My First Cigarette

(by, 05 September 1995)

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From: (DeepDrag)
Subject: STORY>  My First Cigarette
Date: 5 Sep 1995 00:34:26 -0400
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When I was 14, I worked in a small luncheonette located at a shopping
center a few miles from my home.  My job was to bus tables, do dishes,
clean floors; all the dirty work.  The owner and cook was a mean little
greek guy named Gene, who paid me the enormous sum of $1.15 an hour.  The
year was 1974.

Faye was the waitress at the luncheonette.  She was in her late 30's and
recently divorced from her husband.  A fairly attractive woman about 5'5"
tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes.  She looked more like a
librarian than a waitress.  Faye was a nice lady, although she often seem
harried by the demands of her job.

Occasionally, Faye would give me a ride home in her little Chevy Vega when
I needed a ride or when the weather was bad.  One day in late October, it
was cold and rainy and Faye said she would give me a ride home if I needed
one.  My Mom couldn't pick me up that night, so I said "Yes, I could use a
ride home tonight".

We left a little after 6 PM and it was already starting to get dark.  I
remember how cold and bitter it was that night.  It was raining lightly
but the wind was blowing hard enough to send the dampness right down to
your bones.  We got in Faye's Vega and started for home.

We got on Interstate 287 and headed south.  We barely went a half a mile
when suddenly all traffic came to halt.  Apparently, there must have been
an accident somewhere up the road.  We were at a dead stop.  After about
10 minutes, it was obvious that we weren't going anywhere for quite some
Other drivers began shutting off their engines and turning off their
Faye did likewise.  With the motor off, it was eerily silent, except for
the soft patter of the rain on the windshield.  We both mumbled something
about how "great" this was.

Faye reached over and pushed the cigarette lighter in the dash.  That's
odd, I thought, why did she do that?  As far as I knew, Faye didn't smoke.
 Faye then grabbed her purse and started digging around in it.  This
seemed a bit perplexing to me.

Faye pulled out an open package on Kool Menthol 100's.  I thought to
myself, "My God, Faye is going to smoke a cigarette".  She opened the pack
and pinched one of her cigarettes with her long fingernails in order to
get it out.  She quickly flipped the cigarette into position between her
long slender fingers.  Yes, she was indeed going to smoke!!!

Faye turned to me and said, "Hope you don't mind, Doug... I usually wait
'til I get home, but ...". Her voice trailed off.  I said, " Uhhh, no, its

She put the brown filter between her lips and let the cigarette dangle to
one side.  The she reached over and pulled the lighter from the dash.  She
quickly moved the lighter up in front of her face, while tighting her lips
to point the cigarette into the lighter.  Slowly, she inserted the end of
her long Kool 100 into the lighter and she started to puff anxiously with
her cheeks.

Nothing seemed to be happening, at least to me. Faye puffed harded and
harder, but her cigarette wouldn't light.  "Ohhh.. this lighter and this
car..." she complained out loud.  She let out a long breath and put the
lighter back in the dash.  This time she held the lighter in with her
finger while her unlit cigarette drooped from her lips.  She seemed
impatient, so I didn't say anything.

Faye pulled the lighter out again and I could see a dim red glow inside
the lighter.  Once again she inserted her cigarette into the lighter and
began to puff furiously on the filter.  This time, whisps of smoke started
coming out of Faye's lips.  Faye chuffed out a heavy ball of thick smoke
without inhaling as she took her cigarette out of the lighter.  She leaned
over to put the lighter back in the dash. Curls of smoke gently drifted
off the end of her cigarette as it hung from her lips.  I was stunned. 
Faye never looked like a smoker, yet here she was with a lit cigarette in
her mouth.  The contrast was shocking.

Faye sat back in her seat and started to puff on her cigarette.  Her
cigarette jumped up at an angle as the tip glowed red hot.  I could see
Faye looking down the length of her cigarette, her face awash in a soft
glow from the burning end.  She raised her hand with two fingers spread
apart and then she placed her fingers around her cigarette.  A large curl
of smoke left the end of
her cigarette as she slid the filter out of her lips.  Faye opened her
mouth and inhaled deeply.  It was so quiet in the car, that I heard a soft
"hhaaa" sound as Faye was inhaling.  She pursed her lips and blew a long
stream of smoke into the windshield with a whoosh.  Faye murmured a soft
"aahhh".  She put her cigarette back in her lips, took an even longer drag
and exhaled another
cloud into the windshield.  She looked like she was having a scrumptious
desert and I was just astonished.  I never saw a woman enjoy a cigarette
like that before.  I began to smell the sweet heavy aroma of her smoke as
the cloud she exhaled drifted toward me.

