My First Smokey Encounter

(by rjmrjm, 28 November 2004)

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My First Smokey Encounter
She had been sitting opposite from me for a few hours now.  I must have
stared at her for half an hour, she hadn't noticed yet.  But she was
beautiful, she had vibrant red hair, curly and rich.  It shone around
her smooth rosy cheeks as it fell to her shoulders.  Her nose was
sprinkled with light freckles that gave her a childish, playful look
while her lips were those wonderful red full ones that just beg you to
touch them with yours, a mouth that asked to be filled with something.
They naturally fell into a very sultry pout which she seemed to wear all
evening as she lay languidly on the couch that occupied one side of the
bedroom.  She was quite short, she looked almost like a doll, but a
perfect doll - hourglass figure, full breasts that pulled tightly on her
top and full hips that filled out her torn jeans. 
I hadn't really said much to her apart from the usual pleasantries that
one is obliged to make in company.  I, of course, had been more
interested in the divine presence that the carpet had in the room - and
the location of the joint that was being passed around the group.  While
my mind was starting to come down from its flight my body was hurrying
in its own direction, I could feel the last beer catching up on me I
really needed the bathroom.  I left the room without a word, as soon as
I stepped out of the hazy bedroom into the fresh air I stopped feeling
so stoned.  I tried the bathroom door, it was locked. I kicked it. An
angry muffled voice called from the inside. 'Use the fucking one down
stairs, dickhead!'
I wandered down the stairs into the deserted ground floor, all the
lights were off and I groped around in the dark for a while trying to
find the downstairs toilet.  I got in there are gladly relieved myself,
I'm pretty sure I sighed.  I stood there for a few moments and wrapped
my arms around myself - I'd left my top upstairs - I don't remember why
I took it off. I began thinking how cold I was when a short scream made
me turn around.  It was her.
I can't remember what I blurted out at the moment, I'm sure it was
probably something stupid.  We stood there, needlessly apologising over
and over again, we both began to blush, gradually our frantic words
slowed into silence we stood there looking at each other.  I felt a
chill and looked down; my cock was still hanging out of my pants.  I was
choking with embarrassment but I thought it pointless to apologise again
so I just looked away from her and tried my best to tuck myself in,
avoiding her eyes.  I couldn't believe I was stupid enough not to lock
the door, just was I was cursing myself I felt a cold hand grip mine and
pull it forcefully away from my zipper.  Her other hand slid across and
reached into my pants, she gently pulled my hardening cock out.  She had
a good grip on me and I knew she could feel me trembling half with cold,
half with excitement.  I looked at her, she was on her knees in front of
me, she looked up and told me to relax.  Then she began to massage my
dick, she loosened her grip and began to run her fingers underneath my
cock, teasing me.  Then she began to play her fingers around my
bell-end, she traced a circle with one finger around the rim of my head
while making gentle sighs and 'ahhs' under her breath.  I undid my pants
and let them fall, giving her more space to play with.  She opened her
mouth and placed the tip of her tounge on the top of my penis then she
licked right underneath me until my warm balls were being gently licked
and tickled by her tongue actually in her mouth!  I was in agony with
joy.  I noticed now that she too had undone her pants and was, I
presume, pleasuring herself with her other hand.  I placed a hand on the
cold tiled wall to support myself and guided her head with my other hand
back towards my dick  She then proceeded to give me one of the best
blowjobs I'd ever had.  She was experienced, no doubt, and she knew how
to please. She finished me off and I collapsed back onto the toilet.
She though, was still going, rubbing herself hard, almost violently.
Fondling her breasts and licking her fingers as they explored her
beautiful lips. Her lips were glistening and luscious, begging for
something to make them complete.  Her jeans were halfway down her legs
when she began to squeam and cry on the floor with pleasure.  She still
hadn't taken her knickers off and I could clearly see a wet stain
forming as she climaxed.  She lay there breathless for a moment, eyes
closed, she looked like a sleeping beauty.  She gasped a few last gasps
of pleasure before she opened her eyes and looked at me.
'Uhh.' she said 'Pass me one of those.'
I looked to where she pointed and I almost fainted, it was a packet of
cigarettes that had fallen out of her pocket as she had masturbated.  I
eagerly opened the box to find that there were only three cigarettes
left.  I hadn't seen her smoke all night so I was quite surprised.
     'Uh, I didn't know you smoked' I said, trying as hell to sound casual -
and failing.
'You don't have a problem with it? Do you?'  She said accusingly as she
took the cigarette between her fingers and placed it in her mouth.  That
