Summer of Love

(by Kool Guy, 29 December 1996)

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                  Summer of Love
                     Kool Guy

Lori woke up and felt the craving from within.  As she sat up in 
her bed she felt something move deep inside her chest.  She felt 
the urge to clear her throat and did so with a deep gurgling 
sound.  This shook something loose and she began coughing 
heavily.  She hacked and coughed for a full two minutes, cleared 
her throat one more time, and reached over to her nightstand for 
her ever-present pack of cigarettes.  She moistened her dry lips, 
shook a cigarette loose, and placed the filter into her full, 
sensuous mouth.  She let the cigarette dangle from her lips as 
she reached for her lighter.  She flicked the lighter to life, 
held the flame a quarter of an inch from the end of her 
cigarette, drew in deeply as her cheeks indented, and watched the 
flame jump onto her cigarette.  She removed the cigarette from 
her lips and inhaled heavily.  She could feel the smoke as it 
rushed down her bronchial passages deep into her millions of 
starving alveoli, the tiny air sacs deep within her beautiful, 
blackening, tar-coated lungs.

It had been nearly four hours since Lori's last cigarette.  Her 
body was craving nicotine.  As the nicotine began to mix with the 
unoxygenated blood in Lori's tiny lung capillaries, and began 
coursing through her veins, Lori felt a wonderful, familiar 
sensation.  Nicotine had always been an aphrodisiac for Lori, and 
was especially arousing during her first cigarette of the day.  
As she started to exhale her first drag through her nostrils, she 
began another deep, lung-saturating drag and reached down with 
her right hand and began to massage her moist vagina.

With each deep inhale she rubbed harder and harder.  When the 
cigarette was nearly halfway finished she let it dangle from her 
lips.  She began to massage her firm, hard nipples with her left 
hand as she thrust the middle finger of her right hand deep into 
her throbbing genital canal.  Just as she was completing a 
dangling French inhale she began to cum.  Lori's body started to 
shake all over as she continued to thrust her finger in and out 
of her vagina, now flowing with her own warm, sweet juices.  Her 
body continued to shudder for several more seconds as she took 
one last long drag, inhaled deeply, and clamped her legs together 
tightly around her arm which was now buried nearly wrist-deep 
inside her wet vagina.

Lori relaxed her legs, laid her head back, and reached over to 
her nightstand for another cigarette.  She lit the fresh 
cigarette from the still-glowing butt of the first one and 
inhaled deeply.  She crushed out her first cigarette in the 
ashtray on her nightstand, took one more deep, satisfying drag 
from her new cigarette, and exhaled a long, thick plume of smoke 
up to the ceiling.  As she contemplated the tar which remained 
behind in her glorious eighteen-year-old lungs, she turned to the 
teddy bear on the pillow next to her and said, "Good morning!"

It was not uncommon for Lori to wake up in this manner.  She had 
been smoking three packs of full-flavored high-tar cigarettes per 
day for nearly three years.  Lori's mother had let her begin 
smoking openly at the age of fifteen.  Lori had actually been 
sneaking cigarettes for several years prior to that.  She loved 
smoking.  She loved the thought of filling her lungs with smoke.  
Lori had incredible lung capacity, probably due to years of 
swimming as a child.  She could inhale an enormous volume of 
smoke with each drag.  The amount of smoke which came out of Lori 
was always much less than the amount of smoke which went in.  
Lori loved to hold the smoke deep in her lungs.  It aroused her 
to think that the smoke which didn't come out with her exhales 
remained behind and became a permanent part of her ever-darkening 
lungs.  Every time Lori coughed, a puff of smoke was released 
into the air.  Every time she cleared her throat, a deep, 
gurgling sound could be heard.  She was already developing a 
wheeze as she breathed, and, during times of physical exertion, 
she would suffer from shortness of breath and labored breathing.  
All these facts seemed to arouse Lori and only made her want to 
smoke more.

It was the summer of 1967 and Lori had just graduated from high 
school.  She had decided she would look for a summer job to earn 
some money before starting college in the fall.  She wasn't sure 
what kind of job she wanted, but she knew that whatever job she 
took, it would have to be one which would allow her to smoke.

Lori borrowed her mother's car as she drove downtown to look for 
work.  She chain-smoked four cigarettes during the ten-minute 
drive downtown.  She deposited each butt into the already 
overflowing ashtray of her mother's car.  Lori's mother was also 
a heavy smoker.  Since she had allowed Lori to start smoking 
openly, the two of them had grown closer than ever.  They often 
smoked together while talking or watching television.

