Lisa's Story, Part 1

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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                          Lisa's Story 
                             part 1

Hi, girls!  My name is Lisa Lewis.  I'm twelve years old.  As you probably
have guessed, I'm writing my story because I smoke cigarettes.  Writing this
true story for you guys is just about the coolest thing I've ever done.  I'll
bet you know what the coolest thing I've done is.  You guessed it!  It was
learning to smoke.

Maybe you'd like to know a little about me.  I'm in the seventh grade in
junior high.  I'm tall for my age at 5' 5", and I'm very thin.  I have blue
eyes and have wavy, light brown hair down to my waist.  I have a pretty smile,
and have gotten to do some modeling, which is a lot of fun.

I started getting interested in smoking when I was six years old, and I smoked
for the first time when I was eleven.  I have smoked every day for the last
fourteen months.  The good news is that I am addicted to the nicotine that I
get from cigarettes, and nicotine gives me so much pleasure.  The bad news
is...ha! I fooled you!  There isn't a speck of bad news.  Deciding to smoke
cigarettes is the best decision I've ever made.  There is nothing so perfect
and so satisfying as a good smoke.  Every cigarette I smoke is a total
pleasure for me.  I honestly believe that every girl in America should smoke
cigarettes.  More and more girls are realizing that that's true, and they are
smoking at younger and younger ages.

Cigarettes are inexpensive and  easy to get, and it's easy to learn how to
smoke.  For the price of a candy bar, a girl can smoke seven or eight
cigarettes, feel really good, and not get fat.  Cigarette smoke is mild enough
for any girl to breathe into her body, and always so satisfying for her.  I
feel sorry for any girl who is missing out on smoking.  Sometimes when I'm
smoking a cigarette, and feeling real nice, I feel sad for girls who don't
smoke, and don't realize just how much they're missing.

Did you know that every day in America, more than 1,600 teenage girls smoke
their first cigarettes?  That's 600,000 new teenage girl smokers every year.
Isn't that cool?

When I was about six years old, I was sitting on my dad's lap, telling him
what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I said, "I'm going to have a handsome
husband, and three girls, and have a nice house with a big yard."  Daddy told
me he thought that was great.  He said to tell him more.  I said, "I think I'd
like to be an actress or a model."  Daddy kissed me on the cheek and said I
was pretty enough to be either one.  Then I said, "And guess what else?"  He
said, "I don't have any idea." I said, "I'm going to smoke cigarettes when I
grow up."  Daddy looked very surprised and asked, "Why would you want to
smoke, Lisa?"  I said, "I want to look pretty, like the ladies in Mommy's
magazines.  I look at the pictures in the magazines, and they make me wish I
smoked, too."  He said, "I think it's nice that you know what you want.  Now,
smoking isn't very good for you, but a lot of girls smoke, and they like it.
When you're older, you'll have to decide if smoking is right for you.  If
you're still interested when you're older, your mom and I will get you some
cigarettes to smoke."  I said, "Daddy, I want to smoke while I'm still a
girl."  He said, "You may smoke while you're a girl, Lisa, but you should wait
until you're in junior high school."  I asked, "Daddy, do you really promise
that I may smoke?"  "Yes, Lisa, I promise I will let you smoke."

My sister, Kristie, is fourteen.  We're real close, and she has always been so
nice to me.  Kristie decided to start smoking when she was barely thirteen.
You can't imagine how proud I was of her the first time I watched her smoke a
cigarette!  It was like she became a grown-up overnight.  Well, she was really
into cigarettes in no time.  I asked her dozens of questions about smoking in
her first few days of using cigarettes.  She told me she was getting really
nice feelings from her cigarettes.  She told me she couldn't believe how much
fun it was to smoke a cigarette.  That sounded very cool to me.  Mom and Dad
didn't smoke.  They weren't against it, really.  They just somehow had never
started. That makes me sad.

