Nicotine Sneaker

(by anonymous, 20 February 2006)

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I always wanted my girlfriend to be a smoker. She was a really cute and
sensitive hot girl and it would have made me hot to see her smoking. So I
asked her very often to smoke a cigarette for me, but she always
refused. She said she didn't wanna be addicted.

My fetish grew and grew, so I had an idea. For her 20th birthday she
wanted to have new sneakers from me. She wears sneakers the whole day.
Her last Speed Cats were really worn, and were quite ugly. So I bought a
new pair of her favourite sneakers, the high ones in black. They are
really sexy looking, especially when she wears them. Furthermore, I
bought some nicotine patches.

On her birthday, I gave her the sneakers, and she loved me. She put them
on and wore them the whole day and the whole night. The next morning,
she gave me a shoejob, and I came in her left new sneaker. A little bit
later, I came in her right Puma, them she put them both on, and went to
university. In the evening, after she got off her shoes, she took a
shower, and I got the nicotine patches and I rubbed one on the soft sole
of her left warm and wet sneaker. Just a few times. Then I threw the
patch away.

The next day, we went shopping. My girlfriend put on her Pumas, and we
left.  After half an hour she said she felt a bit hot, but I just said
it must be the weather. Shopping took us two hours (we bought another
pair of Speed Cats, the lower ones), then we went home. She took a
shower, and I took another nicotine patch. Again, I rubbed it in her
left puma and let it get dry. The next day, she took the new Pumas and
felt good in them, but I had forgotten to put the nicotine on the soles.
But the day after, she again took the high black Pumas. She was late, so
she had to hurry to university. She sweated in her sneakers, and so she
got the nicotine easier from her shoe.  She got a little bit dizzy, but
she thought it was from running, and didn't tell me. I did this nicotine
preparation for another two weeks, but only the one shoe, but sometimes
she took the old Pumas, and sometimes the nicotine-free ones. I think
she got used to the nicotine, especially when she was wearing the
nicotine-ones for the whole day in university.

The third week, I started to put nicotine in the lower pair, too. So
everyday she now got her nicotine. On days where she had no university,
I asked her to walk in the park - we took long walks and it made her
feet sweaty.

In the forth week, I started to put some nicotine in both of all
sneakers, especially in the front to the toes, where she always sweats
the most.  Because these two pairs were the only shoes she had that
time, I was sure that she would get her nicotine. Because she wore the
shoes every day, she didn't realize that her feelings were coming from
the shoes. I didn't know if she would have cravings, so I bought her a
new pair of Speed Cats - lower ones in pink with a pink sole. She was
really amazed and kissed me. She said she wanted to start wearing them
immediately. I agreed and we took a walk. It took us about three hours,
but then she said she felt bad. Her stomach was a little upset, so it
seemed she was already nicotine addicted. I took her home and took her
shoes off. I said I would take her to the movies to make her feel
better, and so I put the nicotine sneakers on her. It took us half an
hour to get to the cinema, and she said she felt a lot better now and
kissed me.  We chose a film and sat down. Then she took her shoes off,
what she always did in cinema. The film was about two hours, and before
the ending she said she felt worse again. I said that it was the air in
the cinema, and that she should put on her shoes so that we could leave
the cinama fast when the film was over. She did, and five minutes later
we left the cinema.  We took a short run to the bus, and she felt
better. She wore the sneakers for another three hours that night while
we were dancing in a hot club.

The next day, I got up early. I put nicotine on the soles of all her
three pairs of Pumas. I doubled the doses. She woke a few hours later
and felt bad. I said: "Lets take a walk, its beautiful weather." She
agreed after a time and put on her new pink sneakers. After twenty
minutes walking she said she felt dizzy, and I said: "Well, lets have a
break." I took her sneakers off to stop the nicotine absorption and gave
her a foot massage. She felt better and she put her sneakers back on. We
took a slow walk and after that we went shopping. She wore her sneakers
the whole day.

