Maria, Part 1

(by, 14 August 1995)

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Subject: Maria's Story Part 1 of 3 (long)
Date: 14 Aug 1995 19:05:48 -0400
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This is the story of John, a top Salesman for a major manufacturing company,
John's wife Maria, and Maria's identical twin sister, Tina.

John Champaico busily checked his airline tickets and passport one last time.
This business trip was important, as John was one of three candidates being
considered by CEO Brock Peterson for the Regional Sales Manager spot, and he
didn't want to leave anything to chance. Tina, his wife's identical twin
sister, sat impatiently with the engine running, lighting yet another Salem
100, before finally urging "Hurry up John, or your going to miss your
plane!".  On the way to the airport, Tina commented that she had heard from
Maria, John's wife, that the Brock Peterson dinner had not gone well. John
launched into a tirade, "That's an understatement. It all started when the
hostess asked Smoking or Non-Smoking. Maria butted in blurting out "NON".
Before I could speak up we were wisked off to that secluded, quiet, always
empty part of the restaurant. There were three Nuns and a Priest seated at one
table and no other patrons in sight.
From that point on, I could tell Brock and his wife Liz were not going to
enjoy themselves.  Brock's trademark is a good cigar with brandy after dinner
and Liz, as everyone knows, is a chain smoker. The conversation was shallow,
polite and reserved, not at all like the legendary boisterous laughter and
devil-may-care antics others have attributed to "an evening with the
Peterson's". Fortunately, Brock always invites a candidate to TWO social
outings. I have one more chance this Friday night at the Stonehearth Inn. By
the way, how is it that you enjoy smoking so much while Maria can't even sit
in the smoking section of a restaurant for two lousy hours in order to advance
my career? "

Tina lit another cigarette and explained that Maria, born seven minutes
earlier, has always tried to do exactly the opposite as she, "maybe it's the
older sibling complex, you know, try to stand out, look different, dress
different.". Tina remembered when they were seven, she tried and liked
pistachios. Instantly Maria had a great disdain, though she never even tried
them. Ten years later, Tina continued, "I saw her munching on a large bowl of
shelled pistachios and asked her, so you've developed a taste for
pistachios?". Maria shot back "Pistachios?". She had not recognized them, as
they were shelled, and replied "yea, they're really good" as she continued
munching. And as you know, Maria now eats them all the time.

"So..", I reasoned, " what your saying is that since you enjoy smoking, maybe
Maria could too, even if just enough to get by socially for the next Brock
dinner?". Tina smiled slyly "John, I'll see what I can do, but don't expect a
miracle in just four days. You know I'm staying over while your out of town.
Just leave it to me." John gathered his bags and thanked Tina one last time
for the lift. Knowing he would not see Maria until Friday afternoon, John told
Tina, "Good Luck with Maria, and teach her to smoke with a little sexiness and
style, like you". Tina took a long, deep pull on her cigarette, and half
laughing, half blushing, exhaled a long steady stream of smoke out her window
as she smiled and pulled away.

(Part 2 of 3 coming soon)

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