Kristie is so beautiful.  She's 5' 9" tall, and she weighs 110 pounds.  She
has silky, slightly wavy light-brown hair down to her waist.  All the boys
talk about her.  Her legs are long and tan and incredibly slender.  Her eyes
are bright blue, and she has a small, cute nose.  Her arms are super-thin,
like a fashion model's.

Anyway, one night before dinner, Kristie called me in her room.  She said,
"Lisa, I need your opinion on something.  Could I ask you something, just
between us?" "Sure," I said.  "Lisa, what would you think if you saw me
smoking a cigarette?" I hugged her and said, "Kristie, it would be great if
you smoked!  You've never smoked a cigarette, have you?"  "No, but several of
my friends have started to smoke.  Lisa, I want to smoke.  I like the idea of
being a smoker.  Do you think I should try a cigarette?"  "Yes.  I think you'd
look totally cool smoking, Kristie.  I've told you before that I think smoking
is great.  But what if Mom and Dad find out?"  "Kristie said, "Lisa, the deal
is, I want to become a smoker. It would be so cool to be able to smoke in
front of Mom and Dad.  So what I want to do is get up the courage to ask for
permission to smoke a cigarette now and then.  It would be so cool to be able
to smoke in my room.  Some of my friends get to."  I said, "I know you're
woman enough to talk to Mom and Dad about smoking.  And I definitely know
you're woman enough to smoke."  Kristie hugged me and said, "Thanks, Lisa."  I
said, "Good luck, Kristie."

Well, at dinner, Kristie talked to Mom and Dad.  While we were eating, Kristie
cleared her throat a little and said, "Mom and Dad, there's something I'd like
to tell you about."  Mom asked, "What's that, Kristie?"  "Mom, three of my
best friends have started smoking."  She asked, "You mean tobacco, I hope?"
"Yes." Mom said, "That's interesting.  How do you feel about your friends
smoking, Kristie?"  She said, "If you want the truth, I think it's great!
Honestly, Mom, I'm real jealous of them.  Jenny, Ashley and Denise smoke every
day now.  In fact, they have to smoke."  Mom said, "I take it they're enjoying
smoking, and they're telling you all about it."  "That's pretty much it, Mom."
Mom asked, "Have you ever smoked, Kristie?"  "No."  "Why not?" "Because I
wanted to talk to you about smoking before I try it."  Mom put her hand on
Kristie's shoulder and said, "Kristie, I'm so glad you're talking to us.  I'd
hate to learn that you were interested in smoking, but were afraid to tell us
so."  "I'm very interested in smoking, Mom."  Mom asked, "I guess it's safe to
say you'd like to smoke a cigarette sometime soon, to see what it's like."
"Yeah, Mom, I'd like to learn how to smoke.  Ashley and I had a long talk
about smoking.  She tried to explain to me why she likes it so much.  She told
me she just loves sucking smoke from a cigarette.  Ashley said she feels so
cool when she has smoke in her lungs.  She said unless you smoke you can't
understand how nice it is."  Mom said, "Kristie, go ahead and smoke a
cigarette if you want to.  I suppose thirteen is old enough for a girl to
smoke a cigarette now and then."  Dad said, "Well, I supppose every teenage
girl wants to smoke sooner or later.  Go for it, Kristie.  You'll look great
with a cigarette."  Kristie said, "Thanks, Dad!"

