My Smoking Diary for My Girlfriend Mary - One Recent Sunday

(by Steve Smith, 09 January 2007)

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  Mary's First Cigarette
  I slept over at Mary's apartment last night (Saturday), a modern one
bedroom in Lower Manhattan which overlooks the Hudson River.  After we
had sex, Mary, a light smoker, smokes her last cigarette of the day,
after which time it's my job to fill her silver cigarette case (which I
bought her as a gift) with her brand: Virginia Slims Luxury Lights
120's.  It's my pleasure to do this, but it's a "spankable offense" if I
forget.  She hasn't needed to discipline me for this yet, but I've
always assumed this, as a "lesser offense, would call for a spanking
with her hand only, rather than her nasty hairbrush.  Looking in her
cigarette case, I could tell she smoked a total of 8 cigarettes on
Saturday, slightly above her average, and I pull out some cigarettes
from a pack to fill it.  Generally, Mary encourages me to tell her when
I think she's smoking too much (anything more than one-half pack per
day), but I have to do so gently, because incessant arguing can lead to
the application of the back of her hairbrush to my bare behind.
  When we wake up on Sunday morning, as usual, I'm in the mood for sex,
but Mary needs to get herself going a little bit.  While I stay in bed,
Mary picks up her cigarette case and goes into the living room to drink
coffee and read her newspaper.  When I hear the click of her lighter
(another gift from me), I become aroused, and wish that she will come
back to bed soon.  About 5 minutes later, I hear Mary stub out her
cigarette, and she continues to turn pages of her paper.  Finally, Mary
returns to the bedroom, takes off her nightgown and gets back into bed
with me.  She kisses me deeply, and I taste on her lips and tongue what
I refer to in my mind as her "morning coffee/cigarette kiss," which is
something I look forward to.  I can smell her intoxicating unique scent
-- a combination of light perfume, her favorite hair conditioner, and
the smoke from her Virginia Slims.  I only wish I had watched her smoke
that morning, but know that I'll get more opportunities to do so the
rest of the day.  After sex, we shower together, washing each other's
private parts thoroughly.
  Mary's Second Cigarette
  Mary and I stay in to eat Sunday brunch together.  Afterwards, we go
out in the neighborhood do some shopping, and return to Mary's apartment
so that I, with Mary's permission, can watch the 1:00 football game,
while she tidies up and does some work that she's brought home.  After
the first quarter ends, Mary joins me on the couch, seated on my right
side, and pulls out of her case her second Virginia Slims cigarette of
the day.  I ask her if I could give her a light, and she hands me her
lighter (neglecting to ask her if I can light her cigarette is another
spankable offense).  As Mary smokes her cigarette with her right hand,
her left hand wonders towards my crotch, which she lightly rubs.  I
should mention that Mary always pays particular attention to keeping her
nails long and perfectly manicured.  She has mentioned to me that she
knows a spanking has been severe when my behind matches the bright red
nail polish that Mary favors, and which she's wearing today.  When she
feels that I am hard and hears me breathing faster, she unbuckles my
belt, opens my pants button, and pulls down my fly.  Next, she slides
her free hand down my briefs while continuing to smoke.  By this time, I
lose all concentration on the game, and couldn't care less who's
  She continues to massage and tickle me with her free hand, and I place
my feet on the foot rest and lay back.  When she's finished with her
cigarette, she withdraws her hand leaving me rock-hard.  Mary once
explained to me that she had an old boyfriend who took issue with her
smoking.  Giving him a handjob when she smoked was how she changed his
attitude.  When she would withdraw her hand, her ex would beg her to
continue, which she wouldn't do.  He did, however, convince her to
change her brand from the regular length Virginia Slims to the 120's so
she would keep her hand down there longer.  Mary also told me that,
after a few weeks of conditioning him, when they sat together privately,
her ex would say things like  "I'll bring you your cigarettes, I don't
mind if you smoke you know."
  For me though, after Mary stubs out her cigarette and withdraws her
other hand from my briefs, she goes into the bathroom and returns with
baby oil and a towel.  She asks me to lift up my hips, and she pulls
down my pants and briefs to below my knees.  She liberally applies the
baby oil, and works on me with both hands until I ejaculate like a
volcano.  Mary then cleans me up with a towel, I pull up my briefs and
pants, and we watch the rest of the game together, cuddling and kissing
  Mary's third cigarette:
  After the football game ends, Mary and I take a long walk on the
promenade along the Hudson River.  Since it's slightly nippy, Mary wears
long skin-tight black gloves.  After walking for a while, we sit on a
bench by the river, and Mary takes out her hairbush and brushes her
hair.  Of course, this is the same brush that Mary uses so effectively
on my bare butt to correct my bad behavior.  When she finishes with her
hair, Mary puts the brush back in her purse and takes out her cigarette
case.  She opens it, takes out a cigarette, holds it between her long
slender fingers of her right gloved hand, and brings it to her lips.  A
few months ago, Mary decided that before we went out in public, she
would hand me her lighter, so that I would simply light her cigarette,
as opposed to asking her permission to do so like when we're at home.
