My Smoking Fetish

(by anonymous25, 15 December 2010)

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My Smoking Fetish

Okay, I'm going to try to tell this story...hope you like it. As always,
names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, or left out entirely.

I've always had a thing for women smokers, though it took me some time to
realize it.  This story (all true) happened before I came to terms with my

I went to a Halloween party in 1999 - a friend of a friend was hosting, and
while I was dating a girl, it wasn't serious enough to bring her along. Was I
planning on meeting anyone? Not at all, but I didn't want the uncomfortable
silence that occurs occasionally with a date, plus it was a bunch of people I
knew, and I didn't want to have to explain all the inside jokes, etc.

I went as Austin Powers. I used to have the suit; the glasses, and the teeth,
and maybe I still do, tucked away in a box in storage. I went in and saw the
Hostess, and then Big Boy, through whom I had met Hostess. I saw a bunch of
people I hadn't hung out with since my beach house days with Big Boy in the
mid-90s, and it was great catching up with everyone. But there were other
people at the party as well, including a girl dressed as a vampire, who took
an immediate interest in me. When I walked in, she said to her friends
(loudly, however, so that I could hear her), "Look at Austin! And he looks

I wasn't planning on going for anyone, but if I were to at this Halloween
party, it would be her. She was my height; a bit taller than I normally go
for, but attractive. Great cheekbones and a cute face, colored with white
makeup and droplets of fake blood down the sides of her mouth. She was a
vampire of course and wore a black top that accentuated her breasts, which
were huge.  She wore denim jeans, slightly worn, and while they had nothing
to do with her costume, showed off a nice ass and shapely legs. I was
introduced to her briefly, then went back to talking to my friends, catching
up on five years of history. The beers flowed, and laughs were had by
everyone. After about an hour of drinking beer I noticed Vampire and her
friend were going to the front door. There was no smoking allowed inside -
was she leaving or could she be a smoker? I had to find out but I couldn't
smoke myself - I'm a non-smoker around non-smoking friends. For the next ten
minutes, I found myself watching the front door for her return, keeping half
an ear towards the conversation in the kitchen. She came back in! When she
walked past me towards the den I caught the slightest smell of cigarette
smoke, a smell I've loved since I was a little kid.

A bit later she went outside again and this time I snuck away without any of
my friends noticing. I asked if I could bum a cigarette, and she handed me a
Marlboro Light.  After we lit the cigarettes (while I kept an eye on the
front door), we began to talk. I don't remember the conversation, I'm sure it
started with our costumes, but there was an obvious connection. After we went
back in, we joined our separate groups, but throughout the next few hours,
we'd meet up outside, or exchange some comments near the keg of beer.

I was getting drunk and my attempts to not meet/hook up at this party due to
a girl I was dating (and was not serious about) diminished. I was interested;
so was Vampire.

At some point, I decided to make a move... but not a normal move. I went
upstairs to use the bathroom while Vampire was outside smoking. The stairs up
started by the front door; I made a point to hang out near the top of the
stairs, waiting for her to walk back into the party, glance upstairs and join
me. After a couple of false alarms, Vampire did.

"Psst!" She looked up. "Come here..." She looked around the party, saw no one
watching, then came up.

The upper floor was dark, but I had earlier scouted an open spare bedroom in
the back of the house. When she got to the top of the steps, I grabbed her
hand and we wandered into the bedroom. Once there, I turned around, and we
kissed, and I soaked in her smell of smoke and perfume. We started with some
light kissing, then gradually increasing in intensity.  I reached for her
chest; it wasn't hard to find, even in the darkness of the room. She was
willing and after I reached underneath and snapped off her bra in the back (a
skill I have honed), I reached for the door and locked it. Her shirt and bra
came off, and we edged towards the bed, then she sat down on it as I took off
my wig, glasses and fluffy shirt.

My pants were still on, as were hers. As we made out in a passionate, intense
session, my hands fumbling around her body, I made my way down to the buttons
on her jeans. Twice she stopped me with her hands and I went back to
massaging her chest as we lay next to each other. It was, if I may say so, a
great chest.

Finally, I had a plan. I kissed her chin, I kissed her neck, I kissed her all
over, continuing down her body. For a while, I stopped at her chest, lightly
sucking on one nipple, then going to the other one, all the while my hands
played with the other, making sure it remained pert. Occasionally, I would
remove my mouth and blow lightly on her breasts, and her breathing suggested
she was enjoying it. After a number of minutes, I moved further south, and
unbuttoned the first button of her jeans with my teeth. For the third time,
she stopped me. I did, but as I did, I moved farther down, until my chin was
at her crotch. Using it, I pressed into her flesh, through the denim,
massaging her pussy with my chin.

"I just want to please you...", I said, all the while massaging her pussy. At
one point, she sighed... and spread her legs entirely. She had given herself
over to her urges. As my chin continued its work my fingers worked on the
buttons, then slid her jeans down as she lifted her hips off the mattress. A
musky smell rose from her parted legs, only a wet thong separated my mouth
from her labia. As soon as her jeans were on the side of the bed, I removed
her underwear as well, and went to work, licking up and down her slit, my
fingers gently working her clit. After a minute or two, I moved my tongue and
mouth to her clit, flicking it gently, rhythmically, and the grinding of her
hips matched my tongue's movement. My hands ran down to my pants, a flimsy
version of the blue suit pants of Austin Powers' in the movie, held up only a
waistband string.  While I continued pleasing her with my mouth, I quickly
untied it, and as I massaged her pussy with my tongue and one hand, slithered
out of my pants, kicking them to the side of the bed on top of her jeans.
Once I was naked, my hands went back to her pussy, separating the lips... and
as my tongue worked its magic, I plunged two fingers into her vagina, curling
them slightly forward to reach the front of her canal and her G spot. This
sent her over the edge, and she orgasmed, biting her trembling lip, then
relaxed. At this point, I began moving back up her body, kissing her navel,
her chest again, then her neck. At that point, I removed my fingers from her,
and inserted my cock. She sighed again, and the two of us began to rock
slowly. I kissed her lips, her ear, took in her smell, and as the two of
rocked the bed, I whispered in her ear, "Are you on anything?"

"No..." she said.

There was a knock on the door.  We had been away from the party for quite
sometime by now, and the hostess was banging on the door to see if we were in
there.  I said I was, but I hadn't seen Vampire.   We were past the point of
caring, and continued to rock the bed. Hostess called our names; said she
knew Vampire was in there with me, yet we continued. The pace quickened, the
pressure began building in my balls.

Vampire whispered in my ear, "I'm not on anything, but it's okay. Cum inside

That drove me over the edge, but I managed to keep some sense about me, and
pulled out at the last second, exploding all over her navel, her chest. It
was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had.

Hostess was still at the door, asking if we were fucking. I yelled back that
we weren't; there wasn't anything to worry about - I was alone and drunk.
Hostess didn't believe me and continued to try and have a conversation with
me while Vampire and I dressed quickly. Finally, Hostess gave up. "Well, if
you decide to fuck, there are condoms in the nightstand and tissues on it,
just make sure you clean up."

For some reason, I found this hot as well, and as we stood there, Vampire and
I in the pitch darkness, with no tops on, I became aroused again. I was
behind her, and I wrapped my hands around the front of her, started at her
stomach, then reached for her breasts, all the while kissing her neck and
collarbone. After little effort, she turned towards me, and we removed our
pants, then shuffled back to the bed for round two.

After our session, we stepped outside for another cigarette, and before she
left, I got her number.  I never did call her - it turns out, the girl I was
dating noticed my interest in smokers, and took it up herself to turn me on.

It worked.

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