Lori's Story

(by an346906@anon.penet.fi, 16 November 1995)

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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 23:13:23
From: an346906@anon.penet.fi
Subject: Lori's Story

Lori summoned up all the courage she had and walked up to the counter of
the Quicky Mart.  "A pack of Marlboro Lights please,"  her voice wavered.
The clerk took a long look at her, then shrugged and turned around to get
the cigarettes.  She worried when the clerk looked over her shoulder, but
felt relief when the woman asked, "King size or 100's?"  "King size,
please."  "Soft pack or box?"  Lori tried to hold control her voice as she
said, "I usually take the box, but either is OK."  "Good lord," Lori
thought to herself, "the only thing she isn't asking me is my age.  Get on
with it, already!"  She nervously handed her the money and got her change,
then hurried out.

Lori had always been shy and never one of the "in" crowd at school.  She
watched the popular girls when they hung out together or with the boys.
Something she'd noticed was that most of them smoked.  She'd just turned 15
and was determined not to be on the outside any more.

She knew the problem was not with her appearance, and had been complimented
all her life on how pretty she was.  Her long, silky blonde hair and deep
blue eyes were a plus.  Lori was taller than average, thin and athletic.
She felt deep down that her shy, conservative nature was her only real
obstacle to a happy social life.  Having just moved to town two months
earlier, Lori chose to get a good start in her new school by staying home
and studying.  But it was getting old, and she hardly knew anyone.

Lori had been thinking about smoking for a couple of years.  She had heard
several girls who smoked mention that boys seemed to pay more attention to
them when they smoked, and even complimented them on how nice they looked.
She had also heard girls say how much they enjoyed their cigarettes.  Even
girls in junior high seemed to do just fine with smoking.  It didn't make
them turn green or feel bad.  She never forgot hearing a 12-year-old girl
tell a friend that cigarettes made her feel really good, and she wondered
how she had gotten by without them.  Lori knew all about the health risks,
but she also knew she was in great shape, and an occasional cigarette
couldn't be bad for her.  Lori wasn't sure how she'd like a cigarette if
she kept up her nerve and smoked one, but she told herself that if she did
like it, she was willing to commit to regular smoking, and to let herself
become addicted to nicotine.  Deep down, she hoped she would like smoking.

That summer, Lori's mother had confided in her that she had been a smoker
in her high school and college years, but had quit when she was pregnant
with her.  She told Lori that it was very hard for her to give up
cigarettes, but didn't regret that she had smoked as a girl, because it had
been a pleasure for her.  She went on to say that if and when Lori was
faced with decisions on smoking and drinking, she hoped she would feel she
could talk to her parents as she made her choices.  This Lori took to mean
that her mom and dad would be understanding if she wanted to experiment
with adult practices such as smoking.  She kept telling herself that her
mother almost must want her to smoke if she used such words as "pleasure"
and "no regrets".

This was a big weekend for Lori.  It was the first time that her parents
had left her home alone.  They flew out of town for a business trip on
Friday afternoon, to return Monday evening.  After long discussion, it was
agreed that Lori could stay alone, as long as she didn't have other kids

Now, on the way home from school, Lori had put her decision into action.
There was a pack of cigarettes in her purse, and if her nerve held up, she
meant to place a cigarette in her mouth and smoke it.  She had no intention
of pretending, either.  If possible, she meant to actually smoke, and
experience as much as possible the taste and feelings.  This was something
she had looked forward to for a long time, and her curiosity and desire had
finally overcome her shyness.  She picked up her pace on the three-block
walk home.  Lori could feel the anticipation throughout her slender,
beautiful body.

She locked the door behind her, and tossed her books aside.  She went to a
cabinet and got one of the ash trays her parents kept for guests.  There
were two boxes of matches in a kitchen drawer.  Good.  No one could
possibly miss a few of them.

It was a beautiful, still fall afternoon, 75 degrees and sunny.  The back
yard was out of view of all the neighbors, and far enough away that no one
could smell a cigarette being smoked in the privacy of the patio.  Feeling
completely safe, Lori walked onto the patio with her cigarettes, ash tray
and matches.  She relaxed in a comfortable chair and got organized, setting
the ash tray conveniently nearby.  For a few moments she admired the pack
of cigarettes.  The pack looked so official, so grown-up, she thought.  She
carefully peeled away the cellophane and slid back the top.  "Pull out,"
the foil piece said.  She snapped it loose and there they were...twenty
cigarettes, for her smoking pleasure!

Lori knew that she had two full days completely alone before school.  She
had cigarettes and matches.  There was no way that she could be caught, and
for the next two days, nothing to stop her from smoking as many cigarettes
as she pleased.  She could take tiny puffs, or she could inhale smoke into
her lungs.  At least until Sunday, she could smoke in the house if she
wished.  She could even smoke in her room while she did her homework.  What
a great feeling!  She tore loose the remaining foil, and with her
fingernails, slid a Marlboro Light from the box.

For the next two minutes, Lori got acquainted with the cigarette.  She held
it under her nose to smell the tobacco.  "Smells nice," she said quietly.
Now she carefully positioned the cigarette between her fingers, until it
felt most comfortable to her.  She held her hand out to admire how
different and sophisticated she looked with a cigarette between her long,
delicate fingers.

Lori was too shy to ever ask another girl how to smoke.  But she had
watched often, and made mental notes.  She knew girls sealed their lips on
the filter of their cigarettes, and it was clear to her that she would have
to suck on the filter of her cigarette, at least a little bit, to make
smoke flow into her body.  She hoped she would guess right on how long and
how hard to suck.

For a little while, Lori practiced bringing her cigarette to her lips,
getting a good seal on the filter, and drawing air through it.  After
releasing the filter from her lips, she practiced exhaling.  "It can't be
that hard to do," she thought.  "Even little girls do it sometimes.  After
all, I was fifteen last week."

Satisfied with the dry run, Lori said quietly to herself, "OK.  I'm going
to smoke.  Mom liked smoking a lot.  Now it's my turn to smoke."  Lori
noticed that her hands were getting cold.  She was shaking  slightly,
wondering what cigarette smoke would feel like inside her perfect young
body.  "I wonder if Mom was this nervous when she smoked her first
cigarette?  Someday, maybe I'll ask her.  I shouldn't be nervous.  After
all, this cigarette was made for me to smoke.  And Mom was a year younger
than me when she smoked her first cigarette."

