Liz & Diane

(by anonymous, 17 August 1997)

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    "Liz and Diane"

    "Elizabeth Anne if you don't get yourself down here this minute, you will
be late for your first day of school," Diane yelled up the stairs. Diane
quickly took a deep final drag on her Pall Mall 100 and put it out in the
ashtray. It was Elizabeth's first day at Stanford High School since they had
moved to San Diego from Des Moines. Diane's job as a paralegal had brought
them here. It was a major promotion for Diane as well as significantly more
money. She was worried about Elizabeth fitting in at the new school. There was
a big difference between Des Moines and San Diego.
    Elizabeth or Liz as she liked to be called these days came down the
stairs. She was dressed in a new pair of jeans and a plaid blouse. "I was just
coming my hair and finishing my lipstick," Liz explained. "Let me just grab a
cup of coffee and we can leave."
    The trip to Stanford High took only about ten minutes. During that time,
Liz remained deep in thought. Diane, noticing her daughter's tensions, thought
for a minute, and decided that some things were best left alone. She lit up a
cigarette, and proceeded to take a few quick deep drags. "I am sure you will
make new friends very quickly at school, Hon," she offered. "I know mom, it's
just things are so much different here," Liz replied. As they pulled up to the
school, Liz's attention was drawn to three very elegantly dressed girls
sitting in the park across the street from the school. The three girls were
all dressed in short skits, satin blouses and 3-inch spike heels. They were
all also smoking. Liz thought to herself, "with competition like that, I doubt
if there are any cute boys available." "Well, here we are and have a nice
day," Diane said as Liz stepped out of the car.
    Upon entering the school, Liz saw a sign that said, "NEW STUDENTS". She
walked up to the desk, gave the clerk her name. The clerk said, "Kimberly, I
would like you to meet Elizabeth Johnson." Kimmy was a sophomore just like
Liz. "Hi, my name's Kimmy. I am your "partner" for orientation" Kimmy happily
offered. "What am I supposed to do?" Liz replied. "Well, we are in a couple of
classes together, and it is my job to help you adjust and get settled in here
at Stanford. I hope we can become good friends too. So, if there is anything
you need, just let me know," Kimmy said. "Gee that's great, I could use a
friend, and please call me Liz," she replied. At that point, Liz saw the three
girls she had seen in the park, walk by the entrance hall. "Kimmy, who are
those girls?" "Oh, you mean Julie, Stephanie and Dawn... they are the "Glamour
Girls"" Kimmy replied. "The Glamour Girls, what's that?" Liz asked. "Well,
it's probably the most exclusive club here at Stanford. You don't join it;
they ask you to join. I'm not sure what's involved but I heard from one of the
other girls that they have an initiation and are very selective," Kimmy
explained. "Do they all look so beautiful?" Liz offered. "All that I have
seen. They all dress alike as far as clothes style, wear great make-up and
have super cute boyfriends," Kimmy said. "I saw them earlier across the street
in the park. They were all talking and smoking," Liz responded. "Yeah, that
too, I'm not sure but I think all the "Glamour Girls" do. I really would like
to be invited to join," Kimmy replied as she sighed. Liz turned and said, "Oh,
do you smoke too Kimmy?" "Well I guess my secret is safe with you Liz. I just
started a couple of weeks ago. Just a few here and there, I haven't told my
parents yet though so please keep it quiet." Kimmy responded. "Your secret is
safe with me Kimmy."
    The rest of the morning unfolded slowly for Liz. Her teachers seemed all
OK but she couldn't keep from thinking about her discussion with Kimmy about
the "Glamour Girls." During her Lunch Period, she was sitting alone and
looking at her schedule when she noticed Julie, Stephanie and three other
girls she hadn't seen before enter the cafeteria. They sat together and
appeared to be in deep discussion. From time to time, a boy would approach the
group, speak for a few minutes, and then leave. This continued throughout the
lunch hour until there were only 15 minutes remaining. She noticed Julie look
at her watch, and then held two fingers to her mouth. The girls all nodded and
quickly left. As Julie walked by, she pulled a brown leather case from her
purse. She must be going for a cigarette thought Liz. She noticed, all the
other girls had similar cases but in different colors.
    The afternoon passed quickly for Liz and at 3:30 PM, the final bell rang.
