Model Citizen, Part 4

(by kalithanatos, 20 July 2009)

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Model Citizen
by kalithanatos


A few hours later, Linda and Jenny headed out to the first pub they could
find to buy a bottle of champagne. Linda had managed to arrange for Jenny to
meet one of the highest-profile modelling agencies in London the following
day. The demand for Jenny was such that Linda reckoned Jenny could name her
price, and now it was time to celebrate.

Near the studio was a place called Delmonicas. None of the women had been
inside before, and it soon became apparent that they had found a gay bar.
Jenny had never really gone out to pubs before, and had certainly never been
drunk, so she did not really know how to react to a gay bar. However, after a
few moments she realized that everyone in there was cool and the atmosphere
was very relaxed. It was mostly lesbian couples in that evening, and everyone
seemed to be having a good time.

Linda bought a bottle of very expensive champagne from behind the bar and
popped it. She poured Jenny and herself a large glass and made a toast: "To
Jenny!" before drinking the full glass. Jenny attempted to emulate Linda, but
could only manage half of her glass before she gave up, full of bubbles.
However, she liked the taste, and continued to drink at a much more relaxed
but steady pace over the next hour.

The bar had pretty much emptied out at about 5.30pm when Jenny noticed that
there was a girl staring at her from among a group of other women. Jenny had
gotten used to boys staring at her all through her life, but for the most
part very few people had actually asked her out; it seemed her beauty
actually worked against her and intimidated potential suitors. She had never
actually had a date, and as such she had no real interest in sex until this
point in her life and was still a virgin. It was always assumed by her
friends and family that she would find a nice boy at University and settle
down with him; Jenny herself had never questioned this reasoning. Until now,
that is. Seeing this pretty woman staring at her was giving her a feeling in
her most private, sensitive areas that she had never felt.

"Linda, do you see that group of women at the bar?" Jenny asked. Linda
started to turn her head towards them. 

"Don't stare!" Jenny whispered, panic-stricken.  

"What about them?" Linda asked, also in a hushed voice.

"See the one with the blonde hair? I think she has been staring at me, for
like, the last ten minutes." Jenny whispered, the excitement showing in her
voice. "What should I do?"

"Well, we can't keep talking like this - it's a little obvious, don't you
think? Why don't you come outside with me so that I can have a smoke while we

"Okay, hurry up then!" Jenny demanded, practically shoving Linda's handbag
into her waiting hands.

The two ladies exited the building into the smoking area and Linda lit up,
taking a deep drag into her willing lungs.

"Ah, that's better," she said, exhaling a long stream of smoke away from
Jenny, "now, what are your feelings about this? How would you feel if this
girl came on to you?"

"I don't really know," Jenny responded, "I mean, I've never really thought
about it before. I've never considered being with a woman, but to be truthful
I've never been that into boys. I think I've always found women to be sexier,
somehow. The way that girl was staring at me turned me on, though. Do you
think I might be gay?"

Linda took a double-drag of her cigarette as she pondered this. "To be
honest, I don't know you well enough to be able to give a proper opinion.
What I would say is that, from experience, do whatever feels right. Why don't
you go back inside and approach her? See how it goes? I'm going to stay out
here and have another cigarette. Go on, take a chance!" Linda gave Jenny time
to ponder this while she lit a fresh cigarette with her diamond encrusted

Jenny's mind was whirling. Should she approach the girl? Could she approach
the girl? She had never had this type of connection with someone before. Her
heart was now pounding, but before she could make a decision, Linda's phone

"Hello?" she asked into the receiver. "Oh hi, Stella, darling, how can I
help? Uh huh. Uh huh. Nooo, really?!" Linda covered the mouthpiece to her
phone "Jenny, I've got to take this. Would you be a sweetie and hold my
cigarette until I get back?" Jenny had gotten pretty used to holding
cigarettes in the last few days, so felt comfortable taking the cigarette
into her hand. Linda stepped back inside the pub, as did the other two women
who were also having a smoke, leaving Jenny outside on her own.

