Nic At Night, Part 1

(by SSTORYMAN, 03 September 2001)

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This fictional account contains adult language and themes.  If such language
and themes offend you, please do not read further.  The persons and events
described in this work are purely fictional.  Any similarity to actual persons
or events is strictly coincidental.  Copyright 2001 by SSTORYMAN.  All rights
reserved.  Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this story in any form
and for any purpose as long as this notice is reproduced and no financial
remuneration is received, directly or indirectly, by the person reproducing


1.	Sweet Dreams.

   Kelly opened the passenger door and gingerly stepped to the curb.  Her
mom's Honda Accord had just pulled up in front of their split level home.
From the driver's side Karen Sims also got out, smiling at her 15 year old

   "Come on, Kelly, let's go inside.  I'm so exciting you're finally working
at a real job!  I want to hear all about your first night at Giovanni's."

   Kelly shivered.  The June night air was unusually cool.  "Gosh, I'm tired."
She looked at her watch.  "Wow!  It's ten fifteen already!"

   They trudged into the house.  "I bet you _are_ tired.  Having a job is
pretty grown up.  I bet it was fun, though, wasn't it?"

   Kelly collapsed on the couch in the living room and kicked off her shoes.
She flashed an embarrassed smile.  "Yeah, it was pretty cool."

   Kelly just finished her first night working as a hostess at Giovanni's, a
small Italian restaurant near their home.  She was a cute, slim teenager with
long, silky, natural blond hair, five foot four.  She weighed barely 100
pounds.  She wore a short, tight, black skirt and white tank-top, the
restaurant's official uniform.  The nametag attached to her shirt had the red
script Giovanni logo.  Her name "Kelly" was inscribed in big black letters
below the emblem.

   Karen called from the kitchen.  "Have some coffee with me, sweetie.  I
mean, now that you work in a restaurant, you should join me in having some."

   Though her mom was out of sight, Kelly smiled and rolled her eyes.  "No
thanks, Mom.  I still really don't like coffee much."  She sighed.  Recently
her mother had been urging her to drink coffee.  "I'd love a Diet Pepsi,

   Moments later Karen settled into the chair by the couch.  Putting her
coffee mug on the table, she handed Kelly a glass of Diet Pepsi with ice.
"Here, sweetie.  Now, tell me all about it."

   Kelly took a sip of her soda.  "There's not much to tell, really.  It was
okay, I guess."

   "Don't be silly.  Tell me everything.  For example, was Sue Anne nice to

   "I guess," the youngster replied without conviction.  "Yeah, she was."

   "It's so great she gave you this summer job.  Not many girls your age make
real money at a real job.  It beats the hell out of babysitting, doesn't it?"

   "Yeah, I guess."  Another noncommittal answer.

   Karen frowned.  "What's wrong, honey?  I thought you'd be excited.  It's so

   Kelly sighed.  "I am excited, Mom.  It's just that my feet hurt.  These new
shoes seem too tight.  They're uncomfortable."  She began rubbing her feet.
"And I'm tired."

   "I warned you.  It takes time to get used to high heels.  Don't worry.
Before long you'll hardly notice you're wearing them."

   "Why do I have to wear these stupid heels anyway?"

   Karen smiled.  "Honey, Sue Ann wants her employees to look sexy.  It's
manipulative, but we both know why she wants all you girls wearing the cute,
tight little black skirts, form-fitting tank-tops, and sexy-looking heels.
You look gorgeous, Kelly.  Really.  Very grown up."

   "I look like a hooker," the youngster complained.  But she was smiling.  It
was evident she liked looking older.  "Do you think anyone would guess I'm
only fifteen and a half?"

   "No way in hell," her mom replied, taking a sip of coffee.  "You look at
least eighteen in that outfit.  I'm so proud of you tonight, sweetie.  I mean

   Kelly again sipped her soda.  "Thanks, Mom.  I just wish my feet didn't
hurt so much.  The shoes didn't seem this tight when we bought them."  She
continued rubbing her feet.