The next day, the weekend was over and she had to rush to university
again.  She took her high Pumas and ran to the bus. She got a nicotine
flash, because she was sweating and got a lot of nicotine from through
her tiny soles. But she didn't realize it. After five hours she got home
and said she wanted to go shopping with her friend and just wanted to
change her shoes, because it was such a hot day and she was sweating all
day. So she put off her high black ones and got into the lower ones with
the fresh nicotine. Damn it, I thought, the double dose. So she went
shopping. I prepered the other Pumas with fresh nicotine.  When she came
back that day, she was really relaxed and happy. She wore her sneakers
the whole day.

The next day was even hotter, so she decided to wear her pink Pumas -
she really loved them now - without socks. I brought her to university
and she told me after twenty minutes, that she was already sweating in
her sneakers.  So she got the whole nicotine out of both sneakers
through her bare feet.  Then she said she felt really good the last few
days when she had on her Pumas.  She didn't know why. I just smiled and
said that she is a woman, and women always like shoes. Then I left her
alone. She came back in the afternoon and changed her shoes again. She
took the high black ones, although it was very hot. She wore no socks
either. I took her for an ice-cream and she said she really likes her
shoes, she could wear them the whole day. Again I laughed and said
"women" and "you always do it". She smiled back, knowing that I loved to
see her in sneakers, and petted me with her feet.

She drove me crazy the rest of the day, and the next day, she took again
her black Pumas. I forgot to put fresh nicotine in them. So at
university she felt worse and worse. She was used to the nicotine in her
shoes and had cravings. So she decided to go home. She left the building
and passed a group of smoking friends standing around. She always
wondered what smoking was like, but was always too shy to try it. Now
she smelled the smoke and thought, yes, that's it. But then she thought
of having never smoked and she didn't want to be addicted. She went on
but wondered why she liked the smell of the smoke a few second ago. When
she came home, I took off her shoes and put the pink ones on her. I
begged for a shoe job, but she said she didn't feel well.  I begged
again until she said yes. She moved her tiny little feet in her pink
Pumas and gave me an incredibly shoe job without taking her shoes off or
talking to me.

The summer was getting hotter. Although my girlfriend was wearing sexy
open shoes last summer she didn't do it this summer. I asked why but she
just said "I feel more comfortable in sneakers this summer. I don't mind
if I sweat. Do you?" she asked and smiled.

"No" I said, "do what you want," and smiled back. Because of the hot
summer, she changed her sneakers often every day.  I put new nicotine in
the warm wet sneakers and I noticed the more I put in, the more she
changed her sneakers.  Another day she changed her sneakers every hour,
when she came home from shoppping, university, sports and university
again. It seemed that she had to have her tiny little feet inside her
sneakers, mostly without socks. I rarely saw her bare feet, except after
she took a shower or a few minutes in the morning, after she got up.
The rest of the day her feet were hidden in her sneakers.

One evening, I took her to the club. I put some sneakers on her that
didn't have nicotine. We went to the club, and most of the people were
smoking. We went in and she looked around nervously. She looked at all
the smokers, wondering why she looked at their cigarettes. I kissed her
and asked her to dance.  She remembered the last time she danced, and
how she sweated and felt good, so she said yes.

But this time it was different. There was no nicotine in her black
Pumas.  Just a bit from yesterday, which helped her not to get bad
cravings, but after one hour she began to be nervous. Then she smiled
and asked: "You always wanted to see me smoke. What about tonight?"

I smiled back, kissed her, and said: "Why did you change your mind? You
do not need to do it.  Just if you really want."

She nodded and smiled.

"Can you buy my a pack of cigarettes?" she asked. "I don't have the
courage.  It's the first time I for me to smoke." So I bought her a pack
Marlboro Lights. I game them to her.  She was excited, she acted like an
addict.  Her hands were shaking as she opened the pack.  She got out her
first cigarette ever and smiled, insecure. I smiled back.

"Just if you want," I said. But she was already addicted to the
nicotine. So she just said: "Do you have light?" and put the cigarette
to her mouth. I gave her a light and she took a deep drag. She didn't

"You really look sexy." I said. But she seemed to be unsatisfied and
still looked nervous.

