Mistress Mandy

(by anonymous, 12 November 2006)

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Mistress Mandy

Mandy called and wanted to meet for a drink.  She and Carl had fought and he
had moved out, this time for good.  I had to work late that night at a side
job, so I told her I'd call when I was about done.  She said she'd be at
home.  I phoned my wife and told her I had an emergency project and didn't
know when I'd be home.  She knew I saw Mandy from time to time, ostensibly
with `the old gang', but she would be suspicious of a late meeting,
especially if she knew we'd be alone.  It was just easier this way.  When I
was nearly through with my work I called Mandy.  She asked if I could come by
her apartment since it was already late.  Fine with me.  As we hung up my
cock was already on the rise, imagining I might finally get what I'd dreamed
of for ages.

I'd known Mandy four or five years.  I was her boss up until I left the
company to work as an independent consultant.  She was a sweet kid and a real
knockout, some eight years my junior.  Having the prerogative, I spent a lot
of time training her myself, not the usual process for new operators.  She
loved to play the role of dumb blond and let me show her how everything was
done, though she actually caught on pretty quick.  She was a shameless flirt
and always looked hot, whether in a dress and heels or skintight jeans.  I
was often unable to get up from my desk due to the erections she gave me

But, I was already married with a toddler at home, and I couldn't do anything
more than flirt.  I did finally agree to go out for drinks with `a bunch of
us', as she described it.  It turned out to be just Mandy and her good friend
Gina and me.  Gina was another hot girl from the office - marketing dept, and
a smoker, which really turned me on.  She was having a cigarette when we
joined her in a big booth.  I had glimpsed her smoking outside the office
several times, and she had a very sexy style - long, deep inhales and thick
plumes on her exhales.  This evening she put on quite a sexy smoking
demonstration while we sat and talked and drank - French inhales, nose
exhales, double pumps, and snap inhales were her standard style. We'd had a
few drinks when Mandy suggested we get some dinner.  She wanted to stop at
her place and change, so we all headed to her apartment.  While Mandy went
into her bedroom to change Gina and I sat on the couch.  Gina lit a fresh
cigarette and resumed the show.  I was instantly mesmerized.  She leaned
close after double-pumping her Newport and whispered, amid spurts of escaping
smoke, `Smoking gets you hot, huh?'  My cock, already firm, became rock hard
and pulsed with every heartbeat.  She rested her hand on it and began to
massage me.

She turned her mouth toward mine and as our lips touched, she began to share
her smoke with me.  I've never been a smoker, but I hungrily sucked in all
she offered.  Her sexual energy flowed into me with the smoke.  We shared
several smoky kisses before she descended into my lap, unbuckled my pants and
took me into her hot mouth.  She proceeded to give me my first real blow job
- a smoky one at that.  I didn't last long, pumping my load into her greedy
mouth just as Mandy rejoined us.  She was more than a little annoyed to be
left out the action.  I felt a pit in my stomach as I saw my big chance to
finally get somewhere with this vixen slip through my fingers.  I just hadn't
been able to resist Gina's smoky seduction - nor had I wanted to.  That was
the end of our fun for the evening, as Mandy decided to call it a night.
There were no more such opportunities before I left the company a year later.
In fact, the flirting was pretty subdued for a while.

Since then, Mandy and Carl started dating and eventually moved in together.
Their relationship ran hot and cold, on and off - he moved out several times
during the years they shared the apartment.  Mandy and I stayed in touch
after I moved on, getting together with some other folks from the company
from time to time.  We also continued to stay in close touch through phone
calls and emails, sharing intimate details of our lives, our desires and
fantasies, and flirting even more than we had when we worked together.

Now I fought to focus and finish my work as quickly as I could, then headed
for her apartment.  She answered the door and threw her arms around me,
giving me a big kiss.  This was new, but I loved it.  I could tell she had a
head start on the drinks and asked if I could get a cold beer.  She hurried
to the kitchen and brought me an icy GD.  I popped it open and took a long
pull.  She said I must have been really thirsty and asked if I was ready to
give her a proper greeting now.  She was more than a little drunk.  She
kissed me again and I took my time with her.  I noticed a distinct flavor of
tobacco, and realized I'd smelled smoke when I walked in, too.  Was she
smoking now, I asked her.  `Hell yes, and if you don't like it, fuck off,'
came her reply.  Well, I guess that was telling me.  She'd never been a
smoker, as far as I knew.  In fact, my cock had stirred to a painful state
since the realization that she might be smoking.  Now it was positively
throbbing.  She noticed and asked if I was having a problem.  I explained
that between my attraction to her, her amorous greetings, being alone
together in her apartment, and now the revelation of her smoking, I was
indeed having a problem, and did she want to help me out with that.