   "You'll get used to the heels," Karen repeated.  "So, tell me the rest of
the details."

   Kelly recounted the story of her first night at Giovanni's.  Sue Ann's
daughter, Crystal, who also worked there, trained her.  All evening, Kelly
greeted and seated people.  She bussed tables and took drink orders, too.

   "Crystal and I aren't supposed to serve food, because we're not sixteen.
But Sue Ann doesn't care.  She lets us bend the rules.  However, nobody can
serve alcohol to customers until they're nineteen.  Sue Ann is real strict
about that.  Otherwise she could lose her liquor license."

   "And how did you like hanging out at the restaurant?  How was that?  Was it

   "It was okay.  The thing is, Mom, the restaurant is so smoky.  Lots of
customers go straight to the bar, to smoke and drink.  The smoking section was
full, much busier than non-smoking.  Walking through the bar and around the
smoking section, all I did tonight was breathe second-hand smoke."

   Karen nodded seriously.  "And I know you don't like that.  But it's part of
the territory working as a hostess.  Right?"  She gave her daughter a naughty

   "I'm glad you've cut down on smoking at home, Mom.  I've gotten spoiled the
last few months.  I'm not used to being in such a smoky place anymore.  I know
it's been hard for you to cut back, but I really appreciate it."

   Karen nodded.  "Honey, for you, I'd do anything.  Well, almost.  I know you
don't like me smoking.  But it's hard to quit.  When I'm stressed, there's
nothing I want more than a nice, delicious cigarette.  It helps me relax, and
it tastes so good."  She grinned.  "But for your sake, I'm cutting back.  I
know you'd like me to quit, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to."

   Kelly nodded.  "That reminds me.  Sue Ann smokes all the time at work, Mom.
Even serving tables, she has a cigarette burning in an ashtray behind the bar.
I mean, my God!  It can't be good for her to smoke so much!"

   "No, I'm sure it's not.  But Sue Ann's always been a smoker, honey, for as
long as I've known her.  And that's been a long time."

   "You know what's weirder?  Sue Ann lets Crystal smoke!  I couldn't believe
it!  She's my age, only fifteen.  I almost fainted when Crystal lit up a
cigarette while we did our outs."

   "What are outs?"

   "After the restaurant closes, we roll silverware for the next day.  It's
called doing outs.  Crystal and I did 'em at the bar, and without a word she
took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up.  Her mom was right there, but
Sue Ann didn't say a thing.  I asked Crystal.  She says her mom doesn't care.
Crystal's worked there with her mom for a couple years.  She said she picked
up her smoking habit from hanging around her mom and the older servers who
smoke."  She shuddered.  "It's so gross."

   Karen frowned.  "You know, I'm not surprised Crystal smokes.  Sue Ann has
never been much for discipline.  But Crystal is a nice girl, and cute, too."

   Kelly nodded this time.  "Yeah, I know.  I mean, she's nice and all.  But I
can't believe she smokes, and that her mom doesn't care.  Sue Ann lets Crystal
smoke as much as she wants."

   "Well, not everyone's conservative as you, sweetie.  So what if Crystal
smokes?  It's no big deal."  She paused.  "Hey, you keep rubbing your feet.
Do they still hurt?"

   "Yeah, they're super-sore!"

   Karen shook her head.  "God, I hope you can sleep tonight."  She paused.
"I should give you some extra strength Tylenol before you go to bed."

   "That'd be great, Mom."  Kelly pulled off her tight, white tank-top,
exposing her bra and bathing suit tan lines.  Her figure was still developing,
but already her tits were big and round.  They virtually overflowed out of her
white lace bra.

   Karen smiled.  She was proud of Kelly.  She liked the fact that her
daughter's breasts were already so big.  Her budding tits looked damn good,
especially after she removed her tight little sleeveless tank-top.

