A Little Later, Part 1

(by love_2_smoke@hotmail.com, 24 August 1999)

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This is a continuation of a story I sent you November of last year.  I'm 
only about half way done and it's really rough but, hey, I do what I can.  

"A little later...Part 1"
(`Early-'  Part 2) by love_2_smoke@hotmail.com

(DISCLAIMER: There is no sex or gratuitous use of profanity or violence in 
this story.  However, it may be offensive to some readers in the sense that 
this story describes what may be considered an extreme smoking habit of a 
partially fictional minor.)

        The ferry, Wenatchee, crept slowly way from the Seattle ferry 
terminal and began its trip across Puget Sound in the dusky light of 
morning.  Jenny emerged from one of the doorways leading down into the main 
passenger cabin, and took a seat among a half dozen other people atop of the 
ferry in the purposefully secluded smoking section of the ship.  She took 
out a pack of Virginia Slims 120's and proceeded to remove a single 
cigarette and deftly light it in one continuous motion.  She placed the 
cigarettes and lighter back into her 'Star
W--s' backpack.
        Jenny triple pumped the cigarette, exhaling smoke through her nose 
as she took long drags on the longer cigarette.  She grinned in hidden 
pleasure as the others in the smoking section stared at her.  Rarely would 
anyone say anything about her smoking, although it had happened in the past. 
  After all, she was just 12 years old.  Jenny pulled a 'People' magazine 
out of her bag and began to slowly rifle through it as she smoked, only 
removing the cigarette from her
mouth to trim the ashes.
        After finishing the first cigarette, Jenny immediately lit another 
and continued to smoke as she read.  Jenny stopped reading, tilting the 
magazine down into her lap and stared off into to space, taking long, slow 
drags off of the cigarette as she considered the plans for the day.
        She was supposed to meet Sabrina at the ferry terminal and Sabrina 
was going to take her shopping for 'school' clothes.  It was going to be 
fun.  Plus, Sabrina smoked almost as much as Jenny so Jenny wouldn't have to 
feel bad about stopping for a cigarette every few minutes.

        Jenny had started homeschooling, mostly teaching herself, with her 
mother when she was 9 years old.  Her smoking had begun to cause too many 
problems at school.  Jenny was smoking almost two packs of cigarettes a day 
by this point and she was either very difficult to deal with in class while 
being anxious for a cigarette or she was getting into trouble for sneaking 
off for a cigarette and skipping classes.  So, Jenny and her mother had come 
to the decision to try the
home schooling type thing.  Jenny's mother, Melinda, had taken the necessary 
classes to make it possible for Jenny to be home schooled and Jenny pretty 
much did the rest once the appropriate paperwork was taken care of.  Jenny 
was on the verge of getting her G.E.D. at the age of 12.  Jenny and her 
mother had decided that since she was proceeding so rapidly, she would 
finish her G.E.D. and start
community college classes.  Sabrina was all ready taking classes at Olympic 
Community College and, so, they decided that it would make sense and be 
safer if Jenny took classes with her.
        Once Jenny and Sabrina had both become smokers, their relationship 
had evolved rapidly from one of mutually tolerant cousins, to one of near 
sisterhood.  Even though there was a six year age difference, they spent a 
great deal of time together.  And they both loved to smoke.
        Now that Sabrina had her own place and was going to college, Jenny 
had a place to get away from her mother, to be with someone else.  She took 
advantage of the situation as often as possible.

        Jenny was jerked away from her thoughts by a tap on her shoulder.  
She took a deep drag on her third cigarette, inhaled, and followed with 
another drag, exhaling smoke lazily from her nose as she turned.
        "Yes?," she said, turning toward the person who had tapped her, 
smoke accentuating the word.
        It was an older lady, perhaps 40 or 50 years old.
        "Aren't you a little young to be smoking?," the lady asked.
        Jenny had been down this road before.
        "No.  I don't think so."
        "Well, I can go get the captain and he can make that decision, you 
know," the lady said, trying to be intimidating.
        "Yes, you could," Jenny double-pumped and exhaled toward the lady.
        The lady coughed and waved the smoke away from her face.
        "Maybe I'll just find your mother and tell her, how would you feel 
about that?," the lady said, angry now.
        "You don't have to tell her, she already knows.  I smoke as much as 
she does."
        The lady's expression was one of disbelief, she sat down next to 
        "Smoking is very bad for you.  Has your mother told you that?"
        "Yes.  She tried to discourage me when I first started six years 
ago," Jenny accentuated the statement with a drag and nose exhale.
        The lady seemed determined to be a pest.  Jenny started to get up.
        "How old are you?"
        Jenny knew this was where the trouble could start.  Even though 
there was little that the lady could do-if she brought up the age thing, and 
talked to the right people, her mom could get into trouble.
        "I'm 33," Jenny said sarcastically, finishing off the cigarette and 
this time did get up.
        "You are a rude little girl," the lady said, shaking her head.
        Jenny was more than a bit put off by this exchange and decided to 
let the lady know it.
        "Ma'am, I'm a very nice girl.  It's just that you come up to me out 
of nowhere, tap me on the shoulder and start pestering me about my smoking.  
I'm not sure it's any of your business.  I don't come up to you and say, you 
shouldn't drive so fast, or you shouldn't wear so much make up."
        "You're just too young to smoke, that's all."
        "I've been smoking half my life.  I smoke two packs of cigarettes," 
Jenny pulled out her cigarettes and lighter, "a day and I don't care what 
you think about it.  I love it and I'm gonna' keep on doing it."
        Jenny quickly lit up another cigarette, took a deep drag, turned 
away, and continued to smoke.