She gathered her things and walked out of the room. Kimmy was waiting for her
outside. "Well Liz, I see no one ate you today did they?" Kimmy asked. "No,
everything went fine." "Is your mom picking you up Liz?" "No Kimmy, I get to
walk home." "Great, we can go together." The girls quickly left the school and
began to walk toward Liz's house. As they crossed through the park, Kimmy
paused, dug in her purse and pulled a pack of Marlboro Light 100's out and
quickly lit one. "Oh, I'm sorry, do you want one Liz?" Kimmy said as she
exhaled the first short puff. "Thanks but I don't smoke, Kimmy" Liz quickly
replied. "You're not one of those anti-smoker's are you?" Kimmy asked. "No, I
mean my mom smokes but I haven't ever tried it. What's it like?" Liz asked.
"You mean you're fifteen years old and have never tried it?" Kimmy said not
believing Liz. "Well the first time can be hard but you quickly get to enjoy
it." Kimmy replied. "Here, take a puff Liz." Kimmy handed Liz the cigarette.
"What do I do?" Liz asked. "Just hold it to your lips and just suck on it like
a straw but not too much." Kimmy said. Liz took a small puff into her mouth.
The taste was warm and bitter. She quickly exhaled the smoke. "Was that so bad
Liz?" "Well, there wasn't much smoke there and you didn't inhale," Kimmy said
taking back the cigarette. Kimmy took a deep drag and opened her mouth; there
was a ball of smoke there for a second before she inhaled it deeply into her
young lungs. After what seemed like an eternity to Liz, Kimmy exhaled a cloud
of smoke. "I didn't inhale much at first, but after a while, it becomes
easier. You'll see, you want another puff Liz?" Kimmy said as she held out the
cigarette. "No thanks, not right now." Kimmy quickly finished her cigarette as
the girls continued the walk home. As the two girls walked up to Liz's house,
Kimmy said, " See you at school tomorrow, Liz".
    Several hours later, Diane returned home from work. As she entered the
kitchen, Liz was sitting at the kitchen table. "How was work mom?" Liz asked.
Diane removed her suit jacket, took her pack of Pall Mall 100's from the
pocket and lit up. Taking a deep drag, she replied, "Not bad. But it is
finally good to be home and really relax!" she said as she exhaled the smoke
from the first drag. "How was you're first day at school, Hon," she inquired.
Diane then took another drag this time pulling it very deeply into her lungs.
"It was OK, the assigned a really nice girl named Kimmy to help me get used to
school," Liz answered. "Well, I am sure you will really like it once you get
used to it," Diane said hopefully.
    After dinner, Diane and Liz watched TV. Diane was smoking as usual and she
noticed that Liz was watching her rather than TV. "Is there something you want
to ask me Liz?" she asked her daughter. "Mom, do you enjoy smoking?" Diane
took another puff from her cigarette and thought a minute. "Why do you ask,
dear?" she replied. "Well, don't get mad but when I was walking home, Kimmy
offered me a puff on her cigarette and I tried one puff," Liz replied. "And
what did you think of the puff?" Diane asked. "Well it tasted warm and bitter
but I couldn't tell much." Liz reluctantly replied. "Well, I guess I expected
you to try smoking eventually, I know I started smoking when I was about your
age. But to get back to your question, yes I enjoy smoking. It relaxes me and
gives me pleasure but I'm addicted to the nicotine and have been since I
started. I know it is not good for me but I do enjoy it. I suppose I will quit
eventually but for now, I still enjoy my cigarettes," Diane replied. "I wish
you would not smoke but I really can't stop you if you do start. Promise me
though that if you want to start, you will tell me and you should really think
it over, maybe read about the risks involved. Think about what you want to
do?" Diane continued. "OK Mom, that sounds fair." Liz responded.
    Diane looked at her daughter as she finished her cigarette thinking well
it's her decision but I do hope she thinks about it.
    The rest of the week passed quickly for Liz. She walked home each day with
Kimmy. Kimmy continued to smoke but Liz refused to try again even though Kimmy
offered. On Friday evening after finishing the dishes, Liz sat down in the
kitchen. Diane was just finishing putting the last of the dishes away. "Mom"
Liz quietly said. "Yes, dear what is it?" Diane replied. "I have been thinking
about what you said the other day about smoking and I have decided that I
would like to start." Liz replied slowly. "Liz, are you sure now, because you
may not be able to quit once you start," Diane offered. "Yes, I have thought
it through and read some books at school. I know there are bad health
consequences but I want to try." Liz replied. "Well, I guess then it is OK.
