Lisa's Rude Awakening, Part 1

(by, 11 July 1998)

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Lisa's Rude Awakening
"Marty English" 

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions and comments. This story is
based on the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and have fantasized about
for years. I hope you enjoy!

Part 1

Lisa Ancell is a hostess at the restaurant that I worked at. She was the ripe
old age of 18 and Hispanic according to her file that I snuck a peak at one
day. I never took her to be Mexican, though she is dark complected with deep,
dark brown eyes and shoulder length jet black hair. I always thought she was
Italian. But what really caught my attention was her body. Especially when
she wore that skin tight black dress with white polka dots. She had to wear a
T-shirt underneath or for sure you could see cleavage both from the sides and
from the front. I am a man for big breasts and hers were the best I think had
ever seen. If I had to make a guess, I'd say about a 38D. And quite firm
they were as well. Lisa didn't appear to be very athletic. Her arms were
skinny yet she had some meat on her bones. Yes, that's the perfect woman for
me, big breasts, not fat but not too skinny either, submissive, and last but
most important, a smoker. The latter two I wasn't sure about, but I knew I
had to find out.

Lisa showed up for work about fifteen minutes early with some paperback
romance novel. She went back to the break room and sat down to read her book
until she clocked in. Now today was Monday, our slowest day of the week. And
shortly before 5 PM, it wasn't very busy. So I went back to smoke a quick
cigarette and talked to her. There she was in the seat closest to the corner
of the room. "Out of sight, out of mind" I thought to myself. So, I took
the seat furthest from her and lit up a smoke.

"Hi! Does smoking bother you?" I asked in an innocent tone of voice. She
looked up at me and smiled softly and said, "Oh, hello! No, not at all."
she said in what I gathered as a little-more-than-friendly voice.

"Would you like one?" I asked in my own little-more-than-friendly voice.
"No thank you I don't smoke, but thanks anyway." 

I could tell by the way she was smiling at me that she had the hots for me. I
am not one to brag, but men have intuition as well. So I decided to act on it
before more of the evening crew showed up.

"Lisa? Hey, do you think that........"

"Hey guys!" Amanda said as she walked into the break room. "Fuck!" I
thought to myself. Making moves on women was never a strong suit of mine. And
it didn't help being interrupted.

"Hey Amanda." We both said almost simultaneously. 

Amanda sat down and lit up a cigarette. She had a body similar to Lisa's and
she smoked like a chimney which was good, but when she was on the clock,
Amanda could be a total bitch at times.

Amanda had blonde hair, brown eyes, and black shaggy eyebrows. Sha also had a
bad case of acne. But if you put a bag over her head, she had a very
appealing body. Slightly chubbier than Lisa's, but attractive.

"Hey yourself!" She said to me in a flirty voice as she exhaled smoke like
a pro. I could melt watching her smoke, but her arrogant personality ruined
all hope for Amanda.  She really pisses me off! In the break room she
practically throws herself at me, but while working she's a total bitch!

"Hi." I said meekly smiling at her. I knew the moment had passed to make a
move on Lisa, so I stubbed out my cigarette and got up and went back to work.

Seven o'clock rolled around and my shift was over. I went out to start my
car and let it warm up since it was umpteen degrees below zero out. Then I
decided to smoke a cigarette in the break room while I waited. I quickly sat
down at the seat I was at earlier when a voice startled me.

"Hi!" Lisa said.

"Hey! Sorry didn't see you there." I replied in a surprised voice.

"Were you going to ask me something?" She purred.

"Yes, sorry the timing wasn't right." I replied. "What I was going to say
was....." I paused. I had it all figured out earlier and now she put me on
the spot. "You wanna do something sometime?" I blurted out looking nervous
as hell as I ashed my cigarette.

She just looked at me with a surprised look on her face. "Great, I know what
that look means" I thought. "It means......

"I get off at 10." She said as she stood up and punched back in from her
break. I just sat there speechless. Then she started walking away and turned
as she was leaving and gave me the most warm, loving smile I had ever seen.

"See.....see ya then." I said just after she disappeared from sight.

I got up, walked out the back door, got into my car and left. "No shit! No
way!" I said to myself. Lisa was by far the best looking woman that's ever
agreed to going out with me! I knew I had some shit to get done before I
picked her up, so I put my coat back on and headed out the back door.

I walked in the door to my restaurant at 9:55. Lisa was there at the podium
ready to greet customers and she looked up and saw me standing there.

"Hi!" She said in the happiest voice I've ever heard in a woman. "You
want to wait at a table for me? I should be ready in a few more minutes." 

"Sure, that would be great!" I said.

"Let me guess smoking right?" She said laughing. That laugh was so sexy it
made me quiver inside.

"Damn straight!" I said with a smile. Lisa led me to a table in the smoking
section and gave me a treat of a rear view of her as I followed. I just
couldn't help but think how silky smooth her ass was and how easily those
cheeks would fit in my hands.

"Thanks" I said smiling dreamily at her as I sat down at my table. "I'll
just wait here for you."

"Ok. Your server Amanda will be with you shortly. As will I" She said in a
evil voice as she left.

"Holy balls!" I thought to myself. This could be the best night of my life!
Then again, maybe not. Here comes a smiling Amanda ready to rub it in.

"Hey there!" Amanda said to me. "Heard you got a hot date tonight! I'm

"Oh really?" I said with a laugh. "So does anyone hear not now about
tonight?" I asked already knowing the answer. Amanda had such a big mouth.
But at least Lisa was happy enough to share the news, that's always a good

"Hell no!" She said in her arrogant voice. "Do you honestly think I'd
keep quiet about something so personal!"

"Hell no!" I said laughing a little harder. I knew this would probably
happen. "Could I have a Cherry Coke please?"

"Sure thing! I just hope you don't stiff me! Not that that would be a bad
thing!" She said winking and left to get my drink.

Two cigarettes and half a Cherry Coke later, Lisa appeared at my table
smiling with her coat on.

"I hope you don't mind, but could we get the hell out of here! I've had
enough of this place for one day."

"I thought you'd never ask! So have I! I worked a longer day than you

"Let's go!" She said grabbing my coat and handing it to me.

"So, where do you wanna go?" I asked inquisitively. 

"Feel like contributing to the delinquency of a minor?" She asked with a
wicked look on her face.

"Hey, I thought you were 18? They can't do shit to me if I lay a hand on
you!" I said sarcastically.

As we walked out the door, she burst out into this loud sexy laugh that only
Lisa could do. "You shit! I'm not 21! I wanna get drunk!"

"Well, I can't promise I won't take advantage of you!" I said laughing
back. "I'll drive"

Lisa drunk? A girl who wants to go out right after work and get drunk with a
guy usually means one thing. And I intend to take advantage of the situation,
but not in a way Lisa is expecting...........

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