Nadia at 15 - A Smoking Girls Story

(by Nikita, 20 July 2005)

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Nadia Turns 15
A Smoking Girl Story by Nikita

Tina's older sister, Nadia, was having her birthday party, but Tina had
become bored, She was just 10 and her sister and all her friends were older,
high school girls.  She had little in common with them and only a few had
bothered to even acknowledge her presence.  She announced that she was going
down to the park where her friends typically got together from time to time
and with that, she left.  Tina found no one there who held her interest so
soon left and wandered back home.  She entered quietly, retreated to her
room, checking to see if any of her friends were online.  A few were, but the
chats were short as each girl said she had something to do, leaving Tina to
her boredom.  Tina said goodbye to Cynthia, her best friend, shut down her
computer with a sigh and strolled out into the living room.  The sliding
glass doors were open as she walked reluctantly toward them.  The doors
opened to the patio and a lovely view of the garden where Nadia and her
friends were gathered.  Her nose crinkled at the unmistakable smell of
cigarette smoke.  "Strange", she thought, "Mum and dad smoke but they left
over an hour ago."  She glanced back though the front picture window at the
drive, but the car her mum and dad always used wasn't there.  With that she
crept cautiously toward the patio door and looked around the corner.  There
was her sister Nadia chatting with her friends.  Tina sniffed the air again.
It had to be coming from out there!  "They were, after all, high school
girls", Tina thought to herself.  "Oh wow, were THEY smoking?"

Tina held back at the corner.  Her wavy, honey-blonde hair, which came to
below her waist, glistened in the full sunlight of a lovely autumn afternoon.
Her eyes of deepest blue were wide as she stared at the vision before her,
her pert little nose crinkled once more as the scent of the smoke breezed
past.  She had full Cupid's bow lips, the lower one of which was now pinched
by her upper teeth as she quietly contemplated what lay before her.  At a
petite 4'8" she stood on tiptoes to peek over the bush that hid her

She was a virtual clone of her older sister, Nadia who had just turned 15,
though Nadia's hair was by now styled short, a sort of pixie cut.  Tina held
her breath as Nadia brought the cigarette, held daintily between the first
joints of her middle and index fingers, to her lips and closed her eyes as
she inhaled, cheeks hollowing deeply as she did. Her eyes reopened and
breasts rose as she opened her mouth, withdrew the cigarette, revealing a
ball of smoke, which she then made to disappear as her smile widened. Her arm
was cocked so that the cigarette was held beside her face and her left arm
crossed just above her waist to cradle her right elbow.  Tina noticed that
Nadia cocked her wrist as she'd seen in so many of the smoking ads in
magazines, obviously studied in depth by all of the girls at the party.
Nadia held the smoke deeply in her lungs for a few seconds then cocked her
head to one side and up, blowing an endless stream, or so it seemed to the
wide-eyed Tina who was simply fascinated by the sight.  Every girl she could
see had an all white cigarette as they chatted animatedly with one another.
Each was dressed for the party, sporting lovely dresses or blouse and skirt
combinations along with stockings and pumps varying in heel height from two
to four inches.

Missy's laugh was full, as she reacted to a joke, Tina supposed, told by
Chrissy. They were twins, not quite 15 yet, chestnut brown hair cascading
over their shoulders.  At 5'2" they were shorter than Nadia by only an inch
or two.  Each had hazel eyes; well accented with autumn hues of liner and
mascara; full lips, deepened in color by the lipstick they'd chosen; and the
elegant noses obviously inherited from their mother, Melissa, and such
cheekbones!  All the more prominently displayed owing to their practiced used
of makeup.  Their waists were slender, rather like Nadia's but they were
obviously early bloomers in the bust line department at 33C.  Their hips were
full hips of early womanhood.  Their inhales were shallower than Nadia's,
Tina noticed, their exhales taking a shorter time and not quite as full as
her sister's, but each had obviously taken the time to learn to smoke
effectively, as their cigarettes were posed between fingertips, arms at their
sides, wrists cocked just so.  Tina was taking notes.  She watched in awe as
Chrissy raised her cigarette to her lips, drew on it; then opening her mouth
slightly to allow the smoke to flow up toward her nose which accepted it
graciously as she inhaled, held her breath for a couple of seconds; finally
raising her chin and pursing her lips, blew out a tight stream of gray smoke
and returned to talking animatedly.

