A Moment in Ecstasy

(by Seafox, 18 April 2000)

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   				A Moment in ecstasy

   Finally, Julie was alone.  The dinner party her mother had thrown
that night was extravagant.  Julie had waited all night for it to end.
Tonight was the night that Julie had decided to smoke her first cigarette.
She had been curious for years what her mother and all of her friends saw in
this supposedly digusting habit.  She had always backed down in apprehension
when her friends offered a cigarette to her.  The smell of their smoke,
however had always smelt wonderful, a spicy sweetness that had always left
her head swimming.  Tonight was the night.  The party had disbanded at around
midnight and her mother had passed out in her room, quite drunk.
   Technically, Julie had smoked before, but not from a cigarette.  One
year ago, on her 17th birthday, her best friend Katie was spending the night.
Katie had smoked since she was 13 years old, and now that she was 19 Julie
viewed Katie as a seasoned smoker.  That night had been very strange indeed.
Katie and Julie had gotten somewhat drunk off of the Irish Mist they had
stolen from the kitchen.  After a couple glasses of the sweet liquor, they
sat outside so Katie could smoke.  Julie remebered the night well.  The cool
humid south Texas air soothed the body and the soul.  After appreciating the
skyline from their 3rd story balcony vantage point in the lush area of
Houston's Woodlands, Katie languidly turned to Julie and asked, "Jule, how
come you don't smoke yet?  All of your friends do, and I don't even think
your mom would mind all that much."   Julie responded  "I don't know for
sure, I guess all that propaganda we got in school makes me a little nervous.
What brings this on?  Why did you start?"  Katie grinned mischievously,
"You want to know the truth?  The first cigarette I ever had was out of
curiosity.  Every one after that-.sexuality.  You see Jule, when I smoke
it's almost like I'm just inches away from an orgasm."  Katie took a slow,
sensual drag off her VS 100.  She opened her mouth slightly and I thick ball
of creamy white smoke lazily wafted up the delicate curves of her face.
Julie watched as Katie gently inhaled the thick white smoke.  Seconds later
Kate pursed her lips and blew a thick cloud of sweet smoke at Julie, bathing
her in white clouds.  Katie moaned softly as she moved her hand across her
breast.  Julie inhaled some of Katie's smoke and it seemed that if heaven
could smell like anything, it would smell like the sweet, cool smoke that had
just briefly touched her best friend's soul.  Katie smiled evilly and softly
she whispered "Come here Jule, I want to show you something."  Julie
noticed at this point that she was growing very excited and sat directly in
front of her friend.  Katie leaned forward as if to whisper in Julie's ear.
Instead, she delicately ran the tip of her tongue along the outside of
Julie's ear.  Julie trembled, and could feel her pussy growing moist with
anticipation.  As Katie pulled back, Julie could smell the scent of smoke and
fruit in Kate's hair.  A slight moan escaped from Julie's lips.  "Now I'm
going to let you see what it feels like when I smoke, Jule." Katie whispered
breathlessly.  Bringing the slender white cigarette to her pouty red lips,
Kate drew a huge mouthful of smoke.  As she slowly opened her mouth to show
Julie the perfect white ball inside, Julie's hand moved down to her skirt
where she began messaging her clit.  Katie inhaled the smoke about an inch in
her throat, savoring the flavor and the warm tingle in her throat and lungs.
She leaned forward again and pressed her lips firmly against Julie's and
slowly exhaled her smoke into her.  Julie tasted the smoke in her mouth and
inhaled as deep as she could until it felt like it would reach her toes.
Julie responded by plunging her soft sweet tongue into Kate's mouth, and
running her hand against Kate's well developed breasts.  After what seemed
like an eternity, Julie pulled away and breathed a huge cloud of smoke into
the still, cool night.  
   What happened after that kiss, Julie remembers with a smile and a
faint longing.  Anyway, Kate's family had moved to Georgia only a week and a
half later.  Enough of the past Julie thought to herself.  The present was
exciting enough.  Julie had stolen one of her mother's VS 100 menthols and
now had it and a little pink lighter in her hand.  Kate walked quietly up the
stairs, hoping to God they wouldn't creak; even though she knew her mother
was dead drunk and would never hear her.  She made her way through her
bedroom into her bathroom here she locked the door.  She closed the window so
that she could see all the smoke hang in the air.  She put the VS in her
mouth and sucked on it gently before lighting it.  She noticed a tingle on
her lips.  She sparked the Bic to life and slowly brought the flame to the
end of the cigarette.  She slowly drew in.  She took the cigarette out of her
mouth and saw a tiny wisp of smoke follow it out.  Admiring herself in the
mirror, Julie saw how sexy and mature it made her look and almost immediately
became wet.  Julie brought the cigarette back to her lips and drew again,
this time longer and harder.  She felt the mentholated smoke entering her
mouth and savored the taste.  Holding it in her mouth for a few seconds she
blew it back out and a small thick cloud hung in the air in front of her
face.  Slowly she began to message her pussy with her fingers.  She brought
the long, white cigarette to her lips again and took a full, deep drag, just
like she remembered Kate doing it.  This time she opened her mouth slightly
and in the mirror saw a cloud of soft white smoke appear in her mouth and
then slide back down into her lungs.  Julie had expected to cough but did not
and blew out a thick, impenetrable cloud of smoke in  the direction of the
mirror.  At the same time she felt waves of ecstasy course through her body
and stroked her wet, dripping pussy furiously as she brought herself to an
ear-popping orgasm.  She moaned loudly and took a deep drag of the VS,
inhaled and held it in her young lungs.  Then feeling herself about to climax
again, she began to exhale out her nose as she drew a quick double pump,
trying to suck the orgasm out of the cigarette, it seemed.  Smoke pouring out
of her nose and mouth, all she could taste or smell was mentholated smoke.
All she could feel was wave after wave of orgasms rocking her tender body.
She fondled her wet pussy until she couldn't move.  She chained smoked two
more cigarettes and laid down on the bathroom floor watching the smoke float
overhead.  Watching her one moment of ecstasy.

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