I'll tell you what, let me run out to the store real quick and then we will
see what I can teach you."
    Diane grabbed her keys and went down to the 7-11. Let's see she thought, I
guess Liz should start with something mild. She stepped up to clerk and asked
for a pack of Marlboro Light 100's and a pack of Virginia Slim 120 Menthols.
She also grabbed a couple of Bic lighters.
    When she returned home, she took the two packs out and put them on the
kitchen table. "Well Liz, I bought you two packs, one regular and one menthol.
That way you can try both and see which you like best." Diane said. "Which one
do you want to try first, Liz." Diane asked. "Well Mom, Kimmy smokes the
Marlboro Lights so I want to try that first," Liz replied. "OK, open the pack
and take one out." Diane told her. "Now put it in your mouth and when I hold
the flame up to the cigarette, just suck gently until you can feel the smoke
in your mouth." Liz put the Marlboro Light into her mouth and when her mom
extended the flame Liz sucked gently on her Marlboro Light. Liz began to taste
the same warm taste that she had experience with Kim. She quickly pulled the
cigarette away and blew the smoke from her mouth. "OK you did just fine Liz.
Now take a couple of more puffs just like you did then and blow the smoke out.
You need to get used to handling the cigarette." Liz did what her mother said.
She noticed that the taste was less bitter with each puff. "OK, now comes the
hard part. I am going to teach you to inhale, but first I will show you a
couple of times." Diane said. Diane lit one of her Pall Mall 100's. "Now, you
take a small puff as you have been doing only instead of blowing it out, you
suck it in like this," Diane said. She quickly took a small puff on her
cigarette; opened her mouth to show Liz a ball of smoke that she then inhaled.
Diane held it in for about 5 seconds and slowly exhaled. She then repeated the
same process. " You see Liz, I take a puff, then I inhale through my mouth.
You may feel like you need to cough but if you exhale slowly, it shouldn't be
too bad. OK, Liz, now it's your turn. Don't take too big a puff and blow it
out slow." Diane said. Liz put her cigarette to her mouth, and drew a small
puff. She held it momentarily and then sucked it in. She felt a pressure in
her chest as the smoke hit her lungs for the first time. Liz felt a pressure
in her chest and just a little catch in her throat. As she exhaled, Liz was
excited as the smoke flowed from her mouth and curled to the ceiling. "Wow mom
this is way cool, did I do it right?" Liz exclaimed. "You did just fine, now,
flick the ash off in the ashtray and try again. Liz trimmed the ash and took
another slightly longer puff. Diane could see that the ball of smoke in her
daughter's mouth was much bigger and thicker. Liz slowly inhaled and held the
smoke in longer. The nicotine began to enter her bloodstream. Liz slowly
exhaled after about 5 seconds. She watched an even larger cloud slowly move
toward the ceiling. Her arms and legs began to tingle and she felt a little
dizzy. "That was fine, how do you feel now?" Diane asked. "Well I am a little
dizzy and tingly," Liz replied. "That's the nicotine beginning to react to
with you body." Diane said, "It takes some time for your body to get used to
the nicotine, if you smoke too much at first you may get sick. You can put it
out if you want." Liz thought well other that the dizziness, this is not so
bad. Diane took a deep drag from her Pall Mall 100 drawing the smoke directly
into her lungs. Liz watched and said, "Mom, how did you do that." "That's the
way I smoke, I don't hold it in my mouth but inhale the smoke directly into my
lungs. Don't try that yourself until you are more used to smoking," Diane
replied. Liz continued to smoke the cigarette, each puff was a little longer,
taking a little more smoke into her lungs. The here dizziness was fading with
each puff as her body began to adjust to the nicotine. She finally finished.
"Mom, can I try another one," Liz asked. "Sure dear, if you want to, only this
time try the Virginia Slims. They will probably taste a little different
because they are menthol," Diane said. Liz opened the VS 120's and immediately
noticed the slimmer and longer cigarette. She grabbed a lighter and after a
couple of tries managed to get it to work. She held the flame to the VS and
took a small puff. She immediately noticed the menthol taste and how much
cooler it seemed to be in her lungs. She took a big puff and inhaled slowly.
She then exhaled and was amazed at the amount of smoke coming from her mouth.