Jeannie, a beauty of just 14 years, had been seated, out of Tina's vision,
before she rose, bringing a cigarette to her lips as Crystal, her best
friend, another of the "nearly 15 year old set", flicked her lighter and
Jeannie's cigarette to life in one motion.  Jeannie accepted the light and
drew on her Marlboro Menthol Light as her fingers held it centered in her
lips.  She inhaled, her face glowing in the afternoon sun, giving Crystal a
polite "thank you" as she turned her head to exhale.

Jeannie was striking in her black sheath and matching pumps, her long,
straight raven hair fully to the middle of her back.  Her silver hoop
earrings matched her necklace, which held an amulet, a gift from her
grandmother on her recent 14th birthday. The groups of silver bracelets
adorning each wrist were a lovely finishing touch and contrasted nicely with
her darker eye and face makeup.  

Crystal was her match with a lovely smile, but her hair was auburn, though
both friends had sea green eyes.  Jeannie was the taller of the two at 5'5"
and she looked that much taller owing to her rather daring 4" heels.
Crystal was dressed in a dark brown jersey blouse and matching skirt and
pumps, more conservative with only 3" heels.  Her sheer beige thigh-highs
complimented her shapely legs and her feather adorned dangly earrings set off
her face with equal flair.  She reached in her purse, withdrawing her own
Marlboro Menthol Light.  Jeannie reciprocated the earlier favor, quickly
raising her silver and turquoise stone accented lighter to Crystal's
cigarette, now held between her lips.  Crystal sheltered the flame from the
rising breeze as she drew on her cigarette now held between the tips of her
index and middle fingers.  She parted her cherry colored lips as she withdrew
the cigarette and inhaled the sweet smoke she'd grown to love.  "Thanks,
Jeannie", she breathed and tilted her head to exhale.

Watching her now, it was hard to believe that only four months ago, Jeannie
had revealed to the then shocked Crystal that she had taken up smoking.  It
was a summer's afternoon at Jeannie's home and they were alone, Jeannie's
parents out to work for the day.  "Noooooooo!", Crystal had screamed.
"You can't be smoking!  You know how bad it is for you!"  

Jeannie had opened her purse to reveal her half empty package of Marlboro
Menthol Lights, removed one from the pack and held it between her fingertips
while looking Crystal firmly in the eye.  "Crystal, we've been friends for
years now.  I LOVE to smoke.  I hadn't told you until now because I was
afraid that you'd jump on me about it.  Now, look.  You don't have to smoke
if you don't want to and I don't want to lose your friendship."  She then
smiled at her friend who looked thoughtfully back at her.  

It hadn't escaped Crystal that a lot of her formerly "anti" friends had
taken up smoking over the past couple of years.  There was a moment's
hesitation before Crystal put her arms around Jeannie, hugging her tightly.
"It's ok, Jeannie.  I guess I can live with it.  How long have you been

"Ummmm - I guess it's been almost a year now, since my first one, I mean.
I've only been smoking regularly - you know - like every day  - for about
6 weeks now.  Are you really ok with it?"  

Crystal considered a moment replying, "Yeah, sure.  I guess so.  I'm just
shocked is all.  Just don't blow smoke in my face, ok?"  

Jeannie laughed, bringing the cigarette to her lips as she flicked her
plastic lighter.  The flame bent toward the tip of the white cylinder as
Crystal watched in the same fascination now seen in Tina's eyes.  