Lori placed the cigarette between her lips and got comfortable.  She
flipped her silky blonde hair behind her shoulders, and picked up the box
of matches, removing one and closing the box.  Sealing her lips on the
filter, she struck the match, waited for the flame to steady, and moved it
to the tip of her Marlboro Light.  Smoke began to curl up from the
cigarette, and Lori applied gentle, steady suction.  Lori was smoking.

With that suction, cigarette smoke began to flow over Lori's tongue and
into her throat.  Guessing that her cigarette was fully lit, Lori shook out
the match quickly, and steadied her cigarette with her fingertips.  She
could feel the smoke flowing into her body.  The smoke felt warm, but it
didn't burn.  Lori removed her cigarette from her lips, breathed in just a
bit, and held her lips close together.  As she began to exhale, Lori
watched spellbound as smoke flowed smoothly from her lips.  The taste was
strong, but was a delicious, grown-up taste that far exceeded her
expectations.  As the last smoke left her lips, Lori whispered, "Wow, smoke
tastes good!"

Looking down at the long, burning cigarette between her fingers, Lori said,
"More, please."  She spread her fingers apart and let her lips support her
cigarette as she drew smoke from it.  She pulled gently but steadily on her
cigarette for several seconds, enjoying the sensation of smoke in her
throat.  Eventually, Lori lowered her cigarette, inhaled slightly, and
exhaled very slowly, trying to savor the strong taste of smoke flowing over
her tongue.

In a louder whisper this time, Lori said, "Oh, my God, I'm smoking!  I can
do this.  I can do this every day!  I'm old enough to smoke."

Lori leaned back in her chair and smiled.  She rested her elbow on the
armrest, and held her arm up in the air, admiring her appearance with a lit
cigarette.  A tiny breeze blew the smoke toward her face, and she smiled.
It didn't bother her at all.  After all, she was a smoker!  She was old
enough to breathe the smoke drifting toward her.

Lori continued puffing on her cigarette, hoping to be able to smoke until
all of the tobacco was gone.  She propped up her firm, tan, incredibly
slender legs and made herself comfortable as she smoked, carefully tapping
the ash from her cigarette from time to time.  And every twenty or thirty
seconds, Lori held her cigarette to her lips for another gentle but steady
puff, followed by a slight inhalation of the smoke she received from her
cigarette.  She exhaled smoothly and steadily.  Lori was pleasantly
surprised that she felt no desire to cough or even make a face.  "I guess
all those stories about learning to smoke are made up by parents."

Lori said aloud, "I wonder what brand Mom smoked.  I know she would have
liked these.  Now I know why she smoked every day when she was a girl."
After one last puff, her cigarette was short, and she carefully tapped it
out in the ash tray.  She stood up, smiling, and walked around the yard for
a bit, enjoying the late summer afternoon.  She felt a bit light-headed,
but good, and knew that the nicotine in her body was the reason.  As she
walked by the ash tray, she picked up the cigarette she had smoked, smiling
again.  "That was a great cigarette.  I'm really glad I smoked it."

As she strolled into the house, the phone rang.  Her mother's familiar
voice said, "Hi, Lori.  We wanted to let you know our flight went OK.  Is
everything OK there?"  "Sure, Mom.  Everything's great.  I haven't trashed
the house yet."  "Thank goodness for that.  Stay out of mischief this
weekend if you can."  "I'll consider it.  I won't do anything you wouldn't
do."  "Well, I guess that's all I can ask.  Call if you need anything.  The
number's on the refrigerator."  "OK, Mom.  Actually, I have everything here
I could possibly need.  Don't worry."

It was only 4:15...too early for dinner.  Lori made herself a highly
nutritious peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and watched TV for a half
hour.  Bored with the programs in that time slot, Lori said to herself, "I
should probably have a cigarette.  Yup.  I think I'll smoke."

Lori went back to the patio, slid a Marlboro Light from her pack, and
placed it between her full lips.  Striking a match, she carefully lit her
cigarette and began to draw smoke into her nubile young body.  She brought
her long fingers alongside her cigarette.  It moved up and down slightly as
she sucked steadily on the filter.  Removing the cigarette from her mouth,
Lori closed her eyes for a moment and breathed in, ever so gently.  She
could feel smoke flowing into her lungs.  And the feeling was too good to
stop.  Lori continued to inhale, until for the first time her lungs were
filled with cigarette smoke.  Now she opened her eyes, because she wanted
to watch the smoke leave her body.  She was thrilled with what she saw as
she held her lips together and exhaled.  Smoke, smooth and endless, flowed
from her lips.  A cloud drifted across the patio as Lori released smoke
from her chest.  And the taste was so smooth, so satisfyingas she
experienced this new way of smoking.  As the last of the blue-gray smoke
flowed from her pretty mouth, Lori said softly, "Oh, God, that was good.  I
smoke.  I smoke cigarettes."  As the nicotine flowed through her body, Lori
felt a rush unlike anything she had ever experienced.  She held up the
burning cigarette between her slender fingers and said, "Now I really know
how to smoke a cigarette."

Lori placed her cigarette in her mouth and moved her long, silky blonde
hair back behind her shoulders, then took the elastic ruffle from her wrist
and put her hair in a ponytail.  She puffed on her cigarette as she worked
with her hair, and then walked around the patio, imagining that she was
smoking at a high school party.  And as her imaginary dream boy came and
stood next to her, Lori dragged firmly on her cigarette, inhaled every
molecule of the smoke into her lungs, and smiled as she steadily exhaled,
turning her head slightly to avoid directing her smoke toward her dream
guy.  A few seconds later, Lori felt a strong nicotine rush stimulating her
body.  She felt a confidence that she had never known before, and the
satisfaction of assurance that she was an attractive and desirable girl.
With a few days of practice, she knew she would be able to take a cigarette
from her purse, light up and smoke confidently and attractively in any
setting, with the bonus of real physical satisfaction...not to mention the
pleasant taste of cigarette smoke flowing over her tongue.

Lori said to herself, "I'd better watch it with the inhaling, or I'll barf.
But Mom said she was totally hooked on cigarettes, and had to inhale her
smoke.  It's going to be so good when I get hooked on these things.  I'm
going to inhale my smoke every single time."

