Model Citizen, Part 6

(by kalithanatos, 20 July 2009)

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Model Citizen
by kalithanatos


Several hours later, Jenny had phoned home from Davina's flat to tell her
mother not to expect her back that night, cryptically asking for an extra
place to be set up for a `special friend' at the dining table on Sunday
before she hung up. By that time, Davina had lived up to her promise of a
night to remember and had already made Jenny orgasm multiple times. Jenny was
starting to strongly feel that she wanted Davina in her life for a long time,
and Davina seemed to feel the same way about her. Jenny intended to introduce
Davina to Amanda on Sunday evening at dinner, after her commitments in London
were over. 

Admitting to her mother she had a female lover actually felt like a minor
hassle compared to Jenny's other problem - she now had the feeling that it
was going to be difficult to be around someone who was smoking without
needing to have one herself, and Davina would definitely be smoking on
Sunday. Despite only having had a few cigarettes before going to Davina's
flat, Davina insisted that Jenny light up every time she did, which was
frequently. Jenny struggled with the pace of Davina's smoking, stating that
while she did enjoy smoking, she did not want to be committed to it like
Davina was - perhaps she could just be a social smoker? Davina did not like
the sound of that, however, and decided to show Jenny how much fun smoking
really could be.

After a few glasses of wine had been drunk (Jenny smoking one cigarette to
every three Davina was smoking at this point), Davina made her move. "Jenny,
I want you to lie back and light a cigarette." Jenny, not knowing where this
was going, played along. "Now, close your eyes and clear your mind. Good.
Now, put the cigarette in your mouth and start to breathe in the lovely,
thick smoke." Jenny did this and felt her skirt being unclasped. She gasped,
inhaling the smoke deep into her lungs. Davina then pulled Jenny's skirt and
tights below her knees in one fluid movement as Jenny exhaled, moaning in

"Jenny, do you trust me?" Davina asked. Jenny nodded. "Good. Now, whatever
happens next, I want you to listen to me and follow these instructions. Will
you do that for me?" Again, Jenny nodded, bursting with nervous anticipation.
"Jenny, I want you to keep smoking." Davina began. "I want you to inhale
deeply and I want you to hold the smoke in you lungs for as long as you can
before you exhale. I want you to repeat this until the cigarette is gone,
then I want you to light another one, and so on, until I let you know we're
done. Will you do that for me, Jenny?"

"Yes," Jenny said, "I'll do whatever you say."

"That's my girl," Davina said, flicking her tongue over Jenny's clitoris for
the first, but nowhere near the last, time that evening.

Thirty minutes later, Jenny had smoked seven cigarettes and had six orgasms.
She had never felt pleasure like it in her entire life. As she lay back on
the sofa, naked and clutching Davina to her heaving breasts, she relaxed and
contemplated what a day it had been. Before waking this morning, she had
never been drunk, never had sex, never smoked and never dreamed she could
become a model; now she seemed open to a whole host of possibilities, and the
world was her oyster. She had no idea how the future would turn out, but she
looked forward to finding out!

Thinking these pleasant thoughts, Jenny had drifted off to sleep in Davina's

The next morning, the two women awoke at 10 am. Jenny did not feel as bad as
she should have considering how much she had drunk the previous night, but
she did have a slight sore head. Her throat also felt a bit raw from all the
cigarettes she had smoked, but on the whole, she felt pretty good. It was
also the first time she had ever awoke cuddled up to a lover, and it gave her
butterflies in her stomach to think of the pleasure she had been made to feel
from Davina's practised hands and mouth only a short time ago.

"Morning, girlfriend," Davina said, bleary eyed, as she reached for her

"Morning!" said Jenny, cheerily, loving the way she had been called

Davina lit her cigarette then offered Jenny one. Jenny paused for a moment,
then refused. Her throat felt really scratchy and besides, she had already
decided she was not going to be anything other than a social smoker, if that.