"Oh my god, Jeannie!!  You really ARE smoking."  

Jeannie removed the cigarette from her lips with now practiced art.  She held
the cigarette between her finger tips high and to the right of her head as
she first drew the smoke into her lungs, then tilted her chin up and to the
right, mindful of Crystal's request, and exhaled slowly.  "Uh huh. I am,
Crystal."  She looked coyly at Crystal and asked, "Want one?", extending
the pack to her.  

"No, no, Jeannie.  Not now.  Not ever!"  But Crystal had already noticed
something different about Jeannie's look.  There was an air of
sophistication about her when she smoked.  It was a bit theatrical to be
sure.  But it was real.

Crystal often joined Jeannie in the park across the street from the school,
out of reach of the control of the teachers on duty that day.  She noticed
for the first time how the guys looked at the girls smoking.  It was odd at
first, she had admitted to herself.  But there was no doubt that the look was
real, different somehow, a weird sort of fascination, she supposed.

Jeannie would continue to offer Crystal the chance to try smoking.  By now
Crystal, no longer shocked, would simply say no, thank you, understanding
Jeannie's offers as simple politeness.  Others, both boys and girls offered,
too, but Crystal continued to turn them down.  Parties were the same.  The
smokers would separate from the antis but Crystal would always gravitate to

Another thing, unmistakable, was that a lot of the "public antis" were
party smokers.  At one recent party, Crystal saw Caroline, one of the most
popular girls at school, an eventual shoo-in for homecoming queen, accept a
cigarette from Kerianne, the head cheerleader!  She hadn't suspected that
either of them smoked.  Caroline held the cigarette to her lips as half a
dozen boys ran to light it to her obvious delight.  She inhaled shallowly,
but she did inhale, tilted her head up and to one side most politely as she
exhaled.  Kerianne got the same treatment.  They chatted animatedly, smoking
and laughing.  Crystal couldn't contain herself.  She had to ask them.
"Caroline, Kerianne!  I didn't know either of you smoked!"  

Well, Caroline explained, as Kerianne looked on in interest, "I decided that
if it was good enough for Keri, it was fine with me."  Striking a pose she
continued, "And it DOES make one look more grown up, don't you agree?",
she said with a broadening smile.  As if for emphasis, she raised her
cigarette, precisely centering it between her lips, drew easily on it, eyes
closing as she did so.  She crossed her left arm to cradle her right elbow as
she struck another pose, opened her mouth to reveal a ball of smoke which
promptly disappeared as she inhaled, reappearing moments later as with eyes
sparkling she tossed her head back effortlessly and exhaled a tight little

"But", Crystal continued, "you both give speeches on the evils of

Kerianne laughed, joined quickly by Caroline.  "Well, we HAVE to do THAT.
It's what's expected of us", said Kerianne as Caroline nodded in
agreement.  "But", her smile broadened, "I started smoking to please Jeff.
He loves it when I smoke.  You know.  I can JUST tell." she said with a sly
grin.  "And he always lights my cigarette for me when he's around."  There
was no need to ask, "Which Jeff?"  It had to be THE Jeff, student council
president, varsity quarterback, BMOC.

Crystal was at Jeannie's again one Saturday.  Jeannie's folks were off
visiting relatives for the day but Jeannie had begged off, saying she and
Crystal had had plans for a while. Jeannie lit a cigarette, exhaling slowly
as her chest rose and fell.  Crystal was staring at her.  "Want one,
girlfriend?" she asked out of habit, grinning as she did.

Crystal just stared at the pack for a moment considering the offer.
"Yeah", Crystal replied, "I think I would."  

Jeannie smiled widely.  "Really?  You want one???"  

"Umm humm - I think I do", Crystal responded with a tremble in her voice.
"You going to show me how?"

Jeannie seized the moment, offering the pack to Crystal.  Crystal took one
gingerly and held it as she'd seen Jeannie do, as she was doing even now.
"Good, Crystal", Jeannie said softly.  "You got that part down right."  