        They tied up at the terminal and the cars began to unload below, as 
the passengers, Jenny included, disembarked by way of an overhead 
passageway.  Jenny strolled along with the crowd, not noticing that the lady 
who had been pestering her was following.

        Jenny stepped outside the terminal and immediately lit up another 
cigarette, smiling.  She looked around and saw that Sabrina was in her 
little pick-up truck, about four from the front of the line, waiting for 
her.  Her hand, cigarette in between her index and middle fingers, waved 
from the driver's side of the car.  Jenny started to walk toward the truck, 
cigarette in between her lips, puffing away heartily.
        The lady strolled casually along behind her, waiting until Jenny 
reached the passenger side door before she stealthily went around to the 
driver's side of the truck.
        Neither Sabrina or Jenny saw her until she spoke.
        "Excuse me," the lady said from next to the driver's side window.
        "What?," Sabrina said, startled, turning toward the voice and 
exhaling smoke with the word.
        "I just want you to know that this little girl has," she pointed at 
Jenny, "been smoking since the minute she got on the ferry and..."
        The lady stopped cold as she watched the devilish little smile 
appear on Jenny's face and grow bigger as she brought her most recently lit 
cigarette to her mouth and took a drag.  Apparently she hadn't noticed the 
blatantly obvious fact that Jenny had lit a cigarette as soon as she stepped 
outside of the terminal.
        "Yes, she has," Sabrina said.
        "And this doesn't bother you?"
        "Nope.  In fact, I'm envious.  She smokes more than I do."
        The lady was speechless.
        "Anything else?," Sabrina queried.
        "I'd don't think this is right."
        The cars in front of Sabrina had all pulled away.  Sabrina shook her 
        "Get laid, lady," she said, and pulled away too, dual clouds of 
smoke coming out of the windows of the car.

        They pulled up to Sabrina's apartment complex in Bremerton and 
hopped out of the truck, cigarettes smouldering in between their fingers as 
always.  Jenny followed behind Sabrina as she climbed the stairs to the 
second story apartment. They entered the room and Jenny was surprised by how 
nice the place looked.  It had been pretty basic the last couple of times 
she'd gone to visit Sabrina.
        "Wow.  This place looks great," Jenny said, half-heartedly looking 
for an ashtray at the same time she was surveying the new look of the place.
        "Yep, I think so."
        "How did you---"
        "Get the money?  I won the lottery."
        "Huh?," Jenny asked, surprised.
        "Not the whole thing, not millions of dollars, but I won $2000 
dollars on a scratch ticket.  So, I went out and got some things to spruce 
up my place.  You like it?"
        "Oh, yeah.  It's really nice.  Has Aunt Becky seen it?"
        "Nope, you're the first...since I finished it, that is."
        Jenny smiled and took a deep drag.  It made her feel special to know 
that Sabrina had wanted to show it to her first.
        "Do you wanna' see the guest bedroom?"
        They crossed the small room, stepped down the short hallway which 
ended in three doors.  Sabrina opened the door to her immediate left and 
stepped out of the way.
        Jenny was surprised again.  Before Sabrina had done the redecorating 
the room had a twin mattress on the floor and cinder block shelves.  Now 
there was a queen bed, a dresser, and a set of bookshelves.  A little radio 
alarm clock sat on a little nightstand next to the bed, along with a big 
ashtray, and a small TV
sat on top of the bookshelves.  It all looked a little used but it was all 
in good shape.
        "All that stuff in the other room and this, it, uh, it had to cost 
more than $2000 dollars," Jenny said, looking up at Sabrina, trying to ask a 
question but really making more of a statement.
        "Nope.  I've spent the last couple weeks after work and in between 
classes finding this stuff and hauling it back in my truck.  The hard part 
was finding someone to help me carry this stuff up here.  I got this guy 
from one of my classes to help," Sabrina finished, smiling and showing an 
expression that Jenny couldn't identify.
        "What are you smiling about?," Jenny said, crushing out the 
cigarette.  Sabrina hesitated, expression fading, but still smiling.  Jenny 
set her backpack down on the bed and took out her cigarettes and lighter.
        "Nothing.  It's one of the few things that you're still too young 
for, even though you're pretty big for your britches."
        Jenny made a sour face and then smiled.  She lit a cigarette and 
took a drag.
        If Sabrina told her that she should wear her shoes on her ears, she 
would.  It would be truthful to say that Jenny paid a great deal more 
attention to what Sabrina said than what her mother said.
        "Okay.  I won't ask about that.  So, I get to sleep in here?"
        "Yep," Sabrina said, crushing out her cigarette.
        "For what?  I wasn't gonna' make you sleep on the floor or anything. 
  You slept on the old twin mattress before."
        "I know," Jenny took a drag and spoke again, "but it's different 
now, it's nicer."
        Sabrina smiled.
        "Nothin' but the best for you kid."