"Suit yourself," said Davina, a little worried. If Jenny did not smoke,
Davina was not sure she could continue to see her. As shallow as that
sounded, it was one of Davina's rules. But she so wanted to continue to see
Jenny! Davina continued to puff frantically, nervous that things seemed to be
going wrong so quickly. Jenny continued to lie there oblivious as Davina
chained into a second cigarette immediately after finishing the first. She
smoked this at record pace too, and as this still did not satisfy her, she
decided to retrieve a packet of the full-flavour cigarettes she kept in the
nearby table. She did not usually smoke full-flavour as she preferred her
brand of menthols (which were lighter) but she was nervous and needed an
extra kick to calm her down. As she lit up, Jenny noticed a different smell
to the one she was becoming accustomed to.

"What are those?" she asked, noticing the cigarette Davina had an orange

"A different brand of cigarette. I sometimes smoke these instead of the
menthols." Davina explained.

"Do they taste different?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, these are a lot stronger than the menthols, and don't have the minty
taste in them."

Jenny contemplated this. She didn't realise cigarettes had different
flavours, or that some were stronger than others. Without knowing why, she
suddenly found herself reaching over to Davina's hand with the cigarette in
it, clasping her fingers around the filter and extracting it from Davina's
grasp. Davina was secretly pleased at this and surrendered the cigarette
willingly. Jenny raised the cigarette to her mouth and took a small drag
before passing it back to Davina. As she felt the smoke in her mouth, she
noticed a slightly raisin-like taste. She then inhaled and let the smoke
slide down her windpipe, where she held it for a second before exhaling
slowly. A second later she felt a head rush similar but much more powerful
than she had previously experienced with the menthols. 

"Wow," she proclaimed, "that was intense!"

"Did you like it?" Davina asked, hopefully.

"Yes, I did. That was really nice. I could get used to that feeling." Jenny
replied. She noticed the scratchy feeling in her throat had abated. She
wondered if the smoke was somehow clearing her throat. Davina continued to
smoke, encouraged by Jenny's words and feeling a lot calmer.

Jenny, one arm around Davina's waist, watched Davina smoke from her position
lying on Davina's exposed breasts. She loved watching the clouds of smoke
emit from Davina's luscious lips and was disappointed when the show was over.
Sensing that Jenny was enjoying the performance, Davina lit another
cigarette, her fourth in a row. Jenny was again enthralled, and this time
opened her mouth to try and catch some of Davina's exhaled smoke as it was
blown towards her. 

"Would you like another puff?" Davina asked. Jenny nodded her head eagerly
and Davina moved the cigarette towards her mouth. Jenny wrapped her lips
around the filter and took a long drag, inhaling it all and holding it for
several seconds in her lungs. She was surprised when she exhaled and only a
small amount of smoke came out; it was as if her lungs had absorbed most of
the smoke! She experienced another head rush, much more intense than before,
and decided she really enjoyed the feeling. She reached over to the pack of
full-flavour cigarettes, extracted one and put it in her mouth. Davina leaned
over, her own cigarette dangling from her lips, and lit Jenny up from the
tip. Jenny inhaled deeply, leaned back as the smoke was again absorbed into
her lungs, and exhaled. "These cigarettes really hit the spot," she thought.
"I think I may smoke full-flavour instead of menthols in future." Then she
caught herself; what was she thinking? She was actually contemplating
becoming a smoker; is this really what she wanted? She took another hit of
her cigarette and decided that maybe, yes, that is what she wanted. The
feelings she had every time she smoked was something she wanted to experience
on a regular basis, and if that meant becoming a smoker, that is something
she was prepared to do.

"Davina, I'm going to have to go soon. Linda will be picking me up from home
soon, and I need to get ready to go. Can I ask a favour though? Can I take
these cigarettes with me? They taste absolutely amazing and I want to smoke
when I'm down in London? Is that okay with you?"

"Absolutely," Davina said, thrilled at this turn of events. It sounded like
Jenny was going to continue smoking, and she had a plan to seal the deal.
"Jenny, why don't you light up another cigarette? I've got some matters to
attend to..." and with that, Davina moved her head south towards Jenny's most
private area.

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