The School Bus

(by Kool Guy, 21 December 1996)

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                           The School Bus
                              Kool Guy

     Eleven-year old Mark rushed for the front door. He was running late.
     He had to hurry or he would miss the school bus. His mother was
     waiting at the door to kiss him goodbye. Mark held his breath and
     turned his head, as he always did when his mother kissed him. Her
     cigarette breath was so overpowering, he couldn't stand to smell it.
     She was smoking her fifth or sixth cigarette of the day. Mark had lost
     count. It was only seven o'clock in the morning.

     Mark hated his mother for smoking. Ever since he had first learned of
     the dangers of smoking, in school, he had tried to get his mother to
     quit. Every time he bugged her about it, she would say. "Oh, leave me
     alone and let me work on my lung cancer!" She was joking, of course,
     but Mark often thought about that. He imagined what the inside of his
     mother's lungs must look like. He would frequently stare at her
     overcrowded ashtray. He thought, "If the filter from one cigarette can
     get so brown, from the smoke of just one cigarette, Mom's lungs must
     be covered with thick, dark brown, sticky crud." The thought of it
     gave him a strange tingling sensation. He kept telling his mother to
     quit, but, secretly, he hoped she wouldn't. He wasn't sure if this was
     because he really liked her smoking or because he secretly wanted to
     see what would happen to her if she kept on smoking. Again, he got a
     strange tingling sensation, and he ran out the door to catch the bus.

     The bus had just pulled up to his corner. Mark stepped onto the bus.
     Immediately he smelled something he didn't quite recognize. It smelled
     sort of like cigarette smoke, but, somehow different. Mark was very
     familiar with the smell of cigarette smoke. Both his mother and father
     smoked. His mother smoked much more heavily than his father. He could
     never remember seeing his mother without a cigarette for more than a
     few minutes at a time. She always had one going in the kitchen while
     he was eating. She would often have one going while she was eating,
     alternating between bites of food and drags on her cigarette. She
     smoked throughout her pregnancy with Mark. She even smoked while
     nursing Mark. There were pictures in the family photo album to prove
     it. Yes, Mark was familiar with the smell of cigarette smoke. This was
     different, though. He liked it for some reason, even though he usually
     hated the smell of cigarette smoke.

     Mark started walking toward the back of the bus, looking for an empty
     seat. He found one about four rows from the back of the bus. Just as
     he was about to sit down he noticed a girl in the back seat. She was
     sitting in the middle of the very last row, the one that goes all the
     way across the bus. She was really cute, Mark thought. She had a funny
     look on her face, though, as if she were trying to hide something. She
     was whispering to the girl sitting next to her. The girl's right hand
     was hidden behind the back of the seat in front of her. It looked as
     if she were either reaching for something or giving something to the
     girl next to her. But, in her left hand, which Mark could see, she was
     holding something that looked familiar to Mark. In fact, he recognized
     it right away. It was a pack of Marlboros.

     Mark recognized the red and white pack from the thousands of cigarette
     commercials he had seen over the years. He had always been fascinated
     by cigarette commercials, at least the ones that featured women
     smoking. He didn't seem to care much about the ones with men smoking
     in them. He didn't really know why he liked them. He just knew that he
     couldn't take his eyes off the TV screen when one came on.

     He wondered why the girl had a pack of cigarettes in her hand. He sat
     down in his seat, but continued to watch the girl. He heard her friend
     say, "Lori! Be careful! The bus driver will see you!" Just then, the
     girl pulled her right hand up toward her face. She was holding a lit
     cigarette! She put it up to her mouth and took a long, deep drag. Then
     she quickly hid the cigarette again behind the seat. Mark got an
     immediate cramping sensation in the pit of his stomach. He didn't know
     what was happening. He doubled over in pain, but he kept watching the
     girl. He now could not take his eyes off of her.