Lori parked her car and started walking down the busy downtown 
street with a freshly lit cigarette dangling from her lips.  As 
she passed an appliance store she heard a familiar jingle coming 
from one of the televisions in the store's front window:

          "Winston tastes good,
           like a cigarette should.
           Winston tastes good like a...
           [clap] [clap]
           cigarette should."

Lori had grown up watching cigarette commercials on television.  
Whenever she saw someone smoking a particular brand, the slogan 
for that brand would automatically enter her head.  She often 
wondered if the commercials had been in any way responsible for 
her insatiable appetite for cigarettes.  She didn't really know 
and she didn't really care.  She was just happy that she could 
smoke all she wanted to now.  Lori smoked Marlboros.  Even though 
Marlboro had recently started using a cowboy in its ads, in an 
attempt to make their cigarettes more appealing to men, Lori 
remembered the Marlboro commercials from her childhood in which 
Julie London sang:

          "You get a lot to like with a Marlboro...
          pack or box."

Lori took a deep drag from her cigarette and crushed it out on 
the sidewalk with her shoe.  She had noticed a sign in the window 
of a small restaurant called Dixie's Diner.  The sign read, 
"Waitress wanted."  

Lori stepped inside and noticed two young ladies sitting in a 
booth, smoking.  They appeared to be employees, as they were 
wearing what appeared to be waitress uniforms.  Each girl had her 
hair pulled up tightly with a hair net.  One of them was smoking 
Salems.  "Take a puff; it's springtime," thought Lori.  The other 
girl was smoking Winstons, the most popular brand at that time.  
Several of Lori's friends smoked Winstons, and she had tried them 
herself.  They were a lot like her own beloved Marlboros, but 
Lori liked the taste of her Marlboros better.

Behind the counter was an older woman who was just taking a deep 
drag from her own cigarette.  She placed the cigarette down in 
her ashtray on the counter.  Next to the ashtray was a pack of 
unfiltered Pall Malls.  "Wherever particular people congregate," 
thought Lori to herself automatically.  Lori had also tried Pall 
Malls before.  They gave her a really intense hit of nicotine, 
which was great once in a while, but Lori still preferred her own 
filtered brand.

The woman looked up as she noticed Lori.  She said, "What can I 
do for you, young lady?"  Thick smoke came out of her mouth with 
each word she spoke.

Lori said, "I noticed the sign in the window.  You need a 

The woman said, "That's right.  I had one of my waitresses up and 
quit on me yesterday.  I just put that sign up this morning."

Lori said, "I'm looking for a job...just for the summer."

The woman said, "Well, you look like you can handle the work.  My 
name's Dixie.  I'm the owner of this place.  What's your name?"

"Lori", she said, as she looked over at the two waitresses in the 
booth.  "I noticed the two waitresses smoking over there.  I am a 
smoker myself.  Is that OK?"

"Sure, honey!" said Dixie.  "We all smoke around here.  I tell 
the girls it's OK as long as they don't bother any of the 
customers.  You can use one of the empty booths when you're on a 
break.  While you're working, you can keep a cigarette going in 
one of the ashtrays behind the counter here.  Just don't smoke in 
the kitchen.  That's the only restriction around here.  So, when 
can you start?"

"Right away," said Lori, excited about her first job opportunity.

"Why don't you start first thing tomorrow morning?" said Dixie.  
"I'll give you a list of things you'll need to pick up first.  
Come on over. I'll introduce you to the other girls."

The Winston smoker was named Tina.  She was a single mother who 
had been working for Dixie since dropping out of high school 
three years earlier.  The girl with the Salems was named Lucy.  
Lucy, like Lori, was planning on going to college.  She also 
wanted to work for the summer to make a little extra money.  Lori 
liked both Tina and Lucy right away.  She knew they would all be 
good friends.

After leaving the diner Lori headed for the nearby department 
store where she picked up a dress to wear on the job.  It was a 
single-piece striped dress, just like the ones Lucy and Tina were 
wearing.  There were wide pockets on each side of the dress.  
Lori figured she could keep a pack of cigarettes, or two, in each 
pocket.  She also bought a hairnet.  This was required, by state 
law, for anyone with long hair working in a restaurant.  It 
helped keep the employees' hair out of the food.

Lori quickly adapted to her new job.  She learned how to maximize 
her smoking while keeping up with her orders.  She constantly 
kept a cigarette going in the ashtray next to the cash register 
as she waited on customers.  Every time she passed the ashtray, 
on her way to or from the kitchen, she would pick up her 
cigarette and take a deep lung-saturating drag.  She would try to 
hold the smoke in as long as possible after each drag.  Customers 
would sometimes notice wisps of smoke escaping from Lori's 
nostrils as she took their orders.  