Crystal raised it to her lips, trembling a bit as she did.  "Don't inhale
at first, Crystal.  Just suck on it for a second or two to get a bit of the
smoke in your mouth.  Then, blow it right back out, ok?"  

Crystal nodded as Jeannie raised the lighter.  Flick!  Crystal leaned in
toward Jeannie's offered light until her cigarette nearly touched the
dancing flame, and drew in.  The flame bent toward Crystal's first
cigarette.  She did as she had been told, blowing the smoke right out.

Jeannie just smiled as Crystal stared at the cigarette she held between her
fingers.  "Well?"  "Well, it's not so bad", Crystal sighed, as she
raised the cigarette for another puff, blowing the smoke right back out
again, but his time with her head tilted "just so".  

Jeannie laughed supportively.  "Look at yourself, Crystal', Jeannie said
excitedly, turning Crystal toward the mirror over her dresser.  

Crystal was a little taken aback.  Did she get older in the last few minutes?
"Who WAS this young woman", she wondered dreamily as she raised the
cigarette to her lips once again.  "This tastes sort of minty."  

Jeannie nodded.  "It's the menthol.  Take another puff and we'll see if
you're ready to try inhaling yet."  

Crystal posed, looking a bit self conscious, and took another short puff,
exhaling right away.  

Jeannie nodded approvingly.  "Ok, next time, hold the smoke in your mouth,
but just take a SMALL puff, ok.  You might cough.  That happens a lot the
first time.  Don't let it put you off if you do, ok?"  

"Ok", Crystal said apprehensively as she raised the cigarette to her lips
once more.  "God, I DO look older!  More - more sophisticated maybe? -
More something - That's for sure."  She drew in the smoke as Jeannie
continued, "Ok, that's enough.  Now breath in."  

Crystal did as she was told.  She felt the cool tingle of menthol down in her
throat, into her lungs.  "Oh my GOD", she thought as her lungs felt the
first real exposure to nicotine.  "What a RUSH!"  She fought back the urge
to cough and began to breathe out.  Nothing!  And then, a small stream.  

Jeannie was clapping and laughing.  Crystal turned and smiled as she
awkwardly hugged Jeannie, trying to be careful with her cigarette.  "Oh,
Jeannie!  That was wonderful and I didn't even cough!"  

"Yeah, I think you're a natural", Jeannie said nodding, "Try another one,
ok."  Crystal turned back toward the mirror, raised her cigarette to her
lips, drawing in the smoke she was growing to love.  She smoothly withdrew
the cigarette, holding it cocked head high as she'd seen Jeannie do, then
daringly inhaled more deeply.  She turned her head a bit to the side, Jeannie
studying her as she did, raised her chin, pursed her lips and exhaled slowly,
amazed at how the smoke streamed endlessly toward the ceiling.  

Jeannie applauded again, hugging Crystal.  "You did it, girlfriend!"  

Crystal smiled.  "Yeah, I did.  I think I like this.  No!  I like it a LOT!"  

Jeannie pulled out another cigarette for herself, reaching for her lighter.
Crystal covered her hand with her own, taking the lighter from Jeannie.
"Want a light?" she asked, giggling a bit.  

"Sure, Crystal.  From one smoker to another, huh?" 

"Uh huh, I guess so", Crystal replied as a smile crept onto her lips.
Crystal flicked the lighter and Jeannie accepted the light, both girls
inhaled and smiling at one another exhaled twin streams.

Crystal experimented this way for a few weeks, Jeannie willing supplying her
with cigarettes.  It was a Saturday and Jeannie had come over to Crystal's
home to get some homework out of the way.  She asked Crystal if it all right
to smoke, knowing that both of Crystal's parents were life-long smokers.
"Yeah, I think it'll be ok, Jeannie.  Mom and dad won't be home until late
this evening."  With that, Crystal reached into her handbag, withdrawing her
own pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights.  Jeannie raised one eyebrow.  Crystal
smiled and burst out laughing.  "Want one of mine, Jeannie?"  