After I give her a light, she takes her first drag and we continue our
walk, hand-in-hand.  Guys usually can't help but stare at my beautiful
girlfriend, but when she smokes in that elegant way of hers, they
practically drool over her.  After she takes a few puffs, I can't help
myself.  I stop, pull her towards me, and we passionately kiss.  I'm
glad I'm wearing a long sweater, or the pole that has formed in my pants
would be extremely embarassing.  After about an hour, we return to her
apartment to prepare dinner.  
  Mary's fourth cigarette
  We make dinner together: mixed salad, chicken piccata with a side of
pasta and light marinara sauce.  We eat dinner by candlelight.  Mary,
who likes to dress up for dinner has changed into her little black dress
and black spike heeled shoes.  For dessert, we have cherry pie that we
had bought at a bakery during our walk.  While we eat, we have light
conversation, and I gaze into the eyes of my beautiful lover and
disciplinarian thinking how lucky I am to have her.  After desert, she
reaches for her cigarette case, and my heart leaps in anticipation,
because I know I can really watch her smoke, face-to-face, without any
interruptions.  "May I light your cigarette?" I ask, reaching for the
lighter.  "Yes you may," responds Mary, as she brings her long slender
cigarette to her lips.  When I give her a light, her face glows and she
looks as beautiful as I've ever seen her.
  I cherish these moments when I can watch Mary smoke face to face.  She
smokes in a classic style -- like a star in a 1950's film.  She bends
her elbow so that her cigarette is even with her face and fully extends
her slender index and middle fingers tipped by long, red, perfectly
manicured nails.  She slowly brings her cigarette to her lips and
deliberately inhales.  She holds the smoke for a few seconds, then turns
her head slightly, purses her lips and slowly lets out the smoke.
Before the ash grows too long, she delicately pinches her cigarette with
the tips of her thumb and middle finger, and gently taps on it with her
index finger, until the ash falls in the ash tray.  She's aware I'm
watching her every move, and she obviously enjoys knowing that she's
turning me on.
  Mary then tells me that she wants to see a romance movie that evening,
which I really don't want to see.  I start to complain, tell her that I
don't want to see a "chick-flick," and Mary says, "Steve, we've had such
a nice day, please don't spoil it. We're seeing that movie."  I, who
still can't take my eyes off of her smoking respond, "call up one of
your friends, I'm just stay here and watch another football game."  
  "Steve" said Mary in a low but commanding voice as she stubs out her
cigarette, "I'm very disappointed in you.  Last night you left the
toilet seat up and didn't fold your clothes when we went to bed, but I
was willing to let that slide until now.  Without saying another word, I
want you to go into the bedroom, strip to your briefs and wait for me in
front of the bed for your punishment."
  When Mary tells me to prepare for a spanking, she's not one to be
trifled with.  If her intention was to use her hand, complaining (even
one cluck of the tongue) will earn me her hairbrush.  If she was going
to use her hairbrush in the first place, complaining earns me a longer
and harder spanking with it.  I go immediately into her bedroom, strip
quickly to my briefs, and stand in front of the bed as per Mary's
instructions.  I'm angry with myself -- after a wonderful day with Mary,
I had to spoil it by being so obstinate.
  After about five minutes, I hear Mary's heals clicking on the wooden
floor.  She enters the room, and sits on the bed in front of me.  I
wonder if she's going to direct me to retrieve her hairbrush, or spank
me by hand.  "I'm sorry, Mary, that was wrong of me. Of course I'd love
to go to any movie of your choice," I say, knowing it's not going to get
me out of my richly deserved spanking.  
  "Now Steve," replies Mary, you know I have to correct you for this, as
well as what I mentioned before.  I'm very disappointed that after the
day we've spent, including how good I made you feel in the morning and
during the football game, which, incidentally, I didn't have to let you
watch, that you would even suggest you wouldn't come to the movies with
me, even if it's something you don't really want to see." 
  "Mary, you're right," I say looking down at my feet.  "I definitely
deserve to be punished."  