She pushed me back onto the couch and dropped to her knees, unbuckling my
belt and pulling down my pants and shorts.  She took me deep into her mouth
and began an amazing bj.  After a few minutes I was ready to pop.  I pushed
her off so I could cool down a bit.  I wanted this to last.  I asked if she'd
like a cigarette right now.  She replied by lighting up and double pumping a
huge load of smoke.  She inhaled it deeply, then returned to my cock.  Her
hot mouth resumed expertly teasing and tantalizing me, her smoke adding to
this fantasy come  true.  I warned her too late and exploded into her mouth.
She swallowed every drop, sucking the last reluctant drops while massaging my
balls.  Wow!

She stripped and I sucked and licked her pussy until she exploded in a spasm
of muscle and her copious fluids.  She had told me once that she produced an
unusual amount cum, now splashing her juices by wildly rubbing and slapping
her clit.  She pressed my head down into this sloppy mess and demanded, `Eat
my juices, mother fucker.'  I'd never heard her use such foul language, but
it added to her randy, sexy attitude.  I licked and sucked for all I was
worth, my dreams coming true in rapid succession.  She lit a fresh cigarette
and, her need satisfied by the first hungry inhales, pulled me up next to her
on the couch and began giving me smoky kisses.  Seeing my excitement, she
continued this into a second cigarette.  My cock raging again, she pushed me
onto my back and straddled me.  She began a slow ride, her pussy gripping and
pulling me deep inside her slick folds.  I came before long, with her leaning
back, inhaling deeply, as she hit her mark and her juices washed over me and
down my sides and legs, some of it spraying from her clitoral area onto my
stomach and chest.  She came like a geyser - I'd thought that kind of female
ejaculation was pure myth.

She slid off my still erect cock and sat beside me, finishing her cigarette.
We both finished our beers and began to assess the situation.  She told me
that Carl was uncomfortable with her peculiar sexual behavior - the squirting
- and didn't like her smoking.  I admitted that everything she'd done tonight
had been fodder for my fantasy life for many years.  Clearly, if this was
what she wanted, I could never refuse her.  Her face reflected her
increasingly cocky attitude as she realized that I was easy prey to her
sexual energy.  She decided to play a bit more.

`Will you be my boyfriend, baby?' she asked, teasing me wickedly.  I nodded,
then added, `I'm yours, my love.'  She smiled and upped the ante.  `Will you
be my little sexy boy toy, baby?'

`I think you know I'll do whatever you ask, my love.'  She laughed haughtily,
now getting drunk with her own sexual power.

`Will you be my slave boy, and do everything I command you?'  My cock, which
had again grown steadily hard, now began to bob and throb, and actually oozed
pre-cum - after having cum twice already - which it had never done before.
She didn't know how unheard this was, but my physical response wasn't lost on
her.  Before I'd even muttered a response she took control, `On your knees,
my pet.  Lick and suck my toes, one at a time.  I'll let you know when to
move on.'  While she spoke she pointed to the floor at her feet.  I slipped
quickly to my knees and began working on her toes.  She smoked several
cigarettes and had me get her another beer before she was satisfied with her
toe job.

Next, she knelt on the couch and put her ass in my face, `Lick my tight
little pucker, my pet.'  I leaned forward excitedly and licked her ass,
moving my tongue along and around her anus. `Make it stiff baby, get it way
inside.  Fuck my ass with that tongue, pet.  Yeah, that's it.  Ooh, I like
that.  I've always wanted my ass licked, and now I know where you're going to
be spending a lot of your tongue time, slave.'  I was growing delirious with
desire, my cock making a real mess with its oozing.  Mandy kept me at this
for a good twenty minutes, while she fingered herself, ending with me prone
and her nearly drowning me in the most explosive orgasm of her life.  She
made me swallow every drop I could, then lick her clean while she enjoyed
another after-sex cigarette.

Exhausted, she had me shower her, brush her hair and dry it, dress her in
pajamas and put her to bed.  She told me I'd better do all she asked, or I
would never see her again.  I was to clean her apartment from top to bottom
before I left.  My clothes were covered with her sticky and drying cum.  I
washed my clothes in her basement laundry, while wearing just her robe, then
cleaned her place.  It was a mess, too.  She's not much of a housekeeper, but
I'm very good at that sort of thing.  So, I cleaned the apartment and let
myself out.  I got home after 2:00 am.  I had promised to return in the
morning with fresh coffee and donuts by 6:30.  When I did, she appeared a bit
annoyed, and hung over.  She told me to sit quietly while she finished
getting ready for work.  Then, she had an idea - why not have me iron her
dress, put on her pantyhose, make her lunch?  When I had done these things,
her mood brightened considerably.