Jeannie reached for the offered pack, withdrawing one and Crystal soon
followed.  Jeannie had her lighter out when Crystal produced her own.  "Let
me light yours, Jeannie."  Jeannie nodded leaned forward as Crystal raised
her lighter and Jeannie drew on her cigarette.  Crystal lit her own and
leaned back comfortably as she exhaled.  

"Ok, Crystal.  When did this new phase start?"  Crystal just laughed.  "I
figured it was time to quit bumming yours, Jeannie, and the Quickie Mart down
the street is convenient when Virginia or Sharon is behind the counter."
Virginia and Sharon were schoolmates of theirs, smokers both, and very
sympathetic to their friends.  It was convenient indeed.

Tina decided to make her entrance.  "Hi.  Mind if I join you?"  The girls
hadn't realized Tina had returned home.  Nadia had just taken a puff on her
cigarette and was exhaling, trying hard to contain her surprise.  "Nadia!
Are you smoking?  What will mom and dad say?"  

Nadia thought for a moment.  She'd been smoking regularly for about six
months already, but she wasn't sure she was ready to confront her parents
about it yet.  Yes, they both smoked. They had for as long as Nadia could
remember, but you never know how parents will react.  "Ummm, Tina.  I've
been smoking for a while now."  Tina nodded.  One thing they both knew was
that though they might not always get along, they never lied to one another.

A few of Tina's own girlfriends had experimented with cigarettes when they
could manage to get one or two from a pack at home.  Tina had managed a puff
or two a few times, the first time when Cynthia, her best friend, surprised
her by producing a cigarette when they were down at the park in a secluded

"I got it from mom's pack.  Wanna try it?"  Cynthia was a little cherub
with a bit of devil in her.  She pulled a lighter from her pocket, also
gotten from her mother's supply in the kitchen drawer.  

Tina, never one to let her friend try something she wouldn't try, coolly
said, "Sure.  If you can, I know I can!"  

Cynthia held the cigarette awkwardly between her lips, squeezing it overly
tightly as she brought the lighter to life.  She took a little puff, offered
it to Tina who boldly reached for it.  She took a puff, making a bit of a
face, and blew out the smoke.  They both giggled, each taking their turns
posing and prancing while holding the cigarette, taking little puffs once in
a while.  It wasn't quite a Saturday ritual yet, but it was fast becoming

"You're not going to tell mom or dad, are you?" asked Nadia with a touch
of pleading in her voice.  

Tina considered her options.  This was possibly a bonus in the making.  "Do
you mind if I try it then?"

Nadia studied Tina carefully.  All of the girls had gotten quiet.  "Umm -
have you ever tried smoking, Tina?" Nadia asked calmly.  She expected the
answer was no.  

"Wellllllll - maybe a little," was Tina's coy reply.  

"A little?" Nadia came back.  "Oh, hell, I was only just14 when I first
tried it", Nadia thought to herself.  "I guess she's not really THAT much

"Yeah, a few times with Cynthia.  She gets them from her mom's pack when
she can."

Nadia considered for a moment, turning to each of the girls with a question
on her face.  Each of them shrugged.  A few of them smiled knowingly.  "Want
to try a puff of mine, Tina?" Nadia asked, eyes twinkling.  "Do you inhale

Tina grinned as only a 10 year old can, reaching out to take the Virginia
Slims Menthol from her older sister.  "I haven't yet.  Will you teach me?"  

Nadia nodded sympathetically as the other girls gathered around.  Something
about this reminded Jeannie and Crystal about their own experience not so
long ago.  Tina took the almost freshly lit VSM and brought it to her lips,
puffing shallowly, exhaling right away.  The other girls nodded in approval.
It wasn't so long ago for most of them.  Nadia lit another for herself.
Tina grinned more widely.  This cigarette was all for her!  It was fun being
with the older girls, smoking with them.  It made her feel more grown up.
Each of the girls gave Tina pointers on different aspects of smoking, but
left it to Nadia to handle the inhaling part.  