Standing waiting for Linda to come back gave Jenny some time to think. The
champagne had broken down some of Jenny's inhibitions, and she started to
really think for the first time what it would be like to know someone
intimately. She could feel herself getting moist. "So what if that person was
a woman?" she thought. Another tingle went through her system. "And what if
it was the woman at the bar?" Her whole body quivered. 

Jenny noticed the ash was getting very long on the cigarette and tapped it
off. The cigarette was almost  done and had hardly been touched. Suddenly it
dawned on Jenny she could actually try smoking and no one would notice! She
had no idea why this thought crept into her head, but the chance to recreate
the feelings from this afternoon plus the champagne flowing through her
system made the idea seem very enticing. Without thinking, she found the
cigarette quickly move towards her mouth. As she sealed her lips around the
filter she thought, "Do I really want to do this?" before instantly
dismissing the voice in her head and taking a small drag. Yet again, smoke
filled her mouth. She let it swirl about and blew it out without inhaling.
I'm such a bad girl she thought with amusement. She knew from watching Linda
that she wasn't really smoking, just playing, as she had not inhaled. She was
taking great delight in the fact she was doing something so out of character.
Should she do it again? She looked around surreptitiously. She was still
alone. "Why not?" she thought. Another small drag was followed by an unformed
puff of smoke. The cigarette was nearly done, but there was still enough for
at least one or two more drags. Jenny raised a cigarette to her lips for what
she thought would be the last time ever. Just as she sucked in to her mouth
the largest amount of smoke so far, the door of the smoking area opened, and
the girl who had been staring at Jenny from the bar came through. Jenny
gasped in shock that she had been caught smoking, causing her to accidentally
inhale some of the smoke. At the same time she dropped the cigarette to the
ground much like a naughty schoolgirl behind the bike sheds being caught
smoking by a teacher.

Jenny held her breath, which meant she also held the smoke in her lungs for a
good few seconds. She didn't know what to do next, but she did know she
somehow had to exhale without choking. She decided to try and play it cool
and blew the smoke out slowly, thinking this might help avoid a coughing fit.
Jenny was surprised to find she was right; she never even felt like coughing.
She also discovered she was getting the most incredible head rush! So THIS is
what smoking felt like! She could feel the mentholated smoke coursing through
her body, the nicotine working its magic deep inside her brain.

Of course all of this happened in the few seconds it took for the door to
open and the girl to step through, but to Jenny it felt like a whole hour had
passed. The girl smiled at Jenny as she asked, "Mind if I join you?" Jenny
did not know what to say so simply shook her head `yes' and smiled weakly
back at the girl.

"Did I give you a fright when I came through the door?" the girl asked. "I
see you dropped your cigarette. Why don't you have one of mine to make up for
it?" she asked, taking a packet out of her bag. Jenny was now in a quandary;
she would like nothing better than to get the chance to know the girl, but
she didn't want to make a fool of herself as an obviously inexperienced,
novice smoker. The thing that made up her mind was that she noticed the
cigarette the girl was holding out to her was the same brand as Linda's; she
had managed to take a drag without coughing her guts up, and if she could do
that five or six times she might just about pass herself off as a smoker.
Linda reached out and took the cigarette.

"Thanks," she said, as the other girl first lit her own cigarette then leaned
over to offer a light to Jenny. Jenny put the cigarette in her mouth and
accepted the flame. She took a light puff and exhaled immediately.

"My name is Davina; what's yours?" asked the girl, taking a large puff of her

In her nervous state, Jenny's mind suddenly went blank. "Oh, erm, Jennifer,"
she responded, "but my friends call me Jenny."

"Hi, Jenny, pleased to meet you," Davina said, putting her cigarette in her
mouth and offering her hand to Jenny. Jenny had still only taken an initial
puff of her own cigarette and decided to emulate Davina. She put her
cigarette into her mouth, shook hands with Davina, and finished by taking
another light puff. This time she decided she would try another small inhale,
and did so with no ill effect. In fact, the buzz she had felt by accident a
few moments ago returned.