She thought this is amazing. Diane watched as her daughter slowly lengthened
her inhales thinking, she really is enjoying this and so far doesn't seem to
be getting a beginners nicotine overdose. It must be all the second hand smoke
from being around me. Liz continued to enjoy her second cigarette, not even
noticing that she no longer tasted any bitterness but merely the smooth
menthol taste of the VS120. Liz finally finished the longer VS and said to
Diane, " I liked that even more than the Marlboro Light. Can I try one of your
Pall Mall's now?" Diane replied, "I think they would probably be too strong
for you right now. I think you have had enough for now, young lady." "OK mom
but I really feel fine. Can I smoke another?" Liz eagerly asked. "No, you
should take a break, I don't want you to overdose your first time. OK"
    Diane replied. "OK, if you think so, but I really like this." Liz
    Several hours passed while Liz finished some weekend homework. She went
downstairs and found Diane watching TV. "Mom, can I smoke another cigarette,
please?" Liz asked quietly. "Liz Hon, I told you that you could smoke didn't
I. I just don't want you to smoke too much and get sick on your first day as a
smoker," she replied. Liz went back to the kitchen and grabbed the pack of
VS120's. She took them back into the living room and took a VS120 out and lit
it. She took a big puff and dragged it deeply into her lungs wanting to feel
the rush she felt earlier. She held the smoke for a full ten seconds before
exhaling. The smoke streamed slowly from her mouth and she felt the nicotine
rushing from her lungs through her bloodstream. She quickly took another even
deeper drag. This one she exhaled through both her nose and her mouth. "Mom"
she asked. "Yes dear," Diane replied. "I wish I had tried this sooner. I could
have been enjoying this," Liz said with conviction. "Well you might have but I
think fifteen is young enough to fully understand what you are doing." Liz
took another heavy puff and again felt the nicotine rush through her system.
"Mom, how do I inhale like you do?" "Well dear, instead of holding the smoke
in your mouth before inhaling, think about sucking the smoke right from your
cigarette into your lungs. Inhale real hard so that you take all the smoke in.
Here, let me show you" Diane replied. Diane lit another Pall Mall 100. As Liz
watched Diane dragged the smoke directly into her lungs, her chest rising as
she inhaled. Liz held the cigarette to her lips and inhaled deeply. Liz could
see the tip of the cigarette glow and felt her chest expand as the smoke
poured from the cigarette right into her lungs. Liz felt a little dizziness
and a tingle throughout her body as she inhaled. She held the smoke in for
what seemed forever then exhaled slowly. The stream of smoke she exhaled never
seemed to end. Her head was spinning but and she tingled as the full nicotine
blast coursed through her body. "Wow, Mom that was the greatest, no wonder you
enjoy smoking, I think I will smoke like that from now on." Liz exclaimed as
the remains of the drag continued to flow from her lips. Liz kept inhaling,
dragging each puff straight to her lungs. The nicotine rush was fully upon
her. When she finished the cigarette, she immediate reached over and lit
another. Diane watching her daughter thought to herself, "my daughter is a
born smoker, her first night and she is already chain smoking and enjoying
ever puff." Liz kept smoking, each drag a little longer and each hold a little
longer. When she finished her second cigarette, she leaned back and enjoyed
the high she was riding. "Well, Mom, I really appreciate you teaching me about
smoking. Kimmy will be surprised at school on Monday when she sees me smoking"
Liz said. "Goodnite dear" Diane called as she watched her daughter head
upstairs to bed. Diane was amazed at how quickly Liz took to smoking but she
had to admit that her daughter had enjoyed it and seemed to be suffering no
ill effects.
    Liz awoke the next morning with a little soreness in her throat but
otherwise no ill effects from her smoking the night before. Diane was already
up and had made a pot of coffee and was having her first cigarette of the day.
Liz grabbed a cup of coffee and casually reached for a VS120. Lighting up, she
hungrily took a deep drag, pulling the smoke so very deeply into her lungs.
The smoke tasted so good she thought and felt the effects of the first jolt of
nicotine as it ran through her bloodstream. Diane watched, amazed at her
daughter's ability to smoke after only a few cigarettes. Liz began to exhale
but only halfway through; she took another drag off the VS120, and was amazed
and excited that she was smoking so well. "Liz, I don't think I've ever seen
anyone take to smoking so eagerly and so quickly," Diane stated. Taking
another drag from the VS120, Liz thought for a moment and then replied, "Well,
I guess that's because I am really enjoying the feeling. I just love the way
the smoke makes me feel," she replied. Liz took another drag; this time very
slowly pulling the as much smoke as she could take from the VS120 directly
into her lungs, feeling that exquisite relaxation the cigarette brought her.