`You are not only going to make my sex life pure joy and wicked fun, you're
going to make my entire life easier and more pleasant, aren't you, slave?'

 "Yes, mistress', I said without even thinking.
 `Mistress?' Mandy questioned.  I cringed, thinking I'd stepped in it.
 `I like that.  What else have you got?'
`Well, Goddess?'

`Goddess! Ooh, that sounds marvelous.  I'll consider how you should address
me, slave.  I'll let you know.  Now, time to go to work.  I'm going out with
the girls tonight, so you have the night off.  But, I expect you here again
at 6:30 tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day, pet.'

`Thank you, my Goddess.  Thanks you so much.'

My head was spinning all day long - and I was exhausted.  I had no idea what
was going to happen with my marriage.  But, one thing was certain, if Mandy
wanted to continue with me as her slave boy, boy toy or anything or the sort,
I was powerless to resist.  I managed to slide through the day unscathed at
work, and had a quiet evening, getting to bed early, after my late night
`working' the previous day.

When I arrived at Mandy's apartment the next morning at 6:30 she answered the
door wearing a long silky robe.  She showed me in and told me to strip.  When
I began to speak she slapped me hard across the face.  Shocked, I finished
undressing in silence.  She pointed to the floor at her feet and I hit my
knees.  Now I saw that she was wearing short, black spike heeled boots, the
kind that drive me crazy.  As I peered at her feet, she reached down and
stuffed something into my mouth and strapped something around my head.  After
the initial surprise, I knew not to resist in any way.  It was some sort of
gag.  She secured the straps and I was pretty well shut up.  She then grabbed
my arms and pulled them behind my back.  She secured them with some sort of
cuffs, then I realized she was lacing a bondage sheath over them.  She pulled
the lacing so tight I though they'd come out of their sockets.  Next she
pulled my head up to face her.  She attached something to the gag in my
mouth, then began pumping - it was an inflatable gag and she made it fill my
entire mouth.  Now I could barely make a sound.

With me pretty much helpless, she lit a cigarette and walked into her living
room.  Her crooked finger bade me follow.  I struggled to my feet and came
along behind her.  She pointed again to the floor - in front of her couch
this time.  I knelt.  She came behind me and attached cuffs to my ankles and
what turned out to be a spreading bar, forcing my legs to remain apart.  She
leaned me back and snapped a clip from my bound wrists onto the bar, forcing
me to remain painfully bent back on my knees, my head facing upward, toward
her - she sat on the couch above me.

She screwed some sort of tube into my gag and placed a severe clip on my
nose, making the tube my only source of intake and exhaust.  Looking me
straight in the eye, she placed a perfectly manicured thumb over the tube's
end.  I quickly realized I was unable to breathe and my eyes grew wide as she
smiled sadistically.  When she released her seal, I breathed in and out
deeply.  Satisfied that she had my rapt attention, she lit a cigarette and
relaxed into her seat.  With a spiked heel, she probed my prostrate groin and
began to drill my rock hard penis.  I had been so overwhelmed by all that was
happening to me I didn't even realize how turned on I was.  I was truly
loving this, and why not - this was my most persistent and exciting fantasy.

Mandy and I had shared our deepest, darkest fantasies over the years.  She
always made me feel mine weren't too unusual.  Hers were always just a little
wilder or darker than mine.  Now I knelt at the feet of the Goddess I'd told
her about in one submissive fantasy after another - there was the smoking,
the bondage, the seduction, the s/M themes-  I began thinking of all else I'd
described and wondering how much more was in store for me.  I never dreamed
she was taking note of all I shared, though I certainly remembered every
sexual image she ever painted for me.  She seemed to appreciate that these
thoughts were racing through my mind - she sat quietly, amused, as I thought
of all these memories and began to put two and two together.

I looked up at her pleadingly; she laughed, took a deep inhale, double pumped
and snapped it back into her lungs, then brought the tube to her crimson
lips.  She filled the tube with her rich, thick, menthol smoke.  I tried not
to breath in, holding my breath.  She was patient, holding her thumb over the
end to prevent me blowing the smoke out, waiting for the inevitable, me
gasping for air.  When at last I sucked for life-giving air, I got hot
menthol smoke instead.  I coughed and gasped while she sat calmly smoking.
My cock raged and she kept the pressure on with her pointed heel.  I was in
tortured ecstasy.  She kept feeding me her smoke, and we developed a sort of
rhythm, with her allowing me some relatively fresh air every third breath or
so.  I got used to the smoke and my coughing subsided.  When she'd finished
her cigarette she sat back and crossed her long legs, exposing stockings up
to a garter belt, and a glimpse of black, lacy panties.

