Marlene and Berri, Part 1

(by anonymous, 30 September 2004)

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It wouldn't have seemed at first blush that Marlene Carter and Berri Wilson,
the two graveyard waitresses at The Sunny Side Up Restaurant, had all that
much in common. Marlene was a 36-year old divorcee with two children who
hadn't been in school since receiving her high school diploma.  Berri was 22,
engaged to be married and attending the local junior college majoring in
social work. Marlene, 5'2" and full-figured but not heavy, kept her dark hair
short and Berri, 5'5" and quite thin and supple, kept her long red hair tied
back in a ponytail.

But actually they were alike in a lot of ways.  Both were extremely
attractive and each had a steady stream of male customers who regularly
breezed into the restaurant at night just to see them. Both were very
flirtatious and loved to innocently tease guys, but were careful about how
far they took this.

Also, both were heavy-duty, dedicated smokers.  Both started in their teens
as a result of peer pressure, and neither had any desire to ever stop.
Marlene's brand of choice was Salem 100's, while Berri preferred Pall Mall
Gold 100's.

It seemed that whenever a customer wasn't being attended to, both Marlene and
Berri constantly had cigarettes going. This was actually the ideal place for
either gal to do this. Marlene never lit up around her children when she had
custody of them, and Berri's fiancee was a nonsmoker, who didn't object to
Berri's smoking as long as she didn't do it around him.

For about two weeks, the gals had been working with a new dishwasher, Dill
Jacobs. He and his family had moved from Arkansas just a couple of years
prior. He was 20, 6 feet tall with blond hair and, like Berry, was attending
college, studying auto mechanics.

Dill was a nice kid, but very quiet and backwards. Both Marlene and Berri
suspected he might be a virgin, although he did mention a couple of
ex-girlfriends. Something else the two women noticed--while Dill didn't smoke
himself, he was always noticing when a lady lit up, including either one of

On one occasion Dill had broken a stash of dishes while focusing on Phyllis,
an off-duty cocktail waitress as she sat at a booth in her short skirt at a
booth, puffing on a Virginia Slim.  Marlene helped him scoop the dishes up
and without saying anything to the manager, took the broken dishes home in
her car and paid for a new set out of her own pocket.

On this particular night, Marlene and Berri decided to act on something they
had been casually discussing for a couple of days. It was 3:00 a.m.  and the
restaurant was deserted except for the work personnel.

Dill decided to take a break from the bar rush and poured himself a cup of
coffee and sat down at the counter. The waitresses decided they would take
advantage of the lull and poured themselves each a cup from the pot.  Marlene
swung around to Dill's left side, sat down, stirred her coffee, then took a
Salem out of her pack and lit it.  Berri glided around to the front of the
counter and sat on Dill's right.  She took one of her own cigarettes out and
reached over for Marlene's lighter. She of course had to brush up against
Dill, both when accepting the lighter and handing it back to Marlene. Dill
caught his breath as Berri's breast brushed his elbow.

Both ladies, wearing their short black uniform skirts, crossed their legs.
Marlene's upper leg pointed away from Dill, showing her thigh. Berri did
likewise. Dill looked in either direction and felt himself in seventh heaven.
He was careful to turn his eyes toward whichever waitress was taking a drag,
and didn't look away until she exhaled.

Talk about a study in contrasts. Dill was trying hard to contain his
excitement. He picked up a napkin twice to wipe sweat off his brow, and his
heart could almost be heard pounding. His two beautiful bookends in the
meantime were both epitomizing calm, elegance and sophistication, with their
cigarettes poised at 45 degree angle between their fingers, the wafting smoke
climbing up to the ceiling, their skirts hiked up to their thighs.

The girls talked about mundane things while Dill sat quietly. Finally, ten
minutes before the end of the break, he excused himself and advanced toward
the bathroom. The girls both smiled and Marlene let out a slight giggle. 


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