It was at this point that an idea formed in Lori's mind.  She was going to
have pizza for dinner, and take a major step as well.  Lori smoked the rest
of her cigarette, trying to look casual and ladylike in her handling of her
cigarette, and was very happy with her newfound skills.

At 5:30, she called in an order for a small pizza to a place that used
college guys a lot for deliveries.  She paced nervously, awaiting her plan.
She went into the bathroom, put on a bit of make-up, and brushed her
beautiful hair.  At 5:50, the doorbell rang.  Lori quickly placed a
cigarette between her lips and lit up in the kitchen.  She answered the
door with her long, fresh cigarette between her fingers.  She couldn't help
smiling when she saw the delivery guy.  He was college age alright, and
very good-looking.  "Oh, hi, you're here so soon?"  He said, "It's a slow
night."  "I haven't even started the check.  You can come in if you like
while I write it."

Lori held her cigarette in the most ladylike way possible as he followed
her into the living room.  "How much is it?", she asked, as she took a deep
drag on her cigarette, inhaled, and blew smoke across the room.  "$5.75,
with tax."  Lori transferred her cigarette to her left hand as she began to
write the check.  He said, "I've never seen you at school before.  Are you
a freshman this year?"  "You mean at State?," Lori asked, drawing on her
cigarette, and inhaling the smoke into her lungs.  "Yes."  She smiled as
she exhaled her smoke and said, "Not exactly.  I'm a sophomore in high
school."  Obviously surprised, he said, "You're kidding."  "Nope.  I'd show
you my driver's license, but I don't even have one."  "Well, you look like
you could be in college.  It would be nice for us guys if you were."

Lori laughed and said, "My parents won't let me go on a date until I'm
sixteen."  He smiled and said, "But they don't mind if you smoke?"  Lori
said as sexily as possible, "Well, I suppose I could get into a lot more
trouble out with a boy than from smoking my cigarettes here at home."  He
smiled and said, "Well, it's our loss, that's for sure."  Lori handed him
the check and took a deep drag on her cigarette.  "Thanks very much for the
compliment.  It's my loss, too."  Lori held out her hand and said, "Thanks
for the delivery.  My name's Lori."  "Lori, great to meet you.  My name's
Greg.  I hope I get to bring an order here again sometime."  "Me, too."  As
Greg walked to the door, he paused and asked, "Could I give you compliment?
I hope you don't think it's weird."  "Sure."  "You're a beautiful girl.
And, ummm, I couldn't help noticing how nice you look smoking a cigarette.
I just wanted to tell you that."

Lori couldn't resist a big smile.  She stammered a bit and said, "Well,
thank you so much!  That's probably the nicest compliment I've ever had.  I
like smoking cigarettes, and I don't plan to stop, so that's great to
hear."  Greg said, "I hate to say it, but I've got to get my other two
orders out while they're hot.  Bye, and it was sure nice meeting you."
"Same here.  Good night."

Suddenly, Lori saw herself in a new light.  Had one little cigarette been
the difference?  It helped, she decided, but the real difference was the
confidence that beginning to smoke was giving her.  Buying a pack of
cigarettes and smoking in front of a man were two bold steps for one
afternoon.  Inhaling cigarette smoke into her lungs was another.  "My
cigarettes aren't smoking themselves.  I'm smoking them," Lori thought.
"It's all in my attitude, I guess.  Still, smoking sure helped call
attention to my looks."

Lori ate half of her pizza, but decided that she was not terribly
interested in eating right then.  She had three full days alone, and she
could eat next week!  Still glowing with the sincere compliments from a
college man, Lori's thoughts focused on her cigarettes.  She wondered, "How
often should I smoke a cigarette?  I have lots, and can get more if I
want."  She decided to pretend she was an adult this weekend, and a woman
would smoke whenever she felt the urge.  "Well, in that case, why not enjoy
an after-dinner cigarette?"  She imagined that all of the popular girls
smoked after dinner, probably some of them with their parents.

Greg's compliment echoed through Lori's mind.  'You look so good with a
cigarette,' he had said.  Lori didn't want the house to smell like smoke.
But she had to know what Greg had seen in her.  "I want to see how I look,"
Lori said softly,  "I want to watch myself smoke."  Lori's bathroom was
upstairs.  It was well lit, and there was a shower fan.  There were three
days in which to clear the air, anyway.  Lori went to the patio for the ash
tray and carried it, her cigarettes and matches into her bathroom, turning
on the lights and fan.

Her heart raced as she slid a Marlboro Light from her pack and took a match
from the box.  She had a decision to make.  Would she hold her cigarette
with her lips or her fingers as she lit up?  She thought, "If a boy lights
my cigarette, I'll hold it to my lips with two fingers.  I want to look
like a lady when I smoke."  She moved her cigarette to the fingertips of
her left hand, and with her right hand, struck the match.  As the flame
steadied, Lori brought her cigarette to her mouth, sealed her lips on the
filter, and looked up at her image in the mirror.

Holding the flame to her Marlboro Light, Lori applied suction to her
cigarette, and smoke began to curl up from the tip.  She shook out the
match and drew smoke from her cigarette, fascinated with the bright orange
glow at the tip.  She came to a realization.  She had just built a fire,
and she was about to breathe all of the smoke from the fire into her lungs.
"This is really me doing this," she thought.  "I've just lit a cigarette,
and I'm smoking.  And it's better than I ever imagined."

After a steady draw, Lori's fingers took control of her cigarette, and she
removed it from her lips.  With her lips somewhat apart, she could see
smoke remaining in her mouth.  But that was to change, and Lori's chest
rose as she began to inhale the smoke from her mouth and throat into her
lungs, where it would do her the most good.  She held the smoke in her
chest for three seconds, then smiled and smoothly exhaled.  She turned her
head somewhat to the side to watch the smoke smoothly flowing from her
lips.  The smoke kept coming, as Lori smiled happily.  The smoke tasted
mild and delicious after her pizza, and she was thrilled with the quantity
of smoke she had held in her lungs.  She was even more thrilled with her
completely new image.  The girl she saw smoking a cigarette was a different
Lori, a girl who enjoys things that give her physical pleasure.  Most of
the popular girls in school had made the same choice as far as cigarettes
and smoking, with good results.  Lori's choice to smoke was made for social
reasons, but with each draw on her cigarette she was more convinced that
the taste and physical sensations that smoking provided for her were far
more important.

