicely. 
God damn, I was so horny. My balls felt like they were going to explode 
with lust. 

I continued to hear the baby fussing in the background and I used this 
brief moment to rearrange my throbbing cock. I was desperately trying to 
find a more comfortable position, unfortunately, that was simply 
impossible. Tawny returned in 2 minutes, with the baby in her arms. She sat 
back in her chair and immediately laid the baby's bottom in her lap and 
held her head up to her right nipple. The baby started sucking contentedly 
on her boob and began playing with Nicole's left tit with her little hands. 
Now my dick was throbbing more than ever and I began to squirm in my seat. 
Tawny noticed this and said, "Tom, you don't look very comfortable." 

I replied, "Tawny, I'll be honest with you, I'm not." 

"Oh, does my nursing the baby bother you? Would you like me to go in the 
other room?" 

"No, no, that's not why I'm uncomfortable." I said quickly as I lit yet 
another cigarette. 

She instantly figured out my predicament and said, "Now I get it. Why don't 
you get out of those blue jeans and give yourself a little freedom." 

"I, I, I'd love to but I just can't right now." I nervously babbled back. 

"Oh that's ridiculous Tom. Listen, I'm a nudist and I've danced at strip 
clubs for 5 years. I've seen hundreds of naked, hard cocks in my day. 
You've got nothing to be embarrassed about." 

I took a long drag on the cigarette and slowly stood. I tried to conceal 
the fact that my hands were shaking as I undid the top button on my jeans. 
I quickly slipped down the zipper and slid the jeans down my legs to the 
floor, leaving only my briefs in place. 

"God, no wonder you're so uncomfortable. Those whitey tighties must be 
giving your cock all sorts of pain. Besides, you shouldn't be wearing 
briefs. They're bad for you. Now take them off too." 

God, I was shocked that she had just insisted that I remove my underwear. 
But, I did as I was told and quickly returned to my seat. I could feel that 
my face was beet red with embarrassment and I nervously pulled hard on my 
cigarette. I hoped that the smoke that I sucked deep into my lungs would 
somehow make this moment bearable. 

Tawny spoke next. "There, isn't that much better? Listen to me Tom, you 
know how when you're cold your balls contract up close to your body and 
when you're hot they hang loose?" 

"Yea" I replied timidly. 

"Well tight briefs defeat what mother nature has intended. Besides, it's a 
proven fact that guys that wear tight briefs have lower sperm counts." 

"God, I never knew." I responded. 

"Well now you do. So, its best for guys to not wear any underwear and as a 
worst case, you should only wear boxers. Besides Tom, you have a really 
nice cock. You shouldn't be ashamed to display it once in a while. It's 
healthy and I just got to tell you, I just love a young stud who gets all 
hard for me." 

I didn't say anything else as I hit my cigarette again. I made a quick 
decision to go with the flow. I spread my legs wide apart, enjoying the 
relief that being nude had brought to my aching cock and I vowed to myself 
that from that point on, I would never wear briefs again. 

The baby suddenly stopped nursing and struggled to remove her face from the 
huge tit pressed up against it. I guess this is some sort of baby signal to 
the mom that she's done because Tawny picked the baby up and held her 
upright against her chest and began to gently pat the baby on the back. I 
just watched intently. Within a couple seconds, little Amanda let forth an 
audible burp. With that, Tawny reversed the baby's position and placed 
Amanda's head against her left nipple and the baby resumed her sucking on 
the new tit. Tawny's right nipple glistened from the baby's sucking and it 
was really puffed up, extending out at least an inch! God this whole scene 
was so erotic. I never dreamed that watching a women nurse her baby would 
have this effect on me. I finished my cigarette with a big double pump and 
as I patted it out in the ashtray. Tawny said, "So Tom, you have a 
girlfriend and she doesn't smoke. Tell me about her." 

I paused for a second and began. "Her name is Kristy Parker and we've been 
dating for a little over 6 months. We're both seniors, so we'll graduate 
this spring. Kristy's kind of tall, maybe 5'8". I think she's well 
proportioned but she sometimes complains about being fat." 