   A few minutes later Karen brought a glass of water and two pills to her
daughter's room.  Kelly was in bed.  "Here, Kell," she smiled.  "You'll sleep
better if you take these."

   Kelly made a face.  "They don't look like Tylenol."

   "They're extra strength, honey.  They look different.  That's all.  But
they'll help you sleep.  Trust me.  You won't feel a thing."

   The youngster popped the pills in her mouth and swallowed them.  "Thanks,
Mom.  And thanks for helping me get this job.  I didn't mean to be critical of
your friend.  Sue Ann was really nice to me tonight."

   "I'm glad, honey.  I knew she would be.  You'll make money working there
this summer, money you can use for clothes, for college, and for who knows
what else!  Now, go to bed.  I'll get you up before I leave for work tomorrow.
Good night, and sweet dreams."

   "Good night, Mom."

   Karen closed the bedroom door and padded down the stairs.  It was ten
forty-five.  She smiled.  In half an hour she'd be back.  She shivered with
excitement.  She couldn't wait!

   She poured a fresh cup of coffee and went to the family room to turn on the
TV.  The movie "'Til There Was You" was on cable.  Karen had seen it several
times.  In the film Jeanne Tripplehorn's character was a hopelessly addicted
smoker.  She settled into a chair and began watching the tube with an ironic

   Karen Sims was thirty six.  Blond, slim and good-looking, she was taller
and heavier than Kelly.  Not that she was fat; she wasn't.  But her mature
figure was more developed than her daughter's.  Karen was proud of her "C" cup
breasts, which drew approving looks from men and jealous stares from other
women.  She worked out three times a week at a health club to keep her figure
in prime condition.  Despite her big tits, Karen's waist was slender, and her
hips curved in just the right places.  She was, in a word, gorgeous.

   She sighed.  Soon Kelly would surpass her.  At fifteen, her teenage body
was exceptional.  Already boys drooled when they saw her, and her tight little
tank-top and short black skirt brought back fond memories of Karen's own high
school years.  Karen was a hell-raiser as a teenager.  She wanted Kelly to
enjoy high school in the same way.  Before long boys would be all over that
beautiful young body of hers!  That didn't trouble Karen.  She looked forward
to seeing Kelly twist boys around her little finger.  They'd discussed safe
sex.  What did trouble her was that Kelly was so unadventurous.  If something
didn't change, Kelly would miss all the fun of being a teenager!  Karen was a
self-avowed hedonist.  Kelly's conservativism pissed her off; and not only
because Karen liked to smoke and Kelly was so against it.

   She glanced at her watch.  It was after eleven.  From her purse she took a
red-trimmed gold pack of Benson & Hedges.  Shaking one out, she put the 100
millimeter cigarette between her lips and smiled.  Kelly wouldn't approve, but
so what?  She was fast asleep.  Clicking her lighter, she lit up.  With a hard
first drag, she pulled a huge amount of the thick, rich smoke deep inside her
lovely body.  Immediately she felt tangible relief from the advent of
nicotine.  God, it felt _so_ good to smoke, especially in the house!  She was
_so_ sick of Kelly hounding her about smoking.  For months Kelly had been on a
crusade, first trying to get her to quit, and then, after she refused, nagging
her to cut down and not smoke in the house.  Karen loved her, of course, and
wanted to please her.  Kelly missed out on a lot, being an only child with no
father.  But this anti-smoking shit was ridiculous.  It had to stop.  And now,
finally, if all went according to her plan, it'd soon stop for good!

   She tipped her head and let loose a long stream of exhaled smoke.  She lied
when she told Kelly she was cutting down.  She wasn't.  She was smoking as
much as ever, at least a pack a day as she had for twenty years.  She wasn't
about to quit, but she _was_ being discrete.  She smoked more at work and in
her car instead of the house.  At night she retreated to the back porch to
feed her habit.  She was determined to keep smoking, despite Kelly's views on
the supposed dangers of second-hand smoke.  She again drew on her full
flavored, all-white, cigarette and smiled wickedly.  Soon, very soon, she
mused, Kelly's opinions about smoking would change dramatically and forever!
With an evil laugh, the gorgeous blond discharged another long plume of smoke
into the air.

