Monica, Part 1

(by, 10 August 1995)

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Subject: Monica's Story 1 of 3 (long)
Date: 10 Aug 1995 19:55:27 -0400
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The following is a story about a mother and her 18 year old (legal smoking
age!) daughter. This is part 1 of 3:

At 35, Monica DuBois still retained much of the enthusiasms and spirit
that had marked her youth, albeit tell tale furrows sculptured her brow
and cheeks belaying a life of struggle and unfulfilled dreams. Sitting at
the breakfast nook, pensively lighting up a Virginia Slims120, and
watching her daughter Becky and Becky's overnight guest Sheila, Monica
reflected back to a time some 18 years ago when she was Becky's age, and
to the conflicts which erupted between her mother and she which ultimately
shaped her life.

At 15, Monica had begun to discover the deep joy and satisfaction of
smoking, only to have that pleasure somehow transformed into a point of
anxiety, stress and contention by her mother. Reflecting back, Monica
wonders if her marriage to Steve, at age 17 was simply a means to escape
her mother's dominance and assert her independence. This detour ruined her
chance at becoming a high profile fashion model and of all the hopes and
dreams she had once envisioned for herself.

What ever the past, Monica was determined not to repeat the same mistakes,
and give Becky, a once promising young model in her own right, all of the
love and support a young, maturing woman requires. Sheila, Becky's friend,
was much younger then Becky and had already completed several major
modeling assignments, some with a high profile women's magazine and
several with a leading tobacco company. Sheila's mom, Brenda, had just
entered the foyer and called for Sheila to grab her overnight bags. Sheila
called back "..just a minute mom" as she crushed out her Marlboro 100 on
her way to pick up her bags. Sheila's mom sat down briefly and exclaimed
that her Sheila was becoming "quite a young lady".

I politely acknowledged but at the same time realized that things between
Becky and I were not going so smoothly. I launched into a tirade
exclaiming "Becky doesn't seem to get the "little girl" modeling
assignments anymore and that if she wants a career, she had better start
thinking Glamour and Cosmo. And, it seems Becky, continually berates me
for smoking, based on half baked lies she picked up in health class or
from "politically correct" media brainwashing on TV, causing friction
almost every time I light up. And, although most of her friends are
smokers, Becky seems to hold a "different" standard for me!". Brenda
nodded sympathetically but deep down inside I knew she realized that her
Sheila was on the fast track and that Becky's brief modeling opportunities
posing as a cute, fresh 13 year old were over.

One night it all came to a head when Becky made her umpteenth billionth
snide remark as I lit up, that I exploded. I told Becky that I would quit
smoking altogether if she would just try it for one week so she would at
least understand what smoking was all about. In a moment of haste, Becky
agreed to the deal and exclaimed how much she was looking forward to a
"smoke free" environment. That night, after I had had a chance to calm down
and consider our little wager, I decided to offer Becky a chance to
renege on the bet. Becky's response was "no way mom". It was then that I took
the challenge seriously and decided that her first smoking lesson should
begin now. I picked up my pack of VS120's from the coffee table, lit one up
for me and then shook one loose for her. With a surprised but defiant look
on her face, she took the cigarette and proceeded to take her
first drag.... (END OF PART 1 of 3)

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