  To my relief, Mary says, "because we'll be sitting in a movie theater
soon, I'm not going to use my brush this time, but on the next occasion
of being so stubborn, you should expect it," says Mary, as she pulls
down my briefs to my ankles, and, after  I step out of them, pulls me
over her lap.  She smacks each buttock, going back and forth with her
hand, about 30 times each.  It always catches me by surprise how hard
Mary can spank with her hand, and how much heat she can generate on my
bare butt.  While her hand spankings aren't nearly as painful as when
she uses her hairbrush, nevertheless, after a minute or two, it really
starts to sting and makes me grunt out loud.  
  Mary finally stops spanking and asks me if I am ready to go to the
movies.  "Yes Mary," I say as sincerely as possible, "and I'm really
sorry about earlier."  
  "I know you are Steve," she says, as she spanks each buttock hard
another 10 times.  She tells me to get up and, with me facing her, still
naked, she holds both of my hands. Mary asks, "do you think I need to
make sure you've learned your lesson by asking you to bring me my
hairbrush now?"  I assure her that I don't need any more correction,
and, to my great relief, Mary instructs me to get dressed, but to
refrain from rubbing my sore behind for the entire evening.  We go to
the movie that Mary picked.  Even without her brush, sitting is quite
uncomfortable, and I have to alternate buttocks, but the movie isn't as
bad as I though it was going to be.
  Mary's fifth cigarette
  "I'm going to read for a little longer," says Mary, after we return to
her apartment from the movies and have a glass of wine together.  "If
you're tired, why don't you go to bed and I'll join you soon."  I often
go to bed before Mary, take off all my clothes, and wait for her.  In
the bedroom, I look at my bare behind in Mary's floor to ceiling mirror,
and notice that my cheeks are still quite pink from Mary's after dinner
hand spanking.  My behind doesn't exactly feel sore as it did in the
theater (as it certainly would have had she used her hairbrush) but has
a kind of pleasant tingling sensation.  I don't want this to end, so I
lay on  on my stomach on top of the covers, waiting for Mary.
  I hear Mary put her magazine down, and come in the bedroom, and I
watch her put on her red negligee which matches her nail polish.  Like
her nail polish, she has used this negligee as a guide to making sure
that she has made my behind sufficiently red during the times she has
spanked me before bed.  She goes into the bathroom to take off her
makeup and wash up, and I hear the click of her lighter.  She comes out
of the bathroom smoking, and sits next to me on the bed.  "Well I see
your tushy is still a little sore from the spanking I gave you.  Since
you didn't complain about the movie that I made you see, I'm going to
give you a little reward."  Mary, holding her cigarette, puts her free
hand on my butt and starts lighty messaging it and my back, which caused
the erection I've had since she came out of the bathroom to become even
  After several minute of light message, Mary starts rubbing between my
legs, returning to my behind, then back to between my legs, slowly
reaching further and further up towards my stomach with her slender
gentle fingers. I ask Mary if I could turn over, and she says "yes."
After I flip over, Mary runs her fingers up and down my chest and
stomach reaching down further and further.  Finally she passes her hand
along where I was hoping it would go, and she suddenly bends down and
licks my penis so that it is thoroughly wet. She takes one last drag of
her cigarette before stubbing it out, but this time exhales the smoke
onto my wet hard penis.  She then gave me a passionate french kiss,
mounts me, and we have sex with her on top.  When she comes, we change
positions so that I'm on top, and I have what can only be described as a
  Mary's sixth and final cigarette
  We lie in bed quietely together, slightly out of breath and totally
spent.  Mary will only smoke a cigarette after sex if she has climaxed,
which I know she has, so I get her cigarette case, take one out, give it
to her and light it for her.  Watching her smoke  naked in bed is one of
those moments in life I truly cherish, and is something that I often
fantasize about before I go to sleep alone.  Mary leans back on the head
board as she slowly smokes, and I know this her favorite cigarette of
the day.  As part of my job, I find her pack of Virginia Slims, take
exactly six out, and fill her case with them, I keep stealing looks at
Mary who seems totally satisfied, which makes me very happy.
  After she finishes her cigarette, she stubs it out in an ashtray,
which I empty, rinse out in the kitchen sink, and dry.  I pass a mirror
again, notice my pink butt, and guess what happens to me?  I go back to
bed, start kissing Mary, who's surprised by my quick recovery, but gives
in, and soon we're both moaning and sweating again.  Right afterwards,
we fall asleep with Mary in her favorite sleep position: on her side
turned towards me with her head resting on my upper right arm and
shoulder.  Her right hand cups my now completely flaccid penis and
testicles, which Mary often does after sex because, as she once
explained to me, it reminds her (and should remind me too) that she
pretty much owns that particular part of my body.  For some reason, I
also find it exciting that this is the same hand that Mary uses to
discipline me, and usually holds her cigarette with.

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