Diane realized that at this rate, her daughter would be addicted to the
nicotine in no time. "Well you certainly don't seem to regret your decision to
start smoking do you?" Diane asked. Taking another of her deep drags, Liz
thought for a minute and replied, "Not at all Mom, I only wish you had told me
sooner about how pleasurable smoking could be. I just want to smoke more and
more," Liz responded as she finished that first VS120 of the day. Diane got up
and took another cup of coffee and returned to the table. Lighting another
Pall Mall 100, Diane thought for a moment and then asked Liz, "Well dear, what
are you're plans for today." "Nothing special, Mom, other than smoking that
is," she laughed. "Well, I thought that we could go to the Mall together and
maybe have some lunch later. We could maybe get you a new outfit for school."
Diane offered. Liz thought for a moment and replied, "Gee, that would be great
Mom. Some of my clothes from back in Des Moines just don't fit out here."
    The morning passed quickly for Liz, smoking a cigarette every half-hour as
she cleaned up her room and did the laundry. Around 11:00, Diane called to her
and told her to put on some nice clothes and they would leave for lunch. Liz
picked out a short black skirt and a knit pink sweater. Instead of pulling her
hair into her usual ponytail, she left it loose. She thought about trying some
of Diane's eye makeup but decided that she wasn't sure what would look best.
She would have to ask Kimmy what would look best. Before she headed
downstairs, she lit a cigarette and admired herself in the mirror. Liz tried
holding the cigarette in different ways, to get just the right appearance. She
came down stairs and Diane was surprised at her daughter's appearance. Gone
were the blue jeans and blouse that were her daughter's usual attire. Here she
was dressed in a skirt and sweater holding a cigarette. "She looks like I did
at seventeen," Diane thought as she grabbed a fresh pack of Pall Mall's from
her carton and put them in her purse. "Don't forget your cigarettes, dear. Now
that you smoke, I don't want you to have a fit if you need a cigarette," she
instructed. Liz grabbed the VS120's noticing that there were only 8 left in
the pack. "Mom, could we stop and pick up some more cigarettes on the way,"
Liz asked. "No problem," Diane replied as she grabbed her car keys as they
walked out of the house.
    As Diane started the car, she pushed in the cigarette lighter. Once she
backed her car out of the drive, she lit up a Pall Mall 100 from her fresh
pack and inhaled deeply. Liz looked at her for a moment seemingly hesitating.
"Liz dear, you can smoke in the car you know," Diane said. "Well... I guess
I'm a little nervous, I mean I haven't smoked in public before," Liz quietly
murmured. "Liz, my guess is that you will get used to it quickly enough,"
Diane laughed. Hesitating a moment, Liz opened her purse and took a VS120 out
and stuck it in her mouth. Reaching over she pushed in the lighter. It soon
popped out and Liz took it holding it up to her fresh cigarette. Inhaling
deeply, she soon had an even light. She then rolled her window down slightly
and exhaled the first puff. The nicotine was once again working its magic on
her young body. With each puff, Liz was becoming more and more comfortable
with her new smoking habit. After several minutes, she took the last hot drag
of the cigarette and snuffed it out in the car's ashtray. "Mom, I would also
like to get some eye makeup at the mall." Liz asked. "I don't see why not
dear. You aren't a little girl any more are you." Diane responded. "No, I
guess not. Will you help me pick the right kind out, Mom?" "Well dear, I would
be happy to but I think Regina, the girl I buy my makeup from at Penny's will
be more helpful. She has a way with selecting just the right colors," Diane
    They soon arrived at the Mall and immediately headed for Penny's. Right
near the entrance was the makeup department. Diane headed immediately for the
counter where Regina worked. "Hi, Diane, you need some more of that great new
blush I sold you last week?" Regina asked. "No, We need to get some makeup for
my daughter Liz here. Have you got some time to work with her?" Diane asked.
"Sure Diane, Liz why don't you have a seat right there in front of the makeup
mirror." Regina happily replied thinking of the big sale she would be making.