Kristie said, "Well, I've made up my mind to try a cigarette.  Actually, I
want to ask something.  My friends and I are going out.  Would it be OK if I
smoked a cigarette tonight?"  She said, "Yes.  But I wonder if it might be
better to smoke your first cigarette before you're in a public place."  "I
agree.  Actually, Ashley's parents let her smoke at home.  I'll have her show
me how to smoke before we go out."  Mom asked Kristie, "Have you asked your
friends what smoking tastes like, and what it feels like?"  "Yes, Mom.  I've
asked them all kinds of questions.  My friends tell me it's real satisfying to
smoke a cigarette. They talk about how much they enjoy smoking, and how much
they crave it."  Dad asked her, "Then you're open to the idea of smoking for
the rest of your life, aren't you?"  "Yes.  I think I'd like being a smoker,
Dad."  Mom asked, "So you want to get addicted to nicotine, don't you,
Kristie?" "Yes, Mom, I do.  Smoking sounds so good to me.  I like the idea of
being addicted to it...a lot."  Mom said, "Kristie, I probably shouldn't say
this, but I think you're going to enjoy smoking."

Dad handed Kristie a $20 bill and said, "Go buy yourself some cigarettes,
Kristie, and enjoy them!"  Kristie gave Daddy a big hug and said, "Thank you,
Dad.  I'm so excited!  Thank you for understanding."

After dinner, I went in Kristie's room while she was getting ready to go out.
I gave her a high five and a hug.  She was in a super-good mood.  I said,
"Kristie, this is so great.  Are you going to be scared when you smoke?"  "No,
not at all. Ashley says she'll teach me everything I need to know.  She said
she'll make sure I do everything just right.  Lisa, I'm totally looking
forward to smoking my first cigarette.  I've been looking at Misty and
Virginia Slims ads for a couple of years now, imagining that it was me in the
ad, smoking a cigarette.  Now I'm actually going to smoke.  I can't wait to
put a cigarette in my mouth, flick that lighter, and smoke...just like a
grown-up!"  I asked, "Are you going to inhale?" She looked at me and smiled
and said, "You bet!  Ashley says she wants me to inhale my very first drag.
I'm going to inhale the smoke into my lungs.  Mom and Dad don't mind, so why
not get really into smoking, and get addicted?  I want to look sexy when I
smoke.  Ashley says boys can tell if you're inhaling your smoke, and they
respect you more if you do.  She says inhaling shows you're smoking because
you have to, and that's sexy to boys, plus the smoke looks much nicer coming
from your lips."  I said, "I'm so jealous of you."  Kristie said, "Lisa, if
cigarettes work out well for me, your time will come, sooner than you think."
"I hope so."  "Lisa, you can be sure that Mom and Dad will know all the good
things about smoking.  When they see how great smoking is for me, I know
they'll let you smoke before very long." I was on Cloud Nine after that!

About ten that evening, Kristie came in.  Mom and Dad were watching TV, and
Kristie sat down with us.  She had the happiest, proudest look on her face.
Their show was just ending, and Kristie said, "Mom and Dad, I did it.  I
smoked a cigarette.  I put a cigarette in my mouth and lit it, and I smoked
all of it.  I can still hardly believe it, but I smoked a cigarette!"  Mom
starting smiling and asked, "How did you like it?" She said, "Oh, God, it was
great!  Mom, the smoke tasted so good.  I enjoyed the cigarette totally.  In
fact, I smoked two more cigarettes, and I liked them so much.  It was the most
incredible feeling to light up and suck on a cigarette, and to see smoke
coming from my mouth.  And afterward, to look at my hand, and a real cigarette
between my fingers, watching the smoke curling up from the tip.  I felt so
different.  But it felt so right to me."  She said, "I'll bet you felt really
womanly smoking a cigarette."  She said, "Yes, I did.  It made me feel real
good to smoke.  Mom and Dad, I bought a pack of cigarettes on the way home.
I'm going to smoke again tomorrow, if you don't mind."  She said, "I don't
mind, Kristie.  You were honest with us about smoking, and you weren't afraid
to try a cigarette.  Now you've got something really nice to look forward to."
Dad said, "I'm proud of you, Kristie.  You may smoke here in the house if
you'd like."  "Thanks, Dad.  I will.  I'll probably smoke most of my
cigarettes in my room."  I said, "Kristie, this is so great! Could I see your
cigarettes?"  "Sure."  She reached in her purse and took out a pack of
Marlboro Lights 100's, in the flip-top box.  Kristie handed me the pack to
look at.  I said, "You haven't even opened the pack."  "I know.  I just got my
cigarettes a few minutes ago.  Let's open the pack."  I handed the pack to
Kristie.  With her long, incredibly slender fingers, she took off the
cellophane and flipped open the top.  The cigarettes were under a foil
wrapper.  She pulled off the front and tore off the back, and there they were,
all lined up and ready for her to smoke.  I asked, "Are you going to smoke all
of these?"  "I sure am. I'm going to smoke tomorrow morning, definitely.  I'm
going to smoke a cigarette in my room!  I got a lighter, too."

