Model Citizen, Part 5

(by kalithanatos, 20 July 2009)

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Model Citizen
by kalithanatos


Davina rejoined her group of friends as Jenny and Linda took to their seats.
Linda bought another bottle of champagne from the bartender as Jenny, still a
little bit giddy from all the recent events, started to share with Linda. "So
I'm standing outside, right, and Davina just appears," she began,
conveniently ignoring the bit about the cigarette, "and then she totally
comes on to me. I was in total shock - I mean, I've been chatted up before,
sure, but never like this." Jenny's words were coming out in a blur, and
Linda was amused at how excited Jenny was. She poured Jenny another glass of
champagne, which Jenny drunk in one gulp as she paused to take a breath.
Jenny continued, "I mean, all the boys that have asked me out in the past
have been so immature, not like Davina at all - she's much more sophisticated
somehow, like you. Oh Linda, what should I do?"

"Well, first things first; do you like this girl? I mean, I know you like
her, but do you LIKE her?"

"Oh Linda, I think I do! I've never felt a connection like it before; it's
like electricity shooting through my body whenever I think about her. I know
we've only spoken for a short while, but I really want to get to know her.
She's invited me back to her place tonight. What do you think? Should I go
for it?"

"Only you can decide that, Jen. It's your life. If you were asking me what I
would do in your situation, I would absolutely go for it. Why not? You only
live once. Speaking of new opportunities, I've still to talk to you about my
phone call earlier. After your photo sold, I then contacted the agency we're
going to see. I let them know and they're going to offer you the deal of a
lifetime; this really could be your big break. This firm is absolutely the
best, and they will see you right. If you're serious about modelling, these
guys will make sure you never get exploited and that you get the best
exposure you can. And the added bonus? I also stipulated that they have to
pay your University fees and make sure you get time to complete your studies,
and they agreed! Not many firms are that generous, but this one realises that
if they do right by you, you will do right by them. Really, it's too good an
opportunity to miss. What do you say?"

"Oh Linda, that's wonderful news! I'll drink to that!" said Jenny, raising
her glass again. Pausing for a second after she finished her drink, she said
quietly "Linda, I think I'm going to take a chance with Davina; you know, see
how it goes?"

"Good girl. Why not?" replied Linda. "If it feels like the right thing to do,
it probably is."

The two women continued to chat and drink for the next half-hour, Jenny
glancing over at Davina every few minutes, pleased whenever she caught her
eye and received a smile back. They had just about polished off the second
bottle of champagne when Davina reached into her purse, brought out her
cigarettes and lighter and mimed a smoking motion towards Jenny, guiding her
eyes towards the door. Jenny understood that this meant Davina wanted another
little chat with her, and felt the anticipation build again. She excused
herself from the table, telling Linda that she would let her know how the
chips fell as soon as possible, and moved towards the door. Davina was
already outside with a cigarette in her mouth as Jenny entered the smoking
area. Davina extended her hand toward Jenny who reached out as if to shake
it, and was somewhat shocked to find she holding another cigarette. She had
never considered that she would smoke again after the last one, but by now
she was quite a bit drunk and decided it might be considered impolite to turn
Davina's offer down, especially as she wanted to make an impression on her.
Davina lit her own cigarette and passed the lighter to Jenny, who fumbled
with it for a few seconds before figuring out how to make the flame work. She
lit her cigarette a little awkwardly and passed the lighter back to Davina.

"So," began Davina, "have you given any more thought to my proposition?"

Jenny took a full, proper drag on her cigarette, and again felt the amazing
head rush. She held the smoke deep in her lungs and said, "I have." She
exhaled slowly, and was pleased to see she had somehow taken control of the

"Well," Davina asked, almost pleading, "what's it to be? Would you like to
come back to my place tonight?"

Jenny took another big drag, held the smoke for as long as possible as she
made Davina wait. Then, in one motion, said, "I would love to," and suddenly
locked her lips with Davina's. Not knowing why, Jenny exhaled the smoke
straight into Davina's mouth. Davina gasped in shock, meaning Jenny's smoke
went straight down her windpipe. Recovering quickly, Davina passed the smoke
back into Jenny's mouth and immediately went to work with her pierced tongue,
kissing Jenny as hard as she could. Jenny had never been kissed like this
before, but within a few seconds her tongue was exploring Davina's mouth,
detecting the faint taste of menthol on Davina's breath as she experienced
her first true kiss.

It was several minutes before the girls broke their passionate embrace.
Nothing was said, the women instead choosing to lean back on the railing and
smoke the remainder of their cigarettes contentedly, before stubbing them out
in the ashtray near the door. Just as Jenny resumed her previous position,
the door opened and Linda breezed through. Approaching Jenny, she thought she
detected faint wisps of smoke coming from Jenny's mouth, but dismissed this
as simply due to the slight chill in the air.

"Hi guys, how's it going?" Linda asked. Again, there was a small, knowing
glance between the two girls before Jenny replied, "Fine," with a faint

"Good. Jenny, I have excellent news. I've just been on the phone with your
mother and explained the whole situation to her."

"Really? How did she take it?"