"Well how much does she weigh?" Tawny asked. 

"About 130." I replied. 

"She is definitely not fat. Is she pretty?" 

"God yes. At least I think so. But, she's an athlete and doesn't wear much 
makeup. She's kind of a Tomboy actually. But, I love her." 

"Does she have nice boobs?" Tawny continued questioning. 

"I think so. They're a lot smaller than yours, maybe a B or C cup. But she 
has really sensitive nipples and when she gets excited they become long and 
real hard." I replied and then added, "Funny thing is, about a month ago, 
out of the clear blue, she asked me if I ever wished that she had bigger 

"And what did you say when she asked you that question?" Tawny asked. 

"Well God Tawny I had to pause for a minute or two to figure out what the 
right thing to say was. I mean, Kristy had put me on the spot and I was 
afraid that there was no right answer. So finally, I just told her that I 
liked her boobs just the way they are." 

"Well that was very politically correct and chivalrous of you. But, I sense 
that you weren't exactly being honest with her, were you?" Tawny continued 

I answered her question with a question. "Well shit, I mean, what guys 
don't like bigger boobs?" 

"Just as I thought," she replied with a knowing grin. 

"Are you guys having sex?" she asked with that devilish grin still on her 

I answered her quickly. Since Tawny had been so open with me, it didn't 
even occur to me to withhold information. "Sure. I mean, we both still live 
at home, so we don't get to do it that often. But, she's been on the pill 
for 5 months, so we're safe." 

"That's good. What's her personality like?" Tawny resumed her questioning. 

"She's real competitive. I mean, she's the most competitive female I've 
ever met and I like that about her. But, she has to be the best at 
everything. She's an all A student and she lettered in Cross Country, Track 
and Basketball." 

"So that means she must be running track now, right?" 

"Well she would be, but she sprained her ankle badly during the basketball 
regionals and now she's going to miss the whole track season." I answered. 

Tawny continued to ask questions which served to distract me from the fact 
that we were both naked. It also disarmed me and made me feel more at ease. 
"Do you think she'll play sports in college?" 

"No. She wants to go into Pre-Law and doesn't think she'll have time. I 
mean she's a good athlete, but she's not a superstar." I answered. 

"It sounds like she's beautiful, talented and smart. Tell me about her 
family." Tawny asked. "Well her family's loaded. Her dad is a regional vice 
president for a soft drink company. He travels all the time, but he's cool. 
Her mom's cool too. She's a part time pharmacist. She's like, I don't know, 
she's like kind of a girly girl. You know, real feminine and proper. I 
think that's why Kristy and her mom aren't close. Kristy says her mom is 
closer to her older sister Heather. I've only met Heather a couple times 
and she seems very much like her mother. I think Kristy's mom wanted 
another girly girl if you know what I mean and instead, she got a jock." 

"I know exactly what you mean. I consider myself a girly girl now, but I 
was definitely a jock when I was Kristy's age. Unfortunately, I was too 
heavy to be real good at anything. But, maybe they'll grow closer as Kristy 
gets older and matures." Tawny volunteered. 

"Yea, I think Kristy would like that. There are times when she and her mom 
fight and Kristy says If only we understood and related to each other, 
things would be better." I added. 

Just then her phone rang and I prayed it wasn't the tow truck. I was 
definitely not ready for the strangest afternoon of my life to end. Tawny 
grabbed her cell phone from her purse and answered it. 


"Oh Hi Baby" 

"Are you having a good day?" 

"Oh nothing" 

"Just sitting at the kitchen table nursing Amanda" 

"Because I have a visitor" 

"His name is Tom. He's a senior in high school and he's very nice. He 
smashed his truck accidentally into the telephone pole across the street 
from our neighbors and the tow truck won't be here for an hour, so I 
invited him in for a pop." 

"Of course" 

"Yes, he is too" 

"I'd like to" 

"Oh yea. I plan on it" 

"When are you coming home?" 

"Why so late?" 

"Oh, that's alright. I'll be waiting for you." 