Kristie asked, "Would you like to look at a cigarette, Lisa?"  I said, "Yes!"
"Take one out."  She handed me the pack.  I used my fingernails to pull out a
Marlboro Light.  I'd never held a cigarette before, so I was excited to get to
look at one up close.  I put the cigarette between my fingers, and practiced
holding it.  It felt great between my fingers.  Kristie said, "You can put the
cigarette in your mouth if you want to, Lisa."  "Really?"  "Sure.  Go ahead."
I held the cigarette to my lips, between two fingers, and pretended I was
taking a drag.  Then I held my lips together and blew out my pretend smoke.
Daddy said, "You look nice holding a cigarette, Lisa.  Are you going to smoke
when you're a teenager?"  "Yes, Daddy.  I'm going to smoke."  He smiled and
said, "I'll deal with it, Lisa."  Kristie asked, "Would you like to keep the
cigarette, Lisa?"  I asked, "Do you mean it?"  "Yes."  "Sure.  Thanks a lot.
It'll be cool to have a real cigarette in my room."  When I went up to my
room, I got an ash tray out of a drawer, took it to the dresser in my room,
and set my Marlboro Light 100 in its place on the edge.  I set a book of
matches by the ash tray, too.

I asked Kristie to let me watch her smoke the day after she started.  She let
me come with her to Ashley's house, early the next morning.  I was so excited
when Kristie held her cigarette to her lips, flicked her lighter, and then
actually blew smoke from her mouth.  In a way, it was a little odd the first
time I saw my sister light a cigarette and smoke, just like a grown woman.
After all, she was only thirteen.  But it was also very, very cool.  I thought
she looked incredibly good smoking a cigarette.  My sister is so beautiful,
and smoking really called attention to her gorgeous face.  And she has such
long, beautiful, slender fingers.  Kristie looked so sexy with a cigarette
between her fingers, and smoke drifting up from the tip.  I told her,
"Kristie, you look so good smoking a cigarette.  It makes you look hot."  She
said, "Thanks, Lisa."  I said, "I think you look sexy smoking a cigarette.
I'm so proud of you!"  Kristie seemed so happy to hear my compliments.  She
told me she liked smoking a lot.  It was so cool watching my gorgeous sister
taking her drags, and blowing smoke from her lips.  I could see how much she
was enjoying her cigarette.  Kristie wasn't afraid of her cigarette at all.
Her cheeks curved in as she sucked smoke into her body.  She never coughed or
made a face.  She smiled the whole time she was smoking.  And she blew an
amazing amount of smoke from her lips, time after time. And she was just a
beginner with cigarettes!  I asked, "Kristie, does the smoke burn?"  "No.  Not
at all.  The smoke feels good inside me."  Ashley and Kristie were talking
about hair styles.  Kristie looked so sexy gathering up her silky, light brown
hair to try new things, all the time with her long, burning cigarette between
her fingertips...well, most of the time, that is.  A couple of times when she
needed both hands, Kristie just held her cigarette between her lips.  When she
wanted smoke in her lungs, she just sucked on the filter.  Then, several
seconds later, she blew the smoke past the cigarette in her lips.  I knew that
some day I wanted to look just like Kristie.

