Mommy Said So, Part 3

(by anonymous26, 21 December 1999)

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     Thank you to all of you who have given me support, and encouraged me to 
finish.  I know this was a LONG time coming (sorry!), and I hope you enjoy 
the end.  The warnings from the previous chapters still apply.
     To the author of "Forcing Judy to Smoke," my apologies.  While your 
stories are not grammatically perfect, WHAT you say is a lot more important 
than how you say it.  Keep at it; I look forward to seeing more from you in 
the future.

Mommy Said So, part three

   Little Shannon took another pull on her cigarette, her mother looking on 
eagerly.  Her small young cheeks hollowed ever so slightly, the inhale 
coming much easier than she would have ever imagined.  Tears still ran down 
her face.
   Kara smiled her encouragement briefly, then quickly returned to her own 
private world of nicotine and masturbation.  She puffed hard and frequently, 
rubbing her clitoris vigorously.
   Shannon was sitting down at the table now, eyeing her mother fearfully as 
she took a few more small pulls.  Nicole took a deep pull as she watched her 
innocent little child breath in the smoke, Shannon's gentle exhales rising 
to mingle with her blonde curls.  She smiled brightly; nothing could make 
her happier than watching her little girl slowly become addicted to smoking. 
  She wanted to rub her pussy just thinking about it, but decided to wait 
until later.  For now, she would simply treasure this sight, locking it away 
in her memory.
   Shannon puffed nervously, wanting to get this over with.  The smoke didn't 
feel so funny inside her anymore, but she still wasn't sure she liked it.  
She thought her Mommy would be masturbating by now, like she usually did 
when she had to smoke. Instead, she just sat there, smoking her own 
cigarette and smiling.   Kara was masturbating, but she wasn't even paying 
attention.  She grunted a couple of times, though, and smoke came out of her 
mouth; Shannon's mommy stopped to look then. At least Mommy was happy, she 
thought.  She turned to watch Kara too.
   Kara was puffing like a mad woman now, plumes of smoke coming out of her 
nose as her fingers worked frantically.  She finally came, her black hair 
tossing about her face as her body shook with the force of her smoke-induced 
orgasm.  She called out loudly, hands gripping the table to steady herself.
Shannon watched Kara, giggling nervously at first, then laughing like she 
usually did when she saw someone masturbating.  She thought Kara looked 
pretty funny.  It was good to have something to laugh at.  Her mother seemed 
happy that she was laughing, and she smiled back at little Shannon.
Shannon brought the half-smoked cigarette to her mouth, puffing as hard as 
she could, trying to finish quickly.  It was a lot easier when Mommy wasn't 
so mad.  She just had to do it, and get it over with, if that was what Mommy 
wanted.  She inhaled the cancerous smoke into her tiny little lungs, and 
then breathed it back out.  It actually felt kind of good when she wasn't so 
scared, but she didn't want to tell her mommy that.
   Kara walked over, lighting another cigarette.  "Hey, Kiddo," she said 
through her exhale, "glad to see you smiling!"
   Shannon smiled back at her sister, but put the cigarette out after a few 
more pulls, and ran back into the living room to watch TV, smoke trailing 
behind her.
   Kara watched Shannon run, sympathetic, and turned to her mother.  She took 
a deep drag from her cigarette, feeling the smoke settle in her young lungs, 
and asked, "Why do you do that to her, Mom?"
   Nicole smiled, pulling her pants down and reaching for her pussy.  "Because 
she's just so damn hot, Kara."  She slipped a finger inside herself, an 
image of Shannon puffing on her cigarette locked in her mind.  She though 
about Shannon's lungs darkening with tar and the image made her even wetter. 
  "Now come here, dear, and help your mother get off."
   Kara rolled her eyes, then inhaled a deep drag.  She sat on her mother's 
lap and planted an open-mouthed kiss on her lips, blowing the smoke from her 
own tar-filled little lungs into her mother's.