"Not very well at first, I'll admit," Linda said, lighting up a cigarette,
"but after I had listed the upsides to her and eased her mind about all the
drawbacks, she seemed to be okay. I can be very persuasive when I want to

"So, she's okay with me modelling?" Jenny asked, somewhat shocked. She had
expected more resistance from her mother.

"Actually, Jenny, your mother is more open to things than you might think.
She was quite the wild child when she was your age!" Linda said, taking
another draw from her menthol.

Jenny took a moment to think about this. In her whole life, Jenny had never
thought of any of her family to be `wild', especially her mother. She had
never even heard her curse out loud.

"What type of things?" she asked.

"That's a conversation for another day, I think. For now, I've got some
things to organize. Your flight is at 3 pm tomorrow - is that still okay with
you?" Linda asked, turning to put the remains of her cigarette in the ashtray
behind her.

"That's fine. Wow, things are happening really fast, aren't they?"

Davina, who had so far been silent in this whole conversation, decided to
chip in. "Leaving me so soon, hon?" she asked.

"No, no, of course not!" Jenny replied. "It's just that Linda has set up a
meeting with a modelling agency in London for me. I'll be back on Sunday."

"Oh, that's excellent news!" Davina proclaimed, not entirely making it clear
to Jenny if it was the news about the modelling or the fact that Jenny would
be back on Sunday that excited her more.

"Anyway, there's lots to do, so I really must be going if I'm going to get it
all done before tomorrow," Linda said.

"Surely you have time for one more smoke before you rush off?" Davina asked,
extending her pack towards Linda.

"Well, now that you mention it..." replied Linda, reaching for the proffered
cigarette with a wink. Davina then made a small motion to Jenny, as if to
offer her a cigarette also, but Jenny declined with an almost imperceptible
shake of her head, a move that did not go unnoticed by Linda. Jenny did not
want to admit she had been smoking to Linda for fear that Linda would go
straight to her mother and inform on her. Davina lit up both her own and
Linda's cigarettes and they both took deep, satisfying draws before exhaling
large plumes of smoke into the evening air. Jenny watched this in envy. She
had SO enjoyed her last cigarette that there was nothing else she wanted more
right now than to join in the smoky fun, but the fear of her parents finding
out was holding her back.

Suddenly, Linda dropped her cigarette right at Jenny's feet. "Oops,
butterfingers," she said, "Jenny, would you mind picking that up for me?" As
Jenny bent down to pick up the cigarette, she heard the distinct sound of a
lighter being ignited above her. Jenny looked up and saw Linda smoking a
fresh cigarette. "Why don't you finish that one, dear?" Linda asked politely.
She had noticed Jenny staring jealously at her smoking, and that, combined
with the way it looked like Davina had offered her a cigarette moments ago
and the faint smoke trail from Jenny's mouth when Linda came through the door
had alerted her to the fact that Jenny had indeed been smoking.

"Linda, you know I don't smoke," Jenny began, wishing that she could just
admit it.

"Jenny, it's okay, I won't tell your parents. Go ahead, pretend I'm not

Jenny looked at her quizzically, weighing up her options, before sheepishly
raising the cigarette to her mouth and taking a tentative puff.

"There, isn't that better?" Linda asked, smiling and taking a puff of her

"I guess it is!" Jenny replied, laughing as she took another, more confident

After the three women had finished their cigarettes, Linda left. She arranged
to pick Jenny up the following morning at her parent's house, promising not
to mention she had seen Jenny smoking.

Davina was amused by the situation, remembering how hard it was when she told
her parents that she smoked. She was grounded for a month, but kept sneaking
out to smoke with her friends. Eventually her parents relented and let Davina
smoke on the condition it was less than ten per day and never at school.
Within weeks, Davina had broken both of these rules and was now a committed
30 a day smoker. She was rarely seen without a cigarette, and told anyone who
would listen how much she loved to smoke. Over the years she had had a string
of lovers and two fairly long term relationships, but she would never date
anyone who did not share her passion for smoking, therefore she was delighted
when she had found Jenny outside Delmonicas that night having a cigarette.
She knew just by looking at Jenny that she was someone special - it really
was love (or lust) at first sight. When Jenny admitted that she had only
recently tried smoking, this only made Davina want her more; here was a
stunning looking young woman who she could corrupt in the best way she knew
how - by making her a lifelong smoker. Now it was the time to make her move.

"So, Jenny, I know what you're doing over the weekend, but what are your
plans for the rest of tonight?" she asked.

"I don't really know," Jenny replied, "do you have something in mind? Perhaps
we could stay here for a while? If you still want to hang around with me,
that is?" she asked, worried that Davina was somehow trying to make an excuse
to leave.

"We could do that," Davina said, "or we could go back to my place and I do
all the things to your body I've been fantasizing about since we met?"

Jenny was gobsmacked; no one had ever spoken to her this way before. What
should she do? She did not want to blow her chance with this vixen of a
woman, but was she really ready to sleep with a total stranger? It was so
against character for her. It felt so wrong...but at the same time, it felt so
right. After all, she was a grown woman; why shouldn't she take a chance? She
did not want to be a virgin forever, and at this moment, she felted she
wanted nothing more...except perhaps one thing.

"Can I have another cigarette first?" she asked with a smile.

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