"Love you" 


Tawny closed up her phone and said, "That was Rob. He's not going to get 
home till maybe 8:30 or 9:00 tonight. It's such a bummer when he works so 
late. He won't have a chance to play with Amanda." 

"That's too bad." I replied. "Sounds like you guys are really in love." 

"Yea. I just love him to death. He's the best thing that's ever happened to 
me and he's such a good father to little Amanda." As Tawny finished 
speaking, she glanced down at Amanda who was now barely sucking on her 
boob. Her eyes were closed and she had a most contented look on her little 

"Looks like my baby's done and now it's nap time." Tawny said as she stood 
up very carefully so as not to wake the baby. 

Once again, I couldn't take my eyes off of Tawny's ass as she walked slowly 
through the living room with her sleeping baby nestled against her boobs. 
She was only out of my sight for maybe 10 seconds before she reappeared 
without the baby. The view as she walked toward me was even more 
spectacular. Now her boobs literally danced on her chest and their rhythmic 
motion had an almost hypnotic effect on me. She walked right to the table 
and stood only inches from my naked body. She reached down, grabbed a 
cigarette, fired up her lighter and took a strong, cheek hollowing drag to 
get the cigarette lit. She let it dangle in her mouth and smoke just flowed 
endlessly out of her mouth and nose. Then she said, "Amanda will be sound 
asleep now for the next 2 hours. Can I refill your pop?" She asked as she 
grabbed my now empty glass. 

"Sure. That sounds great." I replied as she headed into the kitchen with 
the cigarette still dangling from her mouth. After placing the glasses on 
the counter, she walked over to the sink, turned on the water and wetted a 
washcloth. She paused a second to suck on the cigarette and while plumes of 
smoke once again began pouring out of her nose, she began wiping her tits 
with the cloth. She had to lift each boob with her free hand in order to 
properly clean each nipple. Jesus, I thought my cock was going to explode. 
I don't think I had ever been more aroused. Despite the fact that my truck 
was smashed, this afternoon had been worth every minute. Tawny finally quit 
cleaning her nipples and flicked a rather long ash into the sink. Then, she 
replaced the now half smoked cigarette back between her lips and proceeded 
to refill our glasses. By the time she returned to the table, I could 
hardly stand any more of this visual stimulation. As she sat back down, she 
double pumped the last half inch of her cigarette and snuffed it out. My 
eyes now focused on her tits. Her nipples, once again, looked like they had 
when Amanda was nursing. Each nipple was still reacting to the intense 
sucking that Amanda had just given them. I had never seen nipples so hard 
or so long. Tawny never actually exhaled her last drag and now her 
breathing was shallow and rapid and little jets of smoke continued to flow 
out of her mouth and nose with each breath. My guess is it took 10 quick 
breaths before the smoke finally cleared from her saturated lungs. 

I took the opportunity to re-start our conversation. "Tawny. I got to ask 
you a question, How does your husband stay under control when you are at 
these nudist resorts? I mean right now my cock is so hard that it actually 

Tawny thought for a second and then answered, "Two things really. First, 
he's used to it and second, I never let him go very long before draining 
him, if you know what I mean." 

"Yea, I guess I understand, but Jesus this is so painful for me right now." 
My reply must have sounded like I was whining. 

Tawny responded, "Tom, I apologize. I've been a poor hostess and I'm really 
sorry. You've been all hard for more than half an hour and I've ignored 
you. I'll tell you what, I'm going to help you relax and at the same time, 
let you experience the tremendous pleasure of smoking during sex." 

I was totally shocked and I stuttered back. "We're not, I, I, I mean we're 
not going to, you know, you know, have sex?" 

"Oh no, no my horny guest, we're not going to have sex. I love my husband 
too much and he's the only guy I'll ever let fuck me. But I can still 
demonstrate these things to you. Here follow me." 

Tawny stood up and grabbed my hand. "Grab the cigarettes and the lighter 
and let's go into the living room." 

