Love Lips

(by Dar, 25 November 2007)

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by Dar

You’ve gotta love Laura's luscious lips. And the rest of her is pretty great

Twenty-three years old, Laura stands about five foot seven, and weighs just
under 120 pounds. Her flowing brunette hair just brushes her shoulders,
coming down past those high cheek bones and dark brown eyes. When she puts on
her red lipstick and goes out, the guys can't resist looking.

And of course Laura gratifies their gazes with something special when she
lights up her all-white Benson and Hedges cigarettes. After a couple puffs,
that red lipstick rings the filter, and it's an impressive sight. The guys
get off when they see her take those long drags, inhale deeply enough to
bulge her breasts, and then blow those beautiful cones of smoke right at

Right now Laura is going with several of those guys, and do they ever love
Laura when she smokes for them! But I get to experience Laura's smoking love
in a special way. You see, I am Laura's lips.

Yes, you heard it right. I am the lips on Laura's face.

Oh sure, it is a ridiculous concept at first, but start to use your
imagination so that you can see and feel what I do.

There are so many good things every day. Even simple things, like Laura
licking her lips with her tongue, get me aroused. And getting covered with
that red lipstick is a special treat.

You know, we all experience the sensations of life according to our own
perspective. If you are three years old, a four foot tall fifth grader looks
really big. But if you are a six foot adult, that fifth grader looks pretty
puny. And so it is with me and Laura's cigarettes.

When you look at a cigarette, you see something about four inches long. But I
am Laura's lips, less than three inches wide myself. And when Laura lets me
wrap myself around her big Benson & Hedges, that cigarette is huge. It seems
like it is four feet long, not four inches.

Like I said, use your imagination. Welcome to my world. Let me tell you about
a few of my experiences.

Each morning Laura wakes up in her big bed, turns on the bed light, and
reaches over to the night stand for her pack of Benson & Hedges. She pulls
one out, and puts it in her mouth. My fun is just beginning. I wrap myself
securely around the long firm shaft of the B&H filter.

Then I hear the flick of Laura's lighter. She brings the flame just a few
inches from me. Oh sure, I remember when Laura was back in high school and
first smoked. That fire scared me the first couple times. But then I realized
that it wasn't going to touch me or burn me. Now, I know what that flame is
going to do.  I can see down the long length of the entire cigarette.
Remember, for me that Benson & Hedges is very long and firm.

As Laura brings the flame near the end of the cigarette, she squeezes me just
a little tighter around the filter. Then the flame is right in front of the
B&H, and she starts sucking in, drawing the fire onto the tip of the tobacco.
She moves the cigarette tip back and forth in the flame while she sucks,
making sure that all of it is burning brightly. As Laura sucks in, the smoke
starts to pour into her mouth. And there I am, soaking it all in.

I open up just a little so that Laura can let a little smoke from the
light-up escape. And then it is time for her first big drag of the day. She
squeezes me even tighter around the B&H's white filter, and pulls hard. Of
course I help her do it, my buddies the cheeks help, my special friend the
tongue helps, and even Laura's lungs create some extra suction to pull in a
huge ball of rich smoke.

Now some people just inhale immediately. But not Laura. She loves the taste
of that smoke in her mouth, so first she closes her lips for just a second to
keep that smoke swirling around inside it. And how is it for me? Well, it's
heavenly. I tingle. It's probably like what you experience when you are in a
really smoky club, but inside Laura's mouth the smoke is fifty times thicker.
And warmer. And richer tasting. I can feel my inner tissues beginning to
absorb the smoke. While Laura is still holding the smoke in her mouth, she
sometimes licks the inside of me, her lips.

And then suddenly Laura opens me (her lips) up wide and does what gets those
guys going. She pushes most of the smoke past me, out of her mouth into a big
white ball. There it is, out in the light, like a huge cumulus cloud of joy.
Laura then pulls it all in with some air. I watch the whole ball of smoke
pass back over me, float over Laura's tongue, and disappear down her throat
into her lungs. After a few seconds of special anticipation, Laura begins
blowing that smoke back out. She squeezes me into a small opening, and I feel
the full force of her long blast of smoke. It all rushes right through me.

Oh sure, I know that those guys who date Laura get all excited when she blows
that long cone of smoke right at their faces. But you just have to know that
what I experience is ten times better. On the inside of Laura's mouth are all
these little eddies of swirling smoke, soothing me and stroking me during the
exhale. Yes, I love being Laura's lips.

Laura loves to smoke. As soon as she has finished that first big exhale, she
again wraps me around the filter of her big Benson and Hedges. You should see
it from the inside like I do. The filter looks like a giant round log. And
Laura places that whole filter deep inside her mouth. I love it. It is so
exciting to have this huge, long, hard log inserted inside me. And then Laura
begins again to suck on the filter. The creamy white smoke starts spurting
into Laura's mouth. If only you could see the inside of Laura's mouth as I
do. Those first puffs of smoke come rushing out the end of the filter She
sucks harder and the smoke pours in and fills up her mouth. And once again we
are bathed in solid smoke.

The people who rant about secondhand smoke are so pitiful, you know. They
pretend to be scared of smoke, yet barely and rarely encounter enough smoke
to even notice it. Some of the men who like to watch women smoke are even
scared to smoke themselves. If they only knew the rich, tingly feelings which
they are missing. If they only could experience the deep pleasure of actually
filling up their mouth and their lungs with smoke, and getting to feel the
smoke all inside. Once Laura dated a guy who wouldn't smoke, but when he
picked her up in his car, he drove to a park and asked her to smoke for him.
They stayed in the car, and he kept the windows rolled up. For an hour Laura
smoked one cigarette after another, maybe ten in all, while he kissed her. As
she smoked, she blew each exhale onto his face while she stroked him.

Was it good for him? Oh, it was wonderful. But even the dense secondhand
smoke which filled that guy's car is just nothing compared to my feeling of
being inside Laura's mouth when she has just pumped it full of smoke, and
then holds it inside her mouth for a few seconds. There's no air. The smoke
is at maximum density. And then sometimes Laura will double pump. The filter
is still in her mouth, and her mouth is already full, but yet she wants more
smoke inside her, and she squeezes me tightly around the big B&H filter and
sucks more smoke and more smoke and more smoke. On the outside I see the
burning tip of her cigarette coming closer and closer, and on the inside I
can see the smoke pumping out of the end of the filter, swirling and rubbing
up against my moist inner lips, making me want to explode with joy.

I know you are reading this because you love lips. You love licking your
lips. If you are smart enough to smoke, you love feeling that filter inside
your lips.  You want that smooth feeling of smoke inside your lips.

And the next time you date Laura, when she smokes for you, lick her lips.
Lick the outside with its red lipstick. And then smoke for her like she
smokes for you. Lock your lips onto hers and blow your smoke into her. Laura
will take a triple drag, put her lips on yours, and fill you with her smoke.
When she smokes you, lick the inside of her lips. That's me - Laura's lips.

And I love your smoky lips too.

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