"What's the matter?" I said.

"How o I inhale?" she asked nervously.

"Take it slow, you don't need to inhale, its sexy enough."

But she pulled me over, petted me hard with her sneaker and repeated:
"How can I inhale?" I explained it to her. She tried it for the first
time in her life. She coughed a litte bit.  The second time was a lot
smoother. She inhaled a lot of smoke and held it for a few seconds. Then
she exhaled and looked satisfied.  I smiled at her and asked if she
liked it. She said yes and smoked again. She said: "I smoke for you, but
only this evening and just for you." She smoked the whole pack that

The next day she wore her low Pumas. She didn't get home all day, but
they had enough nicotine to help her the whole day. I put more nicotine
in all her sneakers. She didn't realize that she was already addicted.
On the next weekend, we went to a club again. Again I didn't put any
nicotine in her sneakers. After a few minutes, she was lighting her
first Marlboro Light.

"Just for you, honey."

I smiled knowingly. She again smoked the whole pack.  The next day we
went to the park. She wore the same Pumas as the night before - without
nicotine. She seemed nervous. 

"What's the matter?" I asked

"I need a cigarette," she responded.

"What? It's day, and you need to do it? You just smoked two times in
your life, why do you "need" a cigarette?"

She looked sad and began to cry.

"I don't know. I really feel bad. I need a cigarette now.  Please!" I
gave her the last one from the evening before.

"It's the last one. I don't want you addicted, honey!" I said. She
smiled and smoked. Then she relaxed.

"I think I liked it," she sadly said and looked at the ground.

"That was your last one." I said. "I don't want you to be addicted and
getting cravings, ok?"

"Yes." she said. "I hope I don't need it anymore."

"You won't." I lied.

The next days I filled her sneakers with lots of nicotine again. She
felt good and forgot about smoking. Then one Friday I gave her her pink
sneakers.  They had only a little bit nicotine in them. Too little for
her whole day on university. So it was. After a few hours, she got
cravings. She felt bad and could only think about smoking a cigarette.
Nervously she moved her feet in her warm and wet Pumas. But there was no
nicotine left. She left the building and met some friend smoking.

"Can I bum a cigarette?" she asked.

"Of course, here you are." Nobody asked a question. She quickly lit the
cigarette and inhaled deeply. Again she was wondering why she needed a
cigarette so bad.

As she come home that day, she asked me to got to a club. I said yes and
we went. After half an hour she said: "I want to smoke. Can you buy me

"I thought you are not smoking anymore. I don't want you addicted." I

Then she began to cry.

"I smoked today at university. I needed it so bad. And I need it know.
Please buy me cigarettes! I need them now."

"Ok, but only for tonight." I said. I bought a pack and gave it to her.
She immediately got out a cigarette, lit it and sucked on it like never
before.  Then she looked at me.

"I don't know what it is. I simply need it.  You always wanted me to
smoke honey. Do you still like me?"

"Of course, you really look sexy. Smoke as much as you want, its your
night!" I smiled.

Next day in university her feet searched again for some nicotine. But
there was too little in her sneakers. The cravings were growing stronger
and stronger.  Then she went to the tobacco shop and bought a pack of
Marlboro Lights and a lighter. She left the building and lit up. She
chain-smokedd three and felt relived. She smoked two others before she
got home.  She immediately came to me.

"Honey, I have to talk to you. I smoked again in university today. I
think I can't stand being without a cigarette anymore. Perhaps I am
addicted. Its not your fault, I just need it. Can I smoke at home and do
you still love me?"

"Of course I still love you, honey" I said and gave her a kiss. I
realised that she smelled smokey. "You know that its not good for you,
right?  I don't want you addicted. But if it is your free decision, you
can smoke.  But don't smoke too much, honey, I love you." She smiled and
kissed me.

"So - ok then.  I will smoke a cigarette now, honey-"

"Go ahead." I smiled.  She lit her cigarette and relaxed.