"Any boy would love seeing me doing this," she thought.  "I do look nice
smoking a cigarette.  I don't look cheap or slutty.  I smoke like a lady.
But a boy who sees me smoking like this may assume that I do other things,
too.  I can live with that.  And maybe someday, when the time is right, I
will try other things."

Proudly, Lori stood before the mirror and smoked her cigarette, never
laying it in the ashtray, but enjoying the sight and feel of having it
between her slender, delicate fingers.  She inhaled each puff lightly to
smooth out her exhales, careful to check her feelings and limit her
nicotine intake to a level she could handle.  With this cigarette, though,
Lori did treat herself to two cheek-hollowing pulls, followed by deep,
fearless inhalations of smoke into her lungs.  The smoke that flowed from
her lips after these drags seemed endless.  After tapping out her
cigarette, Lori had a nicotine rush that left her almost wobbly, and a new
self-esteem like nothing she had ever felt.

Over the next hour, Lori reflected on her new image and feelings, and
became even more convinced that she wanted to be known and thought of as a
smoker.  "After all, Mom smoked cigarettes when she was a teenager, and
look how great she turned out.  She never told me she regretted smoking.
She just hated quitting.  She said Grandma and Grandpa gave her permission
to smoke, so they couldn't be too mad at me for doing the same thing a few
years later."  As her mind led her more strongly to the decision to give in
to regular smoking, Lori realized that kitchen matches were out of the
question.  She would need lighters in her purse, backpack and room.  Quicky
Mart was only three blocks away.  She tossed her purse over her shoulder
and locked the house.

Lori walked into the store with a different confidence this time.  As a
smoker, she needed certain items, just like millions of other girls.  There
was nothing to be embarrassed about.  This time a cute guy was behind the
counter, probably about twenty.  There were lots of choices on lighters,
and she chose a package of five.  She had noticed that the popular girls,
even the richest girl in school, used cheap lighters, but never smoked
cheap cigarettes.

This time, Lori gave the clerk a big smile, and received one in return as
she handed the lighters to him.  He said, "Hi.  Will that be all for you?"
"Yes."  Suddenly Lori caught herself.  There were still three full days
alone, if she counted school.  Would one pack of cigarettes be enough?
"No...actually, while I'm here, I'd better get a pack of Marlboro
Lights...the box, please."  He tried not to show a reaction on his face,
but Lori could not be fooled.  After he caught his breath he said, "Uh,
sure...king size or 100's?"  "100's, please."  As he set Lori's cigarettes
on the counter he asked, "You're not eighteen, are you?"  "No, I'm
fifteen."  "But these are for your Mom, right?", he tried to hint.  "No,
I'm not going to lie to you.  My mom doesn't smoke.  I know I'm not old
enough to buy cigarettes, but I smoke, and I'd hate to run out."  He said,
"That's great, but don't tell anyone where you got these, OK?"  "I won't.
I promise."  Lori paid the clerk and received her change.  As she turned to
leave, the clerk asked, "May I tell you something?"  "Yes."  "I hope you
don't think this is odd, but you're so pretty, and  I think it's so cool
when a girl as pretty as you smokes.  I just know you look great smoking a
cigarette."  With that, Lori broke into a huge smile, and blushed slightly.
"Well, that's very nice of you to say.  Thank you."  On an afterthought,
she decided to give him more to think about.  "I really enjoy smoking.  So
it's very nice to hear that a handsome guy like you thinks I'd look nice
with a cigarette.  You're sweet."

He was obviously fantasizing by this point, and managed to say, "You are so
good looking."  At this point, Lori thought it would be a good idea to
introduce herself, and she did.  He told her his name was Kevin.  Lori had
the evening to kill.  "Why not give this guy what he wants?", she thought.
She asked, "Kevin, I've never used a lighter before.  Would you mind
showing me how to work one?"  "I'd love to," he said.  Lori opened the
package in her purse and took out a lighter.  He put his hands over Lori's
and said, "It's easy.  Just roll the wheel down while you push on this
button, and then hold the button down until you have your cigarette lit."
Kevin held his hand on Lori's as she tried it.  "OK.  See this little
thing?  That's how you adjust the flame."  Lori said, "Thanks a lot.  I've
been using matches for my cigarettes."  She knew from the way he held her
hands that he wanted more.  Lori asked, "Do you allow smoking in your
store?"  She could sense the anticipation as he said, "Yes, of course."
"Good.  I need a cigarette, and I'd like to light up with my new lighter."
He wasted no time asking, "May I light your cigarette for you?"  "You sure
may.  I've never had a man light my cigarette.  Let me get one out."

Lori took her Marlboro Lights from her purse, removed the wrappers and foil
and slid a cigarette from the pack, slowly and smoothly.  She positioned
the cigarette between her fingertips, smiled at Kevin, looked steadily into
his eyes, and sealed her full lips on the filter.  As an added bonus, Lori
gently moved her left hand to touch his hand as he held the flame to her
cigarette.  "I'm going to give him a nice show," she thought.

Lori's cheeks curved in as she drew smoke from her Marlboro Light.  She
took a long drag as she looked into his eyes, lowered her cigarette, let
her mouth pout open slightly so he could see the smoke in her mouth, and
inhaled the smoke deeper than she ever had.  As she had seen one of the
popular girls do one time, she said "Thanks" while the smoke was deep in
her lungs.  Then, smiling slightly, she held her lips together and smoothly
exhaled the smoke that had filled her lungs, slightly in profile for his
viewing pleasure.  Kevin said, "I wonder if you have any idea how beautiful
you look smoking a cigarette.  You are incredible, even without a
cigarette.  But when you blow smoke from your lips, and I hear you talking
about smoking...ohhh, man."

Lori was feeling aroused in reaction to his obviously sincere attention,
and continued to give him all she could.  She asked, "Do a lot of guys like
girls who smoke?"  "Oh, yeah, they really do.  But they often won't admit
it, because a lot of them don't even know how.  I think it's so cool when a
pretty girl smokes.  It looks nice, and I like knowing she wants to feel
good."  Lori said, "Well, smoking definitely makes me feel good.  I taught
myself how to smoke, and I really enjoy cigarettes."  "You taught yourself?
That is so impressive!"  "Thanks.  Smoking is something I've always wanted
to do.  Now I wish I had smoked when I was eleven or twelve, for sure."