She had clarified our roles and was ready to talk.  `You know, slave, I was
quite hurt when I found you and Gina together years ago.  I was planning to
seduce you myself and maybe get you to move in with me.  I reacted like the
child I was and played it quite cool with you for a while, then you quit the
company and I thought I'd lost you forever.  I finally talked about that
night with Gina and she told me that you had an incredible smoking fetish and
she couldn't resist making you crazy with desire.  She said you were
powerless to resist her charms and she was hot from all the admiration and-
well, we know where that led.

`When the bunch from work got together and you joined us, I saw my chance to
rekindle our friendship and then to see what else I could find out about your
fantasy and fetish life.  You were an easy target, so willing to tell me all
about smokingstories.net, youlysses.com, darkheart.com, missvicky.net and so
many others.  I just had to play along, like I was into all sorts of kinky
shit myself.  I learned quite a lot over the next couple of years.  I found
that, complimentary to your submissive side, I have a strong tendency for
dominance, and I quite enjoy indulging my wickedness and my bitchy moods.

`So, here's how it's going to go, pet.  You're in heaven, sitting at my feet
bound and gagged, your cock and balls aching with desire, thrilled by your
predicament and adoring me.  I'm loving being the dominant bitch, getting
anything I want and feeling very turned on by your submission.  I want you.
I've always wanted you.  You're going to leave your wife and move in with me
immediately - today.  You'll get a divorce and we'll marry.  I want kids and
I'll have them as soon as possible.  In public, we'll be a normal couple,
although I'll remain quietly in charge.  You'll be a complete gentleman,
always deferring to my wishes.  At home, it'll just depend on my mood.
You'll take care of the chores - anything I don't like to do or don't feel
like doing or don't get around to.  At work, you'll exceed your own
expectations, because your motivation will be my pleasure and comfort and
financial security.  I may work; I may not.

`I'm going to release you now, so you can get to work - oh, I almost forgot.
There's a present for you on my bed - something to remind you of me while
you're at work today.  Put them on in place of your boxers.'

She unbound me and I went to her bedroom.  The only thing on her bed was a
pair of lacy, silky panties.  I picked them up carefully.  I hadn't indulged
my panty fetish since I was a teen.  I slipped them on and my flaccid cock
twitched and grew to a raging erection.  My mind raced again, wondering what
other forgotten fantasies she would be exploring, exploiting.  With all that
had happened I couldn't sort through my many fantasies to find what was yet
to be uncovered.  For now, they would remain mysteries, future surprises.  I
walked back to the living room and my mistress laughed out loud.  `Come here
baby.  I figured this might present some challenges for you.  Slip those off
for a minute.'  I took my panties off and she produced a leather quirt.  She
slapped my cock and balls until I was limp and small.  She placed a sheath
over my cock, securing it with a tight strap around my balls.  The sheath had
a strap hanging from the top end.  She pulled the strap down and back,
between my legs, my cock with it.  She pulled my panties back up and secured
the strap to the back of my panties.  `That should do it', she announced,
obviously very pleased with her work.

I dressed and she gave me a deep, passionate kiss at the door.

`Just so we're clear, pet, I love you completely and will be faithful to you
forever.  I expect the same devotion and loyalty from you my love.  I know I
can count on you, can't I, slave?'  I nodded eagerly.

`Of course, my Goddess.  I will love and serve you all my days, in any way
that pleases you.  I don't deserve your dedication, but I will always do
everything in my power to earn it.'  She smiled and brought a cigarette to
her lips, handing me a pack of matches.  I lit one quickly and held it up to
her.  She took my hand in hers and directed it toward the tip of her Newport.
She looked into my eyes as the match burned down.  Just before it reached my
fingers she leaned her cigarette into the flame and drew deeply, holding my
hand there even as it burned my fingers.  I didn't move, didn't make a sound,
hardly felt the pain, my pleasure in serving her, in accepting pain for her,
was so great.  The match burned itself out against my flesh.  She double
pumped and inhaled deeply.  She kissed me once more, feeding her smoke into
my eager lungs.  I didn't cough at all.  My cock strained painfully at its
bounds as she sent me on my way.

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