I dutifully followed her shapely ass as we headed into the next room. "Now 
help me move this heavy coffee table." She leaned over on one end and I did 
the same on the other end. I couldn't take my eyes off of her dangling 
boobs, but she ignored my blatant stare. "OK, let's slide this over, right 
next to the couch." (The couch was white leather and obviously very 

We managed to move the heavy oak table up against the far right cushion, 
leaving about a cushion and a half to sit on. "Now Tom, sit down and get 
comfortable." She said as she lit a cigarette. 

I sat down fairly upright and she noticed my posture. Tawny stuck the 
cigarette in her mouth and said, "No. You're going to have to slouch down 
and get even more comfortable." She said as she leaned over me and placed 
her delicate hands on my hips, gently pulling me until my ass rested on the 
edge of the cushion. In the process, for a brief second her drooping tits 
brushed up against my already throbbing cock and I thought I was going to 
come on the spot. Thank God I didn't. 

She walked to the stereo, which was on a home entertainment center on the 
opposite wall and paused for a moment to suck down a deep drag off her 
cigarette and select an appropriate CD. She turned to me, exhaling 
wonderful plumes of smoke as the music started. It was a jazz tune with 
lots of bass and saxophone and she immediately started dancing. I stared at 
Tawny as if I was in a hypnotic trance as she danced slowly toward me. 
Finally, her nude body was positioned directly between my legs and then she 
started moving seductively to the music. "Now light a cigarette and lean 
back and enjoy this. Don't smoke it too hard or fast. That will come later. 
Just enjoy my dance." She said as she took another drag and removed the 
cigarette from her lips. 

I looked up at her and said, "Won't the baby wake up?" 

She relied, "No. She's used to music and she'll be out for at least 2 more 
hours. Now, no more talking from you. Just concentrate on me." 

She continued dancing and smoking. Brushing up against my thighs and going 
through a routine that she must have done thousands of times before. After 
a minute or two she said, "Ooohhh yea. I really miss dancing. I miss 
brushing my legs up against a hard throbbing prick. Once Amanda gets older 
and starts sleeping through the night, I think I'm going to get back into 
it. We don't need the money, but I really miss all the attention and the 
lust filled looks that I used to get from all those wonderful guys. I think 
Rob misses it too because when I used to come home late at night all sexed 
up and horny as hell, that's when our fucking was the absolute best. Now 
Tom, stroke your cock a little. Make it even harder for me." 

I gladly did as I was told. It was such a relief to finally be able to 
touch myself. I gently stroked my rock hard cock and gazed longingly at the 
goddess dancing before me. 

The song ended and Tawny and I both snuffed our cigarettes out in the 
ashtray that rested on the coffee table. A couple seconds later, the next 
song started and the beat was slower and more sensuous. She lit another 
cigarette, but when I reached for her pack she shook her head "No". "Now 
lean your head back and enjoy what I'm doing. I will tell you when you can 
have another cigarette." Tawny instructed. 

With her cigarette dangling from her lips, she bent low over my chest and 
balanced herself with her hands on the back cushions. She traced circles 
around my chest with her rock hard nipples. My cock was straining for 
attention and she knew it. Tawny took a long, cheek caving drag and then 
placed the cigarette in the ashtray while she rearranged her position. She 
knelt between my thighs and began to gently swipe at my cock with her 
drooping jugs. Wisps of smoke curled up from lips and into her eyes but she 
seemed oblivious to this. Moments later, she grabbed her cigarette again, 
took another monster drag and made the sexiest hissing sound as she pulled 
the smoke deep into her lungs. Then, Tawny grabbed my unit with her left 
hand and exhaled a long thin stream of smoke directly onto the head of my 
cock. I almost lost it at that very moment, but she kept me from cumming by 
squeezing the base of my cock hard until my erection subsided a little. 
Then, after taking another drag, she slowly sucked the head of my cock into 
her mouth. Smoke poured out of her nostrils while she tickled my cockhead 
with her moist tongue. Oh God, I was in heaven. 

Tawny suddenly let go of my cock and said, as she snuffed her cigarette 
out, "OK, now you can smoke." She handed me her pack after shaking another 
one out for herself and I lit my cigarette and took a huge drag while she 
did the same. 

"Now, I want you to enjoy this cigarette, but you need to smoke it fast. 
Make sure you're exhaling smoke with each breath. Then concentrate on what 
I'm doing." 