Lori decided to drive him crazy by making him think about her feelings, her
beautiful features, and her young, slender body.  She tapped the ash from
her cigarette, mostly for effect, slowly moved her cigarette to her lips,
spread her fingers just a bit, and let her cigarette move up and down in
her lips as she drew smoke from it.  Another deep inhale and endless exhale
followed.  This time Lori turned sideways to exhale, giving the appearance
of being polite, but really to give him an unforgettable view of smoke
flowing from her lips.  She knew she was driving him crazy, and she loved
it.  So she said, "I just love these Marlboro Lights.  I've never smoked
anything else.  I really enjoy inhaling my smoke, and they seem to have
just the right amount of nicotine for a girl my age.  Any time I want to
feel good, all I have to do is smoke."  Kevin took a deep breath and
whispered, "God, you are gorgeous."  Lori decided to be direct.  She asked,
"Am I turning you on?"  He took a step closer to her and sighed, "Ohhh, you
have no idea."

Now Lori had an idea, and she meant to act on it.  She asked, "Kevin, do
you smoke?"  "Yes."  "Would you like to smoke my cigarette with me?"  "Sure
I would," he said, and reached out to take the cigarette from her.  She
pulled her hand back.  "No, I'm going to make you earn it."  Lori saw there
was enough space on top of the counter, and hopped up to sit on it, facing
Kevin.  Feeling bolder than she had ever felt in her life, she extended her
long, slender legs, wrapped them around Kevin, and pulled him toward her.
Smiling at Kevin and looking steadily into his eyes, Lori held her
cigarette to her lips and sucked in smoke for several seconds.  She inhaled
the smoke, which her lungs had learned to welcome by now.  Then she held
out her arms to Kevin and said, "Come closer," her lungs still completely
filled with smoke.  Kevin now knew what was in store for him, something he
had only dreamed of until today.  Lori held her lips apart, just touching
Kevin's, and began to exhale smoke from her lungs, pacing her exhale with
the inhale Kevin began, until she could no longer taste smoke flowing over
her tongue.  She released her lips from Kevin's, backed off a few inches
and watched him exhale the smoke provided from her lungs.  It was a very
heavy exhale, and Lori found it arousing to watch him releasing smoke that
had been one with her body just moments before.  He said, "Please, Lori, I
want to take more smoke from you...that was incredible."  "Am I as nice to
smoke as a cigarette?", she asked coyly.

Lori gave Kevin a sweet smile, tapped the ash from her cigarette, and held
it to her lips.  Never taking her eyes from his, or her long, slender legs
from around his waist, she began to draw smoke, her cheeks curving in from
the strong suction on the filter of her cigarette.  Still a new smoker, the
huge quantity of smoke burned her throat somewhat, but she enjoyed the
sensation.  She pulled for almost ten seconds, her left hand playing with
Kevin's hair as she steadied her long, white cigarette with the fingertips
of her right hand.  Lori cared for her own needs first, drawing the smoke
into her lungs after lowering her cigarette, as she slowly moved her full
lips to within an inch of Kevin's.  Her chest was filled with smoke, and
she was eager to please him.  Pausing before making contact with his lips,
Lori, in her clear, feminine voice, said softly, "Smoke me."

Her open lips touched Kevin's, and she began to exhale.  Kevin smoked Lori
as they embraced, her right hand, with her cigarette between her
fingertips, now placed flat on his rear end.  Her strong legs remained
locked around his legs.  The smoke, filtered by her lungs, was delicious,
and he drew every bit of it from her body, breaking contact with her lips
to fully inhale and exhale.

"Now it's my turn.  I want to smoke you," Lori purred, as she transferred
her cigarette from her fingers to his.  Kevin dragged enthusiastically,
determined to provide enough smoke for this sweet, pretty girl.  As he
lowered the cigarette, Lori placed her hands flat on either side of his
face, drawing smoke from him in perfect unison as he provided it to her.
Kevin moved his hands to Lori's warm thighs, marveling at the softness of
the skin, in contrast to their incredibly slender, firm appearance.  He
imagined Lori without benefit of clothing, this beautiful and perfect young
woman  lying naked under him, spreading her legs for him to allow complete
physical union.  He was determined to share more pleasure with this
beautiful young smoker.  If only she were one year older!

But for now,  reality was better than fantasy, as Lori drew back, inhaled
fully, and blew smoke from her lips.  "That felt so good.  I felt so close
to you," she said, "Isn't it nice to smoke together?"  She took back her
cigarette and pulled on it, smoothly exhaling smoke from her lips, with
wisps of smoke from her nostrils joining the heavier smoke from her mouth.
Kevin said, "Lori, it was wonderful.  I hope we can do it again."  "We
will.  I promise."  She flipped her blonde hair behind her back, gently
touched his face with her hand and said, "Maybe we can think up other fun
things to do."  "I know we can," he sighed.  With that, Kevin took Lori's
cigarette, tapped it out in an ash tray and made his move.  Time had to be
short before a customer walked in.  He kissed Lori passionately, not
knowing that it was her first real kiss, his hands again delighting to the
feel of her thighs.  Lori accepted his advances, unsure about the
techniques of kissing but quite content to learn as she went, just as when
she took smoke into her lungs for the first time earlier that day.  After
two short minutes of kissing, a bell rang.  Someone was getting gas
outside, and would soon walk in.  Lori and Kevin would have to schedule a
sequel for another day.

Kevin asked Lori for her phone number, but Lori declined, saying she was
not allowed to see boys yet.  But Lori did take his number and promised to
call him.  Kevin bought Lori a drink for the road.

As she hopped off the counter, Lori reached in her purse for her
cigarettes.  "You know, I've never smoked in public before.  I'm going to
smoke a cigarette on the way home, and I hope everyone I know sees me with
a cigarette between my fingers.  I'm proud that I smoke, thanks to you.  It
was wonderful to meet you, and I promise I'll call."  Lori slid a Marlboro
Light 100 from her pack, lit up with her new lighter and drew the smoke
into her lungs.  As she began to exhale, she turned toward the door to see
Mr. Williams, one of her teachers.  "Hi, Lori," he smiled and said, "nice
to see that you're not stuck with homework on this beautiful afternoon."
"I'll probably save that for this evening.  I just came in for a drink.
Well, I guess you caught me smoking."