Soon after Kristie lit her second cigarette, and she blew a long stream of
smoke from her lips, she said, "Lisa, would you come over here and sit by me?"
I sat next to her on the bed and she said, "Hold your hand out flat."  I did
that.  And Kristie carefully slid her cigarette between my fingertips.  What a
nice surprise!  I had a long, white, burning cigarette between my fingers.  I
don't think I had ever been so excited.  I smiled at Kristie, and she said, "I
can't let you take a drag, Lisa, without talking to Mom and Dad first.  Would
you like to help me smoke my cigarette?"  "Yes, I'd love to."  "Great.  I want
you to hold the cigarette up to my lips when I want more smoke.  Then, when I
start to inhale the smoke, you can take the cigarette from my mouth.  Let's
try it."  I made sure there was enough filter behind my fingers so Kristie
could suck on it.  I put my left arm on Kristie's shoulder, and carefully
brought the cigarette to her lips with two fingers.  She wrapped her full lips
around the filter.  Kristie's cheeks curved in a bit as she took smoke from
the cigarette.  After a few seconds she stopped drawing, and I took the
cigarette from her mouth.  I could hear her breathing in, nice and steady.
Then she looked at me and said, "I've inhaled the smoke."  A tiny, cute little
wisp of smoke came from her lips as she said that. Then she held her lips
close together and blew a smooth, heavy stream of smoke from her mouth for six
or seven seconds.  As she did that, a little jet of smoke came from her nose
and mixed with the smoke coming from her mouth.  She looked hot!  Kristie
looked over at me and said, "God, that felt good."  Kristie let me hold her
Marlboro Light the entire time she smoked it.  It was so exciting to have a
lit cigarette between my fingers.  I loved it!

I knew that more than anything in the world, I wanted to have the feelings
Kristie was having, and soon!  Between drags, I just let the smoke from her
cigarette drift up to my nose.  I loved the strong, grown-up smell of
cigarette smoke.  I tried to imagine how nice the smoke would taste when I
breathed it into MY body!  Kristie set an ash tray by me, and had me flick the
ashes from her cigarette when they got long.  I liked that.  And I even got to
put out the cigarette when she finished smoking it.  Afterward, I gave Kristie
a big hug for being so nice to me.  On the way home, I realized my clothes and
fingers smelled like smoke.  That was so cool!

The evening of the next day, Mom got Kristie to smoke in front of her.  She
said, "Kristie, this is your third day of smoking, isn't it?" "Yes."  "How
many cigarettes have you smoked?"  "About twenty.  I bought another pack
today." "Kristie, wouldn't you like to smoke at home?" "Yes, I'd like to smoke
here very much."  Mom said, "I want you to smoke when you need to.  I'd like
to see you smoking, Kristie.  Would you smoke a cigarette, just for me?"
Kristie kind of bashfully said, "OK, Mom."  She took a cigarette out of the
pack in her purse, and lit up.  She blew out a long, smooth stream of smoke,
and Mom said, "Kristie, I'm proud of you!"  She said, "You are?"  "Yes.  You
look good smoking a cigarette."  "Thanks, Mom."  "Do you like the taste?"  "I
sure do.  My first two or three cigarettes were fairly strong, but I was able
to smoke them just fine. I'm enjoying the taste so much now.  Cigarettes have
a nice taste, just like the ads say."  Kristie took a deep drag, and slowly
blew it out.  Mom asked, "You're taking a lot of smoke, aren't you, Kristie?"
"Yes.  And I inhale the smoke into my lungs.  I want you to know, I think I'm
getting addicted to cigarettes, Mom. I'm having feelings I've never had
before, and I like them a lot."  Mom asked, "Does smoking make you feel good,
Kristie?"  She said, "I feel so good when I smoke!  My cigarette satifies me,
as long as I inhale." "That's nice.  If you smoke here at home it'll help,
won't it?"  She said, "I'm sure it will.  I feel like I need to smoke several
times a day."  "Smoke as often as you want, Kristie. We'll pay for your
cigarettes.  I want you to enjoy your new habit!"

