Leslie, Part 1

(by ANONAUTHOR@aol.com, 17 June 1996)

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         This story is fiction, and is written for the sole purpose of
entertainment for those who subscribe to the newsgroup
Alt.Sex.Fetish.Smoking.  If you are under 18 or don't understand what a
smoking fetish is then do not read any further.

It was June 17, and school had been out for about three weeks now.  I have
long hated this time of year because I never see very many of my friends
during the summer time, and there is nothing to do.  This day turned out to
be a great day though.  

I was invited by two guys that I hung around with at school to go to the
swimming pool.  I never cared much for swimming but the guys convinced me to
come along because a lot of the girls from school went there.  This changed
my mind and I thought sure I wouldn't mind seeing some of the cute girls in
their bikinis.  We got there early, at about 9:00 am, I guess it was to early
because we were the first three in line to go in.  I was starting to get my
usual I don't want to be here attitude but hesitantly I went in and we found
some lawn chairs where we draped our towels and gym bags.  The three of us
guys decided to go ahead and swim, or should I say have a game of who could
hold who under water the longest.  This was fun and all but where were the

I climbed out of the pool and headed toward my lawn chair.  I figured I would
get some sun and dry off.  I was busy drying off and had the towel over my
head but when I took it off and sat down there not more then fifteen feet
away was Leslie.  Leslie was my age, 15, and we had several classes together
this past year at school.  We knew one another from school but that's about
it.  If Leslie only knew that I had a crush on her that wouldn't quit.  I
tried not to look obvious as I watched Leslie.  There she was about 5' 8"
tall, 115 lbs, beautiful blonde hair, and the most gorgeous green eyes.
Those eyes were so green that they sparkled when I looked into them, (at
least to me anyways).  Leslie was unpacking her gym bag and arranging her
things on a chair just as I had done earlier.  I don't think that I unpacked
and arranged with near the precision that Leslie did though.  Once the towel
had been spread out properly and all Leslie slowly removed her cut off faded
blue jeans that hid the most beautiful red bikini bottoms that I had ever
laid eyes on. Then off came the t-shirt and again a beautiful sight to
behold.  There was Leslie wearing a two piece red bikini bathing suit.  My
god did her breasts look huge.  She must have the biggest breasts in school I
thought to myself.  Now there she was as clantily scad as I would probably
ever see her and I was in heaven.  I know I was staring by now but she was
oblivious to it as she was busily folding her t-shirt and shorts into a nice
pile and placing them into her gym bag.  

I was interupted by my friends getting out of the swimming pool.  They too
had apparently noticed Leslie and several other girls starting to arrive at
the pool.  They wanted to come over and tell me as well as see how wet they
could get me by flicking the water off of their hands at me.  I was still
trying to watch Leslie but they (my so called friends) were making a better
door than a window.  Eventually they moved and settled into their lawn chairs
for a dose of Leslie and the other girls who were now occupying several
chairs at the pool.  This is great I told them, I'm glad I thought of it.
This recieved a grunt and the "yeah right, Mr I don't want to go to the pool"
from them.  Oh well, I didn't care whose idea it was, this was definitely not
bad scenery.    

The next thing I knew Leslie was standing on the edge of the pool and in one
graceful motion dove into the swimming pool.  She looked stunning as she
entered the water. If I had been a judge and she a diving competitor I would
have given her a "10" for beauty and another "10" for grace.  I was
mezmorized by Leslie and watched her swim down and back the length of the
pool.  She then climbed up the ladder wet as could be and hurried back to her
chair and awaiting towel.  After drying off she soon climbed into the chair
and opened her gym bag.  She pulled out a bottle of sunscreen and small brown
case that looked like a wallet or something.  After completely covering her
self with the sunscreen she laid back into the chair and began to sun

My friends had apparently noticed my obsession with Leslie and decided to
bring me out of my daze with a small bucket full of pool water.  The water
came from behind and poured down my head and right into my lap.  I jumped up
out of my seat and yelled at them as they ran off laughing and dove into the
pool.  I looked over just in time to see Leslie looking over her brown framed
Ray-Bans with a look of what appeared to be disgust.  Great I thought, the
one girl I really care about now things that I am as immature as my two
cohorts.  I dried off and settled back down into my chair.  I was enjoying
watching Leslie and the other girls at the pool so much that I didn't care if
I moved all day.  

I was still watching Leslie as though I had been given an assignment to do
so.  She didn't make a move without me noticing it.  That's when it happened,
it was so suttle I almost missed it.  Leslie's left hand reached down to the
concrete and picked up the brown colored thing that looked like a wallet and
brought it up in front of her.  I looked harder, it now looked like a
cigarette case, the kind I had seen women use.  I couldn't be I said to
myself as I continued to stare with a newfound zealousness.  Then her right
hand joined her left hand and with the tiniest little flick she popped two
silver clasps open on the top of the brown case.  Her right hand then reached
down into the mouth of the case as two of her fingers disappeared from my
sight.  What is she doing I thought to myself, getting change for a soda,
what?  Then just as easily as the two fingers had disappeared they reappeared
with white cylindrical shaped object about four inches long and relatively
skinny.  Was is a pen I thought to myself as the blood raced through my body,
or was it, could it be, I think it is...  Then with the two fingered grip
that had retrieved the object she shifted it to her left hand, between her
index and middle finger and slowly moved it toward her mouth.  Her beautiful
lips opened ever so slightly to accept the cylindrical object.  Then just as
gently as they opened they closed tightly around it.  Her left hand then
returned to the brown case that the right hand was now holding.  It too now
disappeared into the depths of the brown case and returned with a pink
colored lighter.  

I was a stir of emotions, I could not believe my eyes.  The most beautiful
girl in my whole world was getting ready to light an all white cigarette.  I
awaited anxiously as she made each move, it seemed as though time stood
still.  It was about to happen, I was really going to see it.  With a quick
flick her left thumb ignited the lighter and almost like it was a piece of
steel pulled toward a magnet it made its way toward the cigarette.  It was so
beautiful, she was so beautiful I thought to myself.  The lighters flame
reached out and kissed the end of the cigarette.  Simultaneously two small
indentions appeared in Leslie's cheeks, she was ever so slightly coaxing the
fire to spread its heat into her cigarette and make it ignite.  Leslie's left
hand now pulled away and deposited the lighter back into the brown case and
quickly reclasped the two gold metallic parts back together.  

Leslie's right hand rose up and took control of the cigarette as she pulled
it ever so gently from her lips.  Her mouth then opened and she took a small
breath of air.  This reminded me that I too should breathe, I think I was
about to need C.P.R. from holding my breath throughout this beautiful ordeal.
As quickly as Leslie had taken that breath she closed her lips for a moment,
and I could see that she looked as though she was enjoying something so much
that the whole world could have passed her by.  Then without any notice her
mouth reopened and expelled a steady stream of beautiful grey smoke for three
seconds.  I was completely on fire now, I wasn't even smoking.  What was
going on in my body, I was feeling drawn to her, and my swimming trunks now
looked like a tent in the front.  What is going on I thought to myself, why
am I so turned on...

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