   In the movie on TV, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Sarah Jessica Parker and a third
women were smoking together in a ladies room.  Karen smiled.  Only a smoker
could understand the instant bond three strangers can share in that situation.
Before long, Kelly would understand, too.

   It was eleven fifteen, thirty minutes since Kelly took her pills.  Karen
took a last drag off her cigarette and crushed it in the ashtray.  She slipped
her pack and lighter into her sweater pocket.  Picking up her ashtray, she
stood and took a deep breath.  It was time!

   Upstairs she cracked Kelly's door.  She heard steady, rhythmic breathing in
the darkness.  Kelly was asleep.  "Kelly?" she called quietly, louder a second
time.  "Kell?  Can you hear me?"

   No answer.  Karen smiled.  The tranquilizers were strong enough to knock
out a horse.  She put them in a Tylenol bottle to fool her.  A small,
diminutive teenager like her daughter had no chance of resisting their
narcotic effect.  She'd sleep for hours without stirring.

   She turned on the light.  "Kelly, time to get up.  Rise and shine,
sleepyhead!"  No reply.  She giggled with delight.  Kelly was not going to
wake up.

   Putting her ashtray and cigarettes on the nightstand, she sat on the bed
next to the sleeping youngster.  "Kelly, honey, you can't hear me.  But I'll
explain anyway.  I'm doing this for your own good.  I'm sick of your
anti-smoking bullshit.  I won't quit smoking, ever, and I don't want to.  But
you don't understand why.  So starting tonight, I'll _make_ you understand.
Darling, I want you to learn, to find out firsthand, just how wonderful it is
to smoke."

   Pulling a B&H from her pack, she lit it up.  She sucked smoke deep into her
lungs, smiled, and continued speaking to her immobile daughter while exhaling.
"See, sweetie, I planned all this.  It was devilishly clever.  I had Sue Ann
hire you as a hostess at Giovanni's, though she rarely hires kids your age.  I
knew you'd have to wear heels.  All her girls do.  After getting your shoes, I
went back to the store without you and exchanged them for a smaller size.  I
knew they'd hurt your feet.  I wanted them to hurt like hell!  I had to make
sure you'd need something to kill the pain.  And it worked, didn't it?  You
took two strong tranquilizers, and now you're out like a light.  So you can't
stop me, and before long, you won't want to.  You won't remember what's about
to happen.  Unfortunately, that's how it has to be.  But don't worry; honey.
Your _body_ will remember; trust me."

   She removed a spool of tape and a bag of cotton from her sweater.  Her
cigarette dangled gracefully from her lips as she stuffed cotton balls in her
daughter's nostrils and carefully sealed her nose shut with medical tape.
"There, that'll do it," she smiled proudly.  She watched Kelly open her mouth
to breathe.  "That's right, baby-doll.  Now you _have_ to breathe through your
mouth.  Keep your mouth wide open, Kell.  Yes, this will work just fine!"

   In her sleep the youngster groaned and changed positions, adjusting while
trying to breathe through her mouth.  But she didn't wake up.

   Karen leaned close.  "And now, sweetie, you're finally going to learn why I
like cigarette smoke.  Mmm!  It is _so_ fuckin' good.  Here, let me show you.
See what you think of this."  Putting her B&H in her mouth, she took a long,
hard drag.  After shallowly inhaling she put her lips on Kelly's and slowly
exhaled.  A steady stream of thick, rich smoke poured into the youngster's
open mouth.  She turned in bed and murmured, unconsciously trying to get out
of the way of the smoke.  But to no avail.  She coughed lightly, but she
couldn't avoid breathing it in.

