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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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The snapshot shows a very young and luscious seventeen year old girl in a
tight short skirt seated upon a bench in the shopping mall where she works
retail. Her hair is cut in a Stevie Nicks kind of shag that was popular among
the rock `n roll chicks in the eighties; it frames her pretty face, revealing
her peaches n' cream complexion, enhanced by eye make-up and lipstick. What
spoke to my groin was the fact that she has just taken a drag from the
marlboro light she holds in her left hand. She is pouting prettily, with a
full upper lip...I was suddenly jealous of those who had been next to her
before me.

I am fourteen years older than Nikki. But in many ways, she has seen so much
more of the world than I have. It amused her to learn that I, like many other
horny older men, am fascinated to watch pretty women smoking cigarettes. But
it soon became apparent to her that my fetish enhanced our sex life together.
She is also a retro-clothes queen, which means that she loves to dress up in
fashions from the forties and fifties. The first time she played the
Cigarette Whore for me, she put on a black garter belt, demi bra, black
stockings, DKNY 5" pumps and black, opera-length gloves. The photos portray a
nineteen year old, with still a trace of `baby fat'. 

She loves to play the Vamp; on nights that we have a `session', she will put
on full make-up and dress to the nines. I usually dress her, laying out her
lingerie, shoes, jewelry, etc., beforehand. I love to sit downstairs with a
full hard-on, balls aching with lust, knowing that she is getting ready for
me upstairs. When she is ready, she calls down to me, and I mount the stairs,
already naked. Candles glow on the wall. Soft Beethoven plays. She stands
with her hand on her hip, head cocked to one side, smoking a Virginia Slims
120. She takes a drag and kisses my tongue, giving me the perfume of her
smokey exhale...

She lays down upon our sleigh bed, the black of her lingerie contrasting with
the starkness of our white comforter. Smoking sexily, Nikki beckons me to
start masturbating my cock. She does snap inhales as her stocking-clad legs
part. She lowers the cups of her demi bra and begins to caress her nipples to
hardness. I catch the sweet red stain of her lipstick upon the crisp white
filter of her cigarette, which is half-gone. Placing it between her lips, she
dangles as she reaches for a vibrator and begins to toy her clitoris through
her black g-string. Her eye make-up is dramatic - smokey green shadow,
opalescent mascara on her long lashes that are half-closed in pleasure....

I watch enslaved as she pulls the panty aside and begins to stroke the
humming phallus directly upon her moistened sex; gently tapping the vibrator
against her slit, she makes wet slapping sounds. And then, the vibrator
begins its disappearing act, bit by bit, inside of her vagina. She is in no
hurry. She lazily takes a last drag from her cigarette, and I lean down to
receive her smokey kiss, letting my left hand stray down to her sopping wet
hole. Not a word needs to be said. I use my fingers to replace the phallus,
circling and probing her depths. I bring my fingers up to my mouth - she is
sweet and strong, ready for the next act. I kiss her full lips as she strokes
my erection, using her thumbnail to smear my pre-cum on the underside of my
cockhead. The sudden sharpness of the sensation brings me back to wonderful
reality, and I quickly place a black leather blindfold upon her pretty

I kneel between her legs and get prone, spreading her thighs. She makes a
happy cooing sound as she props herself up with several fluffy pillows and
lights another long, white cigarette. Gently, tentatively, I tongue her
clitoris. Her body quivers, and I reach under to cup her ass cheeks. She
loves to smoke as I give her oral pleasure; it enhances the sensation for
her, and stimulates me to mad desire. My finger traces the milky juice that
runs down her perineum and settles upon the rosebud of her anus, and I use it
to gently probe where my tongue is about to go. I suck her asshole as she
moans, and then she switches on the vibe to toy her clit. I take a small,
thin but long vibrator with a bulbous head and begin to work it into her
anus. She is moaning prettily, her breasts are starting to heave. I suck her
clit and fuck the dildo in and out of her ass. I smell the scent of her
pussy, her cigarette smoke and Chanel perfume as I eat her clean-shaven box.
Her moans and affirmatives signal me that her orgasm approaches. I look up in
time to see her take a long drag on her Virginia Slims, and then she is
clutching my ears as she goes over the hurdle. Her thighs grip my head in a
vise-like hold as I stroke the vibe in and out of her rectum, sucking her
clitty harder. She cries out as she cums...

Now it is my turn to smoke a cigarette as she bathes my cock with her saliva,
still blindfolded. Her mouth engulfs my erection, and she sucks me gently,
playing with my asshole and testicles. She lets her saliva trickle down to my
anus, and I feel her finger invade me. After a couple of minutes, I am ready
to pop. I tell her to mount me, which she does with enthusiasm. I light one
of her cigarettes , place it between her lips, and she sits up real pretty in
the `saddle', bottoming  my cock out against her cervix while she smokes. She
alternates her tempo, giving me deep smokey soul kisses. I feel my balls
tightening, and make her stop. She looks so beautiful in the candles glow,
playing with her nipples as she dangles and drags upon her cigarette, with
the black leather blindfold still over her eyes. I grab her hips and start
power driving her. She bounces up and down like she is riding `English'. She
tells me she is cumming again, and I grip her hips tightly as she screams out
her second orgasm. That it. I can't take any more. I topple her over onto her
back and drive my dick up inside her. She is moaning big time, holding her
legs back over her head as I fuck her hard. She takes a last drag on her
cigarette and kisses me wetly, pinching my nipples. My head swims in a sea of
smoke fetish lust. I pull out and straddle her torso, pumping my cock and
aiming it at her face. It feels like someone has shaken up the champagne and
then popped the cock erupts, sending thick, white jets of cum upon
her red lipsticked mouth and the black blindfold. We tell each other `I love
you'. I clean her up, and we lay together, kissing and caressing until we
fall asleep. She is now in her thirties, and I can't wait to see her as an
`older woman'!

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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