Faye held her smoldering Kool 100 in between two long extended fingers in
her right hand.  I was still watching her intently as she wet her lips
with the tip of her tongue.  She quickly glanced at me and then back to
her cigarette, which she was moving up to her moistened lips.  Faye paused
to reposition her fingers higher on the cigarette.  She pursed her lips
and slid almost the entire
filter into her lips.  She then slid the filter out of her lips and back
in again.  Faye spread her fingers apart as she started a long drag.  Her
eyes grew bigger as she watched the tip of her cigarette glow even
brighter than before.   I could see the tip getting longer as the
cigarette burned away. Her cheeks collapsed inward as she filled her mouth
with smoke.  Faye put her fingers back around the cigarette and removed it
from her lips.  She opened her mouth wide and I could see a thick ball of
smoke on her tongue, which quickly vanished as she pulled the smoke deeply
into her lungs.  Again, I heard her inhale as her chest inflated.

Suddenly, she turned to get something from the rear seat.   She reached
over the rear seat to look for something.  When I turned to look with her,
I noticed her lips beginning to purse up.  Before I could say a word, she
began to exhale and her smoke rolled toward me.  She fully released a
large cloud of smoke and I gasped.  I was engulfed in her smoke.  The
smell was thick and sweet.  I breathed in to see what it was like to
inhale, but I didn't really feel anything.  I
really didn't know what the big deal with smoking was.  Little did I know,
since I never smoked before, but I had been thinking of trying it for a

Faye saw what she did and exclaimed, "Oh no, I'm sorry about that.  I know
how gross it is when you don't smoke".  I said "That's OK, it wasn't that
bad... actually it smells kinda good".   "Good ??", Faye asked.  "You
don't smoke, do you Doug?".  "No, I've never tried it", I said.  "Well
good, don't ever start" said Faye.

Faye sheepishly took another drag and was obviously trying to be careful
with it.  She flicked her ash off and blew a long stream down to the
floor.  I noticed the end of her cigarette was quite large, about half an
inch long.  She saw me looking and switched her cigarette to her other
hand, away from me.

She started to bring her Kool to her lips when I interrupted with "What is
it like to smoke, Faye?".  She paused and looked over at me, puzzled.  Her
eyes looked a little bleary as she held her cigarette in front of her
face.  She moved her cigarette to the side to speak.  "I don't know, I
guess I just like it.  Its just good."  Not satisfied with that I asked
"Well, what's good about it?"  Faye sighed and said "Well, I don't know
really.  I guess you just have to be a smoker to understand it."  She
hesitated and then said "You've never even tried a cigarette, huh?".  
"Nope", I said, "Thought about  though".

Faye looked at her cigarette and so did I.  Then Faye looked at me and
said "Listen, you want to know what its like to smoke... Watch closely, OK
?"  "OK", I said, not knowing what to expect.  Was she going to give me a

"Here, move closer", she said, as she shifted toward me.  I leaned in her
direction.  "Now, keep your face close to mine... Don't worry I won't burn
you, OK?", she said.   "Uuuhh, OK", I said.

Our heads were only about six inches apart, sort of cheek-to-cheek.  Faye
brought her cigarette in front of her faced and stopped.  The entire
filter was protuding through the back of her fingers.  "You start like
this", she said licking her lips again.  "Watch", she said.

Faye put her lips on the filter and let go with her fingers as she started
to drag.  Again her cigarette pointed up and glowed brightly.  Her fingers
were spread apart wide but still by the cigarette in her mouth.  I could
hear her cigarette crackling as it burned.  Her lips were puckered up over
just about all of the filter.  She seemed to drag forever before sliding
the cigarette out of
her mouth.  She turned toward me and opened her mouth wide.  It was
entirely filled with thick smoke, which she inhaled swiftly and deeply.

"Now I hold it in for a moment", she said as she held her breath. "Then, I
blow out".  She smiled wryly and then exhaled right into my face.  I
thought she was going to do that, so I opened my mouth and started to
breath in.  This time I felt a little something.  I turned my head, and
much too my suprise, a faint whisper of smoke left my lips.  Faye squeeled
and said "Oh, my God... I don't believe it".   All I said was "Hey, that's

Faye laughed and asked "would you like to try a REAL puff... on MY
cigarette??".  I couldn't believe she actually offerred me a puff, but I
said "Uhh, sure.. I'll try it..".  Faye flicked the ash off the end of her
cigarette.  It was almost half gone by now.  Then she stopped and said,
"Don't you ever tell anyone I did this.. especially your folks.. OK?"  I
nodded as I waited nervously for her to give me her cigarette.