        That afternoon Sabrina had to work a four hour shift at the store 
were she was employed.  Jenny spent most of the time reading, studying, and 
smoking.  She felt pretty confident about taking the G.E.D. test and 
starting classes at the community college when the next term started.  Jenny 
still couldn't believe that she was so well trusted by her mother and 
cousin.  `I'm only 12!,' she thought,
smiling.  Still, she loved to smoke, and other than that, she felt like she 
was a pretty darn admirable kid.  She felt like she was the sort of kid who 
any parent would be glad to have as a friend to their kids.  Except for the 
        Sometimes it wasn't all it was cracked up to be in that sense.
        She hadn't grown as much as she might have, Jenny knew that from 
what her mother had told her and what she'd heard from the doctor.  Her 
voice was really deep for a girl too.  Then there was the issue of play.  
Jenny liked to fart around just as much as the next kid but she certainly 
wasn't able to run around for long without getting pretty winded.  She was 
definitely starting to develop
and was by no means unattractive.  Most of the time this didn't come up 
though, since Jenny was more of the cerebral type rather than the athletic 
type.  She wasn't turning out to be on her way to becoming an overweight 
teenager by any means.

        Around one o' clock, an hour into Sabrina's shift, Jenny opened her 
second pack of Virginia Slims 120's of the day and started into them.  This 
was one of the reasons that Jenny liked visiting Sabrina.  Jenny's mom 
didn't like Jenny smoking more than two packs a day.  Initially, Jenny had 
smoked Marlboro Lights 100's like her mother.  Once she reached two packs a 
day and her mother would
allow her to smoke anymore, Jenny switched to Virginia Slims 120's so that 
there was more cigarette to smoke.  She had heard there were longer 
cigarettes but hadn't been able to find them readily available enough to get 
her mother to buy them for her.

        Anyway, Jenny liked visiting Sabrina because Sabrina let Jenny get 
into her stash of cigarettes.  Jenny always brought money from her mother so 
that Sabrina wouldn't have to pay for all of Jenny's food and stuff.  
However, Sabrina, although not rich, managed her money well and didn't have 
much need for the money from Jenny's mom.  So, Jenny gave Sabrina the money 
and got to smoke as much as she wanted.  Even Sabrina would give Jenny a 
hard time if she knew how much she was smoking.  Basically, Jenny would 
start smoking as soon as Sabrina
left and chain smoke one cigarette after another until she figured it would 
be about 15 minutes before Sabrina would get home.

        On more than one occasion Jenny had managed almost four packs of 
cigarettes in a day.  She would wake up in the middle of the night, just to 
smoke.  She would smoke just before a shower and light up as soon as she was 
dried off.  Aside from studying and any other responsibilities she had 
during the day, Jenny was pretty much concerned with smoking all of the 
time.  It was, without a doubt, a
complete addiction.  However, she never smoked a cigarette without pleasure, 
even if she was angry.  It was always pleasurable.