Lori's favorite times in the diner were her cigarette breaks.  
Officially she got two fifteen-minute breaks per day, one in the 
morning and one in the afternoon.  But, frequently, when there 
were no customers in the place, the girls would gather in one of 
the booths and light up.  All three girls loved to smoke.  Each 
had her own unique style, but neither Lucy nor Tina could match 
Lori's incredible appetite for nicotine.  Lori seemed to savor 
each deep inhale as if it were her last.  The other girls had 
never seen anyone who seemed to love smoking as much as Lori did.

One day a familiar face walked into the diner.  It was Mark, the 
young man whom Lori had observed staring at her on many occasions 
as she smoked.  Lori could tell that Mark liked to watch her 
smoke.  She had often wished that Mark would talk to her and ask 
her for a date.  Unbeknownst to Lori, Mark had been fantasizing 
about her ever since he had first seen her smoking on the school 
bus several years ago.  On numerous occasions he had tried to 
work up the courage to ask her for a date, but he was too shy.  
He had spent many nights in his bedroom, smoking and 
masturbating, while thinking of Lori.

This time would be different, Mark told himself.  This time he 
would ask her.  He had to do it before she went off to college in 
the fall.  This may be his last chance.

Mark sat down in a booth and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of 
his shirt pocket.  He threw the pack down on the table in front 
of him.  He smoked the same brand Lori did, and even tried to 
emulate her style, as he lit up and took a deep drag.  Lori 
walked over to Mark's booth to take his order.  She had never 
seen Mark smoking before and she got kind of turned on as she 
watched him exhale slowly and take another lung-filling drag.

"Hi, Mark," said Lori.  "I haven't seen you in a while.  How are 
you doing?"

"Just fine," said Mark.  "I heard you were working here and I 
thought I would stop in to see you."  The cigarette in Mark's 
hand seemed to give him a confidence he had never felt before.  
He had never openly smoked in public.  All these years he had 
confined his smoking to his own house, where his mother allowed 
him to smoke.  But, somehow, he knew that he would have a better 
chance with Lori if she saw him smoking.

Lori said, "Well, that's great!  What would you like to eat?"

"Oh, just bring me a hamburger and a Coke, please," said Mark.

"Comin' right up," said Lori as she headed back toward the 
kitchen.  Mark watched her as she reached down behind the counter 
and pulled out a burning, half-smoked cigarette.  She took a 
long, cheek-hollowing drag before heading into the kitchen.  Mark 
turned his eyes upward thinking, "Please don't let me blow this," 
as the swelling in his pants started to become uncomfortable.

Lori returned in a few minutes with Mark's order.  She said, "I'm 
just about to go on break.  Do you mind if I sit here?  We can 
chat for a while."

Mark could barely control himself as he said, "Sure! Sit down, 

Then Lori said, with a sly grin on her face, "Do you mind if I 
smoke?"  Mark thought he had died and gone to heaven.

The fifteen-minute break seemed to go by in seconds as Mark and 
Lori talked and smoked.  Lori chained five cigarettes in a row as 
Mark watched in awe.  He smoked three.  He couldn't quite keep up 
with Lori, but who could?  Finally, Lori's break was over and she 
started to get up.  Mark put his hand on hers and said, "Lori, 
there's something I want to ask you, something I've been wanting 
to ask you for a long time."

"What is it?" said Lori.

"I was just wondering...what time to you get out of work?  Would 
you like to go see a movie or something?"

Lori smiled at Mark and said, "I thought you'd never ask.  I 
don't get out of work till nine tonight.  I'm working the late 
shift.  But I'd love to go out with you after that.  Is that too 

Mark said, "That's perfect.  Do you mind if I wait?"  It was 
three o'clock in the afternoon.

The last customer finally left the restaurant and Lori sat down 
in the booth next to Mark and lit up a cigarette.  Mark stared at 
Lori as she inhaled the smoke down into her dark, beautiful 
lungs.  She held all the smoke deep inside and took a second 
long, deep drag.  Mark began to fidget in his seat as Lori placed 
her hand on his thigh.  As she continued to take deep inhales she 
slid her hand up Mark's thigh and placed it on top of the bulge 
in his pants.  Lori said, "Oooo, someone is happy to see me.  
Want a cigarette, Mark?"  Mark had finished his own pack several 
hours ago.

Mark made a halfhearted attempt at lecturing as he said, "You 
know, Lori, you really shouldn't smoke cigarettes.  Those things 
can cause cancer."

Lori contemplated the cigarette between her slender fingers for a 
moment, then said, "Give me cancer, please."  She placed the 
cigarette to her lips and took another long cheek-hollowing drag.  
Mark's dick stiffened even more.