     She saw Mark watching her and gave him a flirting kind of smile. She
     then leaned down and took another deep drag off her cigarette. Mark
     had never seen her exhale the smoke from her first drag. Now the
     cramping in his stomach got worse. He became aware there was something
     wrong with his penis. His face turned red with embarrassment, but he
     couldn't take his eyes off the girl. The pain in his abdomen was
     getting worse. He couldn't straighten up. When he tried to, it felt as
     if his penis would break off. He had never felt this way before.

     He was mesmerized by this girl. He couldn't take his eyes off of her.
     He watched her take three more big drags before she dropped the
     cigarette to the floor and ground it out with her shoe. He never saw
     any smoke come out of the girl except for a few wisps which escaped
     through her nostrils. Mark was absolutely floored. He had never seen a
     girl his own age smoking a cigarette. He had never felt the feelings
     he was feeling at this moment. The bus had arrived at school. Mark
     could not stand up.

     Mark did not know what to do. His pants were very tight to begin with.
     Now, with his penis in this condition, he could not move. He decided
     to stay in his seat while all the others got off the bus. As the
     girl--Lori, he had heard her friend say--was walking past him, he
     pretended to be reaching for his books on the floor below, and leaned
     his head as close to the aisle as he could. As Lori passed him he
     instinctively breathed in with all his might. The smell was
     intoxicating! This was the smell he had noticed when he stepped onto
     the bus! It was Lori's smell! His penis seemed to triple in size! He
     thought he was going to die!

     When everyone had left the bus, Mark finally figured out that he could
     slide his zipper down, reach his hand inside, and carefully shift his
     penis around so that it was pointing up. He tried to hurry so he could
     catch up to Lori and see where she was going. As he quickly pulled his
     zipper up, the extra bulge got in the way and the zipper caught on his
     penis. Mark wanted to scream in agony, but somehow, he muffled his
     cry. He finally got the zipper up and carefully walked off the bus.
     Mark spent most of the morning walking very carefully and holding his
     books in front of his crotch. It was a long time before the swelling
     in his penis went away.

     Mark spent most of the rest of the school year trying to find ways to
     be near Lori. He didn't know why, but he wanted to see her smoking
     again. He was able to observe her smoking on numerous occasions. Lori
     and her girlfriends got reputations around school as the "bad girls".
     They were the smokers. They would sneak cigarettes at every available
     opportunity. None of them smoked like Lori, though. And every time
     Mark saw Lori smoke, that funny thing happened to his penis!

     He was much too shy to ask her for a date, but he could tell that Lori
     sort of liked him. She caught Mark staring at her on many occasions.
     She didn't seem to care, though. In fact, she seemed to like it. Mark
     was certain that Lori dragged longer and more deeply, and held in her
     smoke much longer, when she knew Mark was watching her. If only he
     could work up his courage!

     Mark thought about Lori constantly. He would lie awake in bed at night
     thinking about her. And he found that just thinking about her made his
     penis hard. He realized that the feeling he got when he thought about
     Lori was very similar to the feeling he got when he thought about the
     inside of his mother's lungs, or about his mother suffering from lung
     cancer. Only the feeling was much, much stronger when he thought about
     Lori. A thought occurred to him one night. Lori's lungs must be every
     bit as filthy with thick, brown goop as his mother's. Mark's dick
     sprang up. It had never gotten so hard, so big, so fast! He felt
     lightheaded and his knees became wobbly. He actually started arguing
     with himself about whose lungs were in worse shape. Naturally, his
     mother had been smoking longer. But, no one, not even Mom, sucked her
     smoke in deeper or held it in longer than Lori. He thought his penis
     would burst!

     Mark could not understand why it was so important to him that Lori's
     lungs be filthier than his mother's. But it was! He was obsessed with
     the thought.

     It would be another year or so before Mark would learn about
     masturbation. Until that time he spent a lot of time walking around
     very gingerly. For now, Mark was a very confused young man. He had
     many emotions he could not comprehend. He had thoughts and feelings he
     didn't understand. But he was absolutely certain about one thing. We
     was completely and hopelessly in love with Lori. He would do
     everything in his power to make her his. He knew that one day he would
     marry her.

     Oh, and one other thing. Mark learned to stop holding his breath when
     his mother kissed him.


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