When we were alone, I gave Kristie a big hug.  I said, "You have Mom wrapped
around your finger.  She didn't say one word against your smoking.  Kristie,
she thinks it's cool that you smoke!"  "I know, and that's lucky for me,
because I'm starting to need it.  Lisa, I wish I would have started with
cigarettes years ago.  I had no clue how enjoyable it would be to smoke.  And
it's just so easy. All I have to do is breathe in the smoke, and I start
feeling good.  I thought Ashley was exaggerating just to get me interested.
She wasn't."

A day later, Mom and Kristie and I were in the family room.  Kristie said, "I
think I'll have a cigarette, if you two don't mind."  She put a cigarette in
her mouth and lit up, then blew a nice heavy stream of smoke from her lips.
Kristie looked incredible.  She had a little halter top on, and short shorts
that showed off her long, slender legs.  She had her waist-length hair fixed
really cute. And when she blew out her smoke, it came out so smoothly.  She
looked very sophisticated.  Mom said, "I enjoy watching you smoke, Kristie!
You look attractive as a smoker.  You're starting to get me very interested in
smoking." "Really, Mom?"  "Yes!  I love the smell of your cigarettes.  You
look so satisfied when you blow the smoke from your mouth.  You've got me
wondering what it would be like to smoke a cigarette--what it would feel like,
what it would taste like to smoke."  "Mom, that is great!  Had you never
thought about smoking before?"  "I've always wished I smoked, Kristie."  "Why
didn't you smoke, then, Mom?"  "I remember wanting to smoke when I was a young
girl, about eleven.  One of my girlfriends' mothers smoked, and I was so
fascinated watching her smoking. I talked to her about smoking all the time.
Her eleven-year-old daughter, Tammy, was my best friend.  Unfortunately, she
moved away.  But about three weeks before she moved, Tammy's mother gave her a
pack of cigarettes.  Tammy was real sad about moving, and she had been crying
a lot.  Her mom thought that starting to smoke might cheer up Tammy.  Tammy
jumped at the chance to smoke.  She smoked all of her first cigarette.  Tammy
told me she absolutely loved smoking that cigarette, and it tasted good.  She
asked her mother, and she was given permission to smoke every evening.  Her
mother let her smoke three cigarettes every evening.  Sometimes Tammy smoked
when I was there visiting.  I was so jealous!  Her mother told me to be sure
to smoke when I got permission.  She told me I'd like smoking very much.  I
think she would have helped me start smoking, but they moved away so soon
after Tammy smoked.  Just before they moved, I asked for permission to smoke,
but Mom and Dad wouldn't hear of it."

Kristie loved that!  She said, "Mom, you would look pretty smoking a
cigarette!" She smiled and asked, "Do you really think so?"  "Yes, I do.  You
are SO pretty. You'd look nice holding a cigarette to your mouth." Bashfully,
Kristie asked, "Mom, would you like to smoke one of my cigarettes?"  She said,
"Kristie, I've always wanted to smoke.  I've always expected you and Lisa
would decide to smoke."  (You should have seen me smiling after that)!  She
asked, "Mom, have you ever smoked a cigarette?"  "No.  I never got the chance,
really.  My friend's mother wouldn't give me a cigarette unless my mother told
her OK, and I was told no.  I might talk to your dad about this.  Save a
cigarette for me, OK, Kristie?" Kristie hugged Mom and said, "I sure will."  I
said, "Mom, I think you should smoke--definitely.  I hope you smoke some of
Kristie's cigarettes.  I want to watch you, too."  Mom said, "Thank you, Lisa.
I think I am going to smoke.  I've kicked myself so many times for not giving
cigarettes a try when I was a girl...for not smoking when my friends did."

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