LTS School, Part 1

(by, 08 September 1995)

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Subject: LTS School - Part 1 of 3 (long)
Date: 8 Sep 1995 20:46:18 -0400
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The Lady Tonya Seville Finishing School for Young Ladies (LTS) was like
no other. Offered exclusively by referral, the LTS school was well
known within the upper echelon of society. Only the wives of Heads of
State and the Captain's of Industry knew it well, mentioned only in the
very inner circles of elitist society, the LTS school accepted
candidate young ladies between 13 and 18 for intense 4 week sessions
designed to impart social grace on the student. Cybil Miller looked
over the glossy brochures as she pensively took a long drag from her
cigarette. Her oldest daughter, Anette, 17, had just arrived home from
school and joined her at the table. Annete reached for Cybil's leather
cigarette case and casually pulled out a VS120, then lit up commenting,
"Do you think Erica is ready for the Learn To Smoke school, I mean you
didn't sent me until I was 16?". Cybil, seeming irritated at Anette's
question took another long drag from her cigarette, then while
exhaling, replied, "LTS stands for Lady Tonya Seville, not Learn To
Smoke!  Besides, do you remember the oil baron affair last June, when
Lucas Smithton, CEO of one of the largest petrol chemical companies in
the country commented to his associate that "..Erica smokes like a $15
hooker on Navy Payday.". Cybil, now smiling slyly said, "Well, no hot
shot oil tycoon is going to question Erica's smoking again. Look at
you, before I sent you to LTS you didn't have a clue. Now, when you
light a cigarette, all heads turn. You are a LTS lady now, no doubt
about it.". Cybil then slid the LTS questionnaire to Anette and said,
"here, you know Erica's smoking habits better then I do, why don't you
help me fill this out.". Anette laughed, asking, "Did you fill out this
same lame survey when you enrolled me at LTS? I mean relay mom, look at
these questions, how did you know how much I smoked or what brand. At
the time I thought it was a secret, you didn't even know I smoked
yet.". Cybil warmly took Cybil's hand saying, "Honey, I didn't know.
And that's why you were paired off with Mitsy Fisher, a smoker. You
see, at LTS they always pair a not-yet smoker with a smoker, so that
the smoker can help by setting a positive example and providing
encouragement. Anyway, Erica has no problem smoking. It's her style
that I'm worried about. I only hope her not-yet smoking roomie doesn't
pick up Erica's traits." Anette agreed, realizing that Erica's smoking
was a bit of an embarrassment to the Miller clan. Anette grudgingly
agreed with her mom and finally began to offer constructive information
to Cybil in completing the questionnaire.  The next morning, Erica
arrived home from an overnight at her girlfriend's house, and began
packing for her four weeks at the LTS Ladies Finishing School, unaware
of what was in store for her. Anette entered the room just as Erica was
about to grab her carton of Marlboro Reds to stuff into the suitcase.
Anette placed her hand on the carton and said to Erica, "I don't think
Lady Tonya Seville will allow this." Erica retorted abruptly "You mean
I can't smoke for four weeks! I'm not going, this is an outrage. How
could mom do this to me? She knows how much I enjoy smoking!" Anette
quickly allayed Erica's fears saying, "Don't worry, you can smoke, it's
just that Lady Tonya doesn't permit 'Marlboro Reds'; 100's maybe, but
not Reds. You'll see. I went and it's not all that bad. Besides, you
have a roommate who is counting on you.". Erica did not understand the
part about the roommate but was relieved to hear that she could smoke
at LTS. Anette then took Erica's hand in a kind and loving sisterly
fashion and said, "Mom and dad are going to be so proud of you when you
return. LTS changed my life and I think it will do the same for you
little sis. Just give it a chance, OK?". Erica, trusting her big
sister's sincerity now, replied "OK, I guess I can stick it out. By the
way, what did you mean about my roommate counting on me anyway?".
Anette just smiled and said, "You'll see Erica, you'll see.."

(Part 2 of 3 coming soon)

[Note - this is a reformatted version of the original post]

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