Mom and Haley

(by Baka Yaro, 14 February 2005)

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Mom and Haley
by Baka Yaro

They arrived at the restaurant without a reservation, so the only available
seating was in the smoking section.  "A little smoke never hurt anyone" Kim
said to herself, as she sat down with her daughter in the booth next to the
window.  She came up with the idea of going out to eat at the last moment,
and didn't think there would be any trouble getting seated in the non smoking
section.  Kim had smoked, herself, up until two years ago.  Her daughter,
Haley, had been questioning her constantly about her smoking habit for weeks.
Kim decided to just quit smoking, instead of listening to the never ending
barrage of questions.  Kim's husband left her for another woman a year before
that and didn't feel like being harassed about smoking. 

Haley had been in her own little world for the past few minutes.  She had
been staring at a girl sitting a couple of tables over.  The unknown girl had
been chain smoking the entire time Kim and Haley had been seated at their
booth.  The girl at the other table noticed she was being watched, so she put
on a show for her new admirer.  She would suck on her cigarette for as long
as she could, then let the smoke slowly drift out of her mouth and inhale it
into her nose.  Right before all the smoke was inhaled, a dense ball of smoke
would appear and she'd breathe that into her mouth.  Haley was mesmerized by
this and wondered how she could possibly smoke that well, since she only
looked to be about sixteen or so.

"Whatcha looking at sweetie?" Kim asked her daughter.  She had noticed Haley
wasn't looking at the menu and wanted to know what the deal was.

Haley caught one last glimpse of the beautiful smoking girl and responded
"Oh, nothing mommy.  I was just thinking about something."

"Well, are you going to tell me or am I going to have to beat it out of you?"
Kim said.  That was what Kim always said when she knew something was on her
daughter's mind, and she was a little afraid to answer.  It always made Haley
laugh, and she answered in a quiet voice to her mother.

"Mommy, why did you quit smoking?"

Kim was a bit floored by this highly unexpected question, but held her
composure.  "I remember that you were always on me about my smoking.  Every
time you came to me it was another question about smoking.  I felt like I was
being attacked and I couldn't take it, so I quit."  They had always been very
honest to each other and Kim never sugar coated any of her answers.

Haley's eyes opened up about as big as they could, and her mouth dropped open
after her mother answered her.  "Oh my God mommy, that wasn't why I asked you
about smoking at all!"

Now Kim was confused.  What other reason could she have had for asking her
all about her smoking habit?  She asked when she started, if she liked it,
how much she smoked, if she'll ever quit, and every other possible question
she could think of.  "Sweetie, why did you ask me about my smoking then?

Just then the waiter came and asked for their order.  Haley felt a bit
relieved that she had a little time to think of the answer she was going to
give to her mother.  "Just how can I put this to someone who doesn't smoke
any more" she thought to herself.

After the waiter left, Kim asked Haley again.  "Why did you ask all of those
questions about my smoking, baby?  You can tell me anything, remember?"

Courage came to Haley at that moment and she told her mother.  "I wanted to
smoke just like you, mommy.  In school we were told that smoking is bad and
addictive and causes you to get sick all the time and die, but then I would
come home and see you smoking.  You didn't look like you were sick, you
looked like you had fun.  You looked like you were relaxed when you smoked.
Now I feel bad that you quit just because I was asking you things about it.
I wasn't doing it because I wanted you to quit, I was asking because I wanted
to do it just like you.  That girl over there smokes exactly the same way you
used to and she looks like she's having fun doing it too.  When you quit two
years ago it made me think that I wouldn't ever get a chance to smoke."

Kim suddenly felt so bad for her daughter.  She couldn't imagine that Haley
felt this way.  She turned to see the girl Haley was talking about and saw
what she was referring too.  She started with a deep hit, followed by a
sultry french inhale, and finished off with a massive snap inhale.  This girl
did smoke exactly like Kim did.  With what Haley told her, and the image of
that girl smoking the same way she used to, it made Kim feel very sorry for
her daughter.

Kim reached across the table and took Kim's hand in hers.  She smiled as she
looked into her daughter's eyes.  "After we eat, I was planning on taking you
to see a movie but I think we need to go home and talk."

Haley smiled back but didn't say anything.  She didn't know what to think of
her mom's last statement.  The food arrived, and they ate in silence.  Kim
paid the bill and they headed for home.  She made a quick stop at a
convenience store on the way, but had told Haley to stay in the car.

"Go change into your pj's and come back down here, ok?" Kim told Haley.

"I'll be right back mommy" was Haley's response.  She didn't know whether to
be happy or sad.  She did miss out on seeing a movie, but her mommy said they
needed to talk so it must be important.

When Haley gets back to the living room she notices a new ashtray on the
table, and a pack of mommy's cigarettes.  They're Newport 100's, just like
she smoked before.  Kim is sitting on the couch waiting for her daughter.
"Come sit by me sweetie."  Haley does just that.

"Care to watch me smoke?" Kim asks her daughter.

"I'd love to, mommy!" says Haley.  She can't hide her excitement.  