   That night, Kara put Shannon to bed.  A cigarette was dangling from her 
lips as usual, her black hair a mess.   She puffed absently as she tucked in 
her little sister, smoke slowly wafting from her nose.
   "Alright, Kiddo, you all set?" Kara asked.
   "Can I have my stuffed bear?" Shannon replied, pointing to a small cluster 
of fur in the corner.
   "Sure," Kara smiled, smoke escaping from her mouth.  She retrieved the 
bear, then sat down beside Shannon's bed in the reading chair.  "There's one 
other thing you need to do tonight before you go to sleep, Shannon."
   "What's that?" Shannon asked, suddenly worried.  Kara could tell she knew 
what was coming.
   "Mommy wants you to smoke another cigarette, Hon."
   "NOOOoooo!" Shannon cried.  "I don't wanna!"
   Kara sighed.  "Look, Kiddo, you can complain all you want, but it's not 
going to change Mom's mind.  Why don't you just do it, and make it easy on 
yourself?"  She extracted a lighter from her pocket, and shook a cigarette 
free from her pack, offering it to Shannon.  "You didn't really think she 
was going to forget, did you?"
   The look on Shannon's face told her that was exactly what she had been 
hoping, but she didn't press the point.
   "Here, let me show you how to light these," Kara said, mumbling around the 
cigarette in her mouth.  Shannon glared at her.  "It's really kinda' cool 
when you get used to it.  Why do you think I smoke so much?  It just feels 
really fuckin' good.  I went through three and a half packs yesterday.  I 
think that's a lot for an eleven-year-old."
   Shannon continued to glare.  Kara shrugged.  "Alright.  I guess I'll just 
have to have Mommy come in here."
   "Wait!" Shannon exclaimed.  Kara turned around, eyebrow raised.  "Sis - 
don't leave.  I'll smoke if I have to."
   Kara smiled encouragingly, offering the cigarette again.  This time, 
Shannon took it from her.  Kara lit up her little sister, watching as the 
six-year-old blonde puffed gingerly on the cigarette in her mouth.
   "Oh, come on, you can do better than that," Kara mocked, taking a 
cheek-hollowing double-pump of nicotine-rich smoke to emphasize her point.  
She stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray she had brought in with her, 
then immediately began rummaging for another.
   Shannon blew out the small amount of smoke in her young lungs, then took 
the deepest pull she'd attempted yet, trying to imitate her sister.  Out in 
the hallway, Nicole smiled.
   "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Kara asked as she lit the cigarette 
dangling from her lips.  Shannon looked downcast, but shook her head no.  
"Well try this," she said, putting the fresh cigarette to her full young 
lips and pulling a large cloud of smoke into her mouth, then opening her 
lips slightly to allow the smoke to roll out.  She breathed in through her 
nose as the smoke rose to meet it.
   Shannon giggled.  "You look kinda' funny," she laughed.
   Kara smiled at her sister as she exhaled slowly.  "Yeah, maybe, but it's 
kinda' fun.  You should try it."
   Shannon put the cigarette to her mouth uncertainly, and pulled deeply to 
get enough smoke in her tiny young mouth.  Her first attempt at a French 
inhale didn't work very well, but she giggled and tried again.  By the end 
of the cigarette, she had a pretty good idea of what she was doing.  
Watching the poisonous smoke roll out of the tiny lips of her beautiful, 
innocent little blonde daughter, Nicole came hard.

   For the next several weeks, Shannon continued her two-cigarette-a-day pace. 
   She still complained whenever Nicole called her in for her morning 
cigarette, but she began to enjoy her smoking games with Kara.  Little by 
little, without even realizing it, Shannon was becoming used to smoking.  
Her mother smiled with glee as she noticed Shannon's significantly deeper 
inhales, and nearly came without touching herself when she saw little 
Shannon's blonde-framed face contort in a deep double-pump one morning 
without prompting.  She loved to watch the smoke roll out of her 
six-year-old little mouth.  Kara was delighted to make things easier for her 
sister, and continued teaching her new tricks at night.
   Shannon was a little scared when she woke up with the funny feeling.  She 
felt like she wanted something, but it was different than being hungry.  She 
got out of bed, still wearing her pink P.J.s and clutching her bear, and 
walked into the living room.  Kara and her mom were there, watching TV and 
smoking.  Her mom was masturbating, but that was no surprise.  As she 
watched the smoke rolling out of Kara's mouth, Shannon knew exactly what the 
funny feeling was.
   She started crying.
   Nicole stopped her groping, turning to Shannon.  Kara was already off the 
couch, cigarette dangling from her young lips.  "What's wrong, Shannon," 
Kara asked, smoke still spilling from her concerned face.  Her black hair 
messily hung in her face
   "What is it?"
   "I need a cig.. ar... rette!" she screamed.
   Kara's face became instantly sympathetic, while Nicole began stroking her 
clit even more vigorously than before.  "Why do you need a cigarette, 
Shannon?  Do you know?" she asked, breathing heavily around her cigarette.
   "Cuz' I'm addicted!"  the little girl screamed.  "I need nicotine!  I need 
   Images flashed through Nicole's mind, pictures of times sure to come.  
Images of little Shannon's face contorted with need, desperately begging her 
mother to give her a cigarette as they ate in restaurant. Images of sweet 
little Shannon playing hopscotch with other girls, and being the only one 
who had to stop early, too tired to continue without a dose of nicotine.  
Images of her tiny six-year-old daughter smoking one cigarette after another 
as she watched TV and colored in her coloring book.  Images of her innocent, 
curly-blonde-haired little girl waking up at two in the morning to cough up 
a lungful of tar, then smoking another cigarette before she went back to 
sleep.  She came instantly.
   Meanwhile, Kara handed her little sister a cigarette.  "Are you sure you 
need this?"
   Shannon nodded, her gentle eyes still teary.
   Kara smiled sadly, then lit her up.  Shannon pulled hard on the now-familiar 
cigarette, drawing the poisonous smoke into her little body over and over 
until the cravings subsided.
   "There you go, then, Sis," Kara smiled.  "Welcome to the family."

   The next day, six-year-old Shannon woke up, her curly blonde hair still 
smelling like smoke.  She had smoked ten cigarettes the day before, and had 
finally decided that maybe it wasn't so bad after all.  Just like yesterday, 
she woke up with a funny feeling, only it was maybe just a little stronger.  
Still tucked in under her covers, she reached over to her nightstand and 
grabbed the pack of cigarettes and lighter her Mommy had given her last 
night.  Putting one in her mouth, she lit it, and inhaled a deep drag into 
her young body, taking the edge off her cravings.  She lay in bed for quite 
a while, her stuffed bear in one arm and her cigarette in the other, puffing 
slowly and exhaling toward the ceiling.  When she finished it, she looked at 
the pack and decided to smoke another before she got up.  After all, she was 
supposed to smoke as much as she could today.  Her mommy said so.

The End

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