Mr. Williams said, "Don't worry about it.  You're certainly not the only
girl at school who smokes.  By the way, Lori, you look real nice smoking a
cigarette."  "Thank you!"  "One thing though..."  "What's that?"  "You
can't light up in class on Monday."  "Well, OK, if that's the rule, I'll
try to follow it.  See you, Mr. Williams.  I'll see you soon, Kevin."

Lori was all smiles as she walked from the Quicky Mart, with her fresh
cigarette between her fingers.  She had never felt more alive or more
grown-up.  She paid attention to the way she walked on the way home, tall
and proud, with real confidence and self esteem.  She knew there was
absolutely no reason to be shy anymore.  A block from her house, a car
approached.  She recognized the three guys inside as from her high school.
The car was going slowly, but had traffic behind and couldn't stop.  They
seemed to recognize her, too, and waved.  The driver said, "Hi, there," and
she distinctly heard one of them say, "Wow!"  Lori smiled and said, "Hi,"
and waved with her right hand, knowing full well that they noticed the
Marlboro Light between her fingers, her long, slender legs, and her silky
blonde hair blowing in the slight breeze.  She was wobbly from all the
nicotine she had received in the last hour, but welcomed the feelings as a
sign that she was smoking properly.

As she returned home, she thought to herself, "I wonder how often I should
smoke?"  She decided that every hour and a half would be about right.

Lori had trouble keeping her schedule, and found herself lighting a
cigarette every hour during the evening.  She puffed occasionally, but
found that a light inhale was more satisfying, and she was able to handle
the nicotine well if she exhaled fairly quickly.  She much preferred seeing
herself exhale  in the thin, smooth streams that inhaling allowed.  Lori
noticed that the flavor of cigarette smoke was steadily becoming more
familiar and satisfying to her, and would definitely be a welcome taste if
shecould find a way to smoke regularly.  She also enjoyed the stale, smoky
taste she experienced for a few minutes after smoking a cigarette, and
found herself smelling her fingertips after she put out a cigarette, proud
of the outward signs that she had actually smoked.

Lori didn't set an alarm that night.  When she woke up on Saturday, she
tossed around for a bit, and then remembered the significance of the day.
It was her first full day as a cigarette smoker, and she intended to smoke
at the slightest urge today.  As she laid in bed thinking about how nice
Friday had been, she sensed an unusual feeling.  She felt a bit nervous and
uneasy.  "Could smoking be making me feel this way?", she wondered.  "I
wonder if nicotine might help me feel better?  I should probably smoke a
cigarette pretty soon anyway, so I can get addicted to nicotine, like Mom
was.  I like smoking so much.  I wonder what it feels like to have to
smoke?  I'll bet I find out."

Lori picked up what she needed and started toward her bathroom, but stopped
short.  She picked up her cigarettes and lighter, just for fun.  She
started the shower and fan running, and took off her PJ's.  As she started
to get in the shower, she glanced at her cigarettes, and turned off the
water.  She said aloud, "A cigarette right now would be so good.  I want to
smoke."  Lori stepped to the sink and slid out a cigarette, then picked up
her lighter.  She lit up, eagerly took smoke from her cigarette, and
inhaled deeply.  As she began to exhale, she looked up at her image in the
mirror.  Cigarette smoke flowed smoothly from her lips.

She was not prepared for what she saw, because the image was one of a
woman, smoking a cigarette.  Her once boyish, adolescent body had given way
to the curves and features of a very attractive young woman.  Her body was
incredibly lean at 5' 7" and only 105 pounds, but there was NO mistaking
her as a boy.  Lori admired herself as she smoked.  She was pretty, very
pretty, and three men had told her so in the last 24 hours, not even
counting the boys in the car!  Her new smoking habit (at least she hoped it
was a habit) served its purpose beautifully.  Smoking helped her feel good
about herself and admire herself, and to others it called attention to her
beautiful, feminine features.

Lori thoroughly enjoyed her cigarette as she practiced her smoking style
and alternately, admired her beauty in the mirror.  The excitement of this
revelation, plus going without nicotine for several hours, easily persuaded
her to smoke her cigarette like a woman, with steady, deep inhales.  She
welcomed the satisfaction she received from cigarette smoke, and was
incredibly proud of her image as a smoker.

Once per hour, Lori went to the patio, placed a cigarette in her mouth and
smoked until there was no tobacco left.  All smoke was now drawn into her
lungs.  In early afternoon, Lori set aside any fear of being caught.  She
opened the windows of the family room, lit a cigarette and smoked as she
watched TV.  She took great pride in her new ability to blow smoke halfway
across the room.  She became vocal in expressing the pleasure she received
from cigarette smoke.  After a long, smooth exhale, she sighed, "Oh, it
feels so good to smoke.  I love what a cigarette does for me.  I want to
smoke the rest of my life.  I love having a cigarette between my fingers."

Lori made a decision to once again smoke a cigarette in public.  She put
her cigarettes and lighter in her purse, tossed it over her shoulder and
hopped on her bike to spend some time at the mall.  It was only a few
blocks away, and a short ride to get there.  Lori walked into the mall,
content to shop alone, because she knew without a doubt that she didn't
have to be alone anymore.  She picked out a cute sweatshirt, and spent some
time in the bookstore.  Eventually came the irresistible urge.  "I think
I'll have a cigarette," she thought to herself.  She went to the food court
and got a drink, and sat down on a bench (near an ashtray) in the busiest
area of the mall.  As she took her Marlboro Lights from her purse, Lori
told herself, "I'm going to smoke, and I don't care who sees me.  I'm going
to inhale, and I'm going to sit here and smoke until I've finished my

She confidently placed her cigarette in her mouth, flicked the lighter and
sucked firmly on the filter.  Smoke flowed into Lori's lungs, and she
smoothly exhaled as she brushed back her blonde hair.  "I want people to
see me smoking," she thought, "I enjoy cigarettes, and men have told me I
look nice smoking them."  As she exhaled her next drag, Lori saw two girls
walking toward her.  It was Heather and Ashley, the two most popular girls
in her class.  They were cute, smart and rich, and many of their classmates
envied them.  Lori realized that they were walking up to her, and smiled at
them when they made eye contact.