I put again nicotine in her sneakers. I wanted her to develop her
smoking slowly. So she just smoked five or six cigarettes a day in the
beginning.  Then I put less and less nicotine in her sneakers, and after
a few weeks, she was smoking over a pack a day. The other day she said
to me "I am a smoker now. I don't know how this could happen. I know you
understand, honey, and I love you for that." She gave me a kiss. "And I
love that you're ok with my smokey smell." She looked sad. "Don't I
taste like an ashtray?" She began to cry.

"No honey, you taste good. I love to kiss you, to smell you hair and to
lick your feet, you know that. You can smoke as much as you want, I love
you." She smiled a bit kissed me. 

"I have a problem: I have to go to my parents the day after tomorrow,
and they don't want me to smoke.  What can I do? I can't tell them.
Please help me!" Then she lit a cigarette and took off her shoe. "So you
like to lick my feet? Then you also like the smell of my wet warm smoky
sneakers," she said and blew some smoke in them. "Smell it!" she said. I
smelled and she began to give me a footjob. One of her feet was in her
Puma, and the other one just had on little white sneaker sock.

A few hours later I said I had a solution for her problem: She could use
some nicotine patches, so she needn't to smoke. But she said it is not
possible, because she have to undress at an appointment at the doctor
before and if he sees a nicotine patch, he would tell her parents. I
made a thinking face, then I said: "We could put your nicotine in your
sneakers." She looked at me.

"What do you mean?"

"We put some patches in your shoes, so you get your nicotine through
your feet. It's hot outside, so you don't need your little socks. It's
like smoking. At the doctor, you can put off your clothes, and he will
not find anything, because the nicotine is in your Pumas. What do you

"I love you honey, you're great! Let's do it. Let's test is today, so I
am sure it works tomorrow. Lets buy some patches!"

We bought some and began to prepare her shoes. I laid them on her soles.
But she said: "No, if have to take off my shoes, he will see the
patches. There must be nicotine in my sneakers without the patches. Rub
them on the inside, perhaps it will work."

"You are crazy, but we can try it." I said. We took her high black
Pumas, because she thought that they are bigger and could keep more
nicotine. I rubbed the patches all over her left shoe, and she did it
with the right. One could not see anything. "I hope it works. Put them
on my feet!" she said. I did. A few minutes later she had a nicotine
rush.  "Incredible - that's better than smoking. I hope it lasts for a
while. Lets test it. Lets go for a walk."

A few hours later she said: "the sneaks don't have to seem ito have any
more nicotine.  Let me have a cigarette."

"No, just try to run."


"Because you are sweating then, and perhaps there is some nicotine left.
Do it!" So she started to run. After a few meters, she was sweating like
hell.  And she was out of breath.

"Oh my god, I can't breathe anymore, is this from smoking?  That
frightens my. But it works, I feel better now - nicotine in my sneakers
- I love you!" She kissed my like crazy.

"Smoke for me." I said.

"But I already got my nicotine - and - well - I can not run anymore. I
think that's from smoking. Perhaps I should smoke less, honey, what do
you think?"

"It's your decision. I love you whatever you do. And you don't need to
run for me." She smiled at me. Then she lit up and got a rush. She got
wet and kissed my like crazy. She loosened her laces and let me touch me

The next day we put some more nicotine in her shoes and we went to her
parent's. Everything was perfect, until the arrival. 

"Take off your shoes, please," her mother said.  My girlfriend looked at
me in panic.

"Oh, we forgot something in the car!" she said, and we both went back to
the car. "Give me a cigarette!" she said. We had forgotten them. So I
rubbed the Pumas on her feet to make them warm and massaged the nicotine
in her feet.  She got a slight rush. "Do you think it lasts long
enough?" she asked, afraid. 

"Of course, otherwise you put on your shoes and run - go - to the car."

It worked fine for the next hour, then the got strong cravings.  She got
out the room and put on her shoes. She went to the bathroom and moved
her feet like crazy. She needed the nicotine so badly. Her lungs were
crying.  So she took off her shoes and licked them. She licked the
inside to get her nicotine. She licked like crazy. Then I found her in
the bathroom, having her tongue in her Pumas. She looked horrified and
started crying.