She stuck her cigarette back between her lips and then reached up with both 
hands, cupping the sides of each luscious tit. Then, she captured my cock 
between the globes. She sucked on her cigarette and as she inhaled, she 
began to slowly pump my cock between her tits with a nice up and down 
motion of her body. Tawny looked up at me as I smoked my cigarette and 
said, "Does Kristy ever do this for you?" 

With a talking exhale, I answered her, "No. I wish she did, but her tits 
are probably too small." 

"Well then enjoy this baby." She replied in her raspy and oh so sultry 

I was real close to loosing it. This whole scene was turning me on like I 
had never been turned on before. It felt so good having my cock buried 
between Tawny's warm and silky smooth tits. She looked like the sexiest 
women on earth as she smoked her cigarette. The expression on her face was 
one of complete satisfaction as she continued to titty fuck my cock. 

By the time my cigarette was about 2/3rds gone, I began to feel a little 
light headed and I couldn't take it any more. Tawny knew that I was just 
about to go off and she smiled slightly around her cigarette. Her eyes 
locked on to mine as if to tell me that it's all right. She increased the 
speed of her up and down bouncing. Not a lot, but just enough to send me 
over the edge. My balls contracted and I shot such a strong load that my 
own cum hit me on the chin. Tawny started to giggle a little, but as soon 
as that first squirt gushed forth, she knelt up and grabbed my cock with 
both hands and began to rapidly pump it. Her ball draining technique was 
superb. No doubt, it was honed from years of practice. She milked at least 
four more extensive bursts of love juice from my cock. My balls actually 
ached a little. I don't think they had ever been more thoroughly drained. 

I took one last drag on my cigarette and exhaled quickly as I threw my head 
back and savored the exquisite feeling of satisfaction. Tawny stood and 
said, "Don't move Tom. I'll be right back." At that moment, I don't think I 
could have moved even if I had wanted to. 

Tawny returned maybe 10 seconds later with a warm washcloth and then 
proceeded to gently clean the cum off my chest and cock. While she did this 
she asked, "Well what did you think of smoking during sex?" 

I took a deep cleansing breath and sighed. "It was the best. I can't even 
describe how good that felt." 

"Well my young stud, as good as that felt for you, as a women, I can assure 
you, it's even better for a girl when she gets fucked while smoking. I 
don't know why, but it seems like every sensation is enhanced to the max by 
the nicotine. When I finally started smoking during sex, my orgasms became 
so much more powerful and they've stayed that way to this day. That is why 
you need to get Kristy to smoke. And, once you get her to smoke during sex, 
she never quit and she'll eventually thank you for starting her. Now, let's 
go back to the kitchen and continue our conversation. There are some other 
things that I need to talk to you about before your tow truck gets here." 

I was still a little dizzy, but I managed to stay on my feet as I followed 
Tawny into the kitchen. My now limp dick was swinging freely between my 
legs and I asked her, "Tawny, aren't you the least bit turned on? I mean, I 
know what your dance did for me, didn't it get you all horny?" 

She took a deep breath and sighed, "Oh God yes. I'm so horny right now. 
But, here's the deal, I'm a professional. I've walked away from literally 
thousands of hard cocks in my life and besides, my husband will be home in 
a couple hours and he'll gladly take care of all my needs." 

While I returned to my seat, Tawny walked to the sink and rinsed out the 
washcloth. Then, she wiped all the globs of my cum off of her beautifully 
drooping tits. A few moments later, she sat back in her chair and pulled a 
fresh cigarette out of her pack and then handed the pack to me. We both lit 
up and after a long, cheek hollowing, drag, she asked me through her smoky 
exhale, "Now Tom, Let's see if we can't figure out how to turn your beloved 
Kristy into a sexy smoker. First, tell me about your family. Does anybody 
else smoke besides you?" 

"Actually, we all smoke. Both my parents smoke about a pack and a half a 
day. My little sister Meaghan, who's a sophomore, just started about 3 
months ago." I replied. 