Heather said, "Hi.  Aren't you new at Central?"  "That's right.  I've been
there all of three weeks.  I'm Lori."  "It's nice to meet you.  I'm
Heather, and this is Ashley.  How do you like it at Central?"  "It seems to
be a good school and a fun place, but I really haven't met anyone yet.
Would you like to sit down?"  "Sure.  Ashley hasn't had a cigarette since
lunch, and she's getting cranky on me."  Lori asked, "Would you like one of
mine?"  "No, thanks.  I never go anywhere without my cigarettes."  Both
girls lit up.  "Feel better?," Heather asked Ashley as she lowered her
cigarette.  "Three more drags and I will," Ashley said, with smoke
beginning to leave her lips as she spoke.  She held her lips together and
exhaled smoothly for several seconds.  Ashley asked, "Lori, why don't we
ever see you smoking outside between classes?"  "I had no idea where to
go."  "Meet me by my locker on Monday morning.  That is, if you can get
away from the boys long enough."  "I'll be there."  Heather asked, "When we
finish our cigarettes, would you like to go over to the other side of the
mall with us?  We haven't hit all the stores yet."  "Absolutely!"

Lori spent the next hour and a half with her new friends, was invited to a
party the following weekend, and found herself accepted as an equal with
her well-connected new friends.  Heather and Ashley both seemed extremely
impressed and jealous when they learned that Lori was allowed to stay home
alone for three days.

Sunday was another great day.  When she woke up, Lori knew that something
was happening to her body.  She had a restless sensation that was hard to
ignore.  She decided to have a look at the Sunday paper before her shower,
but there was a feeling, a thought that she couldn't let go of...Lori had
not smoked a cigarette in nine hours and right now, her young body was
pleading with her mind to smoke tobacco...or was that vice versa?

Lori picked up her cigarettes and lighter and went onto the patio with
great anticipation.  She thought about what she wanted, and what she
needed.  She looked forward to the feeling of the long white cylinder
between her fingers.  She slid a cigarette from the pack and admired the
image of it resting comfortably between her fingertips.  She was proud of
her attractive hands.  Her cigarette called attention to her unusually
long, slender fingers.  She once again reflected on the compliments and
social connections that she enjoyed since she had begun to smoke.  Lori
missed the strong but delicious taste that only a burning cigarette could
provide to her.  She longed for the pleasant rush, the physical
satisfaction that cigarette smoke delivered so quickly and reliably.  And
she admitted readily that she wanted the feeling of self-confidence that
came as she watched the smooth streams of blue-gray smoke flowing from her
lips.  Lori now realized that smoking was something wonderful she could do
for her body, as well as her mind, and she was very thankful that she had
had the courage to purchase cigarettes and learn to use them.

Once again, Lori added to her experience by verbalizing her thoughts.  She
looked at the cigarette between her fingers and said, "I'm going to light
this cigarette and smoke it.  I'll hold the filter to my lips and suck
smoke into my lungs.I want nicotine from my cigarette.  If I smoke, I'll
get nicotine, and it'll be wonderful.  This cigarette is going to taste so
good.  And I'm going to look so pretty smoking my cigarette."

With that, Lori placed her cigarette between her lips, cupped her hands
around the tip and lit up.  Her cheeks curved in noticeably as she set
aside her lighter.  Seconds came and went as she drew smoke into her
slender, feminine body.  As she brought her fingers to her cigarette to
lower it, she inhaled to lure the smoke deeper into her lungs.  Lori held
the smoke in her chest for several seconds, anticipating the satisfaction
to follow.  Finally, smoothly, she held her lips close together and
exhaled.  Smoke from her nostrils joined the smoothly flowing smoke from
her lips, and Lori smiled.  She looked at the cigarette between her
fingers, noting that smoke was still flowing from the filter.  "So good,"
she said softly, "Why didn't I smoke cigarettes when I was eleven or
twelve?  I was so cute then.  Imagine if I smoked when I was a little girl.
I could have, and I should have."

Lori got up and walked around the back yard in her P. J.s and bare feet.
She took deep draws of smoke from her cigarette, inhaling each as deeply as
possible.  Today, though, the nicotine was not making her light-headed or
wobbly.  Her body totally welcomed the smoke.  Each inhalation brought
satisfaction.  This morning, the smoke flowing over her tongue as it
traveled into and out of her body tasted delicious.  Lori looked at the
now-short cigarette between her fingers and said, "Wow.  Smoking just keeps
getting better and better.  I'm going to smoke cigarettes the rest of my
life.  It's a done deal."

Lori smoked at regular intervals throughout the day.  By early evening she
had smoked ten cigarettes, and her supply was a bit low.  She made yet
another visit to Quicky Mart, this time with a lit cigarette between her
fingers, and this time bought a carton of Marlboro Lights 100s.  It was an
outward commitment to smoking that Lori wanted to make.  At the same time,
she made a silent commitment.  Monday evening, she intended to smoke a
cigarette in front of her parents.

Monday morning, Lori awoke to her alarm and hurried outside for a
cigarette, which she smoked with great pleasure.  She picked out a cute
sweater that modestly called attention to her firm breasts and a short,
pleated skirt.  She carefully applied some make-up.  School was a few
blocks away, and there was time to walk.  On the street in front of her
house, Lori paused to light a cigarette, and she smoked on the way to
school, fully aware that some of the boys in her class would drive by her.
By mid-morning, Lori was more than ready for nicotine, and she found
Heather.  There was a ten-minute break, and Heather led her to an
out-of-the-way back entrance.  There were several of the cutest and
best-liked girls in the school, each with a cigarette between her fingers.
More importantly, there were cute boys, too.  Lori could feel them watching
her as she placed a cigarette between her fingers and accepted a light from
Heather.  Rather than feeling self-conscious, she delighted in the
attention, aware that men found her smoking very, very attractive.  She did
not smoke to impress them.  She smoked in the way that satisfied her,
knowing that her ladylike drags and smooth exhales would attract any boy
who was even remotely heterosexual.  Before the ten minutes were up and her
cigarette was finished, every one of the boys had made it a point to meet
her, and some told her they had been hoping someone would introduce them.

