Model Citizen, Part 3

(by kalithanatos, 20 July 2009)

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Model Citizen
by kalithanatos


After Jenny got home that evening, she reflected on her bizarre day - the
phone call, the dressing-up, the modelling but most of all the smoking shoot.
She couldn't help but wonder what possessed her to breath that smoke into her
mouth, but she also couldn't stop thinking about what it felt like - not
exactly good, but definitely not as bad as she had expected, and with a
little hint of mint thrown in for good measure. Would she do it again? She
didn't think so. She decided she would simply chalk it down as an experience
and move on, but she strangely did not feel any guilt for trying it.

The next few days moved along quietly for Jenny, who spent most of her time
on her laptop chatting to friends around the world. She had also looked into
some modelling sites, but after a few hours felt intimidated by the
confidence and maturity of the models and decided that it was a pipe dream.
By the end of the week, Jenny was starting to feel slightly bored and was
wondering what else she could do to pass the next few months.

On the Friday of that week, Jenny woke up to find she had a text message
waiting on her mobile phone. The number came up UNKNOWN and, curious, Jenny
checked the message.


Jenny's interest was piqued as she moved towards the house phone, which had
Linda's number on speed dial. She keyed the combination and within a few
seconds Linda picked up the phone.

"Hi Jenny, is that you?" There was a great deal of noise in the background
and Linda was shouting to be heard. "I'm at Glasgow airport! Listen, those
photos we took are the talk of the town - I've shown them to a few people and
they all love you! Everyone wants to work with Ms. Jennifer Davis!"

Flabbergasted, Jenny struggled to respond. A weak "really?" was all she could

"Really!" Linda responded. "Listen Jenny, are you free today? I really should
have called in advance but I was so excited I just jumped a plane and flew to
Scotland. Is there any chance I can get an hour of your time? Two at the

Linda was so excited that Jenny felt she had no choice. "Okay then. Will I
come and meet you?"

Linda said, "Same place in say, an hour and a half?"

Jenny checked her watch and said, "No problems. I'll see you there!" and with
that, she hung up and got ready to leave. She arrived at the studio a short
time later, at around 11.30am, to find Linda beavering away setting up her

"Hi!" Jenny said, waving.

"Hi, my little supermodel!" said Linda, making Jenny blush again. "Ready for
round two?"

"Okay. What do you need this time?"

"Well, after showing your photos around, I've been getting requests from just
about everybody I know wondering who the new kid is and wanting her to model
their product. I've chosen a couple of interesting ones to get you started.
Do you mind giving up your time like this? I know you're not getting paid for
any of this, but believe me, this will be your last shoot with no pay - if
you stick at this, you can start earning some real money!" As usual, Linda
was speaking very quickly with no apparent train of thought, so Jenny was
being bombarded with lots of information at once. Paid? Really? Just for
standing around? This was starting to sound like fun...

And so it was that within a few minutes Jenny was back in the groove she was
starting to become accustomed to, posing playfully and professionally for a
variety of different products. Although Linda had said it would only take a
few hours, both women were having so much fun that four hours later they were
still going strong without even having taken a break. Eventually it was Linda
who said, "Let's take five; I've not had a cigarette for AGES and I'm gasping
for one!"

Jenny, of course, did not understand Linda's need to smoke, but was glad for
the chance of a break. As Linda lit up and hungrily breathed the smoke into
her lungs, Jenny once again took the opportunity to admire Linda's style.
This time Linda smoked without her holder, eager to get as much nicotine into
her system as possible. She immediately chained into another as Jenny asked,
"Why do you smoke?"

Linda paused mid-exhale. She had never been asked this particular question
before and was unsure how to answer. "Well, in the first place, it's very
relaxing. I also like the taste and the way it makes me feel."

"What do you mean?" asked Jenny.

"Well, every time you inhale, you get a little head rush which is very
pleasant, especially first thing in the morning or after a nice meal. The
minty taste from the menthol is also really tasty, which is why I smoke this
particular brand. Once you start smoking, you look forward to your next
cigarette almost from the moment you stub out the last one. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason, just that sitting here watching you smoke and how much you
seem to enjoy it is making me think."

"Hopefully you're not thinking about starting? Your mother would kill me!"

"No, no, nothing like that. It's just that I've never really known anyone who
smokes and I'm curious as to why so many people seem to enjoy it."

"Well, once you start smoking, you DO start to enjoy it, then it becomes very
difficult to give up, no matter how much you may want to."

"If it's so nice, why would you want to give up?"

"You must know the risks by now?" Linda asked. Jenny nodded in agreement.
"Smoking is regarded by most people as not very good for your body, but
despite that, lots of people still do it. I know for one that I will never
give up - I'm addicted, plus I don't actually want to. I like it too much."