Lori didn't really want cancer, of course, but, somehow, the 
thought of it seemed to arouse her.  Likewise, Mark didn't want 
Lori to get cancer.  Nothing would devastate him more.  But, for 
some reason, talking about it aroused him beyond description.  
The idea that Lori wanted to keep smoking, even in the face of 
all the inherent dangers, made him want her more than ever.  Mark 
grabbed Lori's pack of cigarettes, shook one loose, and lit up.

Lori turned and saw Dixie getting ready to lock up.  She looked 
at Mark and said, "We'd better go.  Dixie wants to leave now."

Dixie overheard her and said, "Stay put.  You two finish your 
cigarettes.  Take your time.  Just lock up after yourselves when 
you leave.  I'll see you tomorrow."

Lori said, "Thanks, Dixie.  Good night."

As Dixie locked the door, with a Pall Mall dangling from her 
lips, Lori took another long, deep drag.  Before she had a chance 
to exhale Mark grabbed her head and pulled her face toward his.  
They locked their mouths together in a deep French kiss.  They 
began exploring each other's mouths with their tongues.  Lori 
began to exhale her smoke deep into Mark's lungs.  This drove 
Mark wild!  He began to massage her breasts with one hand as he 
fumbled for the zipper on the back of her dress with his other 
hand.  Lori said, "Stop!  Let me do it."

Lori took one last drag off her cigarette and placed a fresh one 
between her lips.  She took the still-glowing butt of the old 
cigarette and rolled it back and forth against the tip of the new 
one as she drew in with her cheeks.  As the tip of the new 
cigarette began to glow brightly she crushed out the old one.  
She let the fresh cigarette dangle from her lips as she began to 
undress herself.

Lori reached back and pulled down the zipper of her dress.  She 
pulled the dress down over her shoulders and let it drop to the 
floor.  She performed a perfect dangling French inhale as she 
reached back and unfastened her bra.  She slowly removed the size 
36-D cups and exposed her wonderful, round breasts with nipples 
fully erect.  Mark watched in awe.  He had never seen such beauty 
in his life.  He imagined he had x-ray vision and could see 
straight through Lori's breasts and into her smoke-filled lungs.  
He could see the millions of tar particles as they overpowered 
the tiny hair-like cilia in Lori's lung walls.  He could see the 
thick brown coating covering Lori's once pink tissue.  He could 
see the nicotine-rich smoke filling up every tiny air sac in 
Lori's lungs.  His dick was as hard as a rock.

Lori pulled off the hair net she was required to wear in the 
restaurant and shook loose her long, auburn hair.  She then took 
another deep dangling drag and began to exhale through her 
nostrils as she started sliding her panties down.  She then 
grabbed Mark by the hand and pulled him out of the booth.  She 
hopped up on the table of the booth and sat there with her legs 
dangling over the edge of the table, slightly spread apart.  She 
stuck her hand between Mark's belt and his abdomen and pulled him 

Lori began to unbuckle Mark's belt as she slowly exhaled sweet 
smoke into Mark's face.  Then she carefully started pulling 
Mark's zipper down.  She reached inside and felt Mark's throbbing 
manhood.  "Oh, baby!" she cooed, "Come to mama!"

Mark pulled his pants down and grabbed Lori by her hips.  He 
pulled her forward as he slid his penis into her wet, pulsating 
pussy.  Lori clamped her legs around Mark's body.  She began 
rocking back and forth, first slowly, and then more rapidly.  
Mark looked into Lori's eyes and begged, "Give me emphysema."  
Lori took one final deep drag from her still dangling cigarette, 
dropped the cigarette into the ashtray, and pulled Mark's mouth 
over hers.  She blew all of her smoke deep into Mark's grateful 
lungs.  Mark inhaled deeply as his semen exploded like a rocket 
shot into Lori's quaking vagina.  Lori wrapped her arms tightly 
around Mark as she began humping up and down.  She was now 
completely off the table and Mark was supporting the full weight 
of her glorious smoke-filled body.  Lori moaned loudly as she 
began a series of body-shaking orgasms.  Mark could smell Lori's 
smoky breath in his face as he pressed her quivering body tightly 
against his own.

As Lori finally came down to earth Mark set her down on the 
table.  Lori reached for her cigarettes.  She grabbed two and lit 
them simultaneously.  She handed one to Mark as she dangled hers 
and said, "Here is a reward for your gallantry, sir!"

In the background Lori and Mark could hear the Grass Roots 
singing "Let's Live for Today" on the restaurant's static-filled 
AM radio.  They gazed into each other's eyes as they continued to 
smoke.  It would be a summer of growing and loving and smoking.  
It would be a wonderful, smoky Summer of Love.

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