After school, the two cigarettes that Lori smoked seemed better than ever,
especially since she worried that they might be her last until she was
eighteen.  Her parents got home in time for a late dinner.  During dessert,
Lori said, "Mom and Dad, I need to tell you something really important.  I
need to be honest with you.  And I need your understanding, maybe more than
anytime in my life."  "What is it, Lori?", her dad asked.  "Mom and Dad,
while you were gone, I bought a pack of cigarettes.  I've been too shy to
say anything, but I've been very curious about what it would be like to
smoke a cigarette."  Lori's face began to turn red.  "Go ahead, Lori.  It's
OK," her dad said.  "I didn't mean to be bad, but Mom had told me some nice
things, and I just had to know what it would feel like.  And, well, I
smoked a cigarette."

He reached over and took her hand, which was shaking.  "Relax, Lori, " he
said, "You're a teenager, and it's only natural that you'd be curious about
such things."  "I suppose you're probably pretty mad at me.  It's something
I've wanted to do for a couple of years, but I was too shy until now to say
so."  He said, "I'm not mad at you, Lori.  You're fifteen years old now.
You're old enough to smoke."  "Really?  I am?"  "Many girls start with
cigarettes when they're much younger than you.  Let's have some more
honesty now.  Did you enjoy smoking?"  "I loved it.  I can't explain it too
well, but smoking that cigarette made me feel good about myself.  I'm not
ashamed that I smoked, but I feel guilty for not asking first."

Her mother said, "Lori, smoking your first cigarette is a part of growing
up.  It's natural to feel a little guilty afterward.  It's a big decision
and a big step, but it's OK.  Now...I think it goes without saying that
there was more than one cigarette involved here.  How many?"  "About
twenty-five, I guess."  "Lori, have you made the decision to smoke, if we
permit it?"  "Yes, I have."  "Have you inhaled smoke into your lungs?"
"Yes, I have.  On Sunday, I woke up with this empty feeling.  I lit a
cigarette and inhaled a few times, and it made me feel so satisfied.  I
love the idea of smoking to get nicotine.  It's the nicest thing I've ever
done for myself.  I know it's not a very good idea, but if I could be
allowed to smoke, I'd be the happiest girl in the world.  I'd feel so grown
up.  I wouldn't feel shy anymore."

Her dad asked, "How many cigarettes are we talking about?"  "Probably just
ten or fifteen a day."  Lori's dad squeezed her hand.  "Alright.  We'll get
you a carton of cigarettes tomorrow.  Your mom and I have talked about this
day long since, and we made our decision.  Lori, you may smoke."

Her mom said, "Congratulations, Lori.  Starting to smoke is a big step, but
you've earned it.  You've been a very responsible girl and a straight-A
student, and we're confident that you won't let smoking take first place
over your studies and family responsibilities."  "It won't, Mom, I promise.
And now I can smoke while I study.  I'll probably be getting extra-credit
points!"  Her mom laughed and said, "I'm sure you will."

"Will it bother you guys if I smoke in the house?  I can go outside if you
like."  "We'll deal with it," her dad said.  "Now, Lori, there's one little
obstacle that you'd just as well get out of the way."  "What's that?"
"Sooner or later you're going to have to smoke a cigarette in front of your
parents.  How about making it now?  I'm looking forward to seeing you with
a cigarette."  Lori smiled and said, "OK, Daddy, if you're going to twist
my arm.  I'd like to smoke now."

Lori went upstairs for her Marlboro Lights 100s and lighter.  Smoking a
cigarette with her parents' permission was for her at this moment the
ultimate step toward self-confidence and adult privileges.  This seemed too
good to be true.  She knew she was now able to smoke like a woman, and with
real style as well.  She returned to the dining room with her cigarettes,
standing tall and proud, and took her seat with a smile on her face.  An
ash tray had appeared at her place during her absence.

As Lori slid a 100 from the box, her dad extended his hand and asked, "May
I give you a light?"  "Thanks, Daddy."  She placed her Marlboro Light
between her fingertips and moved it to her lips as her father held a flame
to the tip of her cigarette.  Lori felt her parents' admiring eyes as,
eager for the taste and satisfaction of smoke, her lips and lungs worked in
unison to draw a heavy cloud of smoke from the filter.  She treated her
body to the pleasures of cigarettesmoke, inhaling smoothly and deeply.  At
last the smoke flowed from her full lips, steadily and almost endlessly.

Lori sighed, "I can't tell you how much I appreciate this."  Her mother
said, "Lori, you don't need to tell us.  You just showed us."  "You look
incredibly attractive with a cigarette.  You just look beautiful smoking.
I'm going to be very proud when you smoke in front of my friends," her dad
said."  "Thank you, Daddy."  Lori held her cigarette to her lips with her
long fingers, breathed the smoke that she had so quickly learned to love,
and proudly exhaled  from her lips and nose.

She decided to give her proud dad something in return.  Looking at him, she
asked, "You don't mind if I inhale the smoke, do you?"  "You're a smoker,
Lori, and that goes with the territory.  It's up to you to decide how to
use your cigarette, and how often to smoke one.  We'll go shopping tonight,
and I'll buy you a carton or two of cigarettes, whatever kind you want, and
anything else you'll need for smoking."

Lori resisted lighting a second cigarette right away as she tapped out her
first.  She didn't want her parents to think she was out of control, but
did smoke twenty minutes later as she helped her mother in the kitchen.
"You know, Lori, I've always expected that you would want to smoke.  I
understand the choice that you've made, and the feelings you're having.
Now and then, even when you were a little girl, I've thought about how
pretty you would look smoking a cigarette.  I never offered you cigarettes
because I wanted you to wait until you wanted them badly enough to ask for
permission to smoke.  Smoking will give you social advantages that you
otherwise wouldn't have, and in today's climate will cause you hassles at
times, but I know you're mature enough to handle both.  I never regretted
that I smoked as a girl, and neither will you."

And that's the story of Lori's introduction to smoking.  She has happily
settled into a fifteen cigarette a day habit, smoking a cigarette a day for
each of her fifteen years.  Lori has become a close and valued friend of
Heather and Ashley as a result of their cigarette breaks during and after
school.  They have come to appreciate Lori's intelligence and quiet
self-confidence, and somewhat reluctantly accept the fact that boys are at
least equally attracted to Lori, and most certainly when she is smoking a

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