"So, do you come here often? Oh God, did I just say that? That's got to be
the worst chat up line EVER!" Davina said in mock horror. Jenny just laughed.
Her instinct had been correct, then; this girl WAS interested in her. This
was a very unusual situation for Jenny; it had been a while since anyone had
come on to her, and in every instance she had rebuffed the advance politely.
This time felt different somehow; in fact, it felt RIGHT. Another wave of
pleasure rippled through her, and she decided she was going to follow Linda's
advice and take a chance. To celebrate, she took as big a drag of her
cigarette as she dared and inhaled. She held the smoke for a couple of
seconds and exhaled as alluringly as she could. She was pleased to see Davina
stare admiringly at her.

"Has anyone ever told you how sexy you look when you smoke?" Davina asked.

Jenny decided that the best way forward was to tell the truth. "Would you
believe that before today, I had NEVER smoked? Well, apart from one puff a
few days ago."

"No way! You look so natural. Are you sure?"

Jenny giggled. "Yep. Never had the opportunity or inclination to before this
week, but I had a chance to try it and decided to give it a shot."

"And? What do you think so far?" Davina asked.

"Well, it's too early to tell, but I'm enjoying it so far," and as if to
demonstrate this, Jenny took her biggest puff yet, inhaled slowly and deeply,
and exhaled the smoke smoothly towards Davina. She had to admit that smoking
did seem to agree with her. She was enjoying the taste, the feeling and the
way that Davina was staring at her every time she raised the cigarette
towards her mouth. Davina watched the trail of smoke move towards her and
opened her mouth to catch some of it. This surprised Jenny.

"Why did you do that?" she asked, puzzled.

"I just wanted some part of you inside me," Davina said, exhaling a small
plume of Jenny's smoke. "I hope you don't find that too strange or full-on,
but I AM very attracted to you."

Jenny let that thought hang in the air and took another puff of her cigarette
as she considered this. It seemed smoking had other uses too; you could take
your time responding to new and unusual situations. Davina could see that
Jenny was flustered and decided to help her out.

"Listen, Jenny, I'm a pretty straightforward type of girl and I don't much go
for pussyfooting around; I like you, and I'm pretty sure I'd like to sleep
with you. Tonight, if that's okay with you. As for anything else, let's see
how it goes."

Jenny was shocked. No one had ever been this direct with her before. Without
realizing it, she double-pumped her cigarette and exhaled a long stream of
smoke. The head rush was unexpected and amazing - she had never felt anything
like it! She was starting to feel she could really get into this smoking

Davina took a final drag of her own cigarette and stubbed it out in the
ashtray. Jenny had still not responded to her last statements, and Davina was
starting to wonder if she had been a little too direct. Jenny, for her part,
was trying to take everything in. Someone had shown an interest in her,
someone she herself to be found devastatingly attractive, and she now had to
decide what the best response was. Should she rebuff the advance as she had
done every other time someone came on to her, or should she take a chance and
go for it? She took a final puff of her cigarette (which was becoming easier
by the minute) and crushed it out next to Davina's in the ashtray. She
exhaled, steeled herself and was just about to tell Davina her thoughts
when...the door to the smoking area swung open and Linda stormed through.

"You'll never guess..." she began, then noticed Jenny and Davina. "Oh, hi,"
Linda said, realizing she had obviously interrupted something, "I'm Linda,"
she continued, offering her hand to Davina. Davina politely shook her hand
and told Linda her name.

"Davina and I were just having a nice conversation," Jenny explained. "What's
your big news?" she asked Linda. "You looked like you were coming out here to
tell me something important."

"What? Oh yes, I was, wasn't I?" Linda regained her composure. "You'll never
guess what? One of the photo's I took of you just sold for a ton of money!
This should let us name our price tomorrow at our meeting in London!" Jenny's
face fell, not exactly the reaction Linda expected. "What's wrong? I thought
you would be excited."

Realizing her expression was all wrong, Jenny brightened up. "Oh, I am
excited! Sorry, I had something else on my mind for a moment," she said,
glancing at Davina. "Can we go back inside and have a chat?" she asked Linda.
"I could do with your advice."

"No problem," said Linda, "it was nice to meet you, Davina."

"You too, thanks," said Davina.

"Is this okay?" asked Jenny of Davina. "Perhaps I'll see you later?"

"I hope so too," said Davina with a wink, and the three women re-entered

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