   "Good girl," Karen laughed, smiling like a Cheshire cat.  "That wasn't so
bad, was it?"  The question was rhetorical.  Her sleeping daughter clearly
didn't like it.  But Karen took another long drag.  After another shallow
inhale, shallower than usual, she pursed her lips and slowly, forcefully
directed a second stream of smoke into Kelly's mouth.  Once again, the
youngster turned her head and coughed.  Though fast asleep, she tried to avoid
breathing it in, but without success.  Due to Karen's persistence and the
proximity of her mouth to Kelly's, the thick, rich substance relentlessly made
its way inside her body.  She breathed fitfully for several seconds.

   Bits of smoke began to escape from Kelly's lips as her breathing slowly
returned to normal.  Karen was elated.  Her daughter was inhaling smoke.  She
manicured her B&H in the ashtray and did it again.  This time she held Kelly's
head in her hands, to keep her from turning away, and forcefully directed an
exhale right into the youngster's mouth.  As a result Kelly got an even bigger
load of exhaled smoke.  She gagged, moaned and struggled, but more smoke
flowed out of her lips over the next few breaths.

   Karen continued the process till she'd finished her cigarette.  At least a
dozen times she puffed, shallowly inhaled and then forced her exhaled smoke
into the sleeping girl's mouth.  As she continued, Kelly's resistance began
waning.  She almost seemed to be growing accustomed to having smoke in her
mouth and lungs.  This was exactly what Karen wanted to happen!

   Finally she crushed her cigarette in the ashtray.  "Yeah, there you go,"
she grinned excitedly, as the last of the smoke escaped Kelly's lips.  "Pretty
soon you're really going to like this, pumpkin!  I promise.  You're already
starting to; I can tell.  It's really good!  And eventually, you'll want to
smoke on your own.  You'll have to, because you'll need the nicotine, just
like me.  Before long, having smoke inside that cute little chest of yours
will be second nature, a necessity, before you know what's happened!"

   Excited, Karen chained into a second cigarette.  She repeatedly fed her
sleeping beauty more smoke.  It was wrong; evil, really, but she didn't care.
Her conservative, goody-goody daughter would learn to love smoke.  Karen would
make sure of it.  In due course, Kelly would turn into a smoker.  Before long,
having been acclimated to it, she'd _need_ smoke inside her lungs.  In time,
not only would she like it, but she'd grow dependent on nicotine.  Kelly would
want to, indeed, would _have_ to, smoke herself.  Evil or not, Karen felt she
had to force the issue and change Kelly's mind about smoking.  Good little
Kelly Sims would soon become a smoker like her mom.  Then and only then would
Karen herself finally be free to smoke in peace.

   After a break, Karen returned to smoke two more cigarettes with her
sleeping daughter.  As before, with each drag she exhaled smoke into Kelly's
mouth.  Eventually the youngster stopped resisting.  She began breathing the
smoke into her mouth without a struggle.  After finishing the last cigarette,
Karen removed the cotton balls from her nose and opened the windows to
dissipate the residual smoky smell in her room.  If Kelly asked, she'd blame
the odor on the fact that she'd smoked in her bedroom down the hall.  And she
had another surprise for Kelly the next morning, a second phase of her plan
which would convince the unsuspecting teen that second-hand smoke was nothing
to worry about.

   With a satisfied smile, Karen had one last cigarette in her room before
turning out the light, a little victory celebration.  But this one was hers,
and hers alone.  This time she inhaled the smoke deep inside her lungs, not
shallowly like she'd done feeding smoke to Kelly.  After all, _this_ was why
she smoked in the first place, to experience the sublime satisfaction of
repeatedly filling her lungs with wonderful, full-flavored smoke.  Oh, how she
wanted Kelly to understand the pleasure she felt!  And soon, she knew, she

   The first time went well.  She was pleased.  The plan was that every night
when Kelly came home from work with sore feet, they'd repeat this exercise.
Soon her obstinate little daughter's opinions about smoking would begin
changing.  Karen was sure of it.


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