Faye didn't hand me her cigarette like I expected.  Instead, she held it
in her fingers and pointed the filter end toward me.  "Wait a minute", she
said "Let me get another puff first".  She pulled the cigarette back and
dragged on it heavily again.  Then she pointed the filter back to me with
her long fingers while she exhaled upward into the ceiling of the car.

As I moved closer to her cigarette, I noticed that smoke was coming out of
the filter from Faye's last drag.  The filter looked wet from Faye's lips.
 I trembled a little as I parted my lips, and hesitated, looking at the
wet, smoky filter in Faye's fingers.  Faye saw me pause and pushed the
filter into my mouth.  I remember the how strange it felt.  It was not
only sticky and moist, but it was warm too, almost hot.

Faye said, "Go ahead and suck hard now, Doug", and I did.  The feeling on
my tongue was electric.  It was cool and hot at the same time.  Faye
pulled her Kool 100 from my lips and said "Now, open your mouth and
breathe in".  The sensation was overwhelming as I inhaled.  It was like
breathing when it was 30 degress below zero.  I felt a thick feeling in my
chest that was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Suprisingly, I
didn't cough.  Faye seemed suprised as well and said "OK, now just blow
out".  I felt funny watching a cloud of smoke coming out of my lips, like
I shouldn't being doing this.  And then, I got this tremendous head rush. 
All I could think was "wow, this is great."

"So, how was that?", Faye asked, looking at me intently.  I replied
"That's great, I can't believe it."  Faye laughed nervously and said
"Well, its not that good and its not good for you.  So now that you know
what's its like, don't start because its really hard to stop once your
hooked on these things, OK?"  "Yeah, OK". I said.

Then Faye sat back in her seat and took another long drag.  She tilted her
head back and blew out a large plume of smoke.  She didn't seem harried
anymore, in fact, she appeared to be quite satisfied and content.  After
some silence, I blurted "Ya know, you really seem to like it and I think I
like it too".  Faye said, "Well I do like it but I'm also hooked on these
cigarettes".  Faye
was about to puff again when I said  "Let me try it again, Faye".  She
stopped before taking a puff and "Oh, Doug,really...  well... alright". 
She took a hard drag as she moved closer to me again.

She pointed the cigarette toward me and again their was smoke drifting
from the filter.  It really looked cool.  Faye exhaled her drag out of the
side of her mouth and missing me as I put my lips on her cigarette. Faye
was watching as I looked down at the cigarette and puffed.  The end lit up
but it wasn't as bright as when Faye did it.  It felt just as good when I
inhaled and this time I exhaled at Faye.  She seemed suprised but it
didn't bother her and, actually, I had not exhaled that much.  I got that
dizzy feeling in my head again, which I was beginning to enjoy.  I
wondered if Faye got this feeling every time she puffed.

Faye took a quick little puff and exhaled as she stubbed out her cigarette
in the ashtray.  She took and deep breath and looking at me, asked
"Satisfied now?".  "What?", I said, not knowing what she meant.  "Are you
satified now that you've tried smoking?".  I nodded and said "Uh-huh".

The car was filled with smoke since all the windows were rolled up.  Faye
started talking about why I shouldn't smoke and basically gave me a
lecture.  At the age of 14, I got enough lectures from my parents.  I
didn't say much.  We sat in silence for quite a while waiting for the
traffic to clear.

Faye pushed the lighter again and slid another Kool 100 into her lips. 
She looked over at me coyly at she was lighting up.  This time she had no
trouble getting it lit.  She knew I was watching her as she took a long
hard drag and inhaled, so I looked away to avoid staring too much.
Suddenly a huge cloud of smoke is right in my face.  I looked over and
Faye said "Want to puff away again?"...  I said, "Yeah"... and then Faye
said "Well, I want this one all for myself, so how about I light one for

Faye took out another Kool 100 and put in between her lips.  She used her
lit cigarette and started to puff on the one she was lighting for me.  She
had it lit, but before giving it to me, she wet her lips and dragged hard
on it...  Handing it over to me, she said "There's now its burning good...
Enjoy it".

And I had my very first cigarette that night with Faye sitting in her car
on Interstate 287.

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