"Give me a cigarette! Or a nicotine patch, honey! Give me anything! I
need nicotine!!"

She took off her little socks and put her sneakers back on. She tried to
get some nicotine out of her sneakers. She was desperate.

"Please," she said in tears, "give me a cigarette!!!" She still moved
her feet. "I need the nicotine so badly. Please help me!" she said. I
started rubbing her feet again. She was still craving for a cigarette.
So I gave her one. She took it immediately and put it in her mouth. She
sucked on it.

"Give me a light!!" she shouted.

"I'll only give you fire if you never stop smoking," I responded.

She looked at me.

"Look at me! I am licking my sneakers! I can't stop smoking!  I'll smoke
for the rest of my life!"

"And," I said, "you always have to wear sneakers, even at nights."

"Ok!" she shouted, "but give me the fucking light!" I gave it to her.
She took a double drag and finished the whole cigarette in two minutes.
I gave her a second. Then she felt relieved.  "That was terrible," she
said. "I really think I can't stop smoking. Do you still love me?" she

"Yes, I love you even for being addicted."

"Is it that what you wanted?  Making me a fucking smoker?"


"You understand me. See what you've done: I can't even go to the movies
because I have to smoke so much.  Yesterday I woke up at night and had
to light up!" She began to cry.

"Hey honey," I said. "Come on, I love you. If you want, I will put the
nicotine in you sneakers every day. So you can smoke less."

"Yeah, and you force me to wear them at nights."

"Just to give you your nicotine-" She looked at me.

"Give me another cigarette. And look at your smoking girlfriend." She
lit up and inhaled deeply. "You know that I could never stop, don't
you?" she said.  "But who cares, I am a smoker now. I am really
addicted, congratulations. But I still love you. Promise me one thing
baby: Buy enough cigarettes for me always and put enough nicotine in my
sneakers, so that I can go to the movies and to my courses without
running out every ten minutes for a smoke-" I promised.  But it didn't
work.  The next evening we went to the movies and she left the film
after 30 minutes although I rubbed the nicotine patch over and over in
her sneaker. She smoked two cigarettes and came back.

"I'm too addicted, honey, I'm sorry. I have to smoke. There must be
another solution for going to the movies." I thought about it. The next
time we went to the movies, I brought two other pairs of her sneakers,
all full of nicotine.  After 30 minutes, she wanted to leave the film
again. I stopped her, gave her the other sneakers and said: "Just change
them." She smiled.

"You should do it-" So I opend her laces and felt her warm wet feet for
while.  Then I changed her Pumas. She took the old ones and said: "Put
your hands in there.  Do you feel how wet they are? You made me wearing
them all day. Do you like it?"

"Yes" I said.

"My feet are caught in this sneakers forever. So never forget to fill
them with nicotine. Never, understand?"


"And now rub my feet, I need the nicotine faster!" So I rubbed the
sneaker and her feet.  After an hour, she took the third pair of
sneakers.  Again I had to change them. After the movie, she immediately
lit a cigarette.  "That is a good idea with the sneakers." She said and
gave me smoky kiss.  "Perhaps I should try it in university." She smoked
all the way home. Then she gave me a footjob. She didn't stop smoking
after that.

In the following weeks, she got even more addicted. She smoked over two
packs a day and changed her nicotine sneakers in university three times
a day. She was so addicted, she even had to wear them at night. She
always wore her sneakers, so I got a lot of footjobs from my addicted
smoking girlfriend.  After another five weeks she had her first cough in
the morning. And she realized that she was not able anymore to run up
the stairs. The day she realized that she came home and cried: "Why do I
smoke? I'm so addicted, fuck. And I can't even run.. Why the hell do I
wear sneakers? I never can do sports again..." But then she lit up and
took long drags from her cigarettes.  She put on some new sneakers with
fresh nicotine and gave me a another footjob. She couldn't resist her
cigarettes and her nicotine sneakers...

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