"Let see, I think a little eye shadow, some mascara, an eyebrow pencil and we
just got a brand new shade of lipstick that ought to be just right for you,
Liz." Regina studied Liz face and immediately began selecting the appropriate
colors. "Let's see. I think a little Midnight Blue eye shade with some of the
new Fire Red Lip Gloss will do the trick." Regina carefully began applying the
makeup and within a couple of minutes was finished. Liz looked at herself in
the mirror and couldn't believe the difference. "Well, Diane, what do you
think?" Regina asked. Diane looked at Liz and thought what a beautiful young
woman my daughter is. "If I didn't know better, I would think I was looking at
my kid sister instead of my daughter," Diane replied. Diane thought that Liz
could easily pass for 18 if not older. Liz continued to marvel at her
transformation. "Definitely not Des Moines I think." Liz giggled. Diane
quickly paid for the makeup Regina selected and Liz and Diane went out into
the Mall.
    "Well Liz how about Renaldo's for lunch?" Diane asked. "Italian sounds
great Mom." Liz replied. Liz and Diane quickly walked down the mall to
Renaldo's. Upon entering the restaurant the hostess asked, "Smoking or Non."
Liz immediately replied "Smoking of course." The hostess quickly showed them
to their table. Upon sitting down, Diane removed her pack of cigarettes and
lighter from her purse and set it on the table. Liz did the same, placing her
pack of VS120's right next to her. Diane pulled a cigarette from her pack, and
said, " You care to join me?" Liz quickly took a cigarette and accepted her
mother's light. The waiter arrived at the table and asked, "Will the ladies be
having cocktails before lunch?" "No thanks, I think we will order now." Diane
responded. Liz ordered lasagna and Diane ordered a pasta salad. "The food is
really great here mom but sometimes the service can be a little slow." Liz
offered. Both Diane and Liz had time for another cigarette before the meal
arrived. They enjoyed a leisurely lunch. The waiter returned after clearing
the table and offered coffee. "Yes please, two coffees." Diane replied. The
waiter returned with the coffee and Diane lit another Pall Mall 100. "Oh," she
sighed, "I think the best cigarette of the day is the one after a fine meal."
"Mom, can I try one of your Pall Mall's?" Liz asked. "Well, I guess since you
haven't had any problems so far, I don't see why not but I'll warn you, you
may find them too strong for you. After all, you've only smoked for a day now
and they probably have twice the nicotine," Diane said. Diane held out her
pack to her daughter. Liz reached out and took a cigarette from her mom's
pack. Liz lit the Pall Mall and immediately noticed the difference from her
VS120's. She inhaled, deeply drawing the stronger smoke into her lungs. The
higher nicotine level caused her to begin to feel the same tingle she had felt
last night. Exhaling, Liz noticed the smoke was thicker than from her VS. She
took another puff, and the nicotine raced from her lungs throughout her body.
She felt a little dizzy but was able to exhale smoothly. "Mom, you're right,
these are much stronger, I feel just a little dizzy but I do like the taste. I
can see why you like them." Liz replied. Liz slowed down her smoking to adjust
to the stronger cigarette "I think I stick with the VS120's for a while anyway
although I think that I may like these even more eventually. Can we stop and
pick up a couple of more packs of Virginia Slims before we head home?" Liz
asked. "Sure, Liz, I will have to buy them for you since they always ask for
ID these days but I guess I will be doing that quite often for you." Diane
chuckled. Diane thought, I'd bet she could buy them herself, she looks 18.
Diane and Liz entered the CVS near Renaldo's. "Liz, would you like to try
another brand. I know you enjoy the Virginia Slims but, as a new smoker, you
will probably want to try several brands before you settle on a brand," Diane
asked. "Well mom, right now the Virginia Slims are fine. Why don't you get a
pack of regular and a pack of menthols for me? I like the menthol but after
smoking your Pall Mall's, I like the taste of the regular too," Liz replied.
Diane asked the clerk for two packs of each. "These ought to last you a week
or so, Liz. Well, maybe not at the rate you are going." Handing Liz the packs,
"Liz let's go pick up that new outfit that you wanted." Diane and Liz headed
down to the May store. "Let's skip the Young Miss section and try Ladies Wear,
OK." Diane and Liz walked into the Ladies Wear section. "How about a nice
skirt and jacket combination with a plain white blouse and scarf, Liz?" Diane
asked. Diane selected a navy skirt cut about two inches above the knees;
single breasted short jacket, a red scarf and white blouse for Liz. "Why don't
you try this on and we'll see how you look." Diane said. Liz disappeared into
the dressing room returning several minutes later. Standing in front of the
full-length mirror, Liz took several turns and was pleased with the results.