"Ok, Tina.  Are you ready to try to inhale?"  Tina nodded eagerly.  "What
do I do?"  "Well", Nadia replied, "just do what you've been doing, but
instead of blowing it right out, hold it in your mouth for a second, then
breath it in.  But just take a very little puff the first few times."  Tina
nodded raising the cigarette to her lips, carefully remembering her big
sisters instructions.  

"Ok, that's enough, Tina.  Now breath it in."  

Tina did just as she was told.  She breathed it in, surprised at the sudden
thump in her chest.  Her eyes were wide as she began to breathe out again
quickly, but she managed well until right at the end of her exhale, she
coughed once.  

"Very good, sis!" Nadia exclaimed as the rest of the girls murmured

Tina tried again, this time managing her exhale with more success, smiling as
the gray stream exited her lips and this time, no cough!  All the girls

Nadia cautioned Tina to say nothing to their parents.  Tina understood.  The
girls resumed their party chatter, Tina joining in where she could.  She got
more pointers from Crystal and Jennie, soon mastering her smoking, well, as
well as you would imagine for a 10 year old.

Only a couple of months later, Nadia told her mom and dad about her smoking.
It had gotten to be a bit of a pain hiding it.  Her parents were a little
upset at first, having hoped that neither of their daughters would pick up
the habit.  Nadia explained that she'd been smoking for a while, about 5 or
6 times a day, and sometimes more.  But before the little discussion was
over, her mom offered her a VSM for her pack. "I want to see you smoke,
dear", her mother said with a question in her voice, a half-smile developing
on her face.  "I mean, I want to see it for myself, if you know what I mean."  

Nadia nodded, accepting a cigarette from her mother's extended pack. Her dad
shifted anxiously, the look on his face wavering between a smile and a grin
as he retrieved his lighter, her dad offering a light as Nadia raised her
cigarette to her lips looking straight into his eyes.  She touched his hand
as he brought the lighter near.  Drawing easily on her VSM, she inhaled
deeply and said, "Thanks, Daddy", smiling her not so little girl smile.
She raised her cigarette beside her face, wrist cocked as she turned her head
to the side, chin up, pursed her lips and exhaled with a sigh.  She couldn't
help noticing the smile on her mother's face, and the special look she got
from her father.  

"I guess you're growing up, Nadia", he said wistfully.  "You're quite
the young lady, you know."  

Nadia blushed at his compliment.  "Thank you, Daddy.  I love you, too."
She quickly turned to her mother.  "You, too, Mom.  You're the best."
Nadia was a little ill at ease smoking in front of her parents for a while
that evening, but that soon passed.  

Both her mom and dad confessed to having started smoking at around Nadia's
age, but told her it was more difficult now.  They gave her permission to
smoke at home as well.  "Now, don't YOU get an ideas, Tina", her mother
said pointedly.  "You're much too young.  Understand?"

Tina nodded as a smile formed on her face.  None of this little drama was
lost on her as she sat uncharacteristically quiet, the smile transforming to
an impish grin.  She studied her mother and big sister as her mom took
another cigarette for herself and offered one to Nadia.  Nadia picked up the
table lighter, gave her mother a light, and smiled as she brought her
cigarette to her lips, lit her own.  Each woman drew appreciatively on her
cigarette, inhaling as each brought her cigarette stylishly to the side of
her face.  Tina was fascinated as each lifted her chin and exhaled for what
seemed an eternity.  She caught Nadia's eye and winked slyly as she made a
point to remember to visit Nadia's room more often in the future.  Nadia
smiled back and nodded.  Mom and dad would have to wait a while to hear from

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