"I suppose that makes sense."

"Speaking of smoking, Jim at that smoking erotica site we did the photos for
the other day also got in touch with me."

"Did he like the photos?" Jenny asked, eagerly.

"He LOVED the photos! But unfortunately, he couldn't use them all. You see,
no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't replace the unlit cigarette with a
Photoshopped image and make it look natural - it always looked fake. He was
really disappointed as the photos were ALMOST perfect, but c'est la vie,
what's done is done and there's not a lot we can do now."

"Well, that's not necessarily true," Jenny found herself saying, "it wasn't
so bad to hold a lit cigarette, even if it was in a holder. Perhaps we could
try again, if you have the time?"

"Really? Would that be okay with you? I don't want you to feel I'm trying to
pressure you into something here."

"No, it's fine with me. Let's try it and see how we go."

Linda finished her third cigarette in fifteen minutes while Jenny found a
nice little red dress to wear. Once both women were ready, Linda again
checked for confirmation then lit a fresh cigarette. She passed it to Jenny,
whose heart was now beating rapidly in her chest. She was holding a freshly
lit cigarette for the first time, this time without the aid of a holder. This
time, she was much more confident, waving the cigarette around easily, not
really minding the smoke as it drifted around her head. She was even getting
a little cocky and with each little flourish, the cigarette moved closer to
her mouth until eventually the inevitable happened and the filter brushed
gently against her top lip. This gave Jenny a tingle and out of the blue she
suddenly felt the urge to put the cigarette in her mouth and smoke it. It was
at that moment that Jenny decided to stop, deciding she had gone too far. She
stubbed the cigarette out, only half done, and asked if she could take five. 

Jenny went to the toilet just to be alone and have a think. What was she
doing? She had nearly tried to smoke again. Was this the same Jenny Davis who
was top of her class and was about to go to university? Who had always been a
sweet and innocent child, never once getting into trouble or causing anybody
any harm? Why was she suddenly having these wicked thoughts?

"Are you alright in there?" asked Linda, chapping the door several minutes

"Yeah, fine," replied Jenny. In truth, she had been crying. She seemed to be
at a turning point in her life and it suddenly dawned on her that her life
was going to be very different soon. She would be going to university and in
all likelihood flying the coop and moving away from home to another city like
Sarah had. Now she was being told she could also become a model and on top of
that she had nearly tried smoking! Her childhood was nearly over and it had
all gotten on top of her in an instant.

"Do you want to stop now?" Linda asked from beyond the door. Jenny took a few
moments to regain her composure before replying, "No, I'll be right out. Why
don't you look out another dress and I'll see you in a second?" She had had a
little while to think, and decided to act like a grown up for the first time
and accept some responsibility.

A few minutes later, Jenny was changed and ready to go. She suddenly had a
newfound impetus and decided that rather than fear the future, she would
embrace it. It was time to have some fun!

"Are you okay to continue with the smoking stuff? We can move on to something
different if you like..." Linda asked.

"No, it's cool. Let's give Jim what he wants." Seeing the determination in
Jenny's eyes, Linda lit a cigarette and passed it to Jenny. Jenny accepted
without hesitation and proceeded to put on the best show so far, not afraid
to have the cigarette anywhere near her face or lips without actually putting
it in her mouth. Her poses were natural and provocative, and her beauty was
shining through. She accepted a second cigarette as soon as she stubbed out
the first and by this point, both women were totally in the moment. Jenny
continued to put on a show, and this time when the cigarette brushed her
lips, she felt sexier than she had ever been in her life and instead of
getting rid of the cigarette, she again felt the strong yearning to put it in
her mouth and breathe in. Linda sensed what was about to happen, but did
nothing to stop it, her desire to get the perfect shot overriding all else.
She watched as Jenny moved the cigarette towards her mouth, formed a tight
grip with her lips, and pulled the smoke into her mouth. She held the smoke
there for a second before breathing it back out in an uninhaled puff. Jenny
felt no effect apart from the tingling sensation returning to her young body,
which was suddenly alive. All her senses were alert and she was now fully in
the moment even as the cigarette returned to her for a second then a third
time until it was all gone. Then, just like that, it was all over.

"Wow, Jenny, these shots are going to be amazing," said Linda in admiration.
"Although I do feel guilty about you smoking. I should have stopped that

"Don't feel bad about it," said Jenny, "I don't. It just felt like the right
thing to do in the moment. I'm not going to start smoking or anything like
that, but I don't regret what just happened at all. If I'm going to start
modelling, I'll have to get used to some bizarre requests!"

"Does that mean you'll take me up on my offer?"

"Absolutely," said Jenny, "if you still want me?"

"Yes, yes, let's discuss plans!" exclaimed Linda, and they did.

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