Liz thought, "Wow, all I need to complete this picture is a cigarette." Diane
was pleased. The combination of the makeup and outfit made Liz look at least
20. "Well, Liz, looking like that, you are going to have to fight off all the
boys at school now." Diane stated. Liz returned to the dressing room and
changed back into her original outfit. After paying for Liz's new outfit,
Diane and Liz left the Mall.
    Once in the car, Liz immediately lit up a cigarette with the car's
lighter. "Wow, I needed that," she contentedly sighed as she exhaled her first
puff. Diane thought to herself, "I guess she's hooked now," as she watched the
smoke from Liz's cigarette curl upwards in the car. Diane continued to be
surprised at how quickly her daughter had accustomed herself to her new habit.
Liz's thoughts were only about how good she felt as the nicotine went into her
system. She closed her eyes and dragged the smoke deeply into her lungs,
hearing the slight crackle from her cigarette as she inhaled. Each drag on her
cigarette became longer and deeper as her body developed the craving that the
nicotine from the cigarette so willingly answered.
    When Diane and Liz returned home, Liz took her new outfit upstairs and put
it on again. She wanted to see how she looked again. Standing in front of the
full-length mirror in the hall, she lit a cigarette and watched herself
smoking. The combination of the makeup, new outfit and the cigarette provided
a stark contrast to the Liz from Des Moines. As she took each puff, and
exhaled, she felt more and more glamorous.
    When Liz awoke the next morning, she felt for the first time a real
nicotine craving. That in itself was not surprising since she had smoked 15
cigarettes on Saturday. She quickly dressed and grabbing the new pack of VS120
regulars she headed downstairs. Diane was already up and had finished making
coffee. Liz grabbed a cup and sat down. She opened the fresh pack enjoying the
smell. She quickly lit up. Dragging deeply from the cigarette she never wanted
to exhale. Her body now wanted that rush she had come to enjoy. She started to
exhale and then drew a second drag. "Mom, thank you for letting me smoke," Liz
sighed contentedly. "Liz, it was you're decision. I could hardly object. I
smoke now and started when I was your age. You know the risks involved but I
understand your feelings," Diane replied. Liz took another deep drag and
mentally decided that she would try to smoke a whole pack today. She also
thought about how surprised Kimmy would be tomorrow at school. "I'm curious
Mom, how did you start?" "Well, that's a long story for another day."
    Liz continued to smoke throughout the day. The cigarettes were now a part
of her. At 2:30, Diane heard the phone ring. Answering it, Diane heard "Hi,
Mrs. Johnson, is Liz there. This is her friend Kimmy." "Liz, pick up the
phone, its your friend Kimmy," Diane yelled into the living room from the
kitchen. "Hey Kimmy, how are you?" Liz answered into the phone as she put out
her cigarette. "I was just calling to remind you about the homework." Kimmy
replied. Liz reached over and lit another cigarette. Kimmy could hear the
click of the lighter and Liz inhaling over the phone but dismissed the thought
because Liz didn't smoke and she was clearly at home with Diane close by.
"Kimmy I can't wait to see you tomorrow at school. I've a couple of new things
to show you. You are gonna be really surprised," Liz said. The two girls
chatted for about 20 minutes before hanging up. Liz's cigarette intake
continued to grow and at about 8PM, she smoked the last of her first pack that
Diane had purchased the day before. Liz thought to herself, "Wow, a whole pack
today, I really am a smoker now and I just love it." Diane walked into the
living room, carry a couple of legal briefs, she sat down next to Liz, putting
her pack of Pall Mall 100's on the table between them. "Mom, can I have one of
your cigarettes, my new pack is upstairs." Liz asked. "Sure Liz, anytime you
want. In fact, you know where I keep the carton, just help yourself if you
need to," Diane replied. Liz lit up the Pall Mall 100, enjoying the richer
tobacco taste. She noticed none of the dizziness that she had experienced the
last time. Closer her eyes, she drew in the thick, rich smoke. Diane just
watched thinking about her wonderful daughter.

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