image.  Her pouting lips closed around the filter, her hair slightly
messed up, her chest rising and falling from sheer physical exertion,
her eyes closed and the lighter flame dancing around the tobacco in the
cigarette - will stay with me forever. 
'No, not at all.  I mean, I'
     Hell, was I exited and my cock new it, it had suddenly
jumped back to life - she looked at my face and blew some smoke towards
me before she glanced at my full mast.  She almost coughed on the smoke
she had in her lungs.
'Jesus, you're a quick one.' she exhaled while she said this.  I'm sure
I grew another inch at that.
'I thought I'd have to wait hours again' she said, smiling with
 She placed the cigarette between her lips, letting it dangle while she
undid her shirt, revealing her beautiful breasts, round and full.  She
was fully naked now and I couldn't resist feeling pangs of awe at her
prefect form.  Her slender legs, full hips pushing her glistening fanny
into prominence leading up to a great chest that rose and fell as she
quickly took streams of smoke down into her lungs and out again.  She
was rushing the cigarette, her lips were locked around it like a vice, I
told her to slow down and take her time.  'But I want to fuck you' she
said abruptly, I replied 'You can.' I smiled and she smiled knowingly
and almost jumped on me.
     We let ourselves go, our lips exploring each others, our
tongues engaged in a battle for dominance.  I could taste the smoke on
her breath, I could feel her gasping breaths.  Numerous times she would
wrench herself away from me to take a deep awesome pull on the cigarette
before exhaling all over my chest.
      I let my lips slide down her chin onto her chest, around her
breasts, fondling her hard nipples.  I gently squeezed one between my
teeth, she almost roared with joy.  It was amazing, we knew exactly what
to do, how to make each other explode with passion.  I reached her pussy
and began to caress it with my tongue, I could feel her hand on the back
of my head, grabbing my hair and forcing me into her I willingly
supplicated myself to her dominance, I had images of her throat as it
expanded to hurry the smoke down into the depths of her body.  I
imagined every nerve tingling with the nicotine and the stimulation.  I
imagined volumes of smoke pouring out from between her lips, waterfalls
over her teeth, the burning afterglow of pleasure in her lungs.
      I withdrew, she looked at me imploringly, the cigarette
still clutched between her fingers, slowly getting smaller.  She was
lying there, spread out, gasping in a small room full of smoke.  She
took a drag from her butt and with her other hand rolled another into
the glowing embers of the first.  It ignited and she took a deep breath
from it.  She smoked like a goddess; two of her elegant fingers cradled
the cigarette to her lips so she could get full satisfaction, blocking
the air-holes.  With her other hand, still holding the butt, she pointed
to her wet pussy.  Her face was slightly screwed up from concentrating
on her smoking but I could tell from the ensnaring sparkle in her eyes
what she wanted.   I slipped on a johnny and provided for her.
      Our bodies were sweaty and smoky; she tried to muffle her
cries by biting her lip or - her cigarette.  I could smell the fragrance
of perfume and smoke on her skin, it was a beautiful mixture,
intoxicating I drank it in.  From her hair I could smell the smoke.  I
was feverishly kissing her neck, I could feel the muscles move every
time she took a drag and hear the exhale as it blew past my ear.  I
noticed they were getting deeper and her breathing more laboured and her
pelvic thrusts more powerful.  He had which was on my hair gripped
tighter and the other one, fondling my buttock, began to push harder.
She was mad, I swear, she wanted to be fucking killed, to be bonked to
I mustered my strength and found it surprisingly easy to lift her and
press her against a wall.  I doubt she knew what was going on, she was
so wildly entranced by the sheer pleasure and force of our intercourse.
I began to thrust her against the wall and she began to orgasm, she
brought the cigarette to her lips, clenched her teeth around it and
began to wolf it down.  Sucking air though her teeth, the smoke down
into her burning lungs, mixing with the pleasure of sex, lighting her
every nerve and pushing her further towards the beautiful smoky orgasm
that she so desired.  She exhaled through her nostrils now, not loosing
any of the precious smoke, I could see her eyes closed in concentration,
her heart beating I felt as if we were going in slow motion, my sudden
explosion into her pussy, her sudden exclamations of pain and passion,
wide eyed and open mouthed.  The almost spent cigarette fell from
between her lips and landed on the floor in one last smoky explosion of
passion.  We slid down together and hugged and kissed on that cold tiled
floor. I reached out and picked up the cigarette but between my fingers
and placed it in her mouth.  She inhaled slowly but deeply, her pout
returning, before exhaling a very heartfelt blue and grey cloud of
smoke, directly into my face.

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