Mrs. Lewis Offers a Smoke

(by anonymous, 28 April 2002)

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Mrs. Lewis Offers A Smoke

Based on a true story

This bizarre story started the year that Tyler was in grade 10.  It was mid
October and his best friend Mike Lewis had asked Tyler to do something.  The
night before Mike had a party at his house, and he wanted Tyler to come over
and help him clean up.  Tyler left his house, with his smokes in the front
pouch of his bag as usual, and had one on the way over to Mike's which was
only about a ten minute walk away from his house.

When Tyler  got there he put his bag inside because he was going to help Mike
wash his mom's car.  For some reason he positioned his bag inside so that his
smokes could just barely be seen.  Tyler had a fascination with hoping Mrs.
Lewis would find out he smoked.  Mrs. Lewis was Mike's mom.  She was one of
those moms that  was so understanding probably because she knew what they
were going through at that age because she was only 35, 20 years older than
them.  If Tyler ever needed a place to stay he was more than welcome to stay
at Mike's house because earlier that year Mr. and Mrs. Lewis got a divorce.

>From that October on, Tyler always tried to get a chance to watch Mrs. Lewis 
smoke her Players Extra Light king size.  He new the brand because there had
been so many times when she would just leave them lying around and go out,
and Mike would say it was okay if Tyler took one and had it.  He also knew
because there had been so many times when he had watched her smoke them, and
wish that one day he would smoke with her, and possibly even kiss he smoky

During the summer Tyler would let Mike borrow his older brothers nintendo
controllers because Mike had broke his.  The one night that Tyler didn't ask,
his brother said

" Tyler, where are my controllers?  I need them tomorrow, so where ever they
are get them back." And with that Tyler was calling up to his mom saying

"Be back in a few hours, going to Mike's."

When Tyler arrived, Mrs. Lewis answered the door, and invited him in.  She
told him that Mike had gone to stay the night at his dad's place and wouldn't
be back until tomorrow morning.  She asked him what he needed.

"I have to pick up my brother's controllers, that's all"

"Oh, okay, well would you like to come upstairs Tyler, and have a drink of
something, you look awfully hot".

Tyler agreed, and followed her up the stairs into the kitchen where she
poured him a glass of ice tea.  She went to her purse and pulled out her
cigarette's and lighter.  As she lit one up, she said.

"Oh Tyler, would you like one?"

This was the moment he had been waiting for since October for.

"I don't smoke Mrs. Lewis"

"Come on Tyler, I've seen your smokes in your bag, and your bag isn't here,
so would you like one?"

Smiling back at her he accepted.  He sat down next to her on the couch and
through his shorts you could see his little friend emerging.  For some
reason, Tyler leaned over and kissed Mrs. Lewis.  With in 2 seconds Tyler
moved away, and apologized.  Mrs. Lewis grabbed him by the hand, pulled him
over and started to kiss him madly while one hand was holding her cigarette
and the other was going up Tyler's shorts. A few moments later, she stopped
and said

" Have you ever done anything below the belt with a real woman?"

Tyler said no.

"Well do you want to have some fun with me because I think you enjoy watching
me smoke, so maybe you will enjoy some other things with me."

Tyler was thrilled and with that she let him to the bedroom.

When they got there, she ripped down his shorts and begun to give him his
first smoking blowjob.  She then moved up his body with her tong, and with a
massive drag of her smoke, kissed Tyler sharing the smoke in her lungs with
the young virgin.  She then pulled her pants down and said,

"I hope you don't mind, but you have gotten me so hot and flustered that I
want your long, luscious dick in my vagina now."

"I can't," he said nervously, " I don't have a condom"

"You don't need one, my tubes are tided, so you can blow you white creamy cum
in my warm soft vagina," and with that she laid down, directed Tyler's dick
into her vagina and they began having sex.  At the end, they both shared a
smoke, and got dressed.  Before leaving Tyler asked for her not to say
anything about this to anyone.  She smiled and agreed.  And just as Tyler was
leaving she asked him if he wanted a ride because it was so late.  He said
sure and on the way home, she said

"I have to stop at the store to get smokes, do you want some?"


When she came back to the car he asked her how much he owes her, and she said

"Nothing, just that every time you want sex, you come to me, and that we have
it one more time tonight," and with that, she pulled over in a parking lot,
lit a smoke with her car lighter, climbed on top of him, and rode him until
he came all in her.

To this day Mike still doesn't know anything, and every time he has football
practice, or Tyler sleeps over, Mrs. Lewis has a pack of Players Extra Light
king size, and an appetite for sex ready for him.  As far as I know, Tyler
and Mike are now in there 20's, still good friends, and Tyler is now dating
his mom with out him knowing.

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