"Has Kristy ever complained to you about your smoking or the rest of your 
family smoking?" 

"Well, maybe a month after we first started to date, she asked me if I ever 
thought about quitting." 

"And what did you say?" She asked. 

"I told her "No." I said I liked it too much and she kind of sighed and 
said, "I guess I don't have any right to ask you to quit. I mean, you 
started smoking long before I was your girlfriend, so I won't bug you about 
it." I answered honestly. 

"That's good. What about the rest of your family?" 

"Kristy doesn't know about Meaghan because my little sister is still in the 
closet. She bums cigarettes off of me and occasionally rips them off from 
my parents, but she is still trying to keep it a secret. Meaghan thinks 
that my parents will be really pissed at her when they find out. Anyway, I 
can't recall Kristy ever complaining about my folks smoking when she's been 
over at my house." I answered. 

"How about her family?" Tawny probed. 

"Her mom smokes. Actually she smokes a lot. Come to think of it, her older 
sister Heather smokes too. Her dad definitely doesn't smoke. He often 
complains about Mrs. Parker's smoking, but she just ignores him. It's 
almost like they are playing a little game. And, I can't remember Kristy 
ever complaining or nagging her mom about smoking." 

"Maybe they are playing a game. Tell me about Kristy's girlfriends. Do many 
of them smoke?" 

I had to think for a second before answering. "She really has two distinct 
groups of friends. Her jock friends don't smoke, but almost all of her 
non-jock friends do." 

"Which group is larger and which group is more popular?" Tawny continued 
her pleasant interrogation of me. 

"The non-jock group is much larger and we hang out with them all the time. 
They are the most popular girls in the school and everybody is either in 
the group, or wants to be." 

Tawny thought for a second as she executed a sensual double pump before 
crushing what remained of her cigarette out in the ashtray. Then, smoke 
began to burst from her lips in tiny jets with every word that she spoke. 
"This all sounds very good. It sounds to me like Kristy is not a militant 
anti-smoker. It sounds like she doesn't smoke simply because she thinks of 
herself as an athlete." 

"Yea. I think that's right. Also, I don't think she's ever had any reason 
to consider starting." 

"Perfect. Now Tom, here's what you need to do. You need to provide a reason 
for her to start and here's how you do that. All girls love attention. The 
next time you're out with her smoker friends, sort of ignore Kristy and pay 
attention to her friends. When she asks you about this, and I assure you 
she will, talk to her about how you feel more comfortable with smokers and 
ask her if she feels like an outsider by not smoking. Then, also tell her 
you find girls that smoke to be sexier than non-smokers. A couple parties 
like this and she'll want to try smoking. I guarantee it." Tawny 

"That's a great idea. And, you know, I think I can do this." 

"I know you can do it. I have great confidence in you. But, it's not enough 
to just get her to try smoking. Remember Tom, your goal is to get her to 
the point where you two can enjoy smoking and sex together. So, after she 
gets the basics down, you'll want her to perfect and master her style. Pay 
extra attention to one of her girlfriends that already has a particularly 
sexy smoking style. My guess is, since Kristy is so competitive, she will 
not only want to learn those techniques, she'll want to do them even 
better. As she develops her unique style, she'll be strengthening her 
habit. Does that make sense?" 

"God yes, it makes perfect sense. I'm getting excited. I think I can 
actually pull this off!" 

Tawny continued my lesson. "Right from the start you need to support her 
habit. Buy her cigarettes for her. Buy her a lighter and a plastic case so 
her cigarettes don't fall out all over her purse. I'm sure at the start 
she'll want to just think of herself as a casual smoker. You need to move 
her past this stage quickly. Even though these small gifts are little more 
than nice gestures, she'll perceive them as special gifts from you and she 
won't want to hurt your feelings by not accepting or using them. Compliment 
her a lot. Tell her how sexy she is. When you're driving or alone together 
and she's smoking, give her lots of affection. Kiss her even when she's 
smoking. Stroke her boobs. Rub her pussy. Eventually, you will need to 
establish the links first between smoking and attention. Then, smoking and 
affection and ultimately, smoking and sex. All of these subconscious links, 
especially the one between smoking and sexuality, are very important." 