        Jenny looked up at the clock.  It was ten minutes until four.  Time 
to do a little clean up.  She had brought a half carton of her own 
cigarettes and had used two of those since this morning, plus the pack that 
she'd used of the two packs she'd taken from Sabrina's carton.  She figured 
that she could easily finish off another pack by the end of the evening.  
Maybe more.
        As she dumped the nearly overflowing ashtray into the partially 
water filled bucket out on Sabrina's `balcony' and went around opening 
windows, Jenny found herself fantasizing about a time when she could spend 
literally every moment of the day with a cigarette.  She didn't realize it 
but she was becoming a bit
aroused by the idea.  Jenny had very little idea about her sexuality yet.  
She understood how things worked and the textbook ideas of how those things 
were supposed to come about but other than that, she wasn't curious or 
really in possession of any sort of knowledge that could be applied to the 
feeling.  She was just more than excited about the prospect of knowing a day 
would come when she could smoke every waking moment.  It made her feel 
weird, bad, and excited.

        Sabrina walked in, bags in hand, cigarette dangling from between her 
lips.  She couldn't help but notice the still thick haze of smoke in the 
        "Damn Jenny, you must have smoked non-stop since I left!," Sabrina 
said, cigarette bouncing up and down with her words.
        Jenny smiled innocently, taking a drag off of her current cigarette.
        "Yeah, act like you don't know what I'm talking about.  Come help me 
with these groceries."
        "Okay," Jenny said, putting her cigarette in between her lips.  As 
she stood up she felt rather light headed.  So, she took another drag.

        As the two of them sat watching TV and smoking that night, Sabrina's 
phone rang.  Sabrina went off into the small kitchen area of the apartment, 
while Jenny continued to chain smoke through an episode of `The Cosby Show'. 
  She was only about four cigarettes away from four packs for one day.  It 
felt like an accomplishment.
        Jenny looked into the kitchen where Sabrina was talking to someone 
in quiet tones.  She took the cigarette from her mouth and looked at it 
smouldering in between her fingers and smiled.  Slowly, she brought it to 
her lips and drew the smoke into her mouth, into her lungs.  And again.  And 
again.  And-again.  She couldn't get any more into her lungs.  Try as she 
might, she just couldn't hold any more.          So, she exhaled a thick, 
gray-blue plume of smoke into the air. Twice.  The end of the cigarette was 
warm.  This was the only part of this little routine that bugged her.  She 
hated when the end of the cigarette got hot like that.  If that didn't 
happen from puff after continuous puff, she figured she would smoke every 
single moment of the day, stopping only for a shower or to light another 
cigarette.         Her mother often tried to discourage her from smoking 
while eating but even that was part of the routine.
        After repeating this process nearly a dozen times and working her 
way through three more cigarettes, Jenny was drawn out of her state of 
semi-hypnosis by Sabrina's voice.
        "Jenny, would you mind it if Mike comes over?"
        Jenny shrugged.
        "Who's Mike?"
        Sabrina smiled and made the same weird expression she'd made that 
        "He's the guy who helped me move the new stuff up here."
        "Oh.  I don't care," Jenny paused for a moment, thinking, "he won't 
bug me about my smoking, will he?"
        Sabrina laughed.
        "No, I'm sure he won't."
        Sabrina turned back to the phone, said a couple more things and hung 

        Jenny was into her colorful pajamas by the time `Mike' arrived.  He 
was a pretty big guy and Jenny could see why Sabrina had him help her move 
stuff. When he came inside the door, Sabrina gave him a long kiss and Jenny 
tried unsuccessfully not to watch.
        Sabrina took him by the hand and led him over to Jenny.
        "Jenny, this is Mike.  Mike, this is my cousin Jenny."
        He reached out his hand to Jenny, who switched her cigarette to the 
opposite hand, and shook.
        "Nice to meet you, Jenny," Mike said with a smile.
        Jenny blushed, not knowing why.
        "Nice to meet you too."
        Sabrina pulled at his other arm.  Jenny sat back and took a deep 
drag on her cigarette.
        "See, it turned out pretty nice, huh?"
        He nodded.
        "Come on, I'll show you the guest bedroom."
        "I'd rather see your bedroom," he said.
        Sabrina gave him a half-hearted dirty look.
        "Come see the guest bedroom."
        "Okay," he said, and stopped as she started down the hall.
        "You look like you've been smoking forever, Jenny," Mike said 
watching Jenny exhale slowly into the air, head tilted back.
        "I've been smoking for almost as long as Sabrina."
        "Wow.  You must have only been---"
        "Come on, Mike!" Sabrina hollered from down the hall.
        "Okay!," he hollered back.  He gave Jenny another smile and went 
down the hall. Jenny considered for a moment and decided he was the 
prettiest boy she'd ever seen.


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