Kim unwraps the new pack and takes one out.  She puts the fresh cigarette
between her waiting lips.  The feel of the cigarette is so familiar and
inviting.  She clicks the lighter to life and brings the flame to the tip and
sucks gently at first.  As she pulls the flame away she sucks harder, for as
long as she can, to get as much smoke into her mouth as she needs.  As she
removes the cigarette from her lips, she parts them slightly as she inhales
through her nose.  She can see and feel the smoke as it makes its way up her
nostrils, and deep into her hungry lungs.  She then pushes her tongue towards
the front of her mouth to create a huge ball of smoke that escapes about an
inch from her lips, before it is sucked back in with an audible hiss.  "This
feels so fucking good, and I've been denying myself this pleasure for two
fucking years!" she thinks, as she finally exhales the massive hit.  She does
this over and over again, until there is no more cigarette to smoke.  As she
is reaching for a new one to light up, Kim remembers that Haley is sitting
right next to her, staring in amazement.

"Oh sweetie, I was lost in my own world and forgot you were there.  Did you
enjoy that?" Kim asks her nearly speechless daughter.

"Yes mommy I did" was all she could get out.  Mommy looked so happy and
relaxed as she smoked that cigarette.  It looked so fun.

"Come closer, my little girl, I'm going to do something else for you." Kim
says, as she turns to face Haley.  Another delicious cigarette is lit, and
the fun is about to begin for her daughter.  "Come closer and face directly
at me.  When I tell you to, you open your mouth and breath in, ok?  Hold the
smoke in your lungs as long as you can, ok?"

"Ok mommy, I'm ready" Haley says in anticipation of the moment she has been
longing for.

Kim starts off with a normal sized hit and inhales it shallowly.  She pulls
Haley open and awaiting mouth to within an inch of her own.  She nods to her
daughter, and Haley begins to inhale.  As she does, Kim exhales all of her
smoke into her little girl's mouth.  She greedily breathes in her mothers
smoke and holds her breath as long as she can.  As Haley exhales, barely a
trace of smoke can be seen.  

Now Kim takes one of her massive hits and repeats the process.  Again, Haley
holds the smoke in for as long as she can.  Her exhale is a little more
visible than the first.  "She's doing very well." Kim thinks to herself.

Since she took the massive hit as well as she did, Kim decides to do a triple
pump for her daughter.  Each hit she takes is more powerful than the last.
Again, Haley accepts her mother's smoke like a pro.  She is holding her
inhales for about 15 seconds.  This time her exhale was much more visible.  

"I can't believe how good this feels inside of me."  Haley tells her mother.
"I know the feeling." Kim says back.  Her daughter wants more smoke, so Kim
gives her what she wants.  She looks so happy.

For the final hit of this cigarette, Kim tells Haley to inhale just through
her nose.  She nods in agreement and leans closer to her mother.  Kim takes
the biggest hit yet, but doesn't inhale it.  Kim opens her mouth, and Haley
inhales the smoke through her nostrils. 

Haley is immediately impressed by how the smoke feels going up her nose.
It's stronger than all the other inhales she's done so far, but it is the
best feeling ever.  After holding for about 15 seconds she exhales a dense
stream of smoke from her mouth.  

As Kim is putting the cigarette out, Haley asks "Can we do it again?"  She
feels lightheaded but she wants more.

"We can do that as much as you want, or you can smoke your own from now on."
Kim tells her overly excited daughter. 

"Oh mommy, I want to smoke my own.  I really like when you blow it into my
nose too.  Can I do both?  How much can I smoke?  Do I get my own pack?"

Kim says to her daughter "There are some conditions that you need to agree
on, sweetie."    

"First, I'll let you smoke as much as you want, but you're going to have to
smoke at least one pack per day on school days and two packs a day on
weekends and holidays.  If you smoke more that's fine with me.  I'll get you
some nicotine patches to wear while you're at school so you can make it
through the day."  

"Second, if you want me to blow smoke into your mouth and nose, you're going
to have to do the same for me.  This is as exciting for me as it is for you.
I want to have fun too." 

"Third, I used to enjoy a cigar every now and then, and you will too.  Friday
night will be cigar night.  They're very strong at first but you'll get used
to them quickly.  If you want to smoke cigars throughout the week, that's
fine with me, but Friday is a must.  And each hit must be inhaled.  Cigars
are expensive and I don't want to see you just puffing on it." 

"Fourth, every hit you take on a cigarette, or a cigar, must be as big a hit
as you can do.  Always inhale as deep as you can, and always count to 10
before you exhale.  If you're going to smoke, then you need to smoke all the

"Finally, if you have a friend who smokes, you can bring them here to smoke
or smoke at their house, if their parents know and allow it.  You can't smoke
on the street or in public places because I don't want to get in trouble for
allowing my eight year old daughter to smoke.  Got it?"

The look that Haley gave her mother was one of deep admiration and love.  She
reached over and gave her the biggest hug she could.  "I love you so much
mommy!  I'm going to make you so proud of me.  I'll follow all of your rules.
I have to start right now, because I'll want to smoke a whole pack before I
go to sleep.  Is that ok, mommy?"

Kim hugged her daughter back.  "Of course it's ok, and I was already proud of
you, little girl.  You have made me so happy.  Can I light that for you?"

Haley put her new cigarette between her smiling lips and bent towards the
flaming lighter.  She sucked on it as long and hard as she could.  She pulled
it from her lips and inhaled deeply.  It felt so good.  While she held it in
her tiny lungs, she took a second, then a third massive hit.  After holding
her breath for as long as she could, she exhaled slowly and noticed how much
smoke she had inhaled.  Then she tried something she hadn't seen her mommy do
before.  She sealed her tiny lips around the cigarette and inhaled as she
sucked on it.  She could feel her lungs filling with more and more smoke
while she inhaled.  She exhaled a massive amount of smoke and thought to
herself, as her mommy looked on in complete amazement, "Not bad for a third

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