"Oh this is going to be fun." I interrupted. 

"Oh yea. It definitely should be fun. But, it's also going to require focus 
and dedication on your part. Now listen carefully. Almost all smokers 
backslide and second guess their decision to start within a month or two of 
beginning. No doubt, Kristy will do the same. When that happens, you can't 
fight her directly. Just make sure to keep plenty of cigarettes around and 
keep up with the support and physical attention. This is going to be 
tricky. If she thinks that you're trying to turn her into a smoker, she'll 
rebel and you might just blow the whole thing. You need to be subtle and 
always appear to be supporting her, no matter which way she goes." Tawny 
paused to suck down a nice long drag. After holding her inhale for about 5 
seconds, she blew a beautiful stream of smoke down the front of her chest 
in the direction of her naked pussy. My eye's couldn't help but follow the 

"And, you'll have to start her on light cigarettes at first, but then move 
her up to full strength cigarettes as quickly as possible. The extra 
nicotine will improve her addiction even while she's thinking about 
quitting. Now here's the weird part. If she starts to talk about quitting, 
start taking her places like a movie or the mall. Take her places where she 
can't smoke for a few hours. Her cravings will kick in and then make sure 
that once you leave, she'll be free to smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes right in a 
row. Every time she gives in to her cravings like this, her resolve to quit 
will be a little weaker and hopefully, eventually, her desire to quit will 

Just then Tawny's phone rang. She answered it and told the tow truck driver 
on the other line that I would be there in 5 minutes. I immediately stood 
and began to pull my jeans back on but I needed to ask Tawny a few more 
questions. "When will I know that she's ready to smoke during sex?" 

Tawny now spoke quickly and I listened very attentively. "First, as you 
just experienced, smoking during sex can be rather intense. She'll need to 
be at least a 2 pack-a-day, regular strength, cigarette smoker. If she's 
not at the 2 pack-a-day level, the smoke could overwhelm her lungs. Here's 
another clue, if the first thing that she does when she wakes up in the 
morning is light up a cigarette, then that means her addiction to nicotine 
has become very strong. At that point her need for nicotine will be strong 
enough to handle the big doses that she'll be getting during the sex." 

By this time, I almost had my shoes on and she continued, "Now, about her 
boobs. The next time she brings it up, and I'm sure that she will, tell her 
the truth. But be gentle. Tell her you like the way she looks now, but 
she'd look even better with bigger tits. Her decision to have a boob job 
will ultimately have to be hers alone, but there's no reason why you can't 
influence her a little bit. Have any of her friends had boob jobs?" 

"Come to think of it, I think two have." I answered. 

"Great. Do these girls also smoke?" She asked back. 

"They both do. And, they're the two sexiest smokers in the whole school." 

"That's perfect. So now, when you're pissing Kristy off by paying attention 
to other girls that smoke, you can also pay attention to girls with bigger 
boobs. If you're lucky, you just might be able to get both of your wishes 
to come true at the same time. Now, I'm going to let you in on a little 
secret. I like giving titty fucks almost as much as a real fuck. So, play 
your cards right Tom and help Kristy learn to enjoy all these experiences." 

I was now fully dressed and Tawny walked me to the door. I turned towards 
her and said, "Tawny, this has been such a wonderful afternoon. You've been 
so nice and helpful. Thank you so much." 

She looked in my eyes and said, "I've had just as much pleasure. I hope 
everything works out for you and Kristy. Stop by some time and let me know 
how things are going." 

I took one last quick glance at Tawny's magnificent body and in a second, I 
was out the door, reluctantly walking towards my smashed truck. 

The rest of the day was filled with bad news. My truck would take 2 weeks 
to get fixed. I was convinced that my parents didn't really believe my 
story and my little sister was even pissed at me. She had just gotten her 
license and now I was going to have to use her old junker of a car to get 
to work for the next 2 weeks. Despite all this, I was in great spirits 
because tomorrow night, .Kristy and I were going to a party and I